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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Obama Sets up Government Motors

As most everyone is aware, Obama is peeing on fenceposts, letting everybody know there's a new sheriff in town. He has asked the CEO of GM to step down.

Late as usual, Obama has done what the market would have accomplished months ago. And the market would have saved the taxpayers about $20 billion. Instead all we have are more "toxic assets".

If you ask me, Obama should be stepping down, as should the rest of his gang of racist, classist Democrat monkeys in Congress who voted to fund the automakers.

GM lost billions of dollars over the years, and the Fed has been propping that company up artificially for far too long. All because the racist Democrats want union votes. Union votes that help them keep Black folks and others stupid. It's working.

And what has the American taxpayer gotten for its money? Progress. Heck no! We got a request for billions more, and the potential that GM will be out of business anyway. Not that it matters, but I predicted this, when they gave them the last loan.

What else is new when you are dealing with the most stupid group of people to be assembled under one name…Democrat? The fact that billions are thrown around like change for the meter is just the definition of ObamaNation.

The Commander in Grief has a bold new plan to inject even more of our money into GM and Chrysler, two over-the-hill punch-drunk fighters, well past their prime. Toothless tigers. Neither company could make a wish, without spending billions.

Part of Obama's plan is to put these two organizations on 60-day (GM) and 30-day (Chrysler) plans. GM wants $16B to be put on their plan, and for Chrysler's acceptance, they get just over $6B. $22B being burned. But hey…we can always print more money!

Imagine if Obama pumped that kind of coin into businesses making money? I know…stupid Conservative, capitalist, Republican, logical idea. And I call Obama a silly Negro, right?

Problem is, companies making profits don't have unions. Businesses making money can't be controlled. They are slaves. Businesses making money likely don't vote for racist, socialist, classist Democrats. Businesses making money are considered "uppity Negros"…like me!

Part of the Chrysler funding hinges on Chrysler completing its proposed merger with Fiat. Now I ask you if you believe that Fiat will take on Chrysler's "toxic assets", the way our Treasury Department will take on our banks' "toxic assets"? Of course not.

Companies that must operate in the real world actually don't take on the problems of other companies. They only want the good stuff, like machinery, contacts, and market share, to name a few. They carve bad debt out, and leave it for the bureaucrats. They take the best and leave the rest. Too logical for a stupid socialist to understand, and for the idiots that vote for these fools. You know who you are.

Another stipulation for these companies to get money is Obama will get tough on the unions. That's like Irkel battling the UFC heavyweight champion. I see the scenario go something like this:

Obama: "If you don't do what I ask and start producing more Pacer, Gremlin, and Pinto hybrids, then I won't give you money."

The unions' retort: "If you don't do what we ask, you won't get your votes."

Obama: "You win! Just keep making the stuff that currently won't sell."

Here's the wrap:

Obama and his band of thieves will prop up the UAW as long as we let them. To think he will seriously do anything would just make you stupid. Obama owes the unions.

It doesn't matter who runs GM or Chrysler. Their fates are sealed unless some other companies buy the good parts, leaving only the toxic assets.

Speaking of toxic assets, in my opinion the worst toxic assets in the office of the presidency. The remaining toxic assets in liberal Senate and House seats. If we can get rid of those bloated pontificating, do nothing, Obama-worshipping toxic assets, we could actually end the War on Achievement.

That's my rant!

© 2009 Kevin Jackson – The Black Sphere All Rights Reserved


Obama European Trip - Manna From Heaven

I must admit, I am all tingly up my leg at the prospect of Obama visiting Europe. This trip will be this Conservative blogger's manna from heaven. I may even write blogs in advance, since predicting Obama's failures has become somewhat of a pastime of mine.

When you send a child to do a man's work, you have to expect that mistakes will be made. It reminds me of when my kids were young, and I encouraged them to help me with chores. It was to build their character. Invariably it ended up taking me more time to finish a project, as I had to undo what they had done. But it did build their character. The problem for Obama is he has no father-figure to help him. Wait...there is Crazy Joe!

So the next president will find himself or herself (shameful plug for Sarah Palin) with the fun task of undoing Obama snafus. Untangling Obama's rats' nests will be difficult, to say the least.

Obama's delegation I hear is around 500 people. Needless to say, TOTUS will be among them. We all know that TOTUS really runs the country.

TOTUS notwithstanding, this trip Europe won't be quite as ingratiating for Obama as when he was a presidential candidate. The world wanted a weak idiot American president, and they got one. Little did they know how bad Obama would be for the world economy? Suckas!

There are already a few hot buttons for the G20 attendees, like the devaluation of the dollar, and frankly many nations' legitimate disgust with Obama's policies. How will Obama handle not being considered a rock star? He will handle it like a washed up rock star…Poorly.

So it's a new day in America's foreign policy. Let's see how Obama does with real heavyweights. From my easy-chair, I can tell you that there is only one direction it can go. Way up, when compared to the recent fiasco by Hillary "Housewife" Clinton.

If Obama were to get chased out of Britain, that would be a step up from that debacle. He is in fact meeting with Gordon Brown and the Queen. I think the State Department is sending them a case of Ripple and some $3 chuck wine…Snoop Dogg's label. Late? Of course it will arrive late...but good question!

What I find interesting about our media is they are positioning with Americans that "the booing you hear is not directed at Obama." Are you so sure, mainstream media?

Obama's heat will come at the G20 Summit, where he can expect no quarter. It is said that he wants to build consensus on the global economy. America represents 60% of the global economy, and Obama is looking for consensus. Don't be surprised if he puts the Russians in charge of our economy, or better yet, the UN.

He also wants unity. I say to other nations, be careful getting involved with Obama, as his list of scapegoats need a refresh. If you partner in his madness, he will have you by the short hairs. Just ask the Chinese.

I'm just a layman in such matters, however I suspect the Chinese, our largest creditor will be asking for their Chinese Express card back. At the very least they will be lowering the credit limit, taking us from the Gold Card to the Green Card.

They really want to revoke the card, but Obama has a grip on their naughty bits. They are hamstrung by the largest economy in the world. But the Chinese can play with the interest rate.

Finally, Obama will take a side trip to Turkey to pay homage to the Muslim world. He will make sure they are aware that he has done all he can to unarm America. Next on the agenda, Sharia Law for all Americans.

Here's the wrap:

Like all things Obama, this trip will be a dismal failure. Obama believes his "image" will carry the day, and those pensive, snobbish looks will appease world leaders and adorning fans.

But he is not dealing with just an adoring public. These are seasoned politicians, most of whom actually care about their countries, and who actually understand economics.

Nor will the overseas press look the other way when Obama screws up. Reporters in the UK are likely highly motivated to expose Obama as a fraud,as payback for sending Churchill's bust back. I predict we will actually get real footage of Obama's faux pas', and not the sanitized reports we get from our media.

