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Friday, March 27, 2009

Obama Jobs Plan Calls for More Tea

It's no wonder Conservatives are having tea parties all over the country. It's because we have a no talent lying conniving non-leader running the show, and the word is out…all over the world!

For you Everclear-spiked, kool-aid-drinking, Obama-worshipping, "don't touch me on my binky", drunk-uncle Democrat racists who voted for Obama, I say to you, "How many promises does he need to break for you to admit you're a pinhead?"

Recall that the messiah was supposed to create or save 4.1M jobs. He is constantly visiting companies extolling the virtues of Obamulus von Porkulus, yet the only one that created jobs was Namaste Solar. I believe those eighteen (18) jobs cost us a few million, maybe a billion dollars...peanuts in the Obama budget.

But here's the really bad news, as reported by Yahoo Finance:

For the 10th week in a row, the number of people receiving jobless benefits grew. It now stands at nearly 5.6 million, the government said -- an indication that the labor market is still grim.

New claims for unemployment benefits rose again as well, to a seasonally adjusted 652,000, up from 644,000 the week before. The government also said the economy shrank at a 6.3 percent annual clip in the fourth quarter, slightly faster than its previous estimate.

Ten weeks. Hmmm…and Obama has been "Supreme Leader of the Free World With Emphasis on Amerika" for how long? Ironically....almost ten weeks!

5.6M jobs lost in this timeframe. Considering that ObamaNation will reign for another 146 weeks, we have the potential to lose as many as 81,760,000 jobs. At this rate, Soros may be the only person left to tax.

Add to this the fact that the economy is shrinking faster than ObamaNation actually said originally. I know it's difficult to believe, given Obama's dedication to truth and openness.

Has anybody even considered what the jobless rate needs to be before you can't get enough money from the taxpayers? Well if you have, you've been goofing off on such oddities...stop! We're already there.

It was calculated recently that if the government taxed the top 5%, you know, Obama's target tax audience, 100%, ObamaNation could not pay the debt that we have already incurred.

Yet Obama believes we can continue to spend our way out of this. I know that works so well in Banana Republics, where inflation rates are one million percent. These countries must be where Obama is getting his historical evidence to support his insanity.

However most civilized, [at least we used to be civilized,] nations try to truly trim the fat, and not attempt to advance lunatic ideologies.

We can't blame all this on Obama, however, though we do have "64 days of failed Obama policies…and counting". No, fellow infidels, we have two years and ten weeks of a racist Democrat-controlled Congress who contributed:

On top of that, about 1.5 million Americans are getting benefits under an extended unemployment pay program approved by Congress last year.

Yes Pelosi and Reid extended unemployment benefits, which will compound the problem of paying the bills.

But they did save all those UAW jobs for some chump change, when you consider the size and scope of Obama's package… $50B for the auto industry is just rounding errors.

Here's the wrap:

I must admit, I am curious to know how much punishment Liberal knuckleheads can absorb. ObamaNation is indeed "punch drunk", as Steve Kroft suggested on 60 Minutes, and has shown no prowess in any area of government. There is not one successful area of government that the Obama team can claim. Heck, he can't even field a team. When that happens, doesn't the other team have to forfeit?

America's new beacon of light more resembles that from a lightning bug. He even has Hugo Chavez calling him ignorant. There are a few people from whom you just shouldn't take any "guff", and anybody named Hugo is one of them. But Obama has to "laugh it off", because it's true.

But it's not just Banana Republic dictators to whom Obama has demonstrated his ignorance and arrogance. He has managed to irk our biggest creditor, China, and our best ally, Britain. With friends like Obama, we don't need any "formerly known as 'enemies'".

Obama won't save or create 4.1M jobs, because now he needs to create over 10M jobs to get there. He won't save the economy either, as you can't when you are destroying it.

There's no kool-aid hitting rivers all around America…just tea! I'm taking green tea, in order to do my part to save the planet...and jobs!

That's my rant!

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Anonymous said...


I got a plan for Obama. There are about 40 million people over 50 in the work force.
Pay each of them $1 million severance, with the following stipulations:

1) They must leave their jobs.

Forty million job openings - Unemployment fixed.

2) They must buy NEW American cars.

Forty million cars ordered - Auto Industry fixed.

3) They must either buy a house/pay off their mortgage -

Housing Crisis fixed.

Can't get any easier than that.

Maybe we should run it across his teleprompter.

The Black Sphere said...

You may actually be on to something. What a GREAT idea! It is likely that many of these people will start small businesses, and you start addressing unemploment! Hmmm....

Anonymous said...

Helene Paz at 3:12pm March 27

great photo! So appropriate - great show last night - Loved Tony on.

The Black Sphere said...

Helene, you liked Tony's accent, because it's like yours!

Anonymous said...


Obama's job descriptions must be; paid unemployment is the new government job.

Anonymous said...


Great plan. Serious question: should their social security be allowed to continue? Or save it for the upcoming working generation that got their jobs?

Midnight Golfer said...


40 million early retirees, at $1 million each, is

Forty Trillion Dollars.

Still sounds better than any plan (or lack thereof) that we've seen so far.

Unknown said...

