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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Obama Sets up Government Motors

As most everyone is aware, Obama is peeing on fenceposts, letting everybody know there's a new sheriff in town. He has asked the CEO of GM to step down.

Late as usual, Obama has done what the market would have accomplished months ago. And the market would have saved the taxpayers about $20 billion. Instead all we have are more "toxic assets".

If you ask me, Obama should be stepping down, as should the rest of his gang of racist, classist Democrat monkeys in Congress who voted to fund the automakers.

GM lost billions of dollars over the years, and the Fed has been propping that company up artificially for far too long. All because the racist Democrats want union votes. Union votes that help them keep Black folks and others stupid. It's working.

And what has the American taxpayer gotten for its money? Progress. Heck no! We got a request for billions more, and the potential that GM will be out of business anyway. Not that it matters, but I predicted this, when they gave them the last loan.

What else is new when you are dealing with the most stupid group of people to be assembled under one name…Democrat? The fact that billions are thrown around like change for the meter is just the definition of ObamaNation.

The Commander in Grief has a bold new plan to inject even more of our money into GM and Chrysler, two over-the-hill punch-drunk fighters, well past their prime. Toothless tigers. Neither company could make a wish, without spending billions.

Part of Obama's plan is to put these two organizations on 60-day (GM) and 30-day (Chrysler) plans. GM wants $16B to be put on their plan, and for Chrysler's acceptance, they get just over $6B. $22B being burned. But hey…we can always print more money!

Imagine if Obama pumped that kind of coin into businesses making money? I know…stupid Conservative, capitalist, Republican, logical idea. And I call Obama a silly Negro, right?

Problem is, companies making profits don't have unions. Businesses making money can't be controlled. They are slaves. Businesses making money likely don't vote for racist, socialist, classist Democrats. Businesses making money are considered "uppity Negros"…like me!

Part of the Chrysler funding hinges on Chrysler completing its proposed merger with Fiat. Now I ask you if you believe that Fiat will take on Chrysler's "toxic assets", the way our Treasury Department will take on our banks' "toxic assets"? Of course not.

Companies that must operate in the real world actually don't take on the problems of other companies. They only want the good stuff, like machinery, contacts, and market share, to name a few. They carve bad debt out, and leave it for the bureaucrats. They take the best and leave the rest. Too logical for a stupid socialist to understand, and for the idiots that vote for these fools. You know who you are.

Another stipulation for these companies to get money is Obama will get tough on the unions. That's like Irkel battling the UFC heavyweight champion. I see the scenario go something like this:

Obama: "If you don't do what I ask and start producing more Pacer, Gremlin, and Pinto hybrids, then I won't give you money."

The unions' retort: "If you don't do what we ask, you won't get your votes."

Obama: "You win! Just keep making the stuff that currently won't sell."

Here's the wrap:

Obama and his band of thieves will prop up the UAW as long as we let them. To think he will seriously do anything would just make you stupid. Obama owes the unions.

It doesn't matter who runs GM or Chrysler. Their fates are sealed unless some other companies buy the good parts, leaving only the toxic assets.

Speaking of toxic assets, in my opinion the worst toxic assets in the office of the presidency. The remaining toxic assets in liberal Senate and House seats. If we can get rid of those bloated pontificating, do nothing, Obama-worshipping toxic assets, we could actually end the War on Achievement.

That's my rant!

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The Pondering Catholic said...

"Union votes that help them keep Black folks and others stupid. It's working."

I don't know about the blacks, but I do know this. We know a man, who worked for the auto industry in Detroit. He was not black as you referenced above, but he was a white redneck. (I say that affectionately) Anyway, he was "laid off" for a few years. He would stop over at our house, and have a coffee, and tell us how he was getting paid his full wages, to be laid off! I am NOT kidding you! He would talk about the deer he shot and the fish he caught, cuz he hunted and fished EVERY day, since he was LAID OFF!. I just sat there, mouth wide open, saying to myself, what has happened to our world!? Indeed, we wonder where all the money went? Hmmm....let me ask my neighbor, who was "out of work"!

The Black Sphere said...

@Pondering - I agree, and one of my best friends is getting paid NOT to work.

Just to be clear, my mission is to be a constant reminder that it is "Dim" and Liberals who are the racists and classists. I expose their tactics of keeping Black people ignorant, for the most part, and White people on the defensive.

