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Saturday, March 07, 2009

Obama’s Heartfelt Speeches

It appears that we can add "teleprompter" to the list of addictions that Obama cannot overcome. Apparently he carries it everywhere, as he needs it in order to deliver his "rousing" speeches.

I picture Obama outside a building before a speech, smoking a cigarette and pacing feverishly.  Like a crackhead looking for fix, Obama types in his crackberry, "Just tell me when my [expletive] teleprompter will [expletive] get here, damnit!"

Personally, I keep listening for the inspiration and eloquence that people say Obama showcases in his speeches. My gut says that even his ardent followers are starting to think that each speech is just more of the same – an attempt to give a better speech - no positive results to follow.

There are two things a person needs to speak "from the heart" on a subject, sans teleprompter: Those two things are knowledge and passion.

Knowledge?  Ask me why I know the economic policies of Obama are doomed to failure, and I say, "Pack a lunch." As a person who has actually been responsible for the welfare of employees and who understands how business works, I can prove to you that Obama doesn't know jack about economics…or much else for that matter.

You want passion? Ask a new mother about her newborn baby, and you will wish you had arranged a "bail out" phone call to get you out of that conversation. Like the mother of a newborn, when I have passion for a subject, no prompting is needed. Ask me how Democrats have denigrated the Black community, and I suggest popcorn and drinks…possibly a sleeping bag.

I can tell you that Obama demonstrates neither knowledge nor passion in his speeches, where he attempts to sell Obamulus von Porkulus, aka Turdulus. Obama doesn't fully understand economics and the implications of Turdulus. Bill Clinton exposed Obama's economic neophyte status during the campaign, when he unwittingly let it slip that in order to understand the economy, Obama called him, Hillary, and a host of other people who, by the way have no idea about the economy either. Those conversations were indeed the blind leading the blind. Yet, without knowing better, Obama relied on these economic dimwits.

And if he didn't prove that he was stupid enough with some of his earlier moves, he allowed Pelosi and Reid to go unchecked in producing the 1300 page Turdulus package..  And Obama agreed to sell Turdulus as having "no pork and no earmarks".  Enter, the teleprompter.

Obama has enough sense to know that you really can't spend your way out of this situation, as the Democrats would like us to believe. Imagine a father of three and sole bread-winner for his family, standing before his wife and kids saying, "OK guys, I got laid off today, but I have decided that our solution is to spend our way out of our impending financial mess. So we are going to buy a larger home, two new cars, start eating out four days a week."

Obama has no real passion for this idea. At this point he is really just trying to appear supportive of this inane policy in an effort to not look stupid. Needless to say, this tactic is not working on Conservatives. But surprisingly, even the least common denominator, yes even the shiftless and lazy Liberals are recognizing the stupidity in this policy as well.

Here's the wrap:

So here is the list of Obama addictions:
  • Smoking,
  • Crackberry,
  • Dependence on the Clintons,
  • Need to select people for his cabinet who don't pay their income taxes,
  • Need to continually talk about transparency, but not actually be transparent,
  • Need to spend money he doesn't have, and
  • Use of teleprompter,
  • TBD
These are the few of which we are aware.

Perhaps Obama should consider "Teleprompters Anonymous", in hopes of actually infusing knowledge or passion in his speeches, and thus perhaps he wouldn't need to rely on this crutch.  Because neither the stock market nor the employment index is impressed with Obama's speeches thus far.

I am reminded of some of Reagan's speeches, where there was no doubt about his passion for America, and knowledge of what is the best course of action for its citizens. No script, no teleprompter needed. Reagan spoke from his core.

Since Obama lacks a core, or certainly one that will appeal to America, he is relegated to the use of his latest addiction. Don't expect him to get rid of it any time soon. Without it, you get a look at the real Obama, who is a scared, confused, no talent neophyte, who is proving that he is in up to his ears, this time.

That's my rant!

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Anonymous said...


I love that rant. It's spot on.

John from Pomeroy on the Palouse said...