I am anxious to see what excuses or rationalizations Obama's fan club will have upon his return.

Regardless, the Obama team is panicked. They know that even the mainstream media is starting to feed on a bit of Obama fodder. The American media will not want to be scooped by the European media. And once the feeding frenzy starts, neither the Obama team nor the media will be able to shut it down.

As for me, I will enjoy a glass of champagne with my manna from heaven.

© 2009 Kevin Jackson – The Black Sphere All Rights Reserved


Monday, March 30, 2009

Obama's New War

Obama and Geithner are talking tough again. There is a crisis of the Democrats' creation that they need to capitalize on. Instead of going after the real culprits, the Democrat congressional leaders, Obama continues to wage War on Achievement.

Obama is making no attempt to rein in Congress. If there was any group of lunatic Liberals that need reining in, I would say it's that bunch of Keystone Cops. The problem is that there is no real sheriff in town, and Deputy Dog is in charge.

So Obama continues going after bailout companies, and has expanded his so-called authority over companies who don't even get bailout welfare. If this isn't just the pitting of the achievers against losers, then pee on me and tell me it's raining.

So the first thing Obama has ordered "Mini-me" to do is to rid banks of 'toxic assets.' Translated: Obama will be using hardworking Conservative's money to buy junkcrap! If something is "toxic", how can it be an asset?

This is like going to Neiman's and paying for the boxes Prada shoes come in. Worse yet, it's like hoping that the boxes will have value some day to return to the store. Are you seeing how insane this is?

Obama said this during his Tuesday prime-time press conference:

"This budget is inseparable from this recovery, because it is what lays the foundation for a secure and lasting prosperity…"

This is Obama's "get out of jail free card", because if he doesn't get everything that he wants, he will blame it on not getting all his budget approved. He will be like a precocious teenager and throw a tantrum. How could I succeed with only $20 trillion dollars?!

I seriously feel like a broken record here. Obama will take any opening to gain power. Undeserved power. Yet, he hasn't demonstrated that he can't balance his own checkbook, yet he wants to run the most complicated organization in the world. Understaffed! I almost forgot…Obama is a god! Not!

Where he does have staff, it's the blind leading the blind. Actually it's blind drunks leading the blind. This is truly the biggest band of nitwits I have seen in one location, the one exception being the Democrat National Convention.

I predicted that any relief in the stock market would be Obama's sign to expand his authority, and as predictable as Nancy Pelosi's next botox injection, BAM there he goes. Of course he will say that his policies are the reason for the "recovery".

Let's keep it real Barry. The market isn't even back to where it was when you took office, so try not to waste that Viagra on premature celebration.

When I see Geithner and Obama together trying to come off as "tough guys", I truly have to chuckle. I see two weak sisters, running behind Pelosi's skirt when the going gets tough. She looks behind her then scolds them for their lack of backbones, and always running to her.

Without Queen of the Damned, those two cub scouts couldn't find their butts with both hands. Now that is not a compliment to Cruella by any stretch of the imagination, and more a condemnation of Obama and Geithner.

Here's the wrap:

Obama already has flushed America down the toilet, and apparently he is scurrying to the other side of the world this week to see what comes out the other end. Here's your answer Barry: Shizzle!

But Obama continues his War on Achievement, threatening any and all companies that have the potential of influencing government policy. A bit nebulous in definition, if you ask me.

It's like Dad died, and left his company to a 17-year old crackhead. Since when has the government run anything well? Rhetorical question.

Show me a government program, and I will show you a program that could be run better by monkeys. It's really that simple. Watching this administration operate is like watching a business operated by chimps. Needless to say, nothing gets done. And the public just ends up getting chimp doo-doo thrown on them.

That's my rant!

© 2009 Kevin Jackson – The Black Sphere All Rights Reserved


Friday, March 27, 2009

Obama Jobs Plan Calls for More Tea

It's no wonder Conservatives are having tea parties all over the country. It's because we have a no talent lying conniving non-leader running the show, and the word is out…all over the world!

For you Everclear-spiked, kool-aid-drinking, Obama-worshipping, "don't touch me on my binky", drunk-uncle Democrat racists who voted for Obama, I say to you, "How many promises does he need to break for you to admit you're a pinhead?"

Recall that the messiah was supposed to create or save 4.1M jobs. He is constantly visiting companies extolling the virtues of Obamulus von Porkulus, yet the only one that created jobs was Namaste Solar. I believe those eighteen (18) jobs cost us a few million, maybe a billion dollars...peanuts in the Obama budget.

But here's the really bad news, as reported by Yahoo Finance:

For the 10th week in a row, the number of people receiving jobless benefits grew. It now stands at nearly 5.6 million, the government said -- an indication that the labor market is still grim.

New claims for unemployment benefits rose again as well, to a seasonally adjusted 652,000, up from 644,000 the week before. The government also said the economy shrank at a 6.3 percent annual clip in the fourth quarter, slightly faster than its previous estimate.

Ten weeks. Hmmm…and Obama has been "Supreme Leader of the Free World With Emphasis on Amerika" for how long? Ironically....almost ten weeks!

5.6M jobs lost in this timeframe. Considering that ObamaNation will reign for another 146 weeks, we have the potential to lose as many as 81,760,000 jobs. At this rate, Soros may be the only person left to tax.

Add to this the fact that the economy is shrinking faster than ObamaNation actually said originally. I know it's difficult to believe, given Obama's dedication to truth and openness.

Has anybody even considered what the jobless rate needs to be before you can't get enough money from the taxpayers? Well if you have, you've been goofing off on such oddities...stop! We're already there.

It was calculated recently that if the government taxed the top 5%, you know, Obama's target tax audience, 100%, ObamaNation could not pay the debt that we have already incurred.

Yet Obama believes we can continue to spend our way out of this. I know that works so well in Banana Republics, where inflation rates are one million percent. These countries must be where Obama is getting his historical evidence to support his insanity.

However most civilized, [at least we used to be civilized,] nations try to truly trim the fat, and not attempt to advance lunatic ideologies.

We can't blame all this on Obama, however, though we do have "64 days of failed Obama policies…and counting". No, fellow infidels, we have two years and ten weeks of a racist Democrat-controlled Congress who contributed:

On top of that, about 1.5 million Americans are getting benefits under an extended unemployment pay program approved by Congress last year.

Yes Pelosi and Reid extended unemployment benefits, which will compound the problem of paying the bills.

But they did save all those UAW jobs for some chump change, when you consider the size and scope of Obama's package… $50B for the auto industry is just rounding errors.

Here's the wrap:

I must admit, I am curious to know how much punishment Liberal knuckleheads can absorb. ObamaNation is indeed "punch drunk", as Steve Kroft suggested on 60 Minutes, and has shown no prowess in any area of government. There is not one successful area of government that the Obama team can claim. Heck, he can't even field a team. When that happens, doesn't the other team have to forfeit?

