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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

America - Battered Spouse

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What would you do if you witnessed a rape? Well you just saw another one, and it was performed on Lady Liberty. The mainly Democrat politicians used “carbon” as their phallic tool in torturous violation of the American taxpayer. If you had an inkling that the Democrats (and eight so-called Republicans) care about what you think, you just got your answer: “Just lay there and enjoy it!”

In a 1200 page document—300 pages of which was missing—did not stop the vote. 300 missing pages is just a technicality when you haven’t read the document anyway. So we are left with a new set of regulations that will increase our electricity bills by 90%, perhaps much more some say.

You might wonder why politicians sign bills without reading them, and in blatant disregard for what their constituents want. The answer is they are promised much more than they believe they can get with us. The powers that be can get them better committee seats, more money in their war chests from lobbyists, and so on. And they have seen that Americans have no long-term memories, and simply vote like drones. In short, they know we are suckers of the highest order. In short, they do what they believe will keep them in office. Read more here...


Sunday, June 28, 2009

ACORN Chasing Runaway Slave

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Reminiscent of the days when the slaves escaped the plantation, and Massa rounded up area plantation owners and law enforcement to get his property back, we are witness to a repeat of history. Democrat slave owners, ACORN are intent on capturing former ACORN member turned whistleblower, Anita MonCrief (slave). They will do so by suing her.

I’m just going to call it like it is. ACORN suing Anita MonCrief is “the real man keeping a sista down. “ If ACORN were a Republican organization, this story would get more press coverage than MLK’s funeral. However, since there is no Republican boogeyman, ignorant blacks will be silent. Don’t expect white Democrats—normally meddlers par excellent—to meddle here either. The poverty pimps, Jackson and Sharpton—redundant, since I already mentioned ignorant blacks—will be silent as well.

Little ACORN all “growed” up into a big Oak tree, a fitting fate awaits MonCrief, as she is about to be lynched—Democrat-style. Only difference from the past is that MonCrief won’t die a physical lynching, but a financial lynching.

White racist Democrat elites treating blacks like chattel to keep them “in their place” is nothing new at all. The only thing missing are the burning crosses, white robes and “night raids.” Even with all those past accoutrements missing, racist Democrat dealings with blacks have only changed in tactics. More here...


Friday, June 26, 2009

ACORN Gets the Mine...

As if America needed any more proof that Democrats still think of black as slaves, all one needs to do is think ACORN. ACORN, the organization that most people associate with “community organizing”, and more fittingly Democrat voter fraud perpetrated by blacks is headed by a gang of white racist Democrats whose only agenda is…their own capitalist agenda.

If you don’t believe me, then visit an ACORN facility. They are located in any large city with a heavy black population. The building will be prominently placed in a mostly black community. When you see ACORN minions protesting, getting petitions signed, or doing whatever destructive deeds ACORN wishes to perpetrate on the black community, you can bet that it will be mostly black people doing the bidding. Democrat slavery is alive and well, as it is a white slave Massa who is the overseer at ACORN.

So every day, ignorant blacks hit the streets at the urging of Massa to institute policies that have gotten blacks NOTHING over the past six decades. Since ACORN’s founding by Wade Rathke in 1970’s the decline for blacks has accelerated, not gotten better…except for Rathke. Now that his brother has embezzled a few hundred thousands, Rathke has taken ACORN international…oh, and changed the name. Read the rest here...


Thursday, June 25, 2009

Obama Uses Iranian Tactics

Obama is a day late and a dollar short in his condemnation of Iran. And even when he does finally show up, he tries to take both sides of the issue.

Obama warned Iran to listen to the will of the people. And in the same breath he said that what Iran does is none of our business. How’s that for leadership from the so-called leader of the free world?

And if Obama’s inaction the equivocation is not bad enough, it gets worse. America’s position in the world has deteriorated to a new low, so much so that France is now the protector of the downtrodden! What’s the world coming to, when the French have to stand up where the US will not. Obama is forcing “lovers” to become “fighters!” Read more here...


Sunday, June 21, 2009

Obama Protects Citizenry

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The financial institutions have done nothing wrong, except take advantage of the rules that Obama and his crooked Democrat cronies allowed to be put in place.  Yet Obama is determined to make the financial industry the Boogeyman in this “crisis,” and to legislate more socialism.

