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Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Presidential Package

I actually find it humorous that the mainstream media outlets refer to Obama's new economic welfare plan...I mean spending plan as "The Economic Stimulus Package". Why not just call it what it is: "The Package".

Perhaps they are afraid to discuss the President-select's package in this much more succinct way for fear of short-changing him? They certainly appear very eager to make many of his other attributes appear larger than life.

So hopefully, I will cleverly say what others have not, as I discuss the President-select's package. And I will focus specifically the size of his package, from both an historical and ethnic perspective.

First, is it any wonder that the largest package ever would come from our first Black president? The myth of "package excess" would certainly precede the President-select, as Blacks tend to save less and spend more per capita than other ethnic group. And at one trillion dollars of proposed spending by Obama, even we Conservatives must admit...that is one impressive package! "It's twoo, it's twoo."

So true in fact that the President-select actually decided to de-emphasized his package the other day, reducing it to just under a trillion. He apparently did not want to overwhelm the public with the unveiling of his package, reminding me of the quip of Cleavon Little, the Black sheriff in Blazing Saddles when he says to the townspeople of Rock Ridge, "Excuse me, while I whip this out!"

As this article in the Washington Post suggests, Democrats are also concerned about the final shape of the package:

"After weeks of allowing President-elect Barack Obama to take the lead in outlining a massive economic stimulus package, congressional Democrats warned yesterday that the final shape of the legislation could look quite different when it returns to his desk for a signature."

Apparently that figure was not enough, and the package was still an overwhelming topic for members of Congress. The package apparently needs further modification.

So and today the new measurements…pardon me, figures have been released:

"Obama floated five tax proposals this week that he hopes to include in the legislation, representing about 40 percent, or $300 billion, of the overall $775 billion estimated price tag."

Personally I am not surprised that Obama is watering down his package now to $775. It is likely that he was overstating the package to begin with, as he is prone to hyperbole. It is likely that he was just having a "big package" contest with Bush, given Bush's rather large and public package that covered both the Financial and Auto industries.

Here's the wrap:

Obama has no idea what size package he needs. He's on his honeymoon, just stabbing around in the dark.

But I think this comment from Harry Reid says it all:

""He learned a lot about how we feel," Reid said after yesterday's session."

Pelosi could not be reached for comment.

That's my rant!

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Anonymous said...

Kevin I notice you are adding lots of Obama imagery to your sidebars here's a few more.

The Black Sphere said...

Deadenders - Those graphics are hysterical. I will be over to pilfer soon!

Grail Guardian said...


Your site is one of the few good things about the Weblog awards - never would've found it if it weren't for Uppity Woman.

Very nice package yourself...

The Black Sphere said...

Holy Grail! You flatter me!

Anonymous said...


The photo is GREAT! lol
I appreciate the comic relief... We need it!!

Anonymous said...

Jack Rumbaugh January 11

I just flased back to the SNL skit with Justin Timberlake.

Step 1, cut a hole in the box... LOL

Anonymous said...

Toby Marie Walker January 11

I think the package looks bigger than what it really is.... kind of like the promises he made....

The Black Sphere said...

TobyMarie, I'm inclined to agree. And I'm a poet, who didn't know it?!

WebbWoman said...

"The Package" is a good name seeing what's likely to happen to the American people if he and congress are allowed to run amok.

The Black Sphere said...

WebbWoman, that is hysterical symbolism!

Unknown said...

Perhaps the package has been reduced in size, because the presenter of the package has not enough of one bloodline and too much of another!! So to "wrap it up", it must be smaller because it is!!

Unknown said...

Kevin, this is brilliant and hysterical! As I read it, I thought about that pic from the Presidents' meeting the other day, where I couldn't help but notice that Obama was hiding his package, lol:


The Black Sphere said...

Very funny. I should have used this pic!

Bob Sorensen said...

Looks like all of the good innuendos are taken, so I'll leave those alone. But what is it with erotic imagery on this day? My own article on practicing safe computing is rather suggestive. So anyway, good article, as always. Keep up the good work, Sheriff Bart!

Anonymous said...

Hilarious post!

This does not look good as far as deficit spending goes.

I can only hope this package actually does what it's intended to do.

The Black Sphere said...

Bart & Alberto - This is a blog that begged to be written, and who better? :-)

Anonymous said...


ROTFL!! Oh, this is great!

maddmath said...

Having a math degree, one things I've learned about government, economics, and statistics: always put in a factor of at least 3 on the costs and the inverse on the revenue.
Considering his idea about talking with Hamas, he better check the contexts of that package before he opens it.

Anonymous said...


Spend Spend Spend.... Obama has no grasp on how the economy works.

iamfelix said...

I found you thanks to the Weblog Awards -- am enjoying reading your stuff (and anyone who makes Blazing Saddles jokes is okay by me). I'm voting for you in the awards -- Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

I know I want to keep him and his package in front of me.

The Black Sphere said...

iamfelix - Thanks for the read. And yes the Weblog awards has at least gotten people checking out blogs they likely would not have found! I hope you visit often. I suggest looking at a few retro-blogs, as some are quite humorous...shameless self-promotion.