America's new beacon of light more resembles that from a lightning bug. He even has Hugo Chavez calling him ignorant. There are a few people from whom you just shouldn't take any "guff", and anybody named Hugo is one of them. But Obama has to "laugh it off", because it's true.

But it's not just Banana Republic dictators to whom Obama has demonstrated his ignorance and arrogance. He has managed to irk our biggest creditor, China, and our best ally, Britain. With friends like Obama, we don't need any "formerly known as 'enemies'".

Obama won't save or create 4.1M jobs, because now he needs to create over 10M jobs to get there. He won't save the economy either, as you can't when you are destroying it.

There's no kool-aid hitting rivers all around America…just tea! I'm taking green tea, in order to do my part to save the planet...and jobs!

That's my rant!

© 2009 Kevin Jackson – The Black Sphere All Rights Reserved


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Obama Still Selling – You Scared?

First let me give kudos to the new Culture Czar for getting Obama to show up on time. That's the closest Obama will get to a compliment from me for the next 3 years 300 days.

Normally I wouldn't have even watched Obama. However after his 60 Minutes roasting, I wanted to see how he would over-react. So I indulged the narcissist.

Yet again, I really looked hard to find what so impressed all the Liberal wieners about Obama's so-called eloquence. Being completely objective here, I have seen better speeches in Off-Off Broadway soliloquies. There was no eloquence to be found...none, nil, nyet. Apparently if Obama can't steal words from some dead Republican, his eloquence goes AWOL.

Obama stumbled and bumbled his way through what was a relatively short and unimpactful speech. And he read it so fast that I can only surmise he was late for a hoops game. He couldn't wait to get to the canned Q&A, lest his teleprompter put up the wrong words. I don't know what the flunk I'm doing. I'm Barack Obama, and my teleprompter approved this message.

The speech was regurgitated Obama vomit from his last twenty speeches. I've begun timing him for reminding us, that he inherited this mess, or some paraphrase thereof. He indeed rode the bull a full eight seconds…Yee-HAW, before reminding us. I checked with the judges, and…it was a valid ride!

Here was Obama's statement, emphasis added by me:

Now, it's important to remember that this crisis didn't happen overnight and it didn't result from any one action or decision. It took many years and many failures to lead us here.

We know this time, we know it will take ONE failure and exactly four years to flush America down the toilet.

Obama goes on to sell us his tim-plated turd:

The first step we took was to pass a recovery plan to jump-start job creation and put money in people's pockets. And this plan's already saved the jobs of teachers and police officers. It's creating construction jobs to rebuild roads and bridges. And yesterday I met with a man whose company is reopening a factory outside of Pittsburgh that's rehiring workers to build some of the most energy-efficient windows in the world.

This week -- Jobs created 42. Jobs lost 673,272. 'Nuff said.

And I wonder what that man who owns the company in Pittsburgh would say. Well, what he said isn't quite like it is, as we are not actually rehiring. In fact I will likely be laying a few people off.

Then he said this:

At the end of the day, the best way to bring our deficit down in the long run is not with a budget that continues the very same policies that have led us to a narrow prosperity and massive debt. It's with a budget that leads to broad economic growth by moving from an era of borrow-and-spend to one where we save and invest.

Here's the wrap:

Does Obama actually read this crap before it goes on the teleprompter?

This budget is so large it's getting difficult to find examples on how to envision it. If you stacked $100 bills to Neptune, the Obama budget could make two trips between the planet and earth. Let me put it this way, if you have to use the solar system to compare something to, it's too freaking BIG!

The sad part is that Obama is a fanatic! After all the warnings by China, and the most of America preparing to pollute the rivers with tea, Obama believes he needs to spend even more. He's a shopaholic, and he needs an intervention.

When Pelosi and Reid see the need to trim pork, you know we've gone too far. But Obama left us with this hopeful comment:

The road to that prosperity is still long, and we will hit our share of bumps and setbacks before it ends. But we must remember that we can get there if we travel that road as one nation, as one people.

It's always thrilling to hear such inspired words. "…one nation, as one people."

I'd like a touch of cyanide with my kool-aid...please!

That's my rant!

© 2009 Kevin Jackson – The Black Sphere All Rights Reserved


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Obama’s Reads Leadership for Dummies

In the inimitable words of Gomer Pyle, "Surprise , surprise, surprise!" The US deficit is higher than we imagined? If you are a Liberal who voted for Obama, you'd have to be practically brain dead to not be just a little concerned. And the real Boogeyman hasn't even been discussed.

When I hear Obama speak about the economy, I feel as if I am listening to a first year economics student at a community college. I am amazed at Obama's lack of insight, and his inability to admit that he has charted the wrong course for America, not limited to the economy.

Consider that they are still dealing with "cabinet issues", and Geithner demonstrates less command over the economy than the homeless man I see from time to time in my neighborhood. What up Larry?

I find it hilarious tracking Obama's perusal of Leadership for Dummies, apparently just now getting to the chapter on "Loyalty to Subordinates". Like most Obama moves, he read the chapter title, and decided that he didn't need to actually read…the material.

I predict this is the way Obama got through life, forming most of his ideas by scanning. Now that I think about it, how else could Obama sponsor or co-sponsor over 800 pieces of legislation in only 123 days in the US Senate, unless he only did drive-bys? Oh I know Liberals, Obama is the smartest guy…like e-ver!

Obama believes that he is showing leadership by keeping the incompetent Geithner. He is standing behind a guy who has to be the most incompetent Treasure Secretary in American history, and who has showcased a lifetime of incompetence in less than sixty days! Stand by your man…give him two arms to cling to.

Despite that fact that there is three times (3X) the money supply in the economy with no gains in productivity, Obama and his 'mini-me' Treasury Secretary see no need to panic. Despite the grumblings of our chief creditor, China, Obama and mini-me want to stay the course. Despite the fact that soon your money will be worth 1/3 of what it is today, they are "clear on their objectives". Sure, if the objective is hyper-inflation and a bankrupt economy by the end of his term. You're ahead of schedule, Barack!

Obama won't even bother to recalculate based on "…worse economic conditions than he imagined creating." Undaunted, Obama will tackle four pillars as they are called: health care, education, clean energy and deficit reduction

Excuse me, didn't we forget two pillars: Waste and corruption. Not that there have been any indicators of our government bureaucrats being corrupt. And who am I but a lowly tax-paying hardworking Conservative citizen to say that our government is wasteful. After all, spending a few billion dollars on transsexual beauty pageants likely has significance that is "beyond my pay grade."

For you smart Conservatives, one thing is missing. I won't hold my idiot savant Liberals in suspense, and will just say it. The biggest missing element, the foundation of our economy from an economic point of view is entitlements.