Promoting even more massive government, Obama is proposing new protection from Capitalism for us stupid citizens, as Obama put itto tamp down the kind of deceptive lending practices and complicated contracts he said often hurt consumers.” So what do we get for our $3.6T and counting—the Consumer Financial Protection Agency.

By 2012 this agency will consist of around 100,000 people sitting around playing Dominoes and watching reruns of The Jeffersons all day—at taxpayers’ expense.  However, if we must have protection, I suggest the first target of this new agency be the US Government’s own Internal Revenue Service.  They certainly qualify, per Obama’s comment.  The IRS takes our money in advance and puts it in an account, supposedly for us.  RightRead more here...


Thursday, June 18, 2009

Obama is Superfly

We have it on video--Obama finally gets tough. A watershed moment for Obama akin to the Cuban Missile Crisis. Obama killed a fly! And lucky for America, the lamestream media was there to document Obama’s act of bravery. Just when I was questioning his decision not to allow harsh interrogation. Obama made sure that the taxpayers would not have to deal with the enemy combatant. Obama was judge and jury. America is safer for it.

Let’s face it—Obama blew it with the Somali pirates. It was ultimately a Navy Captain who made the executive decision to kill those four Somali pirates. And he likely sat in his ship for those couple of days wondering what the delay was in making the decision. Nevertheless he was gracious enough to allow his Coward in Chief to get the credit. That brave Captain must have known that Obama would come into his own, and show the resolve that built this once great nation. Could we be rebounding from the punking of America occurring to date? I say, “Yes!”

The question that begs to be asked is “How was that fly able to get that close to POTUS?!” Surely heads should roll within the Secret Service. The potential damage that could have been done to Obama, to America—perish the thought.  Read more here...

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

ObamaCare - America Gets New Proctologist

It could go without saying that ObamaCare will provide the same “rock star” treatment to all Americans that he and the rest of the elitist Democrats will receive. With Obama’s track record of accomplishment, anything is achievable!

Just look at what the rest of America has to look forward to when we are all subject to the new “gubment” healthcare system in this Newsmax report on Kennedy’s recent battle with cancer:

“One day after an MRI found a tumor, Kennedy was diagnosed with a malignant glioma, and less than two weeks later the tumor was removed by a leading brain cancer specialist at Duke University Medical Center.”

For those of you who have had the opportunity to partake in our governments efficiently run operations, for example the DMV, I am sure you will agree that this is the future of healthcare for us all. Read more here...


Monday, June 15, 2009

Obama Provides 24-Hour Access

Americans can sleep a lot easier tonight now that the digital TV transition has occurred. Crisis averted! The idea that some people may not have been able to have 24-hour access to Obama was indeed a potential crisis. Thankfully it will not happen in Amerika. No, we will now get to see as much of our beloved African dictator as we can stomach.

But the really lucky ones are “the old and the poor.” For it is they who need the healing wisdom and cool assurances that can only come from “the anointed one,” as Reuters reported here:

“Obama supports the delay, sharing concerns that 20 million mostly poor, elderly and rural households were not ready for the congressionally mandated switch.”

At least Obama had the decency not to alarm the “chirrens” and just kept this potential crisis amongst only old and poor grown folks.

The hypocrisy is that Obama flies all over the world mentioning the self-indulgence of Americans, while he delays a digital television conversion—because every person in America might not have television coverage. Talk about an enabler. More here...


Thursday, June 11, 2009

The New Site is LIVE!

The new site, is LIVE! There are likely a few bugs here and there, but I hope you like it--and tell us about the bugs!

I can't tell you how much work went into it. No seriously…I can't! Because the superstars who did the heavy lifting are Jeremy Buff who built it, and Doug Bonner who architected it! These two guys are phenoms! This is not your ordinary web site, as there are lots of Easter eggs. Have fun finding them!

We tried to bring in all the things that make up The Black Sphere, like the radio shows, the magazine, the blog and the videos (Multimedia). The graphics are also under "Multimedia." Unfortunately I couldn't keep the same format as with this site, so the site is a bit more "grown up."

Speaking of this site, it will remain active for a short while (timeframe unknown). Like the sun, it will eventual go cold and quiet! Think "The Rapture," so be prepared!

PLEASE sign up for the RSS feed (top left) on the new site, and add your email address for the newsletter (bottom). I promise we won't bombard you with needless emails. I will give away 5 signed books at random for those who sign up for the newsletter.

Oh yeah...The BIG Black Lie! Please INVEST in this book! I am speaking for all of us, and it's not about's about the message! Let's get it out there!

