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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Obama "Honors" Military

Obama prepared a speech to America's veterans that read, "…Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do to foot the bill for your own healthcare." At least this time Obama referenced the ghost of JFK, and not Lincoln or Reagan.

The new Idiot in Chief in yet another boldly stupid move honors America's veterans by considering asking them to pay for their own medical treatment, we are told. What better way to pay tribute to those who fought to protect the lunacy under which we all currently worship?

Obama feels that we must all sacrifice, so why not punish those who have sacrificed the most, the best? Isn't that what a War on Achievement does? Veterans should do their part in helping America tighten the belt. It's only fair.

It's ok to spend a few billion dollars on transsexual art shows, to plant new sod around the Capitol, and other porkadelic projects. But to actually honor our commitment to the people who keep us free, well that's absurd! As elitist Democrat Senator John Kerry said about our fighting men and women, [paraphrased] "…They're just stupid soldiers, forced to join the military, because they have no other prospects." I guess they're too stupid to know that the Democrats could care less about them too, huh?

Forget that the VA was set up because of the unique issues that veterans face. The idea for the VA is that there is no price to high to pay to give the best to our veterans. At least this was the case in administrations who actually cared about our veterans.

Even Obama's own party recognizes the volatility and absurdity in "floating" this proposal, as stated by Representative from VA Glenn Nye (D) in Hampton Roads:

"We do not give our veterans health care - they earn it," Rep. Glenn Nye, a Norfolk Democrat, wrote in a letter to the president being circulated for signatures from his House colleagues. It would be unacceptable, the letter says, "to ask our veterans to pay for the treatment of injuries received while serving our nation."

It doesn't end with Congressional Liberals, but has reached the Sobamamites. So knucklehead Jon Stewart has weighed in on the subject…against Obama. Next thing you know Keith Olbermann will join the Liberal chorus siding against Obama. Dare I say Chris Matthews will lose that tingly feeling up his leg?

So at least for now this baby has been aborted. However remember the civilian equivalent of the military, "…just as strong and well funded," that Obama "floated"? Well civilian military legislation is being proposed in the House as we speak. How oxymoronic is civilian military? You don't even need the "oxy".

Here's the wrap:

Obama hates the military and all that they stand for. Duty. Honor. Country. God.

When you think as most military personnel do, you couldn't possibly vote for a Liberal, though you will fight for them.

Regardless, Obama must neutralize the military vote. So he is punishing the military for voting overwhelmingly Republican. This proposal was a warning shot over the bow of the ship, the bullet at your feet, the head fake to get you to flinch, all to put the military has been put on notice that Obama is their leader.

Because when you are not the real Commander in Chief, and you know there are those in the military who are questioning your authority, you need to pee on a few fence posts. And if veterans' benefits are substandard, then who will want to serve in the military…at least in the real military? There is that civilian equivalent. Reminds me of that one in Germany.

That's my rant!

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John P. said...

"We do not give our veterans health care - they earn it," - Rep. Glenn Nye, a Norfolk Democrat

First off I'm amazed a democrat actually said something correct for once. Secondly, exactly like you said, this is a political shot at the military. Every single word out of this guy's teleprompter is a votegrab political swipe.

No wonder O wants to start his own civilian national security force. he hates the military.

The Black Sphere said...

Thanks for dropping by John P! Great comment!

Anonymous said...

Joy Wright Norris March 19

That finger says it all.

The Black Sphere said...

Yes it does, Joy! The finger is what the military will get from Obama.

Anonymous said...

Paul Hesse March 19

"Same thing with AIG," Obama said. "It was the right thing to do to step in. Like they've got a bomb strapped to them and they've got their hand on the trigger, you don't want them to blow up, but you've got to ease them off the trigger."

Anonymous said...

Joanie Ruetz March 19

oh its just anoither day of the Obamination administration!!

Anonymous said...

Lakisha Watson-Moore March 19

Please update.
President Obama today abandoned a proposal to bill veterans' private insurance companies for treatment of combat-related injuries after the measure prompted an outcry from veteran’s service organizations and members of Congress."

Btw, I am a vet. No party has a lock on patriotism. I seen my family and friends shipped off to a war of choice. I remember Walter Reed occurring during the Bush Administration. I saw contractors performing the same job I did for double the pay. There were six months to a year waiting list to see a psychiatrist in the VA during the Bush Administration. Regardless of party affiliation, I never doubt someone’s love for our country. I hope you feel the same way.

The Black Sphere said...

Lakisha, "Love" is a many splendored thing. There is "tough" love, "motherly" love, and a host of other loves. Some people will kick the crap out of you, all in the name of "love". I would call Obama's love of American, "guerilla love".

He might be well-intentioned ,and that's questionable, but you just can't hide from the shrapnel.

Anonymous said...

Susan Swift March 19

I just love that picture. In terms of the healthcare, I just don't get it. If you are a bum or an illegal alien, we will pay all of your medical costs. But God forbid you serve your country and get injured, your on your own. Please tell me what I am missing.

The Black Sphere said...

Susan, you nailed it! Healthcare for illegals, but veterans should pay out of pocket!

Anonymous said...

Meredith Mason March 19

not disgraceful...he does not deserve his current title...

Anonymous said...

Erik Setzer March 19

Wow. Was that right here in Jacksonville with the finger?

This guy is a freaking tool. Only he's obviously a blunt instrument, because he's definitely not the sharpest tool in the shed~

The Black Sphere said...

Erik, love the analogy...a tool, and yes a blunt instrument.

Anonymous said...

