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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Obama Pimp Slapped by Iranians

At least we know what happens when the unstoppable force, Barry Obama meets the immovable object, the Iranians? The unstoppable force proves to be… the stoppable farce.

Barack Hussein Obama reached out his hand to his Persian brothers and sisters, only to have it cut off. Thankfully, he's a lefty. How's that for double entendre?

Obama proves that he really is very different than Bush, in that Obama genuinely believes that he can change the hearts and minds of Iranians towards America…and the Jews. Obama believes that his ability to persuade is just that powerful. He thinks he can talk them out of their stated goal of eradicating Israel from the face of the earth.

Bush realized all he could really do is maintain status quo, and not allow the Iranians to get the bomb, since they would use it.

In his address to the Iranian people, Obama said that he seeks engagement with Iran that was "honest, and based on mutual respect."

Mutual respect?

We are known as 'infidels' by the Muslim community and the Iranians. Their religion says that they must either convert the infidels or kill the infidels. I don't like our choices.

As for the Jews, the Koran eliminates one of their choices, leaving them what's behind door number one: Death by Muslim.

The Muslims have no choice, but to kill the Jews, because "Jews are Jews". Despite Jews ability to leave the Jewish religion and potentially convert to Islam, they can't leave their birthright. Again, "Jews are Jews".

In case you were wondering, the Koran says that Muslims must battle the Jews…forever! At least now we have the definition of forever…when the last Jew is gone from the world!

The Jews have no stated goal of eradicating the Muslims. They just want their little piece of land, and to be left alone. This is why they have on numerous occasions sat down with good intentions to resolve the conflict. But to no avail.

Barack Hussein Obama to the rescue. With a name like that, surelt the Jews should trust him.

Forget that nobody else has been able to accomplish bringing these two groups together, and they were much smarter than Obama. One was a very popular Jew named Kissinger. If a guy named Kissinger couldn't do it, then I don't think it can be done. Nevertheless, Barack Hussein Obama maintains that he can do it.

Now I know what some of you idiots might be thinking, and that is, that's how things get accomplished, i.e. when somebody decides to take on the impossible. And there are Liberals, idiots who believe that Obama, the Messiah could very well be the person to accomplish the impossible. After all, he won an election.

Here's the wrap:

So far, not so good at least. Maybe Obama has another trick up his "left" sleeve, because the outcome of Obama sending an olive branch to the Iranian people was a very public "pimp slap" from the Iranians. Ouch!

The Iranians said that Obama needed to change the US policy towards Iran. Check. And they added that they would be completing their "peaceful" nuclear reactor by the end of the year. Checkmate.

Obama will find out that the problem with brokering occurs when one of the parties will not negotiate. Such are the Iranians and the Muslim world in general. They are determined to make forever come…forever defined as the eradication of the Jews.

The interesting thing is what the Iranians said without saying it: Thank you Allah for detonating in America a new weapon of mass destruction...named Obama.

That's my rant!

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Anonymous said...

Greg Coale at 12:02am March 23

Kevin you are so funny. Did you think of the Erkel thing?

The Black Sphere said...

Greg - No I found that graphic, and thought it was hysterical!

Anonymous said...

Raysaun L. Jackson at 12:04am March 23

B. Hussein Obscama is a joke.

B.H.O.'s budget is predicted to QUADRUPLE the deficit that George W. left office with. But I guess it's "ok" because the media loves him and his "Dad is from Africa"?

God help this country!...

...I wonder what Hollywood show he'll be on tonite.
Wake me up in 4 years if we still have a country.


Romney-Jindal 2012 = Reagan.
Obama bin Biden 2008 = Jimmy Carter.

Anonymous said...

I guess Donahue forgot to tell the Iranians that Obama's smile will save us all!

Anonymous said...

What is so important about his middle name to you? Do you think it implies anything? I think your use of "Messiah" is quite extreme, although this is an extremist blog. If you could answer my questions I'd really appreciate it.

The Black Sphere said...

Anon 1 - Hysterical. I heard Donahue say that. What an idiot! No wonder he no longer has a talk show!

The Black Sphere said...

Anon 2 - I use Obama's middle name because it is his name. It also emphasizes that he has a very Muslim name.

The only extremists are the racist intolerant Democrats and Liberals. Go read their stuff, then come back here for a bit more sanity.

Final point: You do know that I write a "satirical" blog? Buried in the satire is the truth about things however.

Thanks for stopping by...

Rich and Jen said...

Where do you get the pictures? They are sooo funny.

Obama bin Biden= Economic Suicide Bombers

The Black Sphere said...

