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Monday, March 16, 2009

Obama – Changes “Words”

In an effort to truly distance himself from "eight years of the failed Bush policies", Obama changed some words, ending the use of the term "enemy combatant". I'm sure you can see how this monumental change, in terminology, clearly separates Obama from Bush's stance on GITMO?

But what to call these former "enemy combatants"? If I may, I suggest either Liberals, progressives, [regressives] or how about just…Democrats.

According to Retired Army Lt. Col. Stephen Abraham in this article from Yahoo News:

"There's absolutely no change in the definition," Abraham said in a telephone interview. "To say this is a kinder more benevolent sense of justice is absolutely false. ... I think the only thing they've done is try to separate themselves from the energy of the debate" by eliminating Bush's phrasing.

Needless to say, the word change is meant to be an appetizer for the Obama zombies. As for the main course Obama promised, most other aspects of GITMO will remain intact, much to the chagrin of the knuckleheads that voted for the new Idiot in Chief. So much for the change they needed.

If you are wondering why Obama decided not to move as fast on GITMO, and most other of the "eight years of the failed Bush policies", I will break it down for my conservative readers, and you liberals who read my blog on the downlow.

Prior to becoming president and getting briefed by our military, the CIA, NSA, and other XXA, Obama was as an ignorant elitist, otherwise known as an idealist. Idealists are those who think they know everything, because they hear a "sound bite" on a subject, and wrongly believe that their education qualifies them as authorities on anything and everything. "I think it, therefore it must be". They have very little concept of how the real world works. Most Liberals qualify as idealists, particularly if you take out the education part.

Up to the point of being briefed, Obama the junior senator, and otherwise unaccomplished hack was back-seat driving on "eight years of failed the Bush policies". Worse yet, he was back-seat driving blind. As if having a juris doctorate from Harvard qualifies him as an authority on international terrorism.

After being briefed, Obama got a dose of reality, a kick in his crotch, as it were. Our military leaders and clandestine agencies broke things down for him, explaining things to him as if he were a 3rd-grader; so he could "get it". They explained how the real world works.

Obama likely got that pensive, snobby look he always gets when he wants to act like he knows it all; head askew, eyes gazed yon. This is the look when someone stupid tries to appear smart, however they know how stupid they really are.

Nevertheless, on the inside, Obama was thinking "Oh my Allah! Holy crap! How do I not show how stupid I was and still am, and appear confident?! Just be cool, Barack…only the Conservatives will know how much of a dunce you are. The media will handle them." Experience is something you don't get, until just after you need it.

Here's the wrap:

For Obama changing words is big news…no huge news. This is because Obama's only real currency is "words". And they are worth about as much as the contents of his suits. This is what happens, when you elect a no talent, unaccomplished paper-pusher, whose only skill is campaigning. And let's not forget that he is a lawyer...and wordsmith.

Change a few words to existing legislation, add ipso facto, and presto…you are right back where you started: "eight years of the [echo] Bush doctrine…perhaps not as failed as we were led to believe.

I'm glad Obama found time to remove the term, "enemy combatants." When you consider all that is happening in the world, a few examples being Chinese ships threatening our navy in international waters, Iran building nuclear weapons, North Korea doing missile testing, Russia threatening to put bases in Cuba, the economy in the tank because of Obama (et al), well I can see how important this change was in the scheme of things. Nice prioritization?

And with Congress operating at around $1B an hour, I'd say that Obama has indeed ushered in a new era in American politics. The Politics of Distraction followed closely by The Politics of Destruction, as he fights the War on Achievement.

I say to the anti-America, God-hating, ACLU crowd and other knuckleheads who voted for Obama, "You were warned…and you got what you paid for."

That's my rant!

© 2009 Kevin Jackson – The Black Sphere All Rights Reserved



DaveG said...

I remain unconvinced that a US Senator, "Junior" or not, does not have access to the data appropriate to make a more informed decision regarding these issues.

In other words, I contend that Obama was deliberately LYING his ass off during the campaign. I contend that nothing has changed in what he knows today as compared to what he knew (or SHOULD have known) then.

The Black Sphere said...

DaveG, you could be right, but add to that the fact that he is a do-nothing, accomplish-nothing dreamer, and you have a really dangerous goof!

Ron B said...

I will hold onto my lunch for now.

I think the US Treasury can afford, well maybe, $18.15 for the Big "O" to order a book from titled Execution: The Discipline of Getting Things Done by Larry Bossidy and Ram Charan. Or If he sends me the postage I will send him my copy.

This will help him with his priorities and how many things you can really work on at a time to be effective.

Changing terminology is his mastery.
A Welfare Check is now a Tax Cut(for those who don't pay taxes).
Reset is Overcharged when giving gag gifts to Russian leaders.