Check out the site, and let me know your thoughts at

Hope to see you at the new location!


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Obama “Saves” Jobs – Again

AP reported that we lost "just" 345,000 jobs in May. If you were one of the people who lost one of those jobs, I suggest that you might not be taking it quite so cavalierly?

I get a chuckle from the lamestream media when they spin the idea of losing 345,000. Well it is a lot less than the 504,000 the previous month! Put on a happy face, dangit! We are learning to measure quite differently in The Era of Brown Underwear.

One can only imagine what the headlines would be if we were in a Bush administration. What's that, Chicken Little?

Do you really need more evidence about the snakelike nature of Obama, when he gives us the term "saved," as part of job "creation?" Talk about a slickster selling elixir! He pisses on us, then tells us it's raining.

I was under the mistaken idea that adding jobs was good news, not losing jobs. However, in the lexicon of Obama, "save" is the new "add!" And in the lamestream media, a loss is really a win!

504,000 jobs losses in April, 345,000 jobs losses in May, unemployment at 9.4% (they said it would top off at 8%), over 6,000,000 Americans out of work—2.9M of those jobs this year!—and here is what Obama said in Reuters:

"…it[stimulus] created or saved 150,000 in the first 100 days. Republicans questioned the figure and noted that Biden said on May 13 over 150,000 jobs had been saved or created in the act's first 77 days."

Don't let the truth be a deterrent to Obama's agenda. Obama believes that if he keeps saying it, eventually people will believe it. Unemployment has risen from 6% under Bush to over 9.4% under Obama, but he has "saved" jobs! Incredulous— "Change we can be brainwashed to believe in."

I've stopped asking when Americans who voted for Obama will either wake up from their comas or get back on the meds. It has simply become a rhetorical question and quite redundant. However it is high time that those of us who were never entranced by Obama's "words" start really calling him out more vigorously on his blatant lying.

But there is good news coming, as report by the Wall Street Journal put it, and I must say I had blogged about this earlier as well:

"[Obama] announced he was ramping up some of the stimulus spending so he could "save or create" an additional 600,000 jobs this summer. These numbers come in the context of an earlier Obama promise that his recovery plan will "save or create three to four million jobs over the next two years."

At this rate, between creating and saving jobs, we will have all of America working, as well as our illegals, and finally reached what Marx described as Utopia—also known as communism. Because folks at this rate of job "saving," there will be no private sector jobs left to save.

Here the wrap:

Isn't every job 'not lost' technically saved? That being the case, I suggest we begin working backwards on ObamaMath.

To do this we chronicle all the jobs that are presently "saved," which are all the jobs in America. Then as the job numbers are reported, we count those that Obama has "unsaved."

For example in March, Obama would have saved 40,000,000 jobs, of which 504,000 of them became "unsaved" in April. Then another 345,000 became unsaved in May, and so on.

By my count, Obama has "unsaved" 2.9M jobs, since he took over. This way, all of us who have jobs left will know who to thank. The better question may be how Americans will not want to thank The Big Zero. Best guess is 9.4% of Americans and counting.

That's my rant!

© 2009 Kevin Jackson – The Black Sphere All Rights Reserved


Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Obama Keeps Michelle “In Check”

Conspicuous by her absence in the Middle East was Amerika's buff First Lady. One might think that Barack didn't want Michelle's well-chiseled arms to be a distraction from his manliness in dealing with the Arabs. However the reason is much simpler: Muslim culture is patriarchal—to put it politely—and Michelle would have been treated like…a second-class citizen. [Gasp!]

To quote Cleavon Little from Blazing Saddles, "Where da white women at?" Liberal white women's outrage has been noticeably absent in all of this. And black Democrat women aren't exactly a chorus of disapproval either. In fact, I have heard nothing in the lamestream media about this. It's all been about Barack. The MAN! Is even our media complicit in the mistreatment of women by not exploring such an abomination?

You would think that a trip of such potential importance, a visit that could further the cause of women's rights at the global level demanded a visit by the First Lady. After all the atrocities Michelle has been through in her life as a middle-class black woman, being kept down by "the man." She had to battle her way through affirmative action to get a "race pass" into Princeton. And ever looming was "the man," there to prevent her from succeeding despite her Ivy League pedigree.

Michelle fought the man, landing cushy jobs, where ironically her increases in income grew—geometrically—as the stature of her husband grew. How did she survive those turbulent times? Amerika, that is OPPRESSION, and even a fool can recognize it. What is ya, ignant?!