There is no mention of entitlements, which by the way any reform would impact the government budget significantly. The amount that America is expected to pay in entitlements is astronomical in comparison to all other issues discussed, with numbers in the $30-50T bantied about. Yet, there is no mention of this by Obama.

Here's the wrap:

There is no mention of entitlements, because doing something about it would mean that Obama would have to punish most of America's losers, excluding of course those who actually do need or have earned entitlements.

Well "entitlements" are the real boogeyman, and not that fake one, like [insert White Republican here] that racist Democrats have always held before America. If Obama thinks he can skirt the issue of entitlements for long, he is sadly mistaken. Because if Obama and Geitherner continue down the path they are headed, They will have a lot more people…seeking entitlements.

This entitlements Boogeyman is real. And he's bigger and blacker!

That's my rant!

© 2009 Kevin Jackson – The Black Sphere All Rights Reserved


Monday, March 23, 2009

Obama Under Fire…What?

I didn't hear the interview Obama did on 60 Minutes, as I was out stimulating the economy having dinner with my family. I must say that the $50 I paid for dinner was $50 more than economic stimulation than Obamulus von Porkulus has generated to date.

As I watched Obama, I thought to myself, "Don't you love it when Obama tries to prove people wrong?"

His first mistake was doing this interview without his handy teleprompter. He went "naked" because he likely read a poll that said Americans feel that he relies too much on his teleprompter. This interview proved that Obama shouldn't rely on polls, because this interview was a train wreck for him, and a bonanza for 60 Minutes!

For those who haven't seen the interview, trust me when I tell you Obama really needed his trusty friend the teleprompter…in a big way. He handled this interview with all the finesse of an ice-skating pig.

Neck askew, I gazed up at the TV from my booth in the restaurant to see Obama pimping his latest financial atrocity, the $3.6T budget in an interview with Steve Kroft. Kroft threw him a few softballs like the AIG bonuses, and Obama again confirmed Geithner's eventual departure by "backing him 100%".

But I could hardly believe my eyes, when the discussion turned to the economy and the latest budget figures, and I read Kroft's [closed captioned] comments and questions to Obama on the budget:

"You're sitting here. And you're— you are laughing. You are laughing about some of these problems. Are people going to look at this and say, 'I mean, he's sitting there just making jokes about money—' How do you deal with— I mean: explain. . ." Kroft asked at one point.

"Are you punch-drunk?" Kroft said.

Obama was floored, but he tried to laugh it off. His staff had set this interview up as a series of softballs, and Kroft alludes to Obama as being punch drunk boxer. Talk about an insult.

I'd say that Kroft was more the true pugilist in this interview, and he took off the "kid gloves". He then commenced to giving Obama, what my grandmother would call, "an old-fashioned butt whoopin'".

I still keep wondering when the so-called elitists who voted for Obama will admit that they are more stupid than the Sodomites who voted for him. At least we know the Sodomites are stupid. At this point, any belief in this man is just plain delusion.

Based on the Tonight Show interview and this one, I can hardly wait to see what fodder we get from his upcoming European trip. He's likely to offend at least four nations, two ethnic groups, and three other organizations. His safety net is he can always fall back on bashing America. And there is that catchphrase of "I inherited this mess."

Here's the wrap:

This interview is the first sign of life of the mainstream media may becoming off life-support. They apparently have awakened, and dare I say…regained their mother-lovin' sanity.

I have little doubt this 60 Minutes episode will be the highest rated show during its timeslot. But more importantly this story will grow legs, and start running faster than Usain Bolt.

Woe unto Obama, when the media figures out that they can get more revenue with the truth about him, than they can goo-goo gagaing over him. You heard it hear...

That's my rant!

© 2009 Kevin Jackson – The Black Sphere All Rights Reserved


Sunday, March 22, 2009

Obama Pimp Slapped by Iranians

At least we know what happens when the unstoppable force, Barry Obama meets the immovable object, the Iranians? The unstoppable force proves to be… the stoppable farce.

Barack Hussein Obama reached out his hand to his Persian brothers and sisters, only to have it cut off. Thankfully, he's a lefty. How's that for double entendre?

Obama proves that he really is very different than Bush, in that Obama genuinely believes that he can change the hearts and minds of Iranians towards America…and the Jews. Obama believes that his ability to persuade is just that powerful. He thinks he can talk them out of their stated goal of eradicating Israel from the face of the earth.

Bush realized all he could really do is maintain status quo, and not allow the Iranians to get the bomb, since they would use it.

In his address to the Iranian people, Obama said that he seeks engagement with Iran that was "honest, and based on mutual respect."

Mutual respect?

We are known as 'infidels' by the Muslim community and the Iranians. Their religion says that they must either convert the infidels or kill the infidels. I don't like our choices.

As for the Jews, the Koran eliminates one of their choices, leaving them what's behind door number one: Death by Muslim.

The Muslims have no choice, but to kill the Jews, because "Jews are Jews". Despite Jews ability to leave the Jewish religion and potentially convert to Islam, they can't leave their birthright. Again, "Jews are Jews".

In case you were wondering, the Koran says that Muslims must battle the Jews…forever! At least now we have the definition of forever…when the last Jew is gone from the world!

The Jews have no stated goal of eradicating the Muslims. They just want their little piece of land, and to be left alone. This is why they have on numerous occasions sat down with good intentions to resolve the conflict. But to no avail.

Barack Hussein Obama to the rescue. With a name like that, surelt the Jews should trust him.

Forget that nobody else has been able to accomplish bringing these two groups together, and they were much smarter than Obama. One was a very popular Jew named Kissinger. If a guy named Kissinger couldn't do it, then I don't think it can be done. Nevertheless, Barack Hussein Obama maintains that he can do it.

Now I know what some of you idiots might be thinking, and that is, that's how things get accomplished, i.e. when somebody decides to take on the impossible. And there are Liberals, idiots who believe that Obama, the Messiah could very well be the person to accomplish the impossible. After all, he won an election.

Here's the wrap:

So far, not so good at least. Maybe Obama has another trick up his "left" sleeve, because the outcome of Obama sending an olive branch to the Iranian people was a very public "pimp slap" from the Iranians. Ouch!

The Iranians said that Obama needed to change the US policy towards Iran. Check. And they added that they would be completing their "peaceful" nuclear reactor by the end of the year. Checkmate.

Obama will find out that the problem with brokering occurs when one of the parties will not negotiate. Such are the Iranians and the Muslim world in general. They are determined to make forever come…forever defined as the eradication of the Jews.

The interesting thing is what the Iranians said without saying it: Thank you Allah for detonating in America a new weapon of mass destruction...named Obama.

That's my rant!

© 2009 Kevin Jackson – The Black Sphere All Rights Reserved


Thursday, March 19, 2009

Obama’s Adds Culture Czar

It seems that things are so bad in the White House, culturally speaking, that Obama has decided to appoint a "Culture Czar". This request was made by Quincy Jones back in January of this year, in order to have the government pay more attention to arts and culture.

