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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Obama’s War on Achievement

This latest speech by Obama was short and to the point. Obama's handlers realize that when Obama talks too much, it's just not good...for him or America. Such is the inevitable outcome, when you declare War on Achievement.

One of my fellow Conservative bloggers [Right to the End] chronicled how the stock market has reacted to Obama, just a few days after his election:

In the two days of trading on the NYSE since the presidential election, the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) has lost a record-breaking 929.49 points. After the Dow closed at 9625.28 on Election Day, Barack Obama was declared the winner of the 2008 Presidential Election just a few hours later. The Dow responded by closing at 9139.27 (486.01 point loss) on Wednesday, then 8695.79 (443.48 point loss) on Thursday. As of today, November 7, 2008, The Dow has not had a bigger two-day point loss in its 80-year history.

And the freefall continues.

Since Obama's election, the stock market has now tumbled 2000 points. Obama speeches and "big events" scare the heck out of me. My portfolio called the other day, and left a message that just said, "Dang, Kev!" I completely understood.

This "snippet" press conference came after only two days from the prior address to Congress that pre-empted American Idol. "I'm your American Idol, damnit".

Obama tried selling his message during prime time, but apparently to no avail. Obamulus von Porkulus, aka Spendulus, aka Turdulus didn't sell…again. He didn't get the "bump" he was expecting, after that 'rousing' speech, so we got another. What do you bet we get another really soon? I guess no matter how you spin it, a turd is still a turd. Recall that I told you Obama will not be happy unless he can convert everybody to his way of thinking. But why penalize American investors with yet another press conference? To promote the new Recovery Plan, stupid!

Recovery Plan? Where did this new term come from? Apparently the polls are in, and "stimulus" was a "bombulus", and thus sent packing back to Greece…along with those Greek columns. So "recovery" is the new word of the day. As for Obama's non-recovery plan, let's be clear that it won't recover anything meaningful to American taxpayers. This so-called recovery plan is meant to recover one thing: All Republican held seats for Democrats, at the expense of the American achievers.

Obama was quick to remind us (within one minute of his speech), yet again, that he inherited a $1T debt. And like all good economists, Obama wants to convince us that going into more debt is the way out of debt. I'm sure this is how it works in your home. And if not, why are you being so obtuse. Spend infidel, spend!

Further, Obama deflects you from the fact that he has spent more money in 30 days, than Bush has spent in 8 years. That's what happens when you give a brother too much credit!

Finally, Obama took another swipe at "the boogeyman", explaining that much of the debt from Iraq and Afghanistan is off the books, implying illegalities, and gross waste and mismanagement, and again providing a little "smoke and mirrors" from his shenanigans. Imagine a guy who spends trillions like Paris Hilton slams tequila shots has the nerve to criticize a few billion spent on an actual war…backed by Congress.

Here's the wrap:

It has been determined by "the powers that be", that Obama can't have a rousing performance, when his speeches (1) go beyond sound bites, and (2) are not attended by paid supporters, like supposedly homeless Black women, ACORN members, lobbyists, terrorists, all people receiving tax rebates undeservedly, and finally…liberals in Congress. I apologize for some of the redundancies in that list.

There may be a tendency for the weak among you to start believing that Obama is serious about helping Americans. But don't be fooled by Obama's sound bites and "hopeful" tone of hopelessness without him. There are still the usual Obama "get out of jail free" clauses and other disclaimers.

Buried in the "openness" of his legislation, and the crisis on which he continues to sell us, is the real agenda. Obama will abandon the War on Terror, and replaced it with the new War on Achievement.

Be sure to get Obama's new book: The Tax Man Cometh...and He Has a Gold Tooth

That's my rant!

© 2009 Kevin Jackson – The Black Sphere All Rights Reserved


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Obama Has Found “Hope”

We got change, but somewhere in the first 30 days of ObamaNation we lost hope. The title of Obama's book was prophetic…The Audacity of Hope. It might have been more aptly titled, "The Audacity of You to Have Hope".

Obama has now informed us that hope has been found. Apparently hope is a rebellious 16-year old, who didn't want to listen to Obama. The people who voted for "hope and change" might be smart to follow hope's example.

Nevertheless, the real first Black president and second 3rd-term president n in the history of the US warned his younger protégé Obama to be more optimistic. Put the "O" in optimism, son.  Get hope back. Ironic, Bill Clinton asking Obama for changeback to hope. Are you as confused as I am?

Obama's speech sounded like more of the same to me. He tried to hide his real disdain for America…excuse me, rich Americans. He made sure to put the problems on the previous administration, reminding us, yet again that he inherited this mess we call America. And it is his ideas and our unwavering support (of his ideas) that will get us through.

Of course I didn't expect him to blame himself and the rest of his cronies in congress, the real culprits who exacerbated the financial crisis, and many others. He did manage however to blame (a) the people he is rewarding, as well as (b) the banks who donated to his campaign in this comment:

"People bought homes they knew they couldn't afford…from banks and lenders who pushed those bad loans anyway."

As we can see, Obama is an equal opportunity punisher to those whom he has bought and paid for. Nothing like a little "pimp slap" to remind people that they are nothing more than prostitutes.

What were noticeably missing for me in this speech were the congratulations for those of us who have built small businesses and pay our taxes and our bills. Now that would have provided the fabric an uplifting speech.

"Thanks to those of you whom I am robbing, raping, and raking over the hot embers of the fire of socialism.  You know who you are. You are the hardworking Conservatives who have struggled to get where you are. You are my top priority in my War on Achievement. You have and will continue to carry the brunt of the burden for these deadbeats I need to pay back."

I did manage to find the place where the speech became optimistic, and it proved that hope is still alive. It is when Obama said the following:

"None of this will come without cost, nor will it be easy…"

I knew there was hope in there somewhere.  Who knows how much Obama's War on Achievement will ultimately cost? But the hope is that America will continue to approve the decimation of its "best and brightest".  One can only hope.  

But you can bet that as Obama held his recent summit on fiscal responsibility, and asked the nation to tighten its belt, he won't be doing the same.  No hope needed on that one, on this you can bank.

Here's the wrap:

Obamulus von Porkulus has been an albatross around Obama's neck. This state of the Union address to Congress was nothing more than an attempt to sell America and the world more words. Nothing has changed, except his approval numbers. Let's just say they aren't getting better for Obama.

There was nothing inspiring in this speech, but he will likely get a bump in his approval numbers. It won't last long, as I believe his followers are getting a bit tired of the rhetoric, and the media will follow soon enough. There is such a thing as over-selling. And by the way, his ideas are truly…stupid.

For now however, I'm glad some in America believe that we have found hope. But like authorities treat many 16-year old runaways, hope will get no real help. So our hopes have been placed in the sweaty palms of pimps and predators.

