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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Obama’s Adds Culture Czar

It seems that things are so bad in the White House, culturally speaking, that Obama has decided to appoint a "Culture Czar". This request was made by Quincy Jones back in January of this year, in order to have the government pay more attention to arts and culture.

Erik Ivey has been given the role to help promote art and culture, and for those of you who don't know Ivey, he is the person who led Obama's transition team, and is a former chairman of the National Endowment for the Arts.

As for me, I think the new Culture Czar should forego art for a while, and concentrate on culture. A great place to start would be for Ivey to begin his cultural teachings with a little etiquette and decorum at the White House, specifically addressing getting Obama off Colored People Time, aka CPT.

It has become common knowledge with the media and most of America, and now the world, that Obama has no respect for other people's time. I have already called Obama out for his narcissistic need to make people wait on him, likely a little "get some" from White folks, and a reminder that he, the Messiah is the new Head Negro in Charge.

Others say that people like Obama make others wait as a mark of self-importance and dominion over their schedules, i.e. controlling the time of others. So tardiness would be a good cultural agenda item for the new Culture Czar.

Next, I suggest that the new Culture Czar teach Barry and Hillary how to select proper gifts to foreign dignitaries. Psychologists have found gift giving a surprisingly complex interaction. As we discovered in the ObamaNation faux pas, gift-giving is indeed important, particularly when done wrong.

This recent round of gift giving was a huge embarrassment to America, if only to hear that cackle of Hillary, as she tried in vain to recover from her mess. Further, Barry with the DVDs, well I hardly have the words, and that is what you folks pay me for. In the gift-giving world, "it is better to give than to receive". It is often the giver who reaps the biggest psychological gain, and not the recipient. Unfortunately for Gordon Brown, Obama blew Brown's gift-giving high, and replaced it with disgust. Gifts are said to help define relationship and strengthen bonds. In the case of Obama, his gift indeed defined his relationship with Brown, as it weakened the bond between America and Britain.

According to Liberals, electing Obama was supposed to make America appear less "eeeeevil". However I bet they didn't realize the tradeoff would be to make American's appear so much more stupid. So Gift-Giving 101 is a mandatory class for the new Culture Czar to offer.

Here the wrap:

Many classes are needed in the area of culture, and in fact it's too many to mention in a short blog. Nevertheless, I will make a few additional suggestions.

I think the new Culture Czar should have a class on Proper Use of Indignation, i.e. PUI 101. As recent developments have highlighted in "Bonusgate", when you are (1) aware of the bonuses, (2) have authorized the bonuses, or worse yet, (3) you were completely unaware of the bonuses, but approved the money anyway, no matter which door you choose…you're screwed.

And how about we establish a "culture of ethics", and throw in "accountability" [COE 101 and Accountability 001] for good measure? This way Obama can avoid the embarrassing situation of attempting to hire tax cheats and other felons, and perhaps fix that nasty habit of telling America one thing, then doing another. This class would be mandatory for all Democrats in government, at all levels.

These last classes don't fall under the Culture Czar, but need to be taught: Economics 101 (Geithner and Obama -- mandatory attendance required). Russian for Dummies (Clinton -- mandatory attendance required)…more classes to come, Suggestions welcome!

That's my rant!

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Anonymous said...

James L. Guest March 20

Another Czar? What would his marxist-socialist friends say?

Anonymous said...

Toby Marie Walker March 21

His culture czar needs to explain to him that making fun of the special Olympics is NOT okay in our culture.

The Black Sphere said...

Toby, I haven't heard his comments on Special Olympics, but am getting some feedback from you and others. If he did say something against them, I'm gonna give him another smackdown.

Anonymous said...

Lakisha Watson-Moore March 21

OMG!!! How dare he!! Arts and music.. Next he may want to drag our country out of the dark ages and invest in SCIENCE. My God!!!

Btw, when did conservatives become the p.c. police. I thought you guys were so anti-political correctness.
Get over it.

The Black Sphere said...

@Lakisha - We are over it, and soon so will the rest of America be over "it". In the meantime, we will hopefully get the prez to get some class?

Anonymous said...

Marti Meersman March 21

Does anyone else think this sounds incredibly Orwelian?

Anonymous said...

Brent Fenske March 21

Is it 2012 yet?

The Black Sphere said...

@Brent - Where is that time machine when you need it? Let's get to 2010 and start there!

Anonymous said...

Marti Meersman March 21

How about a 2008 "Do Over"? Please!

The Black Sphere said...

@Marti - Great point...let's get a do-over!!

Teresa said...