Erik Ivey has been given the role to help promote art and culture, and for those of you who don't know Ivey, he is the person who led Obama's transition team, and is a former chairman of the National Endowment for the Arts.

As for me, I think the new Culture Czar should forego art for a while, and concentrate on culture. A great place to start would be for Ivey to begin his cultural teachings with a little etiquette and decorum at the White House, specifically addressing getting Obama off Colored People Time, aka CPT.

It has become common knowledge with the media and most of America, and now the world, that Obama has no respect for other people's time. I have already called Obama out for his narcissistic need to make people wait on him, likely a little "get some" from White folks, and a reminder that he, the Messiah is the new Head Negro in Charge.

Others say that people like Obama make others wait as a mark of self-importance and dominion over their schedules, i.e. controlling the time of others. So tardiness would be a good cultural agenda item for the new Culture Czar.

Next, I suggest that the new Culture Czar teach Barry and Hillary how to select proper gifts to foreign dignitaries. Psychologists have found gift giving a surprisingly complex interaction. As we discovered in the ObamaNation faux pas, gift-giving is indeed important, particularly when done wrong.

This recent round of gift giving was a huge embarrassment to America, if only to hear that cackle of Hillary, as she tried in vain to recover from her mess. Further, Barry with the DVDs, well I hardly have the words, and that is what you folks pay me for. In the gift-giving world, "it is better to give than to receive". It is often the giver who reaps the biggest psychological gain, and not the recipient. Unfortunately for Gordon Brown, Obama blew Brown's gift-giving high, and replaced it with disgust. Gifts are said to help define relationship and strengthen bonds. In the case of Obama, his gift indeed defined his relationship with Brown, as it weakened the bond between America and Britain.

According to Liberals, electing Obama was supposed to make America appear less "eeeeevil". However I bet they didn't realize the tradeoff would be to make American's appear so much more stupid. So Gift-Giving 101 is a mandatory class for the new Culture Czar to offer.

Here the wrap:

Many classes are needed in the area of culture, and in fact it's too many to mention in a short blog. Nevertheless, I will make a few additional suggestions.

I think the new Culture Czar should have a class on Proper Use of Indignation, i.e. PUI 101. As recent developments have highlighted in "Bonusgate", when you are (1) aware of the bonuses, (2) have authorized the bonuses, or worse yet, (3) you were completely unaware of the bonuses, but approved the money anyway, no matter which door you choose…you're screwed.

And how about we establish a "culture of ethics", and throw in "accountability" [COE 101 and Accountability 001] for good measure? This way Obama can avoid the embarrassing situation of attempting to hire tax cheats and other felons, and perhaps fix that nasty habit of telling America one thing, then doing another. This class would be mandatory for all Democrats in government, at all levels.

These last classes don't fall under the Culture Czar, but need to be taught: Economics 101 (Geithner and Obama -- mandatory attendance required). Russian for Dummies (Clinton -- mandatory attendance required)…more classes to come, Suggestions welcome!

That's my rant!

© 2009 Kevin Jackson – The Black Sphere All Rights Reserved


Obama "Honors" Military

Obama prepared a speech to America's veterans that read, "…Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do to foot the bill for your own healthcare." At least this time Obama referenced the ghost of JFK, and not Lincoln or Reagan.

The new Idiot in Chief in yet another boldly stupid move honors America's veterans by considering asking them to pay for their own medical treatment, we are told. What better way to pay tribute to those who fought to protect the lunacy under which we all currently worship?

Obama feels that we must all sacrifice, so why not punish those who have sacrificed the most, the best? Isn't that what a War on Achievement does? Veterans should do their part in helping America tighten the belt. It's only fair.

It's ok to spend a few billion dollars on transsexual art shows, to plant new sod around the Capitol, and other porkadelic projects. But to actually honor our commitment to the people who keep us free, well that's absurd! As elitist Democrat Senator John Kerry said about our fighting men and women, [paraphrased] "…They're just stupid soldiers, forced to join the military, because they have no other prospects." I guess they're too stupid to know that the Democrats could care less about them too, huh?

Forget that the VA was set up because of the unique issues that veterans face. The idea for the VA is that there is no price to high to pay to give the best to our veterans. At least this was the case in administrations who actually cared about our veterans.

Even Obama's own party recognizes the volatility and absurdity in "floating" this proposal, as stated by Representative from VA Glenn Nye (D) in Hampton Roads:

"We do not give our veterans health care - they earn it," Rep. Glenn Nye, a Norfolk Democrat, wrote in a letter to the president being circulated for signatures from his House colleagues. It would be unacceptable, the letter says, "to ask our veterans to pay for the treatment of injuries received while serving our nation."

It doesn't end with Congressional Liberals, but has reached the Sobamamites. So knucklehead Jon Stewart has weighed in on the subject…against Obama. Next thing you know Keith Olbermann will join the Liberal chorus siding against Obama. Dare I say Chris Matthews will lose that tingly feeling up his leg?

So at least for now this baby has been aborted. However remember the civilian equivalent of the military, "…just as strong and well funded," that Obama "floated"? Well civilian military legislation is being proposed in the House as we speak. How oxymoronic is civilian military? You don't even need the "oxy".

Here's the wrap:

Obama hates the military and all that they stand for. Duty. Honor. Country. God.

When you think as most military personnel do, you couldn't possibly vote for a Liberal, though you will fight for them.

Regardless, Obama must neutralize the military vote. So he is punishing the military for voting overwhelmingly Republican. This proposal was a warning shot over the bow of the ship, the bullet at your feet, the head fake to get you to flinch, all to put the military has been put on notice that Obama is their leader.

Because when you are not the real Commander in Chief, and you know there are those in the military who are questioning your authority, you need to pee on a few fence posts. And if veterans' benefits are substandard, then who will want to serve in the military…at least in the real military? There is that civilian equivalent. Reminds me of that one in Germany.

That's my rant!

©2009 Kevin Jackson – The Black Sphere All Rights Reserved


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Obama Finds Optimistic Side

Well put on your happy face, as Obama is getting in touch with his optimistic side. Are you as refreshed and relieved as I am about this? I know the warm sensation of happy being blown up my butt, when I feel it, and "…that don't make me gay"; at least not in that "not happy" sense.

Obama is happy just in time… to save the economy. Uncanny timing for his optimism. Particularly when he told McCain that there was no reason to be happy, and that McCain was just happy to be a rich White guy with a lot of homes.

All during the campaign, Obama told us that the economy was sinking like a leaky boat. So I've been bailing water since Nov 4; boy are my arms tired. "Eight years of the failed Bush policies", are the constant reminders. Does the name Pavlov ring a bell?