For hope's sake, I hope she is still lost and trying to find her own way.

That's my rant!

© 2009 Kevin Jackson – The Black Sphere All Rights Reserved


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Obama’s Healthcare Plan - Porkalicious

Just when you thought it was safe to get back in the water, Obama starts chumming again. This time he he's fishing for even bigger game… healthcare.

If you think that the budget to "save America's financial markets" was big, wait until you get a gander at this package. 

This package is on Enzyte with a Viagra chaser, as estimates are that Americans spend $2.4T on healthcare annually. Yes, there goes that trillion word again.

Despite the fact that people from all over the world, particularly those with means come to America to get the best health care, Obama provides yet another doomsday scenario on America. Health care is the scare. At his next press conference, expect to see a religious revival, and an wagon train of invalids, "yearning to be free"...or healed.

It's no secret that Obama wants what is termed "universal coverage" of all Americans, a euphemism for "socialized" medicine. It disturbs him that the US is the only "civilized" country who has opted out of socialized medicine. Disregard that he and all other politicians will not be on the system he wants for you and me, nor will anybody of means in the country. Because make no mistake about it, the privileged and the rich will not wait for health care like the rest of us who will be on the equivalent of the "IRS meets US Postal System" of health care.

Why wait less at the hospital, when you can wait more? Here is what we can expect under ObamaNation, as evidenced by Canada's health care statistics:

"Canadians also experience waits for medical emergency and specialist services, although there are high numbers of people waiting under both the U.S. and Canadian systems. Studies by the Commonwealth Fund found that 24% of Canadians waited 4 hours or more in the emergency room, vs. 12% in the U.S.; 57% waited 4 weeks or more to see a specialist, vs. 23% in the U.S."

Why not get a system that costs more and provides doctors and nurses with no incentive to be the best? For a comparison of the US system compared to the world, visit this site:

There are two key points to almost all comparisons. The first is cost. What you will find in all comparisons of socialized medicine versus the current American system with respect to cost is this statement:

"Biggest challenges: Controlling costs, improving efficiency. Government currently cutting number of acute hospital beds and promoting computerized medical records to curb redundancy. Shifting some doctor duties to nurses."

Do you really believe government is going to "curb costs"? And though nurses can do many things doctors can, you can't sue nurses! Oh, and you can't sue the government either…and win.

The second critical point is how doctors are compensated, and here is what you get:

"Doctors: Most paid by government through salary or fees; some doctors accept private insurance or fees directly from patients."

Do you really believe the best doctors will be government paid doctors? Yeah, because the government is so good at everything else, right?

I have as much interest in this system as watching two blind men talk in sign language.

Here's the wrap:

What Obama should be focused on is the waste and the fraud within the existing system.

Next, what Obama won't tell you is that we are already paying for socialized medicine in this country as I have stated time and time again. If an illegal alien has a heart attack, he is rushed to the nearest county hospital, treated, and you the American taxpayer foot the bill. It's not exactly "well baby care", but mission accomplished. And ObamaNation knows that healthcare is covered for the most part, and only needs tweaking, not destroying.

Yet, crisis management is the order of the day. So Obama and his clan are about to have another porkfest, at the expense of the best medical system in the world. The hidden agenda was recently passed Obamulus von Porkulus, and Liberals won't rest until they have given you the same system that the rest of the world has…crappy.

Liberals are meddlers. They don't really care about improving the quality of healthcare in America, they just care about making it "even" for everybody…even if even sucks!

That's my rant!

© 2009 Kevin Jackson – The Black Sphere All Rights Reserved


Sunday, February 22, 2009

Obama Gives out Chump Change

Well dip me in doo-doo and roll me in bread crumbs, Obama is giving us back $65 a month! What are you going to do with your "chump change"?
Well don't start spending it too fast now. The average "take home" part of that $65 will be about $40 or $10 a week. Because as we all know a big portion of our income goes back to Uncle Sugar in the form of social security taxes, medicare/medicaid, and of course taxes! Somebody's got to pay for the deadbeats and illegals. Hardworking Conservatives who actually pay their mortgages make good suckers.
Obama must feel very magnanimous, as he "ordered" the treasury to give this money to America's working people. I noted the language, "ordered", because I know that Obama doesn't consider it our money to begin with. He can order his money to do whatever he wants. It's nice that he is giving us a tiny morsel of his money. Any other way of thinking about this would make you…Conservative? No silly, an ingrate!
Here's a thought. When you have given nothing to get this $65, you may actually feel beholden to Obama. However by my calculations, I am carrying around 25 or so of my chitlin' eating brethren on my back based on my tax bill, so Obama won't be getting any props from me.
There are those among us who may get a bit emotional over the government giving you your money back, because it so rarely happens; and certainly not by a socialist. However recognizing that the government is stealing almost a trillion of our dollars, and "all we are getting is this t-shirt", we might want to get some resolve.
Let's do some real math. A trillion dollars is enough money to give every man, woman, and child in America around $3000. So in my family of six people, I am due $18,000 of my dollars. With only one worker outside my home, my family will receive only about $520 of my $18,000.
Now $520 is just a fraction of the $18,000 I should get, however for the government it could be worse. Consider for example the outlook for social security? Only a trombone player with a pager could believe he will ever see any of this money. What are you, an optimist?
I chalk this up to Liberal math, and heed the sage words of this country song: "My Every Day Silver is Now Plastic".
But Obama is not limiting his generosity to just us common people. In fact, he is giving money to cities as well.
In a recent meeting with 80 mayors, Obama warn them not to squander this money. When you consider that the majority of the mayors are Democrats, they certainly need to be warned to act fiscally responsible. Those Democrats are bad with money.
What bothers me is that it was if Obama was the Dad giving out allowances to a bunch of precocious teenagers. And frankly, Obama counseling mayors on fiscal responsibility is tantamount to Rosie O'Donnell giving fitness advice to Victoria's Secret models.
Truth be told, and I'm here to tell it, Obama's real agenda in meeting with 80 mayors was to make sure they could shore up the inner city vote, i.e. the Black vote. Gotta make sure ACORN gets all their money. Don't go fixing roads and bridges and such with this money, when there is another election to win in four years.
Here's the wrap:

This $40 a month give-back program is to take your mind off the fact that Obamulus von Porkulus outspent seven years of Bush in less than 100 days, and he is not through.
Obama will be back to the well, taxing the rich, and telling the poor to just sit there, shut up, and look fabulous. Obama needs a nation of bottom-feeders, getting something for nothing. This includes the states.
So for the undeserving unproductive leeches with your hands out, I ask all good hardworking, taxpaying America-loving Conservatives to call them what they are. They are the least common denominator of America. Let's make sure that they know it.
That's my rant.
© 2009 Kevin Jackson – The Black Sphere All Rights Reserved

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Obama’s Green Plan – Success?