Michelle "Three Guns" [I hope somebody gets that] Obama could have proclaimed,

"…For the first time in my adult Muslim now privileged Black Camelot life, I am proud…!"

Because of her vast experience with oppression, Michelle would have easily spotted the oppression of her Muslim sisters. And with the hoopla that is Obama, she could have struck a blow for womankind across the globe, drawing attention to the mistreatment suffered by Muslim women. Sadly, she didn't even make the trip.

Imagine if Barack had said to the Muslim people,

"Your treatment of women is deplorable. The Muslim world needs to take a lesson from the United States in advancing the rights of women?"
Now that would have been newsworthy!

There was no such declaration from Barack, who joyously proclaimed all facets of his Muslimness, during the visit. 'Mum' was the word on the Muslim world's treatment of women, and Barack proved to the Muslims that he had his woman in check. Michelle was made to stay home with the "chirrens," like a good, obedient Muslim wife.

Michelle was in the safety and comfort of America, probably sauntering about the White House, donned in her new designer wardrobe ($600 tennis shoes and all) in scene reminiscent of Black Camelot—in other words, she was not relegated to wearing the traditional Muslim garb that she would have been required to wear had she made the trip. All together now—"Second-class citizen."

Here's the wrap:

The NOW generation white women should be up in their flabby arms over all of this lack of respect for the First Lady and the opportunity to help half a billion Muslim women around the globe, but sadly they are silent. Apparently women's rights only apply to "white women with lesbian or bi-sexual tendencies who vote Democrat?" Why send the First Lady to protect a bunch of Muslim women, when there are important issues here in the states to deal with—like the celebration of LGBT month!

As for Barack, he knew the amount of media coverage Michelle's visit would have garnered. There was no way he was going to showcase the treatment of women, particularly how the other half of Black Camelot would be treated—like all other Muslim women…at least publicly. Can't have that sort of thing showcased around the globe lest it make Muslims look bad.

Michelle would have been a distraction, and might have made Obama forget his place. Such a distraction could cause Barack to do something stupid—like grovel to the Arab world or even worse…kiss a Saudi's hand.

That's my rant!

© 2009 Kevin Jackson – The Black Sphere All Rights Reserved


Monday, June 08, 2009

Obama’s Inner Muslim

When Obama plans an overseas trip, America goes on "blue" alert. There is just no predicting what he is going to say. All you know for sure is that it will be anti-American in some way. And in his latest overseas visit, Obama has gotten in touch with his "inner Muslim." The problem is his "inner Muslim" is no different than his outer Muslim. The difference with this this trip is that along with America, Israel got punked.

In a departure from his campaign rhethoric, Obama is finally admitting to his Muslim heritage, his time spent in Muslim countries, his Muslim faith, his knowledge of the Qur'an, and …his dominion over the Jews. Apparently America will not dictate to other countries as to how they should rule their people—unless that country is Israel.

In what Jews had to have seen coming, Obama is asking for a freeze to Jewish settlements , essentially making way for more Palestinian settlers…and Jewish tormentors. However, as this article in Jewish Journal suggests, there is no reason for Israel to panic:

"Obama has reiterated the call for a settlement freeze, but also stressed that "it's still early in the conversation" and that "patience is needed. The president also has stressed the White House's continuing commitment to Israel's security, isolating Hamas and fighting to stop Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon."

If Obama's commitment to Israel's security is anything like his commitment to America security, then I say Israel is better off using Hamas or the PLO for their security.

In Obama's defense, we are still early in the "word" stage. If necessary, Obama is prepared to deal "really harsh words" to Hamas and Iran in support of Israel. Apparently this is enough for the American Jews, because Jewish groups are not speaking out against Obama, even as he has said that Iran should be able to have nuclear energy. And why not! It's not like Iran is for the complete annihilation of Israel, or something so heinous as that. That type of ideology would be downright crazy.

Obama continued selling hypocrisy, with a visit to Buchenwald, a site where thousands of Jews were killed at the hands of the Nazis—another group with the silly idea of eradication of the Jews. This visit might have been more believable had a day or so earlier Obama mentioned to his Muslim family…I mean audience, about their oppression of women, and their stated goal of annihilation of the Jews!