Gotta go eat my lunch now!
Sir RonB

The Black Sphere said...

Ron, I am happy to have knighted you, my friend!

Anonymous said...


Words. Just words.

WebSmith said...

I just watched a video of the Digg CEO interviewing Nancy Pelosi at the DNC. One of her statements was, When we get Barack Obama in the White House, there will be no deficit spending. Wonder how she would change those words now.

She mentioned that they had bills ready to go for Obama's signature.

Unfortunately, I think that Obama knows exactly what he is doing and planned to do all along.

Anonymous said...


The problem with this authors worldview is that he thinks that Obama is wrong about things "after he heard a few soundbites", yet the author think he himself is correct after hearing these very same soundbites.

What he doesn't consider is that Obama had this plan from the very beginning and it was only election day rhetoric where he promised to do anything different than Bush. Many people have recognized that the democrats and republicans are merely two sides of the same coin, so only a neocon could claim that Obama intended something else than what has become policy. Real change was offered by Ron Paul and thats what everyone in the Establishmne t truly fears.

The Black Sphere said...

For clarity, this author knows that Obama was lying through his teeth for much of the election. However, make no mistake about it, Obama is an unadulterated idiot, so stop acting as if he had all these things "planned". He's just not that smart.

If things fall into place to a degree, exposing the underlying agenda, it is more "luck" on his part. Problem is good luck for Obama is not good for us.

Anonymous said...


OMG, is this the 'Change We Can Believe In'?

Teresa said...

I figured I was so late to the party someone would have certainly said it before I got here... but I don't see it, so I'll say it.

I've been waiting patiently for Obama to declare he's changing the name Gitmo to "Pan Arabian Country Club for Men".... this way he could say he's CHANGED everything from the Eeeevil Bush years. Now the "gentlemen" are in a country club setting and much better off...with HOPE!

You see how easy it is to create HOPE and CHANGE. No problem at all. And all the world will luv us again.

The Black Sphere said...

Teresa, very funny comment. We just need a better acronym for the renaming of GITMO!

Teresa said...

This is true - I thought about that later... LOL. Someone with better naming skilz than I have must help out here!

I like the Pan Arabian part so we need to come up with a finish that makes the acronym catchy!!!

Ron B said...

One other word change that we did not mention:

Government Spending is now Investment.

Funny how that one slipped my mind until now.

Anonymous said...


Just words! Just speeches!
I love it when I can write this!

Anonymous said...

Sir Ron,

You don't remember the old "Invest in America" Clintoon expression? When he was ramming through the then-largest tax increase in American history? Investments, not taxes..

as an old friend from Brooklyn used to say, I'm not so worried about return ON my investment as I am return OF my investment.

Big Dave

Unknown said...

That may be my favorite of all of your rants. Way to go. I am only a commentator of the events I see. You have a great eye and a great ability to pour it on where it is needed.


The Black Sphere said...

Daniel, thanks for the compliment. I will be pouring it on Obama for 4 years, I assure you!

Conservative Black Woman said...

Kevin, You have nailed it again....
"I'd say that Obama has indeed ushered in a new era in American politics. The Politics of Distraction followed closely by The Politics of Destruction, as he fights the War on Achievement."

What a brilliant description! When is that book going to be finished? I have my highlighter ready to ravish it. Great post as usual my friend.

Anonymous said...

Um...I believe it was on that I heard a good suggestion for the "enemy combatents", might be CAIR Bears. Wish i could take credit for that one.

Their is also "a great debate going on about the 'meaning' of words, in several conservative blogs, due to Limbaughs lil speech, (what?...two weeks ago?) and it's still going on ... holy moley has that gotten into such a quaigmire that conservatives are bashing conservitives, over intentions and meaning of words. So much symantics and can you please tell me what the meaning of ' boy' is if I call my dog? What if there is a black man standing by and he takes it as a racist remark toward him, and in a church grourp leader asks a couple of boys to helps set up the picnic chairs but what happens if 2 of the boys are white and 2 of the boys are black...........and goes on and on and on...and who defines and decides the language and who IS ALLOWED to take offence and who is not?

OY!! Makes my head hurt it does.

But one statement I read from a commenter somewhere that stood out was this paraphrased...
If you have a young child today that was NOT raised with racism, no matter what their race..would you have to enlighten him to racism to teach him not to be a racisit, to pacify the left?

I appologize, Kevin, but good grief, it sure seems to be getting all out of hand and jumping into the hanbasket at a really quick rate.

Will be glad to send you the blogs with the " words vs. intentions " arguments if you haven't seen them. But good grief folks, seems like to me that the Liberals are trying to claim not only the deffinitions of words, BUT, the intentions and context those words are going to be ALLOWED to be used in. to further their agenda.
Pretty scary stuff.