The other day Obama was in Colorado touting Namaste Solar as his new poster child for Obamulus von Porkulus, saying that his "spendulus" package would help Namaste Solar create more "green" energy, and of course more jobs. Job creation at Namaste Solar based on spendulus…18.

Blake Jones, self-proclaimed hippie, ex-Halliburton oddly enough, and co-founder of Namaste Solar was on stage with Obama and Biden talking "green" energy. He was also there to help sell Obama's turdburgers, explaining how spendulus was going to help his company and other solar companies. But as with all Obama poster children, the real story is what you don't know.

You see, Namaste Solar is run like a commune. According to my sources, everyone at this company makes the same salary. You might want to re-read that. This type of pay structure might entice low-dollar workers, however you'd be hard pressed to find a real entrepreneurial type who would work under those conditions.

And if that is not a crazy enough way to run a company, here's another policy that can only come from a warped hippie Liberal mind, and that is all employee decisions are made by consensus. Can you imagine trying to get a bunch of hippies to agree on anything via consensus? Maybe the quality and potency of regional marijuana, but that's about it?

Namaste has survived solely on government subsidies at the Federal, state and local level, or they admittedly would have failed. The green companies have little reason for true innovation, because they are being fed with the money of the American taxpayer. They are pigs being fattened, with no pressure of ever being eaten.

The breakthroughs in solar have come however, just not from companies like Namaste or from the government. But from a much more unlikely source.

One of the most recent breakthroughs in solar technology strangely enough, actually came from a 12-year old kid from Oregon named William Yuan. As reported in Maximum PC:

"Yuan, a seventh grader from Oregon, set out to improve solar technology, which at the moment could be a lot more efficient. And he appears to have done just that. Yuan's project, which he calls "A Highly-Efficient 3-Dimensional Nanotube Solar Cell for Visible and UV Light," could shake up the energy industry and lead to real change into how solar energy is harnessed and distributed."

Just to put it in perspective, for his revolutionary breakthrough in solar cell technology, Yuan will receive a $25,000 scholarship. But the Fed has been subsidizing solar technology for years, spending billions, and all the American public got was this t-shirt. Actually all we got was a hefty price tag for the black-eyes on the landscape.

And much of this funding went to Namaste, who prior to Obamulus von Porkulus was preparing to lay off much of its staff.

With the stimulus money they can now keep their staff and hire an additional 18 new people. I feel so stimulated that millions of taxpayers' dollars have gone to help prop up the dream of an aging hippie, running a commune at the taxpayers' expense. Nothing like seeing the Liberals utilizing the CIA: Communism In Action.

The Fed has spent literally billions of American taxpayer money funding "green" energy projects that the market has rejected with its pocketbook. Windmills were rejected because they are relatively inefficient, in comparison to other forms of energy. Bio-fuels needs three times the fossil fuels to create one time the product.

Here's the wrap:

As for Namaste Solar, "You are not smarter than a 5th grader!" There has been more innovation from a 12-year old than has come from Namaste Solar and all its government subsidies. It's no secret as to why. Communist don't innovate.

Communists wait for the government to feed them, which is what has been happening for Namaste Solar in the past. And their future reward for doing nothing innovative is to get more and deeper handouts from ObamaNation. But let's give Obama credit as he was able to create 18 new jobs, and save about 40.

Only 4,099,942 more jobs for Obama to create or save by my math. That is if you don't count the 47, 000 that GM has announced recently they will need to layoff, even after receiving billions of our freshly minted greenbacks.

I'd call this Liberal math, wouldn't you?

That's my rant!

© 2009 Kevin Jackson – The Black Sphere All Rights Reserved


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Hillary Clinton Doing Man’s Work

I chuckled when I read in the Washington Post that Hillary Clinton will be reaching out to the Islamic world, "to restore the image of the United States in the Islamic world". What an emissary to represent "us"!

According to the article, Secretary Clinton will be traveling to Indonesian, one time stomping ground of Obama himself. We can only hope that Clinton won't need to dodge any hostile surface-to-air missiles or gunfire, as she did in Bosnia when she was covering international affairs for America…as a housewife.

Like Obama did in Germany, Clinton will apologize on behalf of the United States for something. With the Liberals, there is always a reason for the US to apologize.

Perhaps she will apologize for our treatment of Islamic citizens in the US. Wait. No story there, as we don't behead Muslims for living in America, as they do us when we travel unprotected to their countries, however harmless our motives.  So it can't be our treatment of them.

Maybe Obama wants to export feminism. After all he has already exporting abortions, so why not introduce the Muslim world to all the tenets of the NOW Generation. If this is the case, then Obama has indeed picked the right poster child in Hillary Clinton.

What puzzles me, however is if Obama really wanted to reach out to the Islamic world, wouldn't he have picked a man? What about a Muslim man? From Muslim News:

"Middle Eastern governments shunned by the George Bush administration gave a cautious welcome to the new US President Barack Hussein Obama's pledge to reach out to the Muslim world, saying his policies needed to match his words."

Do Obama's policies match his words? Perhaps the first mistake for the Islamic world is believing Obama's words. Quoting Obama himself, "…they're just words".

Nevertheless, the first of many bad policy mistakes Obama made was selecting a neophyte, NOW-Generation woman as Secretary of State, and then beginning her tenure with the philosophically wrong premise.

Leave it to Obama to provide some nebulous term like "restoring America's image to the Islamic world", and send some poor loser out to preach "the message."  Restore our image to what?

I'm not sure how far you would have to go back in Islamic history to find when they loved us 'infidels"? I would even settle for liked or tolerated. I am no student of the Quran, but I googled "Muslim love infidel", and I got back a lot of info [457,000 items] on why Muslims cannot love the infidel, and should actually kill the infidel.  The fact is that the Muslim's have never loved the infidel, and they never will. 

Sending Clinton as the envoy to restore America's image in the Islamic world is indeed "putting lipstick on the pig"...pun intended. Why didn't he send her over with bags of seasoned pork rinds with her as gifts? That's right, all the pork was used up in the $787B Obamulus von Porkulus.

Regardless Hillary Clinton will go over in the Muslim world about as well as pork sausages at a Muslim picnic. I'm beginning to think that "reaching out to the Islamic world" equates to what Bill Clinton did in "putting the First Lady in charge of health care". We all know how that turned out.

Here's the wrap:

Obama knows this is a suicide mission. Clinton is a kamikaze. What better way to marginalize Madame Clinton, than to send her on Mission Impossible?