Hopefully the world is beginning to see what conservatives in America have recognized about Obama since he blasted onto the scene. That is—Obama will tell you what you want to hear. And he is bold enough to not worry about being on record. He has the uncanny ability to convince Jews that he is pro-Israel, and pro-Jew. They are in a hypnotic trance, blind followers of Obama—so much so that they are silent about Obama wanting Iran to have nuclear power.

How can a man of so many words say nothing, yet entrance the feeble-minded? There I go, answering my own question. I find more meaning in the unintelligible utterances of six-month old babies, than in anything Obama says. Yet many Jews (and other ignorant Democrats) seem to have fallen for his gibberish.

"…we must reject the false comfort that others' suffering is not our problem, and commit ourselves to resisting those who would subjugate others to serve their own interests."

Talk about the pot calling the kettle "half-black!"

Here's the wrap:

I find it incredulous that the Jews who strongly support their homeland, and who are entrepreneurial , and religious as a whole, could even consider supporting Obama. Inasmuch as ignorant white Democrats experienced "white guilt," perhaps there is such a thing as "Muslim guilt" amongst ignorant Jews?

I am not sure what the Jews who voted for Obama were thinking. Their insanity is surpassed only by that of blacks. Not that I exonerate blacks from their ignorance of voting overwhelmingly for Obama, but at least they had African culture and hatred of "whitey" as possible excuses.

I know I am being an alarmist about Obama's willingness to allow the Iranians to have "peaceful" nuclear energy, and wants the Palestinians to be much closer to the Israeli settlements. I do find it a bit puzzling that Obama decides to introduce the world to his inner Muslim at this time. I guess when you are running for king of the world, having 1B possible supporters will make even Obama decide to finally come out of the closet. Even if it means punking one of America's closest allies.

That's my rant!

© 2009 Kevin Jackson – The Black Sphere All Rights Reserved


Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Gays Get Their Month

If you like the blog, please consider ordering a copy of The Big Black Lie, (see the button to your left!) my newly published book. It will give you insight as to why I enjoy pimp-slapping liberals on a daily basis. Speaking of pimps, enjoy my latest musing below:

Obama has deemed June 2009 "Lesbian Gay Bi-Sexual Tran-Gender (LGBT) month." And just in time for summer! I am not gay. However on behalf of gay blacks, I want to thank Obama for honoring this group with now TWO months out of the twelve.

How good it must feel for Obama to tell "Americans" of any ilk, that they can have a month. Personally I like having all the months to be an America—not just my designated one.

Further, if I had any choice in the matter, I would not have picked February anyway. It was as if the meddling, racist Democrats, who were attempting to make up for their racist past said, "Let's give blacks Feb. It's the shortest month!" [Belly-laugh by all racist Democrats who came up with this one]. Besides, February is a cold month, and blacks really don't like the cold. We are warm weather people. Think Orlando, not Green Bay. So I would have opted for a spring or summer month. Perhaps May—it has 31 days!

Before my black audience gets all in an uproar over the LBGT getting June, I should stress that they only get it for one year, as Obama states here on the official White House site:

"NOW, THEREFORE, I, BARACK OBAMA, President of the United States of America, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and laws of the United States, do hereby proclaim June 2009 as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Pride Month."

So LBGT, I suggest you 'git while the gitting is good," and enjoy your month. After this year, June is back up for grabs—on the open market as it were.

But if you think you get to vote on who will get June next year, you might be disappointed. In the spirit of transparency of the Obama administration—the most transparent administration in the history of America—you will not get a "look-see" at the potential suitors for the month of Jun—just like this year. Nevertheless, I do have it on good authority that the jihadists are the front runners for next year—they will likely hold June through 2012.

Obama lists all that he has done for LGBTs, most of which already have existing protections for LBGTs:

"…hate crimes laws, supporting civil unions and Federal rights for LGBT couples, outlawing discrimination in the workplace, ensuring adoption rights, and ending the existing "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy…"

I can see next year's declaration for the jihadists:

"…I have ended harsh interrogations, eradicated the United States Military, instituted Sharia law, and kissed the hand of a Saudi sheik, and taken America's protection from Israel…"

I like that Obama included "bi-sexual" in this edict. It sort of provides that "in" clause for us heterosexuals who might want to muscle in on June—in case you have a bad month elsewhere.

Here's the wrap:

When the government starts giving you rights that you really don't need or making "token" gestures, you have reached rock bottom. The LBGT has indeed taken a step backwards, though they likely won't see it this way.