Your give a speech to give a better speech meme... a group in our small town hired a consultant to plan how to "revitalize" the downtown. Under his leadership they applied (and received) three grants, each more money than the last. This took 18 months and the "consultant" got between 40-50% of the grant money off the top. And there was no revitalization planned or done, just grants applied for. Finally someone not in the group who hired him asked him what was going on? That's the way he worked, he said, you keep applying for grants to get money to apply for more money and sooner or later, you'll have enough money to actually do something. Meanwhile the money just gets split between him and the grant writing people. He was paid somewhere in the area of $40K for his work.


John P. said...

This hits at the age-old liberal tactic of just saying the words being enough. What you say and how you say it is all that is necessary.

Headlines become truths, retractions are never seen. They know this and play it well.

The Black Sphere said...

@John - I want that job! I will write grants for a living!

The Black Sphere said...

@JohnP - I think this time the liberals "words" may have finally caught up with them. This is Carter 2.0, however instead of hostages in Iran, it's portfolios held hostage. They've been hostage since Nov 4, 2008.

Anonymous said...


It could explain the underlying reason there was no official staged press conference with the Prime Minister of Britain and only a photo opportunity session.

No way to prepare a speech and set up teleprompters when there are two speakers. He would need teleprompters blocking the view and they would not know what to give him to say.

The Black Sphere said...

@BillE3 - Great point!

Anonymous said...


funny.. It is clear Obama doesn't have a plan for anything or an opinion that he doesn't need one of his handlers help on.. He is handed notes during speeches where he is just introducing nominees to Cabinet posts.. he is a total tool. Who is pulling the strings. that is the question.. He gets to keep his blackberry, which can't be traced.. No President has had access to something that cannot be found on record.. Something is more than fishy.. it stinks to high heaven

The Black Sphere said...

I agree NYCnative! This guy is not in charge, and the lack of "transparency" is at issue as well.

Navigator7 said...

On the one hand, Our Leader has accused us of clinging tightly to guns and bibles.

Publicly, he denies any such thing but civil enforcement of the first and second amendments assure "WE" have the rights. for a while anyway.

Yet, I question the need for a TelePrompTer!

Is a TelePrompTer protected under any amendment?

Damn... that would be some funny stuff: Protestors surrounding the white house demanding the president not use a TelePrompTer!


The Black Sphere said...

@Navigator7 - That's some funny stuff, as is your picture. Love the sunglasses.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to tell you how your posts always make me smile. Another great one!
Has any President ever just resigned? This one really needs to and just state "hey, I don't know what I'm doing and like to party!"

Sunny said...

I agree about Obama's speeches lacking passion. Also, if you've listened to one speech, you've basically heard them all. My husband is always asking me "what did we learn that was new?" My response usually is "nothing" or "not much". So, if Obama is basically giving the same speech/different day, why does he still need that telepromper? You are right.... he's addicted!

Anonymous said...


Kevin, At first I thought your latest blog was funny. Seconds later, I think it's downright terrifying.

We have Iran, North Korea, Islamofascists everywhere, China/Taiwan, Pakistan/India with nukes, Putin's Russia...

And a "President" with little or no real knowledge base, moral compass or clear, time-tested conviction to guide him. It's going to be a rough four years, and I pray we make it.

G*d help us.

maddmath said...

I'll add a few more addictions to that list: ignorance, stupidity, lust of power, adulation, and the sound of his own voice. His speeches are some of the most sophmoric as well. There's no passion in them and Kevin's assessment hits the nail on the head. He can't have passion for something he hates: America. I saw that during the campaign. Then again, just listen to the lack of passion except for their addiction of handouts of his supporters. They're like the Borg in Star Trek. I guess for them, resistance is indeed futile.

Anonymous said...

Obama definitely lacks a core in my books. I have been around great speakers most of my life. I guess I was not captured by Obama the past years. Most people have only Jackson and Al to base speeches on. Obama may have been appealing to some even though he needs a teleprompter to guide him through his speeches. Theys is why you hears all the 'uh' and stalling from this guy, he's lost!

t.durham said...

Great blog and sharp posts. After finding you on Nikki'S BLOG I am now a fan. Keep on keeping on. We are stronger than they are we just need to wake up.

The Black Sphere said...

@Sunny - Both you and your husband are so right. Same old same old in Obama speeches.