Obama has no doubt that Clinton will be a dismal failure for reasons too numerous to discuss in one blog. But most importantly for Obama, she will be embroiled in turmoil, occupied his entire four years. Brilliant move, except for dealing with the real issues of the role of Secretary of State.

And as for "restoring America's image to the Islamic world", if they find us infidels now, how do you think they will find us after dealing with one of our NOW-generation women for four years?

That's my rant!

© 2009 Kevin Jackson – The Black Sphere All Rights Reserved


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Obama Signs Stimulus – Crisis Averted

The Department of Redundancy Department at ObamaNation reports the following breaking news…again: The stimulus bill is not stimulating at all.

This is not a deja vu moment, it is just Obama still selling low expectations at a high cost.

Just recently we got yet another doomsday prophecy from ObamaNation, as referenced in this report from the NY Times:

"As President Obama prepares to sign the $787 billion stimulus bill, administration officials sought to temper expectations, warning that the economy has not yet reached bottom and that increased economic activity as a result of the legislation would "take time to show up in the statistics.""

This is sounding suspiciously like the $700B the Fed needed to "restore the financial markets." Amazingly, all this money has not restored the financial markets, or at least my portfolio hasn't received the memo.

But we were told during the election that under Bush things just couldn't get any worse? Pray tell, did Obama lie?

Well the economy has indeed gotten worse, but Obama, our leader, purveyor of "hope and change", elected to inspire us, instead reminds us:  "I inherited this mess". Oh and would somebody bring me my brown underwear.

Obama's election was to be the cure for all our ills, or that is how the mainstream media sold it. Yet we find things "getting worse, before it gets better", as Biden prophesized much to the disdain of the "Immaculate Perception".

So to save us, Obama plans his West Coast swing where he will sign Obamulus von Porkulus into law, while simultaneously asking us to lower our expectations. Apparently stimulus is all fizzle with no sizzle fa shizzle.

You would have to be a complete moron to believe that the government can create any jobs, much less 4M new jobs.

Speaking of complete morons, what has Obama been up to since gaining approval of Obamulus von Porkulus last week?

First he went on a campaign tour pushing "turdburgers" to the American public who are obviously and overwhelmingly appalled at size and scope of "the package". [Excuse me while I whip this out!]

Next he spent a romantic weekend with 'his babies' momma', where I would guess the subject of "the package" was discussed, at length. Have fun with the sexual innuendo.

Finally, we were informed by the mainstream media that instead of taking a day off, Obama worked on president's day.  Diligent president he is, unrelenting in his pursuit of…trickeration?

With something so important you would think that one day could make a dramatic difference, yet Obama had the legislation on his desk last week, ready for signature. Why didn't he "git 'er done"?

Here's the wrap:

He didn't "git 'er done", because Obamulus von Porkulus was never about the economy!

Even Obama's own economic advisors won't take ownership of this turd. As a friend of mine wrote to me recently, "…looking for the good side of this so-called stimulus bill, is like saying you will pick up a turd from the clean end".

Inside of Obamulus von Porkulus are buried little Liberal jewels like health care reform, gun control, and other morsels of the Liberal agenda, particularly things that will reassure their easy perpetuity!

And with 1000+ pages that were not read by anybody before signature, we are about to find out what core American values have been stabbed through the heart.

It's official…crisis averted.

That's my rant!

© 2009 Kevin Jackson – The Black Sphere All Rights Reserved


Monday, February 16, 2009

GM to Stop Making Cars

GM is taking what has to be one of the most innovative approaches to the business of manufacturing automobiles. They are just going to not make them.

GM COO Fritz Henderson admits,

"…The fact of the matter is, right now we're losing money on pretty much every car we make…So you can imagine how much money we'd save if we just stopped making them."

I think I'm going to start a business that is in the business of making nothing, then ask the government for billions of dollars to bail me out. All I need is for a million other people who say that they depend on my business.

When did the light come on that GM has been "losing money on pretty much every car we make", as Henderson said? Years!

Al l the automakers have been bleeding billions of dollars for years, so these losses are nothing new. The only reason the light is being shined on this subject is Uncle Sugar is running out of money. Up to this point, the automakers have used the government, i.e. the taxpayer, as their own personal piggy-bank. The not-so-dirty-little-secret is this has been done at the behest of the unions.

If you want to know how good lobbyists are, consider that the Fed has been giving billions of dollars to an industry that hasn't shown a profit in years. But that's nothing when you consider that the Fed is now giving billions of our dollars to companies to not make a product.

What's next, paying farmers not to farm? Oops, our government has done that too.

From the Washington Post:

"Nationwide, the federal government has paid at least $1.3 billion in subsidies for rice and other crops since 2000 to individuals who do no farming at all, according to an analysis of government records by The Washington Post."

Only our government would consider something so asinine, and here the Liberals are back at it.

Henderson says the rest of the "fix" for GM, aside from receiving billions of taxpayer money to not make cars, will be "to sell showrooms and fixtures." Sell this stuff to whom? Folks this is a guy who is earning millions of dollars to come up with these ideas, these "jewels". Is there any wonder GM is in trouble?

Henderson goes on to say that GM could switch to manufacturing vacuums, clothes dryers, and lawn mowers. I love this strategy. Move from a focused strategy of losing money manufacturing one product, and shift that strategy to losing money on three products.

There is gold at the end of the rainbow in this strategy, however…for the unions. I can see it now, the United Vacuum's Union, United Dryers' Union, and the United Mowers' Union.

Here's the wrap:

The automakers are supposed to present their plans to the Fed to justify the money they have received. Bankruptcy remains a consideration for the automakers, even after receiving our money.

So next time you see somebody with a UAW hat on, be sure to remind them that you have carried their heavy butt for decades. The idea that many of these people get paid almost their full salary when laid off, I find beyond belief.

That is until I learned that GM is receiving money to not produce autos.  So workers are paid not to work, to which in turn produces nothing.  Ok, now I get it.

That's my rant!

© 2009 Kevin Jackson – The Black Sphere All Rights Reserved


Sunday, February 15, 2009

Obama Eating Crow

Sorry for not posting yesterday, but Bush and Cheney dropped in for a visit, and we took turns waterboarding Liberals.

Anyway, if you have ever have a taste for crow, just dine at the White House over the next four years, as crow is being served daily.

In the adoption of yet another of the "eight more years of the failed Bush policies", Obama must reconsider one of his uninformed, infantile stances during the campaign, that has indeed followed into his presidency.

Of which Bushism do I speak? The potential deployment of missile systems in Poland.

Obama is actually reconsidering his original stance on this. Who would have thunk it, right? When you consider how "spot on" he has been in so many other areas [no lobbyist, no pork, open and honest administration, highest ethics], and all the promises that he has kept thus far.