Obama said that we were in the "worst economy since The Great Depression?" I know it was a harmless oversight, but we are actually in the worst economy since Obama's surrogate Daddy… Jimmy Carter. Now, Obama says "Psych! Y'all know me. I'll say anything to get elected!"

I thought the financial bailout bill was supposed to save the economy? Then …I thought the "stimulus" was supposed to save the economy? No, wait…I thought the election of Obama was supposed to save the economy?

Because of Obama's previous dire warnings, last week I did what my great grandmother did during The Great Depression, and I hid my money in my mattresses.

Then Obama decides to take a page out of the playbook of yet another great Republican president, Ronald Reagan. Obama is attempting to…exude confidence. The difference being, Reagan actually was confident.

Now for Obama to stay optimistic it will take all of us. Remember when he lectured to us that he couldn't do it alone? Apparently it's not easy to find one's happy place, at least not for a lying, no talent having, worthless Liberal hack of a president. Translation: Obama needs scapegoats, and plenty of them.

So our time has come, you racist, un-American infidels. We are being sent to the front lines, as our Idiot in Chief is now commanding us to spend and not save. And Obama is optimistic that we will do what we are told, because he said for us to do it. This is what will make him happy. And he didn't even use the "magic" word, as all his words are magic. I feel honored that he is enlisting us lowly peons to help save the economy.

Stock market cratering, and the economy working harder than a prostitute on nickel night, and Obama is telling me to stop putting my money in my mattresses, to in effect, stop saving. He then directs me to now go into even more debt, and… start buying. I sure like the sound of that! Go get that new car, buy that house, and with whatever is left over, go get some stock in financials companies. Or better yet, the auto industry! It's as if I'm a crack addict, and instead of sending me to rehab, Obama wants me to keep using.

I suspect Obama is reading "Leadership for Dummies". He's on page one, where he read the first rule of leadership is to "exude confidence." I don't think the next chapter will tell Obama to have the public…spend its way out of debt. Nice try at "raising Keynes" (pronounced Kane, so you Liberals will get that pun), but my confidence in Obama is low, as I'm having an 'out of money experience' these days.

Here's the wrap:

Perhaps the real mantra of America should be "Ater fifty days of Obama". Forget eight years of Bush!

Don't think for a second that Obama is an optimist. He is not. And you should be smart enough to know that the economy is actually worse now, after Obamulus von Porkulus, than it was when Obama was saying the sky was falling. It won't get any better, unless Obama gets a lobotomy, and thus gets just a wee bit smarter.

Obama knows that the Boogeyman was assassinated, thus there is little need for pessimism when there is nobody to blame it on. Pessimism won't get the poll numbers up, so optimism is the new emotion du jour. This means Obama now has to start getting in touch with his Whiter side, his inner optimist. Showcasing his Blackness only plays well, when he can be…the victim.

Now some may argue that Obama knows what he is doing. I disagree, and consider yourselves warned. For Obama there is only black and white, with no shades of grey. If you know him as I do, it's easy to see which color he is donning on any given day or issue.

That's my rant!

© 2009 Kevin Jackson – The Black Sphere All Rights Reserved


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

It’s Not Obama’s Fault, Right?

I find it quite humorous when Liberals "read the riot act" to business leaders, as Obama did on AIG giving out bonuses. In this case it's doubly funny, because Obama should be excoriating himself. And the majority of Democrats in Congress deserve a good flogging as well.

The fact is, we should have never bailed out AIG. It did little to help the economy, and it didn't allow market forces to do what it does best: Torpedo companies that do not perform. Bailing AIG and other companies out only reinforces the fact that the Obama government wages war on achievers, and gives handouts to the undeserving and pitiful. You know who you are...

Next, Obama and Congress are to blame for not putting restrictions on our money, that they wrecklessly doled out. Again, it is they who should be read the riot act. This is like your loaning your wino cousin $20, and then getting mad at him when he buys wine. Oh, and you will never see that $20 again!

Obama and Congress knew that AIG was a company run aground. That is the only description for a company that needed more money than the GDP of fifty African countries in order to operate profitably. Yet Obama, et al are surprised by all of this.

That alone is the greatest indicator of the ignorance of Obama and his "non-leadership" team. However, if you don't recognize this ignorance, then you are in fact just as ignorant as they are. No, I've changed my mind…you would be geometrically more ignorant than they are.

Here's another real dirty little secret about the bonuses. Those people at AIG actually earned their bonuses. Most are the "best and brightest" at AIG, just doing their jobs. They lived up to their contractual agreements at AIG. These are the "producers", and not the Liberal dead weight that exists in every company. Instead of Obama calling them out publicly to punish them, Obama should be congratulating them. But he is too stupid to understand that concept, as it would be counter-culture to his War on Achievement.

Imagine the Yankees getting new ownership, then voiding the contract of Alex Rodriguez, because "it might look bad".

Finally consider all the money that has been spent to prop up the unions. Is Obama or any other Democrat calling out the union leaders for burying their companies with the deals that they have cut; deal that are eating up taxpayer money, like Black folks eating ribs at a BBQ? Let's analyze their undeserved bonuses.

We have given billions to the auto industry, yet GM says that they may still need to declare bankruptcy. Our tax dollars are going to pay for people not to work. And GM's COO said recently that it would be better if GM didn't make cars, as they might survive…on government handouts!

Yet in bonuses that amount to less than 1/10 of 1 percent of the money given to AIG, Obama and the other "Dims" are up in arms. Outraged! This money amounts to a rounding error when compared to the egregious mistakes made by Barney Frank and Chris Dodd in the financial scandal. And don't even mention Obama's Porkulus package, as the amount of these bonuses doesn't even hit the 4th digit after the decimal.

Here's the wrap:

To hear this reported by the mainstream media, this amounts to a crisis! Forget China, Iran, North Korea, Iran, Somalia, Britain, heck all the fricking free world, the slave world, as well as the under and over worlds , as the real crisis is that AIG is operating in "business as usual" mode…with the permission of Congress and Obama.

Obama is secretly happy that this occurred, as it provided a potential "out" for his mishandling of every area within government from selecting a non-criminal staff to foreign affairs. He is relying on this bit of subterfuge, smoke and mirrors in order to buy time to improve his popularity, which has slipped from the 80%+ to 56%...and dropping. His job approval rating is at 36%, barely above disapproval which today was at 31%.

Obama likely didn't count on so many people coming in from the fog, and recognizing that it was he and his band of thieves who gave the money to AIG in the first place. Oops. Like I said, don't give money to a crackhead, then complain that he bought crack with it!

As all this was going on, Obama has enlisted his internet minions to host parties, [not tea parties, either] and convince their friends to support his agenda. Think of these homes as "indoctrination centers".