Honestly... can anyone tell me what is with all this "Czar" stuff? It's been going on for quite a while now - through several presidencies - and I don't get it. For that matter I wouldn't want to be a "Czar". (after all - look what happened to Nicholas... not pretty) Which makes me wonder...if we don't like what the Czar is doing, can we stage a revolt and shoot him/her??? Sheesh.

As for the being late. As I recall Bill Clinton was chronically late for everything too. So is Obama trying to imitate Bill Clinton here? He'll have to do much much better in the congeniality department if he is. One thing I'll say for Bill, while I didn't like him as a president, he was always happy go lucky looking. Obama looks like he eats sour grapes every morning.

The Black Sphere said...

Teresa - Czar was my distinction, but I plan to make everybody a Czar in ObamaNation!

Anonymous said...


I'll just sit here and keep singing "cult of personality" in my head. :-(

Anonymous said...


Our president is taking advice from Quincy Jones? No offense to his talent but that is patently ridiculous. Is Rachel Ray going to be the new "Cooking Czar"?

Anonymous said...

Toby Marie Walker March 20

Marti, this is incredibly like Orwell.
Kevin, I put the clip up from Leno on my page so you can watch it. He should have brought the teleprompter.

Anonymous said...

Ralph King March 20

In Iran the title is "Minister of Culture" Lakisha many of us are anti-politically correct. It is the PC pukes, aka Obamacrats, that are slowly destroying this country.

Why in the hell do we need a Minister of Culture? Is it so this too can be controlled by Obamao? The 90 degree turn left our country took after his election - will take many years to correct.

As much as I was agianst him being elected and taking on the self-title of Premier Obama, out of respect to the office and not the man, I tried giving him the benefit of the doubt. As of yet, the man proven he is not fit for office.... Read More

As we can see, he knows nothing about leading and continues campaigning - thus reinforcing the fact that he is nothing more than a high priced community activist.

As for your nit-witted remark about science... I believe science has proven that an embryo is life. Not agreeing with this, Barack the Baby Killer, dismisses this science - right?

Anonymous said...

Lakisha Watson-Moore March 20

Lol @ baby killer. Ralph you are hilarious. Now how many children died in the war of choice in Iraq?

Yeah like I said stop with the phony outrage. Some people like to be against something to just to be against something. How sad.

Anonymous said...

Ralph King March 20

Not at as many as the single largest killer of african-americans and that would be abortion.

Phony outrage? You are truly the typical dem. It is phony outrage when we do not support O'idiots socialism, but when the left supported nothing that Bush did (including keeping our country free of terror attacks) it is real outrage.

Yes, it is sad when the leader of our country is unable to say more than just his name without the use of a teleprompter.... Read More

Our country was founded on free thinking individuals - not programmed socialists.

If you are able to point to something positive Premier Obamao has done - please enlighten me... i would love to be able to support our president in something, as I am sure most Americans would.

So how bout it "I love Obama Sparky", put up one thing positive he has done since taking office.

The Pondering Catholic said...

OH MY GOODDNESS!!!! I am going to jump! I swear, I am going to jump. Can you believe it!!? I mean really, what a fool saying that he bowls like his is in the special olympics! Somebody has got to stop this fool from messing up our country and sitting in a house where there used to be dignity! MY blood is boiling. I come here for therapy, cuz I know I can count on my friend Kevin to say it like he sees it. Yes, he needs some culture lessons. LIKE HOW TO BE A DECENT HUMAN BEING! I am sure he knows so little about the Special Olympics, because he would not be "punished with a baby like that" and he and Cruella Michelle would have partial birth abortioned the baby, and stuck her in a closet to die! This man is literally a FOOL! Batman save us!!!

The Black Sphere said...

@Ralph - You can't debate kool-aiders, as they are just...INSANE! You just have to make fun of them! Don't stress and make cogent arguments, as they can't understand them. They lack the gene for logic!

Anonymous said...

Lakisha Watson-Moore March 20
You can call names all you want and point to abortion statistics. Once that baby is born you couldn't give a damn about it. How about adopting some minority children? Try it. Foster care is awful. I been there and done that.

Btw Ralph you have no idea what socialism is yet you proclaim that this is. Here is a little lesson

Socialism... Read More
Central to the meaning of socialism is common ownership. This means the resources of the world being owned in common by the entire global population

a political theory advocating state ownership of industry
an economic system based on state ownership of capital

Anonymous said...

Lakisha Watson-Moore March 20

Lol @ Kevin. You couldnt care less about the babies that are here but you worry about the ones in utero. Lol.

Ralph enjoy the light reading. Instead of posting talking points from the blowhards in the media try coming up with your own ideas. If I wanted to listen to mindless sheeple I would listen to Rush.