Now the story I read has this title: "Obama administration to take softer stance on missile defense". Based on this title, it is evident that the media is still worshipping at the altar of Obama, because the real title should have been something more like "Obama Owes Bush an Apology", or better yet "Obama Pimp-Slapped by Yet Another Bushism". 

Of course Obama and his media sycophants will frame this as, "The president has finally had time to study this…", blah blah blah, shish kum-ba. Translation for this would be that Obama had no idea what he was saying at the time, and he was selling America turd sandwiches with no mayonaise.

There will be no discussion of the fact that Bush got it right, because Obama is smarter than Bush, right?  So if Bush got it right, then that would make him smarter than Obama. And we have learned from the media, that no matter the subject, Obama is the smartest guy in the room. Haven't you seen his pensive look, head slightly tilted upward as he gazes yonder? That means he's smart, damnit!  Now don't you go getting all stupid on me Conservatives.

Ok enough fun. You see people, in the real world looking smart doesn't translate to being smart. And being made to appear dumb by the idiot media, doesn't make you dumb, as evidenced by Bush.

Bush's advantage? Information. When you are being briefed daily by our clandestine agencies, as Bush was, you get to make what is known as "informed decisions", and not stupid Ivy League, ivory tower, theoretical and ultimately stupid comments. Liberals, I suggest you re-read that part about "informed decisions".  And don't look for hope and change.

Think the media will credit Bush for using this missile system as a negotiation strategy with Russia to stop the Iranians from moving forward with their nuclear program? 

Here is how Yahoo News put it:

"Echoing Vice President Joe Biden , who said the new administration wants to push a "reset button" on U.S.- Russia relations,Undersecretary of State William Burns told the Interfax news agency inMoscow last week that, " The United States is quite open to the possibility of new forms of cooperation" with Moscow on missile defense, Iran and "the whole range of security issues with Russia .""

Well that's pretty close to an admission that Obama got it wrong, however I remind you that Bush is too dumb to have this as his strategy. 

From what I am taught, yes indoctrinated to believe, diplomacy just didn't exist in Bush's lexicon, even if this tactic might be considered hard-fisted diplomacy.  It is common knowledge, thanks to our mainstream media that Bush was a warmonger, intent on invading all non-US countries and protectorates…for oil!

Here's the wrap:

When it comes to security of America and international diplomacy, Bush played chess and Obama well, he is still playing with marbles in the dirt.

And while Obama and his gang of incompetents are pushing the "reset button" on US-Russia relations as Biden suggests, I suggest Obama go to Staples and see if he can find that "Easy" button. Something tells me he will need it.

Speaking of "reset buttons", I'm beginning to think there are few Obama kool-aid drinkers who wish they could push the reset button. Hopefully when finished with therapy, they may enter America "clean and sober". Let's say a short prayer for them…Amen.

As for eating crow, Obama shouldn't worry. I hear crow taste a lot like chicken.

That's my rant!

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Friday, February 13, 2009

All Jokes Aside

Usually I am not one to necessarily take a comment back, as it were.  However yesterday I said something that I do want to take back, and that was referring to Biden as "a retarded uncle".  All jokes aside, this was an insult to people with disabilities, and I apologize to them for the comment.

I don't normally care about "political correctness", however what I do care about are those who cannot fight for themselves. I have defended these people my entire life, and will continue to do so. They are those for whom I believe our compassion and charity is meant.

Right now in America children with disabilities are in a life and death struggle against Liberals, moreso than the rest of us. Because their very lives are at stake. Many are simply not being born.

A doctor runs a test on a pregnant mom, and a baby is terminated based solely on a test. "If my child is not perfect, then I don't want it" is the prevailing attitude.

I don't know the statistics, but I do know that an alarming number of children diagnosed with Down's Syndrome for example are killed each year in vitro , simply because the parents or the woman does not want to deal with that outcome. And they will say that it is for the child. But we all know that it is for the parent.

So let's create a world of athletes, intellectuals and beauty queens. That world would be fascinating, right? The snobbery at cocktail parties, and all the one-upmanship of "who knows who", and "look what I own". "I wish I had her legs, I wish I had his job, I wish I had his wife, and so on."

Some of us know or have known this world, and though it has its allure, after a while you want to "opt out". You opt out, because it's fake, fraud…phony.

And even if you don't know it at the most glamorous level, you see glimpses of it in your job, or in your own personal "Real 'Fake' Wives of Whatever City USA".  Ah, to wake up every day trying to please others.

So what do we ultimately want? We want something real.

Psychologists say that aside from basic survival needs as described by Maslow, what people really want, what really nourishes the soul is to be… understood. To be understood, a person must be raw, exposed… vulnerable.

I talk about wearing mask much of my life, and I have, as have we all. We are what we want the world to see; then we have who we confront every day in the mirror. I pray to God that I have put my masks away.

Here's the wrap:

I put my masks away, because I imagine my life through the eyes of one of God's "less perfect" children. I imagine what they see when they look in the mirror, and then face the world. I realized that they didn't care.

There is no chasm between those two people they see. They are the most real people on earth!

They don't pre-judge. They aren't concerned with labels of clothes, cars, or what celebrities they know. They are simple people who enjoy the simple things in life. And if we are smart we will take our lessons from them, and remind ourselves that it is the simple things in life that mean the most.

The good thing about kids with disabilities is they grow up to be adults who overcome their disabilities. And they remind us of the true realities of a happy life.

No rant, just truth. Thanks Diane…

© 2009 Kevin Jackson – The Black Sphere All Right Reserved


Thursday, February 12, 2009

To Pork or Not to Pork – That is the Question

So which is it? Pork, or as Chuck Schumer the Democratic Senator from New York said recently put it, "a little pork, that Americans don't care about"? Or "No pork", as Obama and Pelosi promised. 

Welcome to the Era of Opposites. The Era of Subterfuge. "He said, he said", at the highest and most heinous level.

All this from the most ethical administration in the history of America. I guess if you keep saying it enough, you might actually believe it. 

Based on Biden's conversation with Obama that "…in the best of circumstances, this plan has about a 30% chance of working", it would appear that privately at least, neither one of them believes this plan has a real chance of working. Yet in his first press conference as president, when queried about this conversation, Obama dismissed Biden like a drunk uncle. "Uh, uh, well you know Joe."

The "uhs" have it folks. As you may have guessed by now, Obama really doesn't believe in Joe. Nor does he really believe in his massive pork bill.

Nevertheless, after the passing of his love child with Pelosi, known by me as Obamulus von Porkulus , Obama is out doing what he loves best: Convincing people that he is not crazy, and he is the best man for the job of re-creating America.  I didn't know we needed to be re-created?