I say to my fellow Conservatives, avoid Liberal parties for the next few weeks, less they attempt to suck your brain out and take over your body. Because you'd have to be a zombie to not see where the fault lies on this one.

That's my rant!

© 2009 Kevin Jackson – The Black Sphere All Rights Reserved


Monday, March 16, 2009

Obama – Changes “Words”

In an effort to truly distance himself from "eight years of the failed Bush policies", Obama changed some words, ending the use of the term "enemy combatant". I'm sure you can see how this monumental change, in terminology, clearly separates Obama from Bush's stance on GITMO?

But what to call these former "enemy combatants"? If I may, I suggest either Liberals, progressives, [regressives] or how about just…Democrats.

According to Retired Army Lt. Col. Stephen Abraham in this article from Yahoo News:

"There's absolutely no change in the definition," Abraham said in a telephone interview. "To say this is a kinder more benevolent sense of justice is absolutely false. ... I think the only thing they've done is try to separate themselves from the energy of the debate" by eliminating Bush's phrasing.

Needless to say, the word change is meant to be an appetizer for the Obama zombies. As for the main course Obama promised, most other aspects of GITMO will remain intact, much to the chagrin of the knuckleheads that voted for the new Idiot in Chief. So much for the change they needed.

If you are wondering why Obama decided not to move as fast on GITMO, and most other of the "eight years of the failed Bush policies", I will break it down for my conservative readers, and you liberals who read my blog on the downlow.

Prior to becoming president and getting briefed by our military, the CIA, NSA, and other XXA, Obama was as an ignorant elitist, otherwise known as an idealist. Idealists are those who think they know everything, because they hear a "sound bite" on a subject, and wrongly believe that their education qualifies them as authorities on anything and everything. "I think it, therefore it must be". They have very little concept of how the real world works. Most Liberals qualify as idealists, particularly if you take out the education part.

Up to the point of being briefed, Obama the junior senator, and otherwise unaccomplished hack was back-seat driving on "eight years of failed the Bush policies". Worse yet, he was back-seat driving blind. As if having a juris doctorate from Harvard qualifies him as an authority on international terrorism.

After being briefed, Obama got a dose of reality, a kick in his crotch, as it were. Our military leaders and clandestine agencies broke things down for him, explaining things to him as if he were a 3rd-grader; so he could "get it". They explained how the real world works.

Obama likely got that pensive, snobby look he always gets when he wants to act like he knows it all; head askew, eyes gazed yon. This is the look when someone stupid tries to appear smart, however they know how stupid they really are.

Nevertheless, on the inside, Obama was thinking "Oh my Allah! Holy crap! How do I not show how stupid I was and still am, and appear confident?! Just be cool, Barack…only the Conservatives will know how much of a dunce you are. The media will handle them." Experience is something you don't get, until just after you need it.

Here's the wrap:

For Obama changing words is big news…no huge news. This is because Obama's only real currency is "words". And they are worth about as much as the contents of his suits. This is what happens, when you elect a no talent, unaccomplished paper-pusher, whose only skill is campaigning. And let's not forget that he is a lawyer...and wordsmith.

Change a few words to existing legislation, add ipso facto, and presto…you are right back where you started: "eight years of the [echo] Bush doctrine…perhaps not as failed as we were led to believe.

I'm glad Obama found time to remove the term, "enemy combatants." When you consider all that is happening in the world, a few examples being Chinese ships threatening our navy in international waters, Iran building nuclear weapons, North Korea doing missile testing, Russia threatening to put bases in Cuba, the economy in the tank because of Obama (et al), well I can see how important this change was in the scheme of things. Nice prioritization?

And with Congress operating at around $1B an hour, I'd say that Obama has indeed ushered in a new era in American politics. The Politics of Distraction followed closely by The Politics of Destruction, as he fights the War on Achievement.

I say to the anti-America, God-hating, ACLU crowd and other knuckleheads who voted for Obama, "You were warned…and you got what you paid for."

That's my rant!

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Friday, March 13, 2009

Obama on Stem Cell Research – Fool’s Gold

Obama's decision to lift the ban on stem cell research showcases his true core, and this reversal of a Bush policy should come as no surprise to anybody. Obama is pro-abortion, supporting even the most heinous form, that being partial-birth abortion. He blatantly disregards the weakest of humans, in order to protect the most vile. Perhaps he would care more if embryos could vote?

Here is what Obama said on the subject of embryonic stem cell research:

"Rather than furthering discovery, our government has forced what I believe is a false choice between sound science and moral values. In this case, I believe the two are not inconsistent. As a person of faith, I believe we are called to care for each other and work to ease human suffering."

A devout abortionist, Obama doesn't limit his disregard for human life at birth. So don't be fooled to believe that Obama is concerned with easing human suffering at any level, that is unless easing human suffering means to "throw away" those whom Liberals deem hopeless.

Certainly Obama has no true compassion for the very old. And why should he feel differently about people with mental and physical disabilities, such as muscular dystrophy, Down's Syndrome, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, and other illnesses that in effect make life a burden…not for them, but for society.

For Obama and his ilk, embryonic stem cell research is meant to "correct" these people; make them "right", and not in the political sense. Obama likely figures once you've survived the gauntlet of Democrat eugenic attempts at your life, you deserve a chance to actually vote someday.

What will experimentation on the most weak guarantee us in terms of our future health? Let's look to Obama's own comments for the answer:

"I cannot guarantee that we will find the treatments and cures we seek. No president can promise that...and with the urgency required to make up for lost ground…"

No guarantee for treatments and cures, but we need urgency (there's that word again) to make up for lost ground. The mind of an idiotic socialist. So what ground have we lost?

Back in 2007 there was breakthrough in stem cell research that isn't even being considered:

"Researchers have figured out how to reprogram adult cells into a state that is nearly indistinguishable from that of embryonic, pluripotent stem cells. This is huge news that promises to accelerate the pace of research in the field."

There appears to be no real need to use embryonic stem cells for this research, since the regular stem cells will do. And there were geometrically more stem cells made available under Bush, than Clinton.

Here's the wrap:

Obama's comment references him as being a person of faith. Obama used "faith" for one thing: To get elected. Political expediency. No true person of faith would support the barbaric acts that Obama favors. Period.

I know what faith is, and I can tell you without a doubt, that Obama's only faith is in himself. As I reported in past writings, Obama hasn't been to church since his election…oh, but he does shoot hoops on Sunday.

For the Jews, Protestants and Catholics, and other so-called evangelicals who voted for Obama, I find you despicable. You are the true sellouts. Because Obama is promoting and exporting an agenda of infanticide all over the world, and you turn a blind eye and apparently an unsmelling nose.

Well I for one smell the stench of yet another dung heap…plated in fool's gold.

That's my rant!

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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Obama – Meet the Real Boogeyman

One calculation Obama missed in his War on Achievement, code name Project Insanity, is the discussion moving from race to finances. As long as the discussion was kept on the subject of that Boogeyman known as "race", Obama likely could have swept his gross incompetence under the rug.