If blacks were smart, we would reject February as "Black History Month," and just take the year! As I said earlier, every month is history month—black or otherwise. Not to mention, if blacks were serious about Black History Month, they would get the truth out about racist Democrats, and stop voting like idiots.

As for Obama's proclamation, the transparency is obvious—solidifying votes. And LBGT will fall for it. So Obama will take all their money (and they can earn!), and turn the country over to people who would persecute them…but they can have a token month, just like blacks.

Unlike my gay, black brethren, I think I will just keep all twelve of my months. I like the way The Declaration of Independence put it: Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Works for me, as does The Constitution--at least as long as we are still allowed to have The Constitutionsort of.

That's my rant!

© 2009 Kevin Jackson – The Black Sphere All Rights Reserved


Chinese Getting Hummers

If you like the blog, please consider ordering a copy of The Big Black Lie, (see the button to your left!) my newly published book. It will give you insight as to why I enjoy pimp-slapping liberals on a daily basis. Speaking of pimps, enjoy my latest musing below:

Now the blog:

The prostituting of GM and the American taxpayer continues—GM is selling Hummer to the Chinese. If I was a betting man, I'd bet that Clinton had a hand in advising The Big O on this move. [snicker]

And why not give Hummers…I mean sell Hummer to the Chinese? They are America's largest creditor. And they have been noticeably upset at Obama's handling of the American economy, or more to the point—for printing so much new currency, therefore devaluing the dollar. The Hummer deal is most likely collateral that the Chinese are demanding from America, now that Obama has taken our credit score into the low 500s.

"No more credit for you, Obama. We need corraterar [collateral]. You no good invesmen no more! You maka it rough for nex brack man!"

In the spirit of having 'the most transparent administration in the history of America,' the details of the sale are not being disclosed. Why should ObamaNation tell the American taxpayer what we are getting for our 60-70% ownership in the new Government Motors? It's not like we could have done anything about it. The Democrats can and will do whatever they want—and they prove it almost every day.

I know what you may be thinking—GM has a CEO and this was his decision. Not true, silly Negro. This was Obama's decision.

And what did Obama get for the hardworking American taxpayer by "turning out" Lady Liberty? The figure being bandied about is $100M. That kind of money is "lip service" –pardon the pun—on the billions GM owes the American taxpayer! That won't cover the interest on the $50B+ GM owes us, and Obama knows this.

Here's how it works.

Obama spends $100B or so on saving the unions. Then he gets the American taxpayer a rebate of 1% back—because Obama knows that people like rebates. We like specials.

One example of Obama's rebate program is the revamping of the credit card industry. Savings to the American taxpayer—nothing. Whatever Obama does, the credit card industry will simply undo…find workarounds.

Next, Obama cut 121 government programs saving the taxpayers a whopping $17B. This is less than half of one percent of Obama's gut-busting budget. A rounding error at best! Such is the Obama way. Here's how Obama is asking us to cut back, do our part:

"Air up your tires, get a tune up, take stuff out of your trunk, and we can save 15B gallons of fuel in twenty years.

Turn down your thermostat (in winter), put on a sweater. Turn up your thermostat (in summer) and wear breathable clothes. And skip a meal every now and then you self-indulgent capitalist infidel. Live like homies in Kenya.

Help me help you watch me destroy America." – B. Hussein Obama

The prostituting of GM is subterfuge to get your mind off the money he has squandered on "… the industry too big to fail—but did!"

Here's the wrap:

You'd think that after giving the Chinese Hummers, we could at least keep manufacturing in the US? Just one more roll in the hay for old time's sake? 'Fraid not. Manufacturing for the Hummer will now all be completely in China.

Reuters reports, "The deal marks the first time that a Chinese buyer has acquired a brand from one of the struggling U.S. automakers." Yet another first for the Obama administration, and further confirmation that we are in the Era of Brown Underwear.

Maybe Karl Marx was right? Communism really is utopia. Because the capitalist American taxpayers are getting screwed—and not in that good way. Meanwhile, America's biggest creditor, communist China is getting Hummers—and happy endings!

That's my rant!

© 2009 Kevin Jackson – The Black Sphere All Rights Reserved


Monday, June 01, 2009

Obama - Too Big to Fail?

My book is finished, so please pre-order (left side of the blog). See previous blog for an excerpt! I will do something really "cool" for the person who helps me sell the most books!