Just like he wants to convince us of the soundness of his decisions thus far, for example Biden as VP. And his cabinet choices of lobbyists, Clinton retreads, and tax cheats. And the idea that this will be the most ethical administration in history. Oh, and that Obamulus von Porkulus really is a stimulus package, and not the lunatic idea of a Manchurian Candidate set on the destruction of America.

When you consider where all this "stimulus" money is going, the only logical conclusion one can make is it pays to stink at running a state, a company, and your personal finances.

As for states, monkeys would be better at running Blue states than most of their Democratic governors. These states are putting band-aids on bullet holes, financially speaking.  Can Democrats even balance a personal check book?

Yet Liberal idiot constituents continue to elect these "tax and spend" bureaucrats, and they continue to spend spend spend, knowing that, as Obama put it a while back, "Help is on the way."

And it's no different for companies. If your company is run poorly, "Help is on the way." We have entered the era of "reward bad behaviors and punish good behaviors".

I think that if your company gets a bailout, then the CEO and his executive staff should have to wear a button that says, "A Monkey Could Run This Company Better Than We Can". I think the employees should have similar buttons that say, "I am inefficient and worthless, and dragging my company down."

Finally, if you run your personal finances into the ground, "Help is on the way." Keep buying that bling, nice cars, the phat wardrobe, because Obama will pay your mortgage, as we have been told.

Here's a short lesson in human nature. If you keep giving a crackhead crack, he will keep smoking it. He won't get a job, and he won't become productive. Point: Liberals are for the most part, crackheads!

But crackheads make the best kinds of voters…compliant and easy to manipulate, and cheap to buy. Tell them there is something in it for them, and they forget the sneakly little points, like the Fed knowing all about your health issues. 

So if you smoke, then your Federal insurance won't necessarily cover you for issues related to smoking. What other sneaky legislation lurks in the bowels of Obamulus von Porkulus?

Here's the wrap:

As for pork in this bill, Schumer tried to soft-shoe the truth, saying "…little bits of pork", bacon bits, as it were. What's a few hundred million dollars here and there. It's only money…your money. 

Schumer is telling us just how the Democrats feel about our money, which is it's not our money, it's theirs.

As for Obama, he likes the gamesmanship of having the Schumers and Bidens tell you that this pork stinks, because he gets the chance to sell you some rotten, stinky pork.

That's my rant!

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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Birthday Tribute to Sarah Palin

The reason Liberal women hate Sarah Palin is very simple…fear. They fear Sarah Palin, because she exposes their lies.  

Without the intimidation of the hardcore Left, most women in America see Sarah Palin for what she is...the epitome of the American woman.

Sarah Palin's appeal is not limited to just one thing, as it is with most Liberal female icons. Most of them are one trick ponies. Being brutally honest, most female Liberal icons are mean-spirited, and unaccomplished. Those who have accomplished anything have done so based mainly on the movement. They are the Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton equivalents for the women's movement, interested only in how the movement can really benefit them. Take away the movement, and they are little more than a footnote in history.

Alaska's Sarah Palin is the polar opposite of these women, pun intended. Palin has accomplished more in her short life than 99.9% of the so-called Liberal women leaders that the Left adore. And she is a woman whose accomplishments are her own.

Don't get me wrong, Palin has a good, strong husband who is her staunchest supporter, and Todd Palin deserves credit for his contribution. And Sarah understands the role of her husband in her life and the lives of her children, and she respects his role. Palin knows that to have a strong man doesn't diminish her as a woman. Quite the contrary. Mates are reflections of each other. Don't believe me, just look at the Clintons for evidence.

But unlike Bill did Hillary"Drop My Maiden Name It's Not Working" Clinton, Todd didn't have to carry Sarah. Bill Clinton might change "He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother" to, "She is Heavy, She's my Power-Hungry Sycophant Lover." The Billary story is not isolated, however.

When you look at many other Liberal elitist women like Pelosi, for example, the dirty little secret of the women's movement is many use their rich fat-cat husbands to do their bidding, and then repay them with cushy under-the-table deals. My contention is that it is these powerful men pulling the strings for Clinton, Pelosi, and that ilk, regardless to what rank these women rise.

It should be noted that Palin was not "gifted" with undeserved offices, because of fortune or fame…or riding the coat-tails of a man. Palin's political offices were earned. No carpetbagging. In fact Palin is actually from the state she governs, and actually knows many of her constituents.

Another Palin attribute that really irks the women of the Left is that Palin is the consummate wife and mother, proving that it is possible to balance work and family. The Palin's have the all-American family, as the mainstream media was happy to show us. Teenage daughter who got pregnant too young, Trig, a beautiful baby boy who happens to have Down's Syndrome, and the Palin's have many other issues that families go through in America at one point or another.

Palin's family shows that Conservatives have problems, like everybody else. But Conservatives have the sufficient moral and spiritual foundation to deal effectively with their problems without creating alternative universes. . Liberals need to create Bizarro Worlds in order to cope with dysfunction.

But Palin proves that her world doesn't have to be perfect as society defines it, because when she found out that her last child would be born with Down's Syndrome, it was no crisis. For Palin it was just a special needs child, whom she would love like all her other children. Abortion was not an option, nor should it have been. She chose life, pure and simple. Because for Palin, the life of that little boy may not appear perfect to others, but he is just perfect her and her family.

Here's the wrap:

Sarah Palin represents all the historical struggles of American women, and she is the iconic image of all those rights. Palin is proof that the women's movement has run its course, just like the Civil Rights movement. She proves that there is nothing a woman can't do, nothing stopping women from achieving the greatest that America has to offer.

Palin is more than just about her family. She supports her extended family of Alaska, which is why she is so beloved in her state. The Liberals know that with more exposure, Palin's infectious way would resonate with most Americans. Americans know the "genuine article" when they see it. The real McCoy.

And Palin's outer beauty serves as a reminder of the inner beauty and strength of the Conservative American woman, a woman who lives inside the majority of American women, including the Liberal ones.

This is why Liberals fear Sarah Palin.

© 2009 Kevin Jackson – The Black Sphere All Rights Reserved


Ethics Lesson from Obama

Obama promised the most ethical administration in the history of America. This declaration was supposed to convince us that Obama's administration will deal with the American people with openness and honesty. So far…I'm underwhelmed.

If the pork buried in Obama's $900B spending bill is any indication, I'd say that like Clinton redefined "is", Obama may be redefining "ethical".

Obama's spending package, he calls "stimulus", but that I call Obamulus is the perfect example of ethics as defined by Obama. 

Obamulus is being railroaded through the Senate, and as late as this morning, less than three hours before senators are due to vote on it, I have heard two senators admit that they haven't read it. 