The Black Sphere said...

@Lilly - I wish he would just say, "I'm just not qualified people", but fat chance.

The Black Sphere said...

@ETAto1012 - Yes, it really is scary, but luckily we have competent people in the military who won't take their eye off the ball. They know they can outlast any moron, including Obama.

The Black Sphere said...

Madmath1 - I agree on the list additions. I simply didn't want to blog to drone on and on with a list of Obama addictions! :-)

Anonymous said...


It's not WHAT he says, it's HOW he says it. Style over substance!

The Black Sphere said...

@t.durham - Thanks for the compliment. Glad you found me, and hope you visit often.

Anonymous said...


FTA: "I can tell you that Obama demonstrates neither knowledge nor passion in his speeches, where he attempts to sell Obamulus von Porkulus, aka Turdulus. Obama doesn't fully understand economics and the implications of Turdulus. Bill Clinton exposed Obama's economic neophyte status during the campaign, when he unwittingly let it slip that in order to understand the economy, Obama called him, Hillary, and a host of other people who, by the way have no idea about the economy either. Those conversations were indeed the blind leading the blind. Yet, without knowing better, Obama relied on these economic dimwits."

Well said!

Anonymous said...


You can't fake sincerity, either it's there or it isn't. The best public speakers will bring a smile to your face, even if the subject matter is boring or content grave. I liken Obama's perfectly executed speeches to a skilled surgeon with no bedside manners, sure the job gets done, but you feel no comfort when the man speaks--- it is just a job, there is no genuine concern there.

The Black Sphere said...

@MissAmericaPie - Can't say that I find anything about Obama's speeches perfectly executed, unless you mean at the Jr High level. As Madmath1 said, Sophomoric at best.

Anonymous said...


My family and I are going to be in Musical Performance in a Community Theater this summer doing Annie.

It's hard to believe this first premiered on Broadway so long ago. During rehearsal last night, we decided to have some fun with our heartfelt feelings. We changed some of the words to song "Hooverville" and came up with the following:

Today we're living in a shanty.
Today we're scrounging for a meal.
Today I'm stealing coal for fire.
Who knew I could steal?

I used to winter in the tropics
I spent my summers at the shore.
I used to throw away the papers.
He don't anymore.

We'd like to thank Barack Obama
For really showing us the way
We'd like to thank Barack Obama
He made us what we are today

Prosperity was 'round the corner
The cozy cottage built for two.
In this blue heaven that you gave us
Yes! We're turning blue!

They offered us John McCain and Obama
We paid attention and we chose
Not only did we pay attention
We paid through the nose

In ev'ry pot he said "a chicken"
But Barack Obama he forgot
Not only don't we have the chicken
You ain't got the pot

You left behind a grateful nation
O' our hats are off to you
We're up to here with admiration
You think Michelle would like a little stew?

Come down and share some Christmas dinner,
Be sure to bring the missus too.

We got not turkey for our stuffin'.
Why don't we stuff you?

We'd like to thank you Barack Obama.
For really showing us the way.
You dirty rat,
You bureaucrat,
You made us what we are today!

Come and get it Barack!

Anonymous said...

Laura A Mowell March 8

Great blog! You hit the nail right on the head again. Keep telling it like it is!

Anonymous said...

Karen Russo March 8

the secret comes out to why he is such a great speaker. I knew it all along.

Ron B said...

Kevin this hits the spot.
My liberal girlfriend said the other day, "He sounds like he doesn't know what's going on. Same tune every time. I guess when you don't know the truth, you make it up. Then say it enough and everyone that likes you will believe it." I had to hug her!

Sir RonB

Anonymous said...

I cannnnnot stand the sound of his voice. He is a condescending clown with excessive pride.
This is ridiculously sad.
Well written Kevin, you have this guy pegged

Ron B said...

One other thought. I know they (Liberals) are not smart enough to do this but this keeps coming to mind....MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE!

Someone must be pulling the strings. Maybe before long someone will open the curtain and find the Wizard of OZ sitting in the White House!

The Black Sphere said...