I need your help to put the blame where it really belongs. We do this enough and Blacks will come around, as will the rest of the world.

We are starting a revolution! A TRUTH revolution!

Ron B said...

I thought that these companies were too big to fail. Now Big "O" is talking about bankruptcy. As you pointed out this is late; CPT as usual for Big "O". They could already be well on their way to recovery had they been allowed to fail back in December!

Government Motors will only sell cars that no one wants to buy (hybrids) yet. Not market driven but government driven and we know how well and efficient government is. Buying a car from GM will turn into a six month ordeal: 44 forms to fill out, stand in line to see a nonchalant guberment worker to be told that you did not sign in the correct place and your forms will be rejected, start process again six weeks later after waiting period for not doing it right the first time, finally get approval to purchase but can't because they no longer make the color that you chose and you have to start all over and select a new color.....get the picture.

Sir RonB

The Black Sphere said...

Sir RonB - I love how you boil it down. Be sure to put a link to your blog on here, so people can read you as well!

Critique said...

Kevin, first let me say that I 'discovered' your blog today and couldn't wait to get home (work blocks leaving a comment) and tell you that you, Kevin are my new hero. You are a voice this country needs.
Yep, I am white. Yep, about the only time I think about skin colors is when I hear some jaw-flappin moron on the tele trying to push their agenda. I can't speak for the world, but all the upper-middle class white friends I know all think the same way. Al, Jesse, all those wankers. If racism really has been reduced to a pocket problem, then they have no purpose in life and no means to pull the spotlight in their direction. (sorry...rant)

To this topic... I heard on the radio this morning (NPR if you can believe it) that the unions gave over $300MM to campaigns in this election, over 90% of that went to Obama. What was the final $$ figure Obama raised? $368,272,968? (according to Isn't this most of it?
The unions own him. Hmm....own him...doesn't that? nevermind.

Kevin, I've never read a blog regularly, until now. Keep it up. All of my conservative friends will be getting this URL first thing tomorrow!

Thank you.

PS - RonB - LOLOLOL! That was beautiful! 44 forms to fill out, I love it!

The Black Sphere said...

Critique - It warms my heart to read what you wrote! And thanks for passing my blog along. Be sure to read the archives "Day Old Bread", as I think you will have a few laughs!

There is much happening with us, i.e. radio show, videos coming soon, and my new book (in about a month). So ACORN me, and tell a few friends!

maddmath said...

I heard that France and Germany finally did something to BO that nobody had in his entire life: SAY NO! They don't want him telling them how to build their cars or how to produce their energy (France is the largest user of nuclear power). The European socialist find him to be too radical. What should that tell us?

As for the unions, those guys are the primary reasons why companies go under. Why is WalMart so hated, because they suceed and refuse to unionized. The union worker (should I say socialists) want the moon and produce pea shooters to get there (and the peas get stuck in the straw). BO is too indebted into them. I wonder how now we've gone too big to fail (and if it's too big to fail, it's also too big to manage) to now they need to go bankrupt to save them. How is that going to benefit the unions. In the end, this is a train wreck he can't avoid because of simple math. As for the hybrids that they have been force to build, the biggest problem isn't the hybrids which are more efficient, but the costs which are nearly $4000 more than a gas engined vehicle. As well as most of the American built hybrid look gay. We can't make a car, hybrid or not, for less than the Japanese with the insane union benefits, so we lose the sales to them. Just look at how hot the Prius sold. Toyota is number one now for a reason and the biggest is no insane union demands.

What we got are people running the economy that not only have ever run a hot dog stand in their life, but my children understand economics better just by playing Lemonade Tycoon (think of the lesson if they were taxed 90% of their profits). Perhaps we should get the democrats to play, but they would be done in 3 minutes because they would spend a trillion dollars for lemons (both the fruit and the car), skip the sugar, mixed with alcohol and insert no ice cubes and sell it for 5 cents a cup and wonder why everyone is unsatified and they're losing money.

The fact is everything they touch will turn to dust because they have no clue how things work. I think I'll send them a copy of Lemonade Tycoon. I pray they know how to put in the computer and run it but I'm not optimistic because they can't run anything but their mouths.

Vancouver Realtor said...