Further breaking news is there is a provision for the Fed to track your health care coverage, and determine what treatments you can receive. Is there any doubt that we will continue to find additional bits of bacon buried within Obamulus?  That was a mouthful, huh?

Nevertheless in an effort to prove his sincerity in creating, [trumpets please] "the most ethical administration in history", yesterday it was announced that Obama will move the census bureau under the authority of the White House, and away from the Commerce Department.

This is hardly noteworthy news, one might think. Except when you consider that the census has the ability to reshape the electoral process.  Then it takes on ominous undertones, which by the way is my personal theme for Obama's administration.  The Obamious Undertones...catch their act, at a theater near you.

The Obaminous Undertones are nothing more than a gang of thieves, stealing democracy, and intent on ruining the republic that is America. This "open and honest" move is ACORN on steroids.

And the census comes along for Obama just in the nick of time for another part of Obama's plan: Job creation.

Recall that Obama's jobs creation or savings plan began at 2.5M; then grew to 3M, finally settling on 4.1M? Well the final jump likely came when Obama calculated in the 1.2M jobs that get created via the census.

So 1.2M of the 4.1M jobs that Obama will be creating is because of the census, and not Obama. These jobs would have been created if we had elected a Chimpanzee.  [Ok, I lobbed you a softball!]

Now don't think Obama won't take credit for these 1.2M new jobs. And the fact that these are "temp" jobs has no bearing on Obama's plan. Jobs is jobs folks.  So what are the parameters for these jobs?

First a federal census worker will earn between $10 and $25 an hour. Not exactly the high paying jobs promised in the campaign, but when you consider mostly ObamaBots will be getting these jobs, these will be considered high paying jobs. Don't be surprised to hear about Obamatrons quitting their permanent jobs, to get a raise working for the "gubment". But pay is not the issue here, control is.

Just like ACORN, this group of ObamaBots will be cheating like Obama's cabinet appointees at income tax time.  They will be counting illegal aliens, visiting aliens, intergalactic aliens, outergalactic aliens, and just about anything alien that moves…oh, in solidly Democratic states.  And of course they will not be counting hardworking, taxpaying Conservatives and Republicans in RED states. 

So what we will end up with is a rigged electoral count favoring Dems. And because the census will be handled by the White House, you can expect ethical treatment, as defined by Obama:  No oversight by the Commerce Department. Any guesses on how the Liberal media will report on this?  So the foxes will be guarding the hen house.

Here's the wrap:

This is a pure and simple Democrat power grab, that would essentially insure Obama's re-election in 2012. 

With legislation working its way through Congress to remove term limits, consider the ramifications of unlimited Obama?

Conservatives are getting punked. If we continue taking knives to gun fights, we might as well announce our allegiance to the US of Obama.

Obama is a lawyer, and a professional campaigner. He wants to guarantee the win, before the fight occurs. This is right out of Sun Tzu's The Art of War.  This move does just that, and Obama is reminding us that there are no ethics in fighting.

So if you take this lying down, then be prepared to take it bending over.

That's my rant!

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Monday, February 09, 2009

Why Obama is Always Late

It is said that the Bush policy was "be on time, all the time." Like the dress code, Obama has apparently abandoned this "eight years of the previous administration" policy as well.

I learned recently that Obama may now indeed get to claim the distinction of being the first Black president and not Clinton, as apparently he has a penchant for tardiness, and is always late. Apparently Obama operates on what we call in the Black community, "CPT" - Colored People Time.

According to Yahoo News,

Obama has been routinely late to events and news conferences, including the ones at which he reversed Bush's orders. This has led to an already familiar refrain from the Obama camp: "He's running late."

Even when Obama is throwing out a Bushism, he can't be on time. You would think that would get him excited enough to show up early. But no, not for Barack 'The Clock Don't Own Me' Obama.

It is said of Black people that most of us will miss our own funerals. We even have different allotments of "lateness" for various events.

For example you are allowed about 15 minutes grace period for a wedding. But for a house party, well you can expect Black folks to be at least an hour late.

With Obama's habitual tardiness, I am left to speculate as to what is causing it? Here are a few of my thoughts.

First, Michelle may be bitching at him. She certainly looks like the type to not allow this whole "president thang" to get in the way of her marriage. Personally, I think Obama plays the submissive role in the relationship. Michelle knows all the dirt on him, so she can indulge him publicly, but she gets her comeuppance in private.

Next, he may need to check with Pelosi, before he can speak publicly. She is about as smart as a year-old monkey, and Obama really does say some stupid things, to be "the smartest guy in the room". Given his tendency for "ums" and "uhs", I think he is mic'd at all times, and Pelosi may be feeding the earpiece.

Now there is the possibility that he is doing his affirmations,

"…Obama you are a strong African leader, I mean American leader. You are charming and good-looking, and you talk pretty, and 'the smartest guy in the room…oh, and you are the 'HNIC."

That's "head Negro in charge" for those who may not know.

Anyway, I'm sure that some days these affirmations take longer than others.

One real possibility for Obama's lateness to meetings is he may be outside the White House having himself a "fag". I am referencing Obama's need to draw in that last few puffs from his Kools, so he doesn't have to face the world without the jolt from his nicotine. He's an addict, you know.

Here's the wrap:

The fact is that Obama could be
on time, all the time, as was the Bush way. But Obama is that arrogant professor who wants to see just how long he can make you wait before you decide to leave class. Then as you grab your books, he suddenly appears. The next time, he pushes you a minute or two further. Until you just never know. So you wait…for Godot.

This need to "control" is based on his pathology for not being able to control anything in his private life, lacking a core. Being late is his passive aggressive way of controlling things, manipulating them.

Obama needs a "scripted" life, as he can't just act from the gut. That's how fakes work. They need a clue to your behavior, so they can know how to react.

So sorry to disappoint those of you who thought Obama is all Black. He remains as much White as he is Black. But at least for now, Obama is "keeping his White man" down, as the brother in him keeps showing up late for everything...oh, except basketball.

That's my rant!

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Saturday, February 07, 2009

The Biden Distraction

Are you getting the feeling that when things are looking bad for Obama, he uncages Biden to scare us? As I wrote in The Biden Experiment , Biden is 100% effective in his role of ...being stupid. The perfect distraction. 

So Biden is in Europe doing what he does best...pontificating, adding to his title of VP the role of, "Master of the Obvious".   

Just recently he said that "…we must improve our relations with Russia." As opposed to what, degrading our relationship with Russia? Don't we strive to improve our relations with everybody? I have yet to hear a politician say, "We need to ruin our relationship with [insert country here]."

Liberal kindergarteners hear Biden, and they say, "…he's so smart". For the rest of us, this was Biden just stating the obvious, and trying to appear intellectual. Doesn't work, Joe. You're still two strands short of complete human DNA, and Conservatives know it.