@SirRonB - You gf deserved a hug! Glad she is finally seeing the light! And as for the Manchurian Candidate, when you evaluate his policies, you have to believe he is the enemy of America. I think the terrorist will just leave us alone, and let us implode!

The Black Sphere said...

@Rosemary - Me either! I have to read his comments, and not watch speeches!

Findalis said...

Although Ronald Reagan used a teleprompter during his major speeches, he did not travel all around the world with it.

Obama is good at giving speeches, but cannot speak off the cuff as it were. He has good speech writers, but so did Reagan. What he doesn't have is the ability to inspire people. That touch was in every speech by Ronald Reagan. Even his critics understood and knew that Reagan could inspire a nation.

drjim said...

""You can't fake sincerity""
How true, how true! Obama has about as much 'sincerity' as a Soviet bureaucrat!
Oh, wait...I forgot...he *IS* a Soviet bureaucrat!

Sunny Smile said...

Always cracking me up Baby !! Seriously how can he NOT remember the speech he's about to give ? When it's the 30th+ time he's given it !! What a joke !! Change, Hope, Inherited, Crisis, Bush, blah blah blah....

The Black Sphere said...

@Findalis - Reagan and "that one" should never be mentioned in the same sentence! :-)

The Black Sphere said...

@drjim - Yes, Yuri from No Way Out!

The Black Sphere said...

@SunnySmile - Hey Babe, funny comment!

Anonymous said...

Dan Bomkamp March 9

The few times he spoke without it, like with the Rick Warren interview, he used "uh" about a hundred times. He's a poser and we're just beginning to see the mess he's planning for us.

Anonymous said...

Linda Gerdes March 9

Love this!!! I've noticed too where ever he is speaking at, be it in Columbus, OH announcing the whopping 25 new Police officer jobs from his Spending Stimulus bill or at the White House, he always has the teleprompter and his head is bobbing back n' forth like a bobble doll!!! lol You are so correct he needs the teleprompter because he does NOT speak from the heart. Great Article Kevin!!

The Pondering Catholic said...

Next he will be lip synching the speeches. He will have to remember to put his ums, and uhs in his prerecorded messages. Personally, I have taken to reading his junk, cuz I like many others, can not stomach his voice. It is so patronizing. Real men don't talk down to people, they talk to people. I guess we won't be seeing him in a real man of genius commercial soon? Or will we? What a fool.

Ron B. how cool your girlfriend got that. Now she needs to take herself to the other side. I have a feeling, if she keeps with you, she will fully see the light one day!

The Black Sphere said...

@Pondering - I love it...lip synching. The Milli Vanilli of presidents!

The Pondering Catholic said...

Oh yeah, I have to add, everyone needs to get their Black Sphere hat! I have mine and I LOVE it!!!!
My sweet friend got it for me as a gift! Sweet friend, if you are reading, thank you! ;) The rest of you, get your hat!! Or tshirt! :)

The Black Sphere said...

@Pondering, you are too sweet!

Anonymous said...

I wonder when the non U.S. media will label him the TeleTubby or TelePrompty president. -If it hasn't already happened.

p.s. I want that Vote Democrat image on a t-shirt or something. I went looking for it but I only found words, nothing with the cool pic. Put that on a mug and my wallet will open.

Thanks for this site, it certainly makes this coaster ride easier to take.

Unknown said...

I am very wary of anyone that plans every detail like Obama does. How do you trust anyone that won't make a single statement that isn't prepared. We should be able to trust our leaders but Obama is solely using every second of every day to further his Left-wing agenda. This is just one more concern from a mountain of concerns.

Anonymous said...

I agree with madmath1 that Obama hates America, as does his wife (Obama’s wife, that is, not madmath1’s wife). Scary thought, but then I remember Carter hated America, too. And we survived that.

Anonymous said...

Having heard Obama speak, I just do not get the "great Speaker" so many say he is. I do not listen very long because I just do not like listening to him.
I was beginning to think I was crazy. Everyone talking about what a great inspirational speaker he is. I thought I was losing my mind.
Nice to see others that agree with me.

Anonymous said...

I am putting your site on my you tube channel.
Love it.

The Black Sphere said...

Nancy, thanks so much for the visit, and for the add on YouTube!