The industry that was" too big to fail" has 'one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel.' Today GM announced that they can no longer sucker the American taxpayer to keep the lights on and filed for bankruptcy. Further auto industry news comes as self-appointed Chrysler CEO, Barack Hussein Obama has authorized the fire sale of Chrysler.

The War on Achievement wages on. Twenty billion dollars invested in GM during "The New Dark But Not Alan Keyes Dark Ages," and hardworking American taxpayers don't even get t-shirts. Rumor is Obama plans on giving GM another fifty billion dollars to help with the bankruptcy…transition. That's twenty billion less than Chrysler is supposedly got…to transition. Apparently transitioning into bankruptcy is where the money is, during the Era of Brown Underwear.

I can now see how idiotic an idea it would have been to—allow the free market system to deal with GM and Chrysler. I wonder what the outcome would have been had GM and Chrysler been left to their own demise? I'm guessing bankruptcy. It would appear that $100B ain't what it used to be in propping up poorly run unionized companies. But who are American taxpayers to complain--it's not our money, it's Obama's! Don't believe me, then compare you "Date Night" to his.

We can't have the American taxpayers saving tens of billions of dollars in the Era of Brown Underwear. The chief architect of America's new bankrupt economy, Obama would have to be twice as smart to be a half wit. Buy high, sell low is the Obama way. And that is exactly what Italian auto-maker Fiat has done. They will get the best part of Chrysler. The Italians always get all the sexy stuff.

The irony is that Fiat had to borrow $1B from GM a few years back—actually they borrowed the money from us—the American taxpayer. You might find it interesting that with Obama's new budget we could have purchased everything produced in Italy in 2008 [Pricetag: $2.4T], and still have money to burn!

The whole "too big to fail" theory makes Obama the boy who cried wolf. Crisis management is what Rahm Emanuel calls it. To paraphrase the United Negro College Fund commercial: "A [crisis] is a terrible thing to waste." And so is a presidency.

We are in the era of complete transparency, so they tell me. I believe them—because I can see right through this administration. As with all things involving The Illusionist, The Big Zero—there is more than meets the eye. And what bothers me the most is that the UAW appears to be happy, in fact giddy. You would think that with your industry about to blow up, you would hear more moaning and groaning. But they are not. I think I know why.

In case you are wondering where all those billions are going, I can tell you that one of my best friends who worked at Chrysler visited my home the other day. He had not a care in the world, and in fact had the demeanor of a guy who has the world by the short hairs. Chrysler's bankruptcy hasn't affected him in the least. Butter his behind and called him Biscuit—my buddy was on a roll.

During the push-pull on-again-off-again job schedule he had over the past months, he made out like a bandit. He drew 75% of his income from Chrysler, when not working. He had insurance that made up the rest. While not working, he got his hustle going—ironically, working on cars.

He recently got married—on the beach in Florida—leaving the resort to take a honeymoon cruise to the Bahamas. He bought her a very nice rock, and a matching necklace. However, his present to his new bride was that he had paid off all his bills—his debt being her chief complaint of him, while he was gainfully employed. When people lose their jobs, there is supposed to be crying and wailing, and uncertainty. But my auto-industry friends for the most part are not sweating what I would consider devastating news.

Here's the wrap:

Where is the liberal outrage in a 100 year old industry being cannibalized? Michael "Less Is" Moore began his career by demonizing the closing of one GM factory in Flint, MI. His groundbreaking story featured the devastation to a small town when it lost its largest employer. For those of you smart enough not to waste your time watching a Moore "crapumentary," I will cut to the chase. When a small town loses its largest employer, as my grandfather used to say, "It's tough on old folks!"

Moore blamed GM for killing this small town, the idea being that GM had a responsibility to continue to lose money manufacturing autos in Flint. For Moore, the closing of that one plant was as if a meteor the size of Texas was headed towards Earth. Yet we don't hear a peep from him, when the industry is practically destroyed. Let me guess: (1) He may be spending the millions of dollars he has made trumping up pseudo hypocrisies. Or (2) he is too busy feeding his face. Or both. Point: Moore knows when to not pick a fight.

Under ObamaNation, two American industry icons perch at the precipice, looking into the abyss. Unlike Obama reported about the economy, Chrysler and GM are not stepping back, but instead are doing a "louie," taking the plunge.

Thankfully we have a pseudo-black president, so we don't have to hear the liberals blame it on some white republican boogeyman. But don't expect the liberals or media to point out the real boogeyman to us.

That's my rant!

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