Incompetence in full view, Obama has gone from scared to panicked. And so have many of those who put him in office. I prophesied after Obama's election, that within a year you won't find many of the *52M people who voted for him who will admit it. I think I may reduce that timeframe to six months.

I said it before and I will say it again. Obama is panicked, because there simply is no White guy to blame now. The Boogeyman was captured, declared a terrorist, and held at GITMO until Nov 4. He was moved to an "undisclosed" location, until Jan 20, whereby the moment Obama was elected, the Boogeyman was unceremoniously executed.

Instead of mourning the election of Obama, the rest of us should have been celebrating the death of this monster that has haunted us all these years! Rejoice fellow hardworking Conservative infidels and former racists.

Obama has tried to revive the ghost of the Boogeyman, which is "eight years of George Bush"…you know, that mean old White racist Republican, who could be blamed for everything under the sun. However the tread is wearing off those tires with each drop in the stock market. I ain't 'fraid of no ghostsGhostbusters!

Obama is hanging on by a thread, as he waits for his "bribes" to the leeches of society (you know who you are) to kick in. The bribes can keep the hounds at bay, while he continued his "scorched earth" tactics on the rest of the America public, more specifically hardworking, tax-paying Conservatives. However, given the way the government is doling out the new watered down welfare, I hardly think Obamatrons will consider this reparations for getting him elected, particularly when balanced against their losses in their 401(k) plans.

For subterfuge, Obama is trying to "divide and conquer". In this tactic he has the help of the media, who wants to discuss Rush Limbaugh and Michael Steele, and the so-called rift inside the Republican Party. I'm surprised this discussion hasn't gone racial. Are you?

Fat, rich White guy, and newly appointed (by media) leader of the Republican Party going after the embattled Black RNC chairman. "The man" keeping a brotha down.
I learned many years ago, that race problems in America are less about race and much more about economics.

Most non-Black Americans would be overjoyed to meet Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods or Denzel Washington? They have crossed the "color" barrier, and entered into a financial world that most of us will never know. This is a world where a guy like Billy Joel can marry a woman like Christie Brinkley. [Chuckle]

We can't all be rich athletes, musicians or stars of one sort or another. However we can go to school, work hard, save or money, and grow up to become bill paying Conservatives, and not deadbeat racist Liberal Democrats always figuring out better ways to wage war against achievers.

Since the Obama War on Achievement began on Nov 4, the stock market has fallen by 31%. The phenomenon of the market falling occurs these days with regularity it seems every time Obama speaks publicly or makes a policy decision. A 35 point gain in the market was deemed the other day as a "market rebound". For Liberals, I guess it is! However, Conservatives are asking how low can it go?

Here's the wrap:

The shift in our discussion has gone from racism to finances, thankfully. This discussion highlights Obama's total incompetence. People are now actually going beyond his "words" (and cleanliness), and feeling the impact his policies are having on their retirement and investment portfolios. Portfolios are not Black or White, but green, and I am not talking Al Gore green.

Obama knows he's wrong in the path he has chosen for America. He has the evidence of history, the real indicator. And he also has the evidence of what is happening right before his eyes…the present meltdown.

No matter how you slice this cake, there won't be enough to go around. And Obama will soon find out that the world isn't as focused on race, as much as they are focused on their pocketbooks.

Nonetheless, Obama won't likely change, as he suffers from a worse pathology, that won't allow him to admit he's wrong. He is a deluded dreamer in search of Utopia, one of his own creation, and one that does not exist. I say a president who believes he needs to remake America should not be president. Particularly one who can't operate without a Boogeyman.

And by the way America, I'd like to introduce you to the new and real Boogeyman...Barack Hussein Obama.

That's my rant!

* 52M voters is speculative, since there are likely dead voters, and certainly multiple voting ACORN members. Likely number is closer to 46M.

© 2009 Kevin Jackson – The Black Sphere All Rights Reserved


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Obama Tackles Afghanistan

"Bring your work back to the workshop twenty times. Polish it continuously, and polish it again." - Nicolas Boileau. L'Art po├ętique

Apparently Obama heeded the words of Mr. Boileau, having gold-plated his economic policy turd, polishing it continuously. Perhaps he doth polish too much, exposing the tin?

Putting his energy into yet another project, Obama is now shifting focus from his failed economic policies, by tinkering with military affairs in Afghanistan.  This is truly the definition of turning energy into solid waste.

Given his broad background in global affairs, compounded with his strong background in military strategy, how could Obama not avoid weighing in on this subject?

According to Obama, the US is not winning the war in Afghanistan, so it is time for him to change tactics. And considering how well his idea of not backing the surge would have worked in Iraq, why not give Afghanistan a stab…in the back?

Straight out of the Obama playbook, "Quote a Deceased Real Republican Leader, Then Try to Look Presidential", he wants to try to win over Sunni moderates. Obama warns us, however in this statement to the NY Times,

             "One difficulty would be sorting through complex rivalries..."

Who better to understand these "complex rivalries" and get all the sides in unison, than Obama? His bipartisan success in selling his own domestic policies has provided a glimpse of his possible success in Afghanistan.

Nevertheless who can argue with a guy who has handled things so well in his first 50 days? Look at all that has been accomplished.
  • Torpedoing of the American economy
  • Re-institution of infanticide
  • Polarization of America along racial lines
  • Release of terrorist enemies of America
  • Demoralizing the military
  • Demoralizing of productive Americans
With a leader like Obama, America doesn't need any enemies. Am I the only person who suspects that Obama is actually trying to ruin America?

Though I knew Obama was not that bright, it's the depth of Obama's lack of knowledge in business, finance, and economics literally has had me scratching my head. 

I expected some of the crazy ideas, because he showcased much of his ignorance during the campaign, at least for those of us who weren't sold on his cleanliness. However the idea that Obama wants to start dealing with military strategy truly vexes me, as much as it perplexes me. I can't think of a less qualified, so-called leader. 

Here's the wrap:

Obama will address the war in Afghanistan much like he addressed the health care situation. 

He will gather all the Sunni leaders for a summit with our military and our soon-to-be civilian national security force.

At the summit, he will break them into smaller groups, where they will participate in breakout sessions. They will have an hour to talk amongst themselves. At the end of the hour, they will reconvene with Obama, where he will ask them what they were able to accomplish. He won't use any of their suggestions, but he enjoys making them feel like they are part of the solution.  The ultimate solution will be that Obama will offer no solution

Afghanistan is Obama's new turd, and in an effort to divert us from his destruction of the economy, he is tinkering with the military.  I remind Obama, that the first rule of tinkering all the parts.

That's my rant!

© 2009 Kevin Jackson – The Black Sphere All Rights Reserved.