The Black Sphere said...

@Lakisha LOL...I suggest you see who is on the board of The Adoption Exchange (in St. Louis) [main org in Denver], an organization who helps "at risk" children get adopted, usually as WHOLE families. I have personally gotten over 32 children adopted in MO. And I will get even more...

See, you Liberals run straight into the bear traps. You know NOTHING about me, yet you make comments like this. Just like me knowing nothing about the military.

If you find me mindless, then why are you participating in my thread? I worry about all children. Question for you. Were you ever "in utero"? Yes you and all the rest of the 6.5B living and the 6B dead. We were ALL in utero. So when does life begin again?... Read More

If you can't play nice, then find somebody else to harass with stupid comments. I'm sure there is a room in the asylum for you on Liberal blogs. Perhaps you feel you are "too good" for them?

Anonymous said...

Lakisha Watson-Moore March 20

Like I said you folks cry about abortion but scream responsibility when a person is on welfare, S-Chip, WIC, etc. It is as simple as this, if you do not like abortion, do not have one.

What happened to small government? I guess that does not count unless it is in someone’s bedroom or medical office.

Sorry if you cannot take discourse. It was not me who called names. It was your other posters if you would care to look up. I would never lower myself to that level. ... Read More

How could any of you survive in politics without having to deal with opposition? Just because I disagree with you does not mean I dislike you. Wow, some people take things way to personally.

The Black Sphere said...

Kevin Jackson at 10:37am March 20
What? No comment about my working with LIVE children? I hear crickets...

Small government, I am for it. What's killing babies have to do about government. It's a moral issue, no government intervention needed. I bet you call yourself a Christian. By the way, I asked if you skipped "in vitro" to be born or know anybody who did? ...chirp chirp...chirp chirp

As for opposition, I think we are dealing quite effectively with the opposition. You made a stupid, unsubstantiated comment about me, and I gave you a public flogging!... Read More

I don't take it personally, until you make it personal. I responded to you on my work with The Adoption Exchange, and welcome your comment(s). I would LOVE for you to contact Cindi Coleman in the St. Louis organization to research my support of this organization.

I am all for friendly discourse, when you really want to talk with logic. As for me, it's logic with satire...and truth!

Ron B said...

gurglic gurglic gurlic,
Do I hear the sounds of the water boarding of a liberal going on?

gurglic, gurglic, gurglic

She has got you going, eh!?

Sir RonB

Anonymous said...

There is a position in the State Department - the Office of the Chief of Protocol. Among the duties of the Chief of Protocol?

"12. Suggest official gifts to be given by the President, Vice President, and Secretary of State and their spouses, and select, purchase, deliver, and maintain records of gifts for annual report to Congress."

There is an acting chief, Gladys Boluda. So which is it - was she not consulted, or does she not know what she is doing?

Somehow, I'd guess the former...

Teresa said...

Kevin - LOL on the Czar thing... it was more that your post reminded me we have all these "Czar" positions and I really don't understand why they are called Czars but that seems to be the term in popular use.

The Black Sphere said...

@SirRon - The visual alone had me ROFL!

The Black Sphere said...

ElCee - Excellent research! Great comment!

The Pondering Catholic said...

Okay, after reading my post, I feel bad for calling his wife Cruella Michelle. After all, she did not make the comment, he did. I guess that is what happens when you make fun of someone's family members. They end up making fun of theirs right back. I am sorry I said that, more than he is sorry for what he said. I actually mean it, his are just empty political words. Ughhh.....

maddmath said...

Is it just me, or is this man obsessed with czars. I mean we have a Green czar, car czar, drug czar, energy czar and now a culture czar. Weren't czars dictators? Why is this man so obsessed with making appointments and using a term describing a dictator. I think it shows the mindset of this president. We need to be told by our czars what car to drive, how much energy we can use, how to properly treat the envirnment and now how to act like civilized people. This man is crazy. After all, Germany had a culture czar. His name was Joseph Goebbels.

Anonymous said...

Kevin, I nominate you to be the new Black Sphere czar. Love live the czar!

Julie said...

Anyone can google Socialism and get a thin understanding of what it means, you have to study it to really know the harm it causes and what it leads to, you have to talk to people that live in socialist and communist countries to see how ours is paralleling them and how closely we are coming to being them. If she really knew she wouldn't be making the comments she did. Keep on rolling Kevin.

Matthew Burke said...