Joanie Ruetz March 19

The building I work in which is owned by my sister and bro in law has some construction going on, yesterday I went into the const. zone to find a 2 mos old baby with her mom (maybe 18) just hanging out with daddy who is working retexturing the ceiling. So there is a 3 inch thick pile of debris on the floor and the illegal doing the work has a mask on, does his baby and the mom .....ahh no, so we have to call the foreman who speaks spanish to tell the guy to get his baby out of there ....... I cant wait to get the bill for the black lung that kid will have the time she's 4 !!!

The Black Sphere said...

Joanie, more to come on that, as the Dems turn the country over to illegals of all nationalities. At least I will give some illegals credit for working for a living, and wanting the "old" American dream.

Anonymous said...

I think for BHO, "dissing" the military is just a bonus. The real reason for the desired change-up is he is really serious about a single-payer health system. Can't have the VA outside of the program! So you roll veteran's health care into private insurance, and then when the private insurance goes away, you're all set.

Anonymous said...


I know that the plan has been scrubbed, but what gall this bozo POTUS has. It's what he wanted to do, even if he has had to retreat from his plan.

Imagine, he wants free health care for everyone, but vets should pay for their own insurance.

Liberals, is this the change you were looking for?
Is this what you were Hoping for?

The Black Sphere said...

ElCee - Excellent point and one I missed!

Anonymous said...


BHO can't find his own butt in broad daylight . . . w/both hands! Sheesh, wotta scum.

Anonymous said...


It must be comforting to be in the military and know that your commander in chief is a tool.

Ron B said...

He decided to abandon this idea but not the plan. The plan is to find a way to introduce socialized medicine or universal health care. The way he wanted to do it with the veterans was to add them to the rolls of private insurance knowing full well that their wounds would not be covered as a pre-existing condition. So that would have cause great OUTRAGE like $165M contractual bonus payouts then the Berries would be ripe for the pickin'! Ala universal health care could be introduced through the backdoor of caring for our soldiers returning from battle. It would have been the exact example of private insurers not covering pre-existing conditions that he railed about during the campaign(recall his example of his mother). Never mind that insurance companies do not accept pre-existing conditions to minimize risk not to increase it as what was done with sub-prime mortgages.

Obama's our man. He can't do it, no one can! Gotta love this guy and his circus. Please tell me that someone is chronicling all of his dumb programs and hiccups because during the 2012 election cycle we need to bring all of them back to peoples memories.

Sir RonB

Teresa said...

As I said in a comment on a different post - the attempt at making wounded vets pay for their own care via private insurance is simply disgusting. There is NO excuse - none at all for even floating the notion.

This is not the same thing as shortcoming with VA care. That's a different problem altogether. The quality of care from the VA ranges from great to poor - just like any other large health system. We must stay on them to fix known problems.

But this was a conscious - thought out decision - by Obama and his compatriots to inflict even more problems on people who have given their all for this country. They already have to deal with the horrendous paperwork of the VA.

If you want to keep up with these matters, keep an eye on,, and - among the many great military blogs out there. They are all over not only the VA problems but they also keep up with efforts of the government to inflict extra problems on military.

If you want to help a soldier in need. Visit and pick a project.

But we have to remain vocal when it comes to the government and our military. Especially when we're in times of money crunch. It's been the least vocal (because serving military are not allowed to make political statements) group and therefore they get treated the worst. So we have to stand up for them and say NO! You can't do this!

The Black Sphere said...

SirRon, there was an earlier comment on this being about universal health. Knew you wouldn't miss it...but I did!

As for documenting Obama's faux pas, we can only hope. I do have my blogs as evidence!

The Black Sphere said...

Teresa, you're right that VA care needs to be examined in and of itself. But the "theory" behind it is we KNOW it will cost more. These guys have been through debilitating injuries, so their needs will be horrific. It's a small price to pay, NO MATTER THE COST! Such is the cost of freedom for those who fight to protect it. It's not like these folks are asking for private planes!

Anonymous said...

Jackie Wenger March 19

Any man who does not have respect for those in uniform who are protecting him should never be allowed to be president! GOD BLESS OUR TROOPS AND VETERANS!

Anonymous said...


A great article and NO our soldiers should not be paying for thier own medical care when called upon to serve their country. I'm proud to help in footing that bill.

BTW - Couldn't be a more perfect pic of BO for this one... LOL

Anonymous said...


The gall of the commander in chief sending a power play message like this to the military.
Disgraceful thing to do!
Luckily there are a few people in power
that held his feet to the fire and things were turned around!

Robin said...

Military wife here...the military gets the short end of the stick so often I guess I am hardly surprised by this. It's just unreal...God help us all.

The Pondering Catholic said...

Where is my puke emoticon?

The Black Sphere said...

Robin, I agree. But there are those of us who truly appreciate you!

The Black Sphere said...

Pondering - GREAT idea! A puke emoticon! With the Obama logo!

Anonymous said...


I cannot even pretend to imagine how a President of the United States could suggest a move such as this. It's shameful. Thank goodness more decent heads are prevailing.

The Black Sphere said...


Hope, Change and Selling out our Vets

maddmath said...

BO wants a military. Just one that will do what he wills against his domestic enemies and blind to the watchdog eye of the media. With the NSF, he can site "national security" concern and claim it's of the people, by the people for the people when it's all of the messiah, by the messiah, for the messiah. This is extreamly scary because this is how the SS got started. And now they are writing a bill to attack people they don't like say CEO's and their paychecks. What's next, talk shows, registered Republicans, conservative bloggers, the neighbor because his dog peed on his lawn?

Annie said...

Proposing veterans pay for their own care...What's next? Making the Special Olympics pay for their own bowling alleys?
If a Republican made that comment to Leno, imagine the media outcry! The tarring...the feathering...the running out on rails...the Biblical stoning!
But Obamessiah said it...hence the chirping crickets.

The Black Sphere said...

@madmath1 - Yep. The SS!

The Black Sphere said...

@Annie - Double-standard, though I suspect the media will get sanity soon!