It sure seems funny to me that GM and Chrysler are being kept alive. But for what? To fail anyways in 10 years again? The government is so concerned about keeping them alive and keeping them in business but it's obvious that GM and Chrysler (even Ford) are car manufacturers of the last century. Nobody will ever buy their products, nobody buys a 6liter truck or a huge muscle car anymore. So why keep them? This crisis is good for one thing, it wipes out the small and weak business that have no future. And unfortunately GM and Chrysler are one of them (not small per see). It sure would be a huge loss of jobs but oh well, the money that is being used to "save" GM and Chrysler could be put towards making new and prosperous jobs.

Take care, Jay

The Black Sphere said...

@madmath1 - What can I add to that rant! Well said!

The Black Sphere said...

@Vancouver - Yes, what would all those billions of $$ have done to companies running profitably?

The War on Achievement

Julie said...

Kevin, I am too under the weather to say much more then great post. So... Great post.

Anonymous said...

Vancouver please take a look around the Midwest and the construction industry and tell me no one buys a 6liter truck some of the conservatives of the world depend on them to make what little money that is not extorted by the government. I don't believe that a Prius or any other small hybrid would last long in construction or farming. Not to mention who are you to regulate what I drive or what I spend my money on. There is either Freedom or not there is no one who should have any say in any industry but the customer!

Corvus FInancial News said...

Kevin I admire your candor. Truth and speaking the truth is a rare commodity these days

The Black Sphere said...

@Julie - Feel better. Thanks for being a trooper and commenting while sick. People, let Julie be an inspiration.

The Black Sphere said...

@Corvus - The truth is what I know.

John P. said...

Throw more money at the problem! That's the Democrat vote getting "problem solving" mantra. As long as we view every single issue as to how it means more votes (or how much does this screw America's future) for Democrats we can pretty much predict their moves with absolute certainty. I'd love to know how they get to be called progressives when everything they do puts us further in the hole or caters to the lowest common denominator?

Like you said Kevin, it's a war on achievement.

The Black Sphere said...

JohnP - Don't give away my secrets for understanding racist Democrats and Liberals! GREAT comment!

John P. said...

War on achievement, Doh! I'm sorry. I meant, Domestic Contingency Operation. ;-p

Joe said...

Unions served a quasi good purpose, but leadership adopted a "gimmie, gimmie, gimmie" attitude, mostly to line their own pockets, and took workers way beyond their productive value.

If the workers don't send a clear message to their leaders to back off (which will require sacrifice, for sure), all is lost.

Even now, the one who said he had no interest in running the auto industry, President BO, has turned General Motors into Government Motors.

The Black Sphere said...

@Joe - Be sure to catch the radio show, were we will be showcasing a new segment. Videos coming soon!

Chip Head said...

Kevin, please do not encourage ObamaNation to give up their GM/Chrysler takeovers. Yes, it may cost us taxpayers a few billion, but it may be a few billion well spent. When enough voters see what messed-up policies socialism leads to they just may put a stop to it. It’s the optimist in me talking.

(Too many Americans are to young to get the lesson from the Amtrak takeover. I would bet those who went to gov’ment schools were not taught the gov’ment only takes over a business once it is chronically unprofitable.)

Anonymous said...

"Late as usual, Obama has done what the market would have accomplished months ago."

Um, then why didn't they? This is the flaw in the logic of the uber-free marketers. Nothing was stopping the market from getting itself out of this hole. Nothing was stopping GM/Ford/etc from devising a way out of the crapstorm they are in.

I'm not saying Obama has all the right answers, but how about some realism? Don't tell me what the market WOULD have done because we all know if the market can find a way to make more money faster, they do it. They don't wait, they don't make excuses.

The Black Sphere said...

@Anon - I wouldn't own up to that drivel either. What utter nonsense! The market wasn't ALLOWED to do anything because Congress got involved and injected money! Earth to Anon! Houston, we have a problem!

Bill D said...