It continues to amaze me that when Wall Street began to implode last fall, the polls all turned around and support for BHO grew. It was just completely incomprehensible to me that people suddenly thought this guy was able to help the economy when I doubted that he has ever even balanced his own checkbook. He has never run a damn thing in his life, and I firmly believed that he was not even capable of running a PTA meeting. Yet, so many people were willing to hand him the Presidency at the most vulnerable and dangerous time, with the financial crisis and the terrorism issues. For over two years, I've been saying that I personally know dozens of people who have better resumes and are more capable of this job that BHO. And that is really pathetic!


maddmath said...

yea, I get an extention of my UI, while work is more scarce. I don't need more money for not working, I need to work. My life is complete hades because of my lay off and my job is supposely one of those "Saved" jobs he talks about. Here's a question nobody but someone in my situation is asking. when the UI extentions are over, then what?

The Black Sphere said...

Exactly madmath1! What after? The jobs won't be there!

Dirk said...

Landthatilove has a great idea! I would vote for him/her for President in '12! That's a far better plan than BO will ever hope to come up with, & I bet Landthatilove's resume is a whole lot better than BO's too!


The Black Sphere said...

@Dirk - I agree, though the numbers are a bit large. She could lower the numbers and it would still be a great idea!

Anonymous said...

Steve Van Doren at 9:28am March 28

I'm proud not to be a drunk uncle racist, so, I was already in the know.

Joannah said...

Just found your blog through a friend's post. What a fun and refreshing point of view. Keep speaking the truth!

The Black Sphere said...

Joannah, glad you found me. I hope you visit often, and bring lots of friends! Tell everybody in your address book about me! Then listen to the radio show, Listen to an archive show. And videos are coming soon!

Anonymous said...

Scott Johnson at 1:28pm March 28
Even if the economy does begin to rebound in spite of BHO policies, cap and trade will leave most of us with little cash left over for economic stimulation once the heat and electric bills are paid. Obama is not trying to fix an ailing economy, he's using an ailing economy to stream line leftist polices on an ignorant and adoring public.

Anonymous said...

Meredith Mason at 3:58pm March 28

You will never get the pinheads to admit anything...things are getting worse by the day and they still say "Yeah Obama, you're so great...we love you!" LOL!

Readwriteblue said...

Great post if only Our Dear Leader was as patriotic as you.

The Black Sphere said...

@readwriteblue - Thanks for the compliment and the comment!

Nancy said...

I am listening to "The Black Sphere Radio Show" original air date 3/26/2009. The topic is racism. So many Black Americans are still so caught up in the victim mentality, however they vote in high percentages for a man just because he is black. Was this not racism against McCain/Palin? Obama was voted 100 percent by Planned Parenthood, voted the left most liberal in the Senate. All those that voted for Obama are they all pro-choice (pro-abort), liberals or do they even KNOW what Obama's morals are, do they CARE, or all that matters is having a first black president at all cost? Would it not have been better to wait for someone that can actually relate to Black American history, someone with morals, with experience, someone that holds the morals and beliefs of true Americans, someone who loves America more than himself?
Love your blog Kevin. Keep up the good work.

The Black Sphere said...

Thanks, Nancy. Blacks would have vote for Obama if it was verified that he was Lucifer himself. Until Black folks wake up, this insanity will continue. So for me, all Dems, including Blacks need to be called what they are...racists!

Unknown said...

Speaking of racist blacks, Kevin, I have to ask you if you've had the misfortune of encountering "The Gray Headed Brother"

This pathetic troll had a lonely little hate filled blog that received NO attention, and ZERO comments. So, a couple of weeks ago, he began spamming our blog and many others in our circle. He usually just cuts and pastes the same ignorant comments everywhere.

Sadly, rather than having anything of substance to contribute, or bringing up issues worthy of intelligent debate, he has resorted to race baiting the conservative bloggers just to drum up traffic and comments at his blog.

Unfortunately, his little trick worked because when he first left commented at their blogs, many of the conservative bloggers visited his blog and commented there when they saw his outlandish and racist posts. When the attention died off a bit a few days ago, he spammed us all again.

He is a complete LOSER, who can only get people to pay attention to him and his blog by making outrageous statements and accusations, and injecting race into every single issue, then spamming other blogs saying "look at me", "look at me". He's also now following many conservative blogs, in an effort to obtain attention and reciprocity.

I've refused to comment there and I've been urging my fellow bloggers at some of their blogs to refrain also, rather than rewarding this racist "Gray Headed Bastard".

I just thought you might be interested in knowing about his antics, since you just commented about racist blacks.


Julie said...

Our hospital just laid off all 22 of their construction crew in preparation for the new health care reform.

We will be running skeletal crews in hospitals that are falling down and nurses that have worked 20 straight hours and doctors that have worked for 24 hours straight with 15 minute cat naps, ain't this new government grand. It just keeps getting worse. Pass the tea please.

The Black Sphere said...

@2Conservative - Well the tactic might work for a bit, however most will see it as a game, and he won't keep the traffic. I wouldn't worry about him, and I'm not clicking the link, to give him the satisfaction.

The Black Sphere said...

@Julie - I'm not surprised.