While in Europe, Biden warned us yet again of the "perilous road ahead", speaking of course about the economy. In a word, "Duh". Tell us something we don't know, Joe.

With the Democrat-created financial debacle, compounded with the Democrat-controlled Congress' absolutely certifiably insane leadership, you get a Liberal sprinkling of nuts.  But you want Trail Mix

Then add these nuts to the rotten fruit of Obamulus von Porkulus, and you have a full fledge nutty, fruity mix. And of course… a perilous road ahead.

Here's an example of Liberal "leadership", and it involves the unions. These Liberal congressional nuts are intent on building up unions, something that the America people reject 80%. What's the Democrats' plan to shrink the unions, who are ruining America's businesses? Get rid of the secret vote. This way the unions can intimidate workers, and likely expand.

Now in my analysis and research on unions, i.e. using the "common sense" model for you purists, I find that companies with unions are less profitable, if profitable at all. And they are ultimately doomed to failure. For you guys who want to dispute my common sense on this issue, I will tell you that the most "unionized" companies are Fed contractors, industries already being propped up by Federal money, or staple industries, i.e. truckers, longshoremen, etc.

A union company trying to compete in America without one of those advantages mentioned earlier has one foot in the grave and another on a banana peel. That company cannot compete in the long run. It's only salvation would be socialism. Thus, socialism equals the "perilous road ahead". Thanks for the warning, Joe.

Later on his European jaunt Biden shifts back to the international stage, this time not stating the obvious, but showcasing his ignorance in world affairs and diplomacy, and attempting to sound menacing.

His comment to reporters regarding Iran was, "we will talk, but know that we are ready to act." Biden is proof that a comment that says so little, can illuminate just how big of an idiot a person is.

That was sure to get the Iranians' knees knocking. I'm sure they went straight away and destroyed their recently deployed spy satellites, and are now dismantling their nuclear program. After all, Obama's actions of releasing terrorists, no longer allowing harsh interrogations of enemy combatants, cutting the military budget, and canceling the anti-missile system in Poland, all point to our willingness to "act". 

As I heard a comedian once say, "…that's about as tough as being Mike Tyson's roommate in prison, and Mike says he going to sodomize you. Then you defiantly say…'Ok, but for how long'?"

Finally Biden exposed his special mission to support a small and much maligned group of people. This group is persecuted all over the world. Yes, Joe is attempting to find homes throughout Europe for the most heinous of terrorists and those bent on destroying America and other infidels. Joe is launching a sort of "Habitat for Humanity", that might more appropriately called, "Joints for Jihadist". He is asking countries in Europe to step up and take some of the finest Liberals GITMO could produce…Islamic jihadists. After all, they are just misunderstood.

Here's the wrap:

The media will spin Biden's trip throughout Europe as an attempt to change America's perception in the world, to mend fences, as if we need to mend any. 

They will say that Biden is acting on behalf of the president to spread Obama's good intentions, and to alert the world to the kindler, gentler America, where they can bring all their problems. Though that is all spin, I do believe that some will benefit from Biden's visit, just differently than they think.

And as I said earlier, Biden will take the spotlight off his boss, who has had a miserable two weeks.

But more importantly Biden will help a select group of people in every town in Europe that he visits.  He will prove that he is an equal opportunity idiot, showcasing his lack of knowledge in all parts of the Europe, and on a multitude of subjects, with the occasional hint at the truth. 

"Village idiots" everywhere will celebrate, as their titles are temporarily usurped with Biden's arrival. And they will weep like old ladies at a funeral when he leaves.

That's my rant!

© 2009 Kevin Jackson – The Black Sphere All Rights Reserved


Friday, February 06, 2009

Is Obama Scared?

Obama is selling pork, and just in time for spring barbeques. There is an unmistakable aroma to smoldering pork…sort of like the smell of panic.

Polls slipping, Obama decided to that attack CEOs for their shameless bonuses - easy targets, and in fact scapegoats. A little
cabrito for the barbeque. Nothing like serving up goat, and 'scape' is the most succulent kind.

I watched a snippet of Obama's press conference, and he was coached. His handlers obviously pulled him aside and informed him that he must appear to be more in charge, to be a leader. It's not working. At least that's what the polls say.

Obama's defiance was in an effort to sell
Obamulus von Porkulus, or "a turd by any other name, would it still smell as wellturdy?". So there he stood at the podium, defiant, but still cool, like a Mack about to put a beatdown on his "ladies".

An obvious tribute to Reverend Wright, Obama sermonized to the American public, reminding us that he was "
handed this economy." Translated: You selected me, I didn't select you. Many countries wanted me, and you are lucky to have me, yet now you want to criticize me?! 

Obama said, "They didn't vote for the status quo; they sent us here to bring change". Here's an example of "the change we need":

"We are not going to get relief by turning back to the very same policies that for the last eight years doubled the national debt and threw our economy into a tailspin."

Obama is right on one thing. We
do need change. First, I'd like my change back. But if I can't get that, then riddle me this, "What do we need change from?"

So let's correct Obama's comment. He should have said, "
We are not going to get relief…for the last two years, under the Democratically-controlled Congress…". That would have been the real truth. We had six great years of Bush, and two pitiful years of Pelosi and Reid.

So they sell the spin by producing commercials that reinforce the hypnosis of the "
least common denominator", the Obama voter, as they chant the monotone drone of "Yes we can."

However the commercials don't appear to be working, as even his own Sodomites are holding their noses at "
StinkFest: The celebration of Pork-A-Palooza." Approval ratings are now at 34%, at last check, and collapsing faster than well…Obama's cabinet appointments. [chuckle]

Obama is not used to anything less than complete adulation and ultimate capitulation. He doesn't understand why his "words" cannot sway the public, and those pesky Republicans. I imagine Obama feels like Joachim Phoenix playing the role of Caesar in Gladiator, when he says, "This truly vexes me."

Here's the wrap:

Obama is scared, panicked. His approval ratings have dropped from the 80s to the 60s, and the 40s are out their licking their "porkchops". When he dips below 50% approval, we may have to put him on suicide watch.

They are hopefully beginning to see what we already know, which is the problem isn't so much with corporations, but with massive corpulent government. And this meeting of Democrat fat cats was simply to rally behind their embattled leader, so they could boost his confidence, which is likely around where his spending package is...34%

Speaking of government fat cats saying, "Do as I say, not as I do", remember all the hoopla over the companies receiving bailouts having lush getaways at retreats? Well guess where Obama was, when he was sermonizing? He and about 200 House Democrats were at the Kingsmill Resort and Spa.  The barbecue served was the American taxpayer.

That's my rant!

© 2009 Kevin Jackson – The Black Sphere All Rights Reserved