An interesting rant with some good points. I enjoyed the artwork.
So Obama flip flops too, from too big to fail, to too small to survive (Chrysler).
obama's messsage to Chrysler was that they had 30 days to reach an agreement with Fiat. OK so what is the benefit to Fiat, who hasn't marketed a car in the US for years? Simply, they get technology and access to basically idle production lines. This would not be an acquisition or merger, simply an operating agreement. The alternative is to do a bankruptcy, frequently called a Prepack, where everybody is basically in agreement, some of these have been put together in 24 hours. So what is the benefit here? In a prepack, all creditors have to agree to the terms, bond holders, union, suppliers, finance. Think that's going to happen? To many outstanding issues. So the company goes into liquidation. In this scenario the company's assets are liquidated usually by auction. How many people are going to bid to buy up auto manufacturing plants? Fiat might have to bid against some firm, however they still get most of what they want, maybe at a discount.
Some of the balme for Chrysler lies with Mercedes their prior owner. Maybe they should be required to suck up some of the costs of this disaster.
Actually the market did vote, on both GM and Chrysler. People started buying foreign brand cars for quality and price. The Big 3 just ignored the average consumer and the warning signs about such minor things as emissions and miles per gallon. They also sold a load of cars financed by them to people who now cannot pay the loans, seriously impacting their finance arms.
But nowhere do I see the constitutional authority for the president to order executives fired or even to give companies 30 day notice. Lawyers love this kind of stuff, it's where we make money.

The Black Sphere said...

BillD - Very good explanation of things, unlike "Anon"! At the end of the day, we shouldn't have put billions into failing companies, and put that money in SOLVENT companies! Imagine if they had done that. How many good companies could they have made great? How many entrepreneurs could have used this funding?

Vince said...

Have you heard the latest? GM, Chrysler and Fiat are coming out with a new car designed by Team Obama, The Sierra Club, and Al Gore! It's called the HopeNChange! It runs on electricity generated by a roof mounted windmill, is made from recyclable and biodegradable materials, and does 38 miles an hour, downhill! :-D

The Black Sphere said...

Funny Vince! Read your story, and glad you're on the right side!

Anonymous said...

Kevin your Obama graphics are crazy funny! Keep the pressure on man until Barry Soetero goes back to Indonesia.

We can only hope that we see a sea change in 2010 with 435 house seats in traction.

The Black Sphere said...

@gcmwatch - I will keep fighting the good fight!

maddmath said...

What's getting me bewildered, but shows the hypocrisy of the left and the RINO's why support the unioins at all. They want to give amensty to, what they're calling, the law abiding illegal alien (I'm calling them by their LEGAL definition, not the PC BS of illegal or undocument immigrant. Besides, since they're illegal, it's an oxymoron to call them law abiding). Their argument is that they'll do the work we won't or will do it for less (under this argument, slave labor would be best wouldn't it? Well, we all know the Dems are racist slave supporters since the end of the Civil War). Well, why don't they just replace the grossly overpaid union worker with the illegals. They'll do it for 1/10th the cost and will give the dems 10 times greater voting block since they'll bring their whole family, cousins, and the kitchen sink with them (and knowing the dems, they'll give voting rights to the sink as well). These unions better be careful for what they wish for. Because with this above plan, the Governement Motors Company will be able to underprice the Japanese by thousands and put the Japanese and the Unions out of business.

ElCee said...

First, let me say that we just went out and bought a BIG Ford truck - because I suspect they may be very rare and very expensive very soon.

Second, I don't think GM (don't know about Chrysler) is failing because they don't sell cars. I don't know where y'all live, I can sit at a light and be surrounded by Detroit iron.

Third, they (GM & Ford) make plenty of hybrids. Ford has had E85 cars for years. But a Prius is a status symbol. Like "See how green I am?.

Fourth, I've never shopped for a foreign car, but I wonder if the sales people are as bad as some of the Ford/GM dealers. They're pathetic! They act like they aren't interested in selling squat.

In my dreams, one of these CEOs tells Obama they'll take their chances with Chapter 11, don't need any more money. In my dreams.

Nancy said...

I moved from Oklahoma to Wyoming a year ago today. Before I left I bought a F-250, V8, SuperCap, SuperDuty, 4X4 because we NEED those kinds of trucks during the Wyoming winters. Last time I went on a Ford car lot in Wyoming all you could find were 4x4's. They are very popular in snow, ranch, farm land because they are practical.
Bye the way, I love my truck.

Joshua Jackson said...

Recently found your blog and absolutely love it. I recently started posting my own conservative views and opinions to my blog, although mine are a tad more cynical, I think.

I used to avoid political discussions of any form but recent events and our nation's new leader have prompted me to want to rant a bit more than I ever have in the past. I will be sure to post regular trackbacks to your stories. Keep up the good work.

The Black Sphere said...

@Joshua Jackson - Thanks for the visit! I hope you come often, and check me out!