Obummer is appointing a plethora of Czars because they don't have to go through the approval process. I'm sure this is NOT what Thomas Jefferson had in-mind, when he said,

"A wise and frugal government, which shall restrain men from injuring one another, which shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned. This is the sum of good government, and this is necessary to close the circle of our felicity."
-- Thomas Jefferson, First Inaugural Address

Great article Kevin! I posted it to Newsvine.


Anonymous said...

Kevin - Just the word czar makes me cringe anymore and I think that thecapitalist is right.
Did you hear about the PM's gift not being able to play over there? They're for North America's dvd players only. Duh!
Teresa - We found out why Bill was late though. ;-)
Great post Kevin! and the comments got pretty interesting too!

The Black Sphere said...

@Julie - So true. Understanding socialism requires "study", something Libs are just unwilling to do. Hand it to them on a platter, then maybe. 15-second sound bites is about all they are good for.

The Black Sphere said...

@Capitalist - Thanks Matt for the post on Newsvine, and for the great comment!

The Black Sphere said...

@Lilly - Yes, there are times when public waterboarding of a Liberal is necessary. I usually like to do that in private, so I am not brought up on war crimes!

The Black Sphere said...

@Chip & Madmath1, I humbly accept being The Black Sphere's Czar!

Just John said...


So, how much is this "Czar" going to cost us? Can he just nominate another cabinet member or two, and use the unpaid, back tax revenue to pay for it?

The Black Sphere said...

JustJohn - Only $3.55T! A BARGAIN!

Anonymous said...

Culture Czar or better, Minister of Propaganda? This coupled with his call for a private army is beginning to appear more and more fascist everyday.

Anonymous said...


Oh, woe is me! What an embarrassment for America. The Obama cultists must be really wacked out to support this idiocy.

Anonymous said...


And how about we establish a "culture of ethics", and throw in "accountability" [COE 101 and Accountability 001] for good measure? This way Obama can avoid the embarrassing situation of attempting to hire tax cheats and other felons, and perhaps fix that nasty habit of telling America one thing, then doing another. This class would be mandatory for all Democrats in government, at all levels.
and a class on gullibility? "Jimmy Carter 101"

Anonymous said...


I thought my parents taught me my culture and in school I learned about other cultures. What is this bozo going to teach me his culture?

Anonymous said...


You and your readers might like this. I know I did.


Lee, Amelia, Bradley, and Hayden said...

Hello Kevin,
first of all I have to say, this is a great blog! I just discovered you today, great work, man! Second, in response to this more attention to arts, aka more government funding to artists. I think it is terrible like many of B O's ideas. I myself am an artist, and I relish in the fact that what we do is taking our passion and love for art and throw it out there to impress clients so that we can win their business. I don't want a handout, that doesn't challenge me as artist and push me to improve my talent. So that's my rant on that! Last, I was miffed on Barry's special olympic comment, and here is a link where you can watch the clip:
He obviously thinks this way about the special olympics, it is obviously the butt of his jokes, it when he is without TOTUS that he always shows his true colors. I am a huge fan of the special olympics, my sister has competed in them for 17 years. She most recently won the gold at the world winter games in boise, idaho! yeah, go Sissy! we love and revere these athletes. there are some who run circles around me when it comes to athletic talent. There has even been a special olympic bowler who has issued a challenge to Barry, this Kid has bowled 5 perfect games and could really who Big O some moves in the lanes. Oh yeah and Gibbsy issued an apology for Barry as well. Yea, that makes it better. If he's really sorry, we need to hear it from him, and hear that he is going to do his best to change his attitude about the special olympics because if he really knew how great the special olympics were, he never would had this supposed "slip of the tounge" about the special olympics. Anyway, I know this was huge, but thanks for your insight and boldness to speak your mind. -Lee

The Black Sphere said...

Lee, great comment and I thank you for your kind words on my blog. I am happy to hear that "Sissy" won gold in the Special Olympics! Way to go.

I'd love to see some of your art, so send me an email, and maybe we can feature it.

You can reach me through the blog on the left column. My email address is there.

God bless...

Anonymous said...


Keep the change Obama!!

Anonymous said...


same old Democratic Partisan folly...

drjim said...

That's not a rant,'s the truth!

Joe said...

Maybe the new Culture Czar could teach President BO a little about American culture, or at least about social graces.

HeatherRadish said...

Like I said you folks cry about abortion but scream responsibility when a person is on welfare, S-Chip, WIC, etc. It is as simple as this, if you do not like abortion, do not have one.

How about "if you do not like welfare, do not use your money to pay for it"?

Why do ignorant leftists and women who can't keep their pants on get to make intrusive demands on the rest of us, but those of us forced to fund their self-destructive lifestyles aren't allowed to even comment?