Lol. Like their isn't enough scary stuff out there.

Thank ya , Sir. Great site.



The Black Sphere said...

@JW - Let's have a racism discussion. The dems are the worst racists ever! I welcome such a discussion!

And don't be apologetic for saying whatever you please, as long as bad intent is not there. If you are not racist, then why act like one?!

Anonymous said...

My thoughts exactly Kevin, but what I am seeing since Limbaughs lil speech is a helluvahellabaloo! Lol. and this is among conservatives.

And, so, who defines what speech is racisism? Some if it clear cut, some of it isn't,(and is it?) but as conservatives who are we going to allow to define intention vs. meaning?


Anonymous said...

I know I'm not as clear as some of my comtemoraries, or some of my counter logics, as well, but since Ruch did his speach, I have seen a huge swell amongst so called liberals and conservatives.

It just seems to me, the Liberals , have once AGAIN, started the antagonistic ways of tryig to turn Conservatives, Republicans against each other. Feeding on each other much to our detriment.


Anonymous said...

I don't know how to do links, and I certainly don't put them our there gratuitisiously, but they have some things I wish would be addressed by YOU, because all they are trying to is one-up each other.

Good points made on boths sides, but still, it Liberals are allowed to tell us of the intentions of our words?...gawd what a mess we are in.


Anonymous said...

Yeah "Change". That is all we are going to have left in our pockets after fours years of this crap. I wonder how many idiots that voted for this guy are are having "buyers remorse"? Oh yeah -if I hear one more freakin person say "give him a chance" I'm going to puke...


The Black Sphere said...

Bill, I agree. I will give him no chance at all. He screws up, I'm shouting it!

The Black Sphere said...

@JW - I will check out those sites, and advise.

Anonymous said...


FTA: "But what to call these former "enemy combatants"? If I may, I suggest either Liberals, progressives, [regressives] or how about just…Democrats."
ROFLMAO... incessantly!!!!

The Black Sphere said...

@Pooky - I love when people "get me"! Glad I made you laugh!

Anonymous said...


"enemy combatant" How about "good enemy combatant". "misdirected enemy combatant","reformed enemy combatant","homeless enemy combatant", "want to come to America enemy combatant". I know one they would love " Allah's enemy combatant".

JS Morton said...

I was recently sent an Internet animation of flocks of Barack Obama supporters endlessly jumping into a great big hole (A natural location in Utah I think)
I have two questions: After the nightmare of these four years is it likely that many fellow black Americans will finally leave the plantation due to the carnage we are watching happen. Secondly, how will the next administration undo this bankrupting of the American system that the whole world came to participate in, be a part of?

My four kids are just now entering this society as young adults. Its like watching my children walking around in the nut hut trying to stake a claim.

maddmath said...

The term Enemy Combatant was termed during the Geneva Convention to describe out and out terrorists. Anyone not fighting for a governmet while in uniform was an "enemy Combatant". A term that FDR (Hey, libs, are you listening?) used to describe Nazi sabatours during WW2. They were summariarly executed after a breif military trial. Oh, wait, wasn't that evil Bush's idea? All BO is doing is playing word games to get his buds out of Gitmo. Anyone with a brain knows he's a Muslim or at the best a Muslim sympathizer so eliminating this term will also eliminate the terrorist term. Since we won't apply Islamic to any of these acts of terrorism, we won't even know what we're fighting any more. I fear in the end, not only will these animals be released into the wild of the liberal insanity to contaminate the body politic. Why stop there? Lets add insult to injury to the destruction to America financially and let them sue the US government for false imprisonment which I'm sure the ACLU will be more than happy, with BO's blessing no less, to fight them for.

Then we can add more terms: Bums or willfully homeless, Residentallly challanged. Terrorists, freedom fighters. Conservative, well, we can fill in the blanks on that one. Morality, whatever the state says it is. Is, whatever Bill Clinton defined it as. Make every meaning realative.

BO is not only a stupid fool, but a bully that's changing the rules as he goes. The most dangerous combination of all.

The Black Sphere said...

@Jeff - It can all be undone, though this will be difficult. Hang in there.

The Black Sphere said...

Madmath1 - Thanks for the history lesson on "enemy combatants". And we agree that Obama is one dangerous, stupid man.

maddmath said...

Yea, Kevin. I used to ponder which was worse: crazy but not stupid, or crazy and stupid. Well, the first won, but with a more than willing media covering for him and redefining everything. Well, add that in the equation and crazy and stupid wins.

Anonymous said...

"War on Achievement."

Dead. Solid. Perfect.

The Black Sphere said...

@Jim - Yes, I thought it was indeed a perfect description.

Anonymous said...

Dennis Thompson March 17

failed Policies.....two words I am trying to figure out