Jennifer, thanks for stopping by and for the comment! I find most pics in cyberspace, though a few are TBS'.

Keep visiting, and I promise we will keep posting funny ones of Obama and the other zoo animals!

Beer, Bicycles and the VRWC said...

Clearly Iran's definition of changing America's policy toward Iran is to throw Israel "under the bus". I believe the President will do exactly that. When Iran has enough weapons-grade material and the delivery device (they may already have a ballistic missile capable of hitting Tel Aviv), they will nuke Israel and we will stand by and do nothing.

There is a reason Iran, NK and Russia are rattling sabers. It's amateur hour at the White House.

(and you are SUCH a big extremist, you big extremest you)

The Black Sphere said...

Deekaman - Thanks for dropping into TBS. You are spot on in your analysis! And yes, I am SO extreme!

Translated for Conservatives: Anything that doesn't agree with Obama is extreme.

Bob Sorensen said...

I'm amazed at the Obamatards (read: so obsessed with worshiping him that they've become develomentally disabled) and how Obummer can do no wrong in their eyes. Can't they see what a joke his "foreign policy" is? It's easy for me to see that does Roger Hedgecock pronounce it? Oh, yes: My Mood I'm On A Jihad...that guy that leads Iran, and his pals, leaving the presence of the Anointed One, quickly closing the door and bursting out laughing at him.

Problem is, they're laughing at us as well. So is Russia. So is the rest of the world. I know a guy in one of the Baltic States that said America needs a strong leader, because they're counting on us to keep Russia from engulfing the Balkan states again. No chance of help from us now.

Also, he lied to the people of Tibet (or rather, the American supporters of Tibet) and said he would help them with Chinese tyranny. That promise is already broken, but unnoticed. A lie is still a lie, and incompetence in the White House is still incompetence.

Bob Sorensen said...

Correction, I said "Balkan" states in there once, should be "Baltic" both times. I'll be a Liberal and blame Kevin because he got me wound up on this, and I'm not responsible for my actions (snicker).

Anonymous said...

Obama bin Biden = epic fail

Hubby and I are getting things in order to survive the tornado and after effects.

I agree, the graphics are hilarious. I have to say I enjoy so much of the "art work" that BHO has encouraged

Have a great day Kevin

Julie said...

My husbands cousin looked at me with stars in her eyes and said, I wanted to to vote for him since I second I heard him speak. I tore out of the house and ran to the garden to see if there were empty pods. Oh my god, who snatched her intelligent body? If only the Iranians were so gullible.

And I still don't get it. I never ever thought he was a good speaker.

The Black Sphere said...

Stormbringer - America's has gone from being the "so-called" bully to being the joke!

The Black Sphere said...

@Rosemary - Hope all is well with the recovery from the tornado.

The Black Sphere said...

@Julie - Ran to the garden to look for an empty pod! HYSTERICAL!!! I now dub you "Lady Julie"!

Anonymous said...


Very fitting image!

Anonymous said...


The Urkel graphic is funny too.

Anonymous said...

That was classic Kevin Jackson baby!

The Black Sphere said...

Thanks Hassan!

Anonymous said...

Matt Threlfall at 2:15am March 23

Yeah... Obama doubling the deficit in 90 days... "did I do that?" That is a classic! But I believe it's a disservice to Erkel!

Anonymous said...

Ty Hogan at 2:42am March 23

are you sure he may have been bitch slapped

Ron B said...

This is what happens when you put the rookie quarterback in the game before he is ready to play.

Hillary Clinton told us back in July 2007 that this guy's offer to meet without preconditions with leaders of Cuba, North Korea and guess who...yeah Iran was "naive".

Then Big "O" picks Sheriff Joe Biden as his running mate based upon his foreign policy skills.
All of this before Six Gun Joe shot off his mouth that within six months of his presidency that Big "O" would be challenged internationally.

Sheriff Joe, Reset Hillary and we still wait for a foreign policy team that has any since of competency.

Sir RonB

The Black Sphere said...

SirRonB - Excellent synopsis. Foreign policy quacks!

Cindy said...

Dearest Kevin. I love your blogs but please keep a few things in mind when you are writing about Iran. First of all the Iranian people are NO Muslims, they are forced to be Muslims by the Iranian regime who are NOT Persians and don't even want to celebrate the Persian New Year.

The people of Iran have lost hope that America will help them in a revolution when Obama was elected. Bush used to fund the resistance from inside Iran, no idea if Obama is doing the same but I don't think so.

The people of Iran want to be free but are being killed for wanting freedom. Please don't think the Iranians are terrible because they are among the most beautiful on this planet.

Ahmadinejad & The Mullahs.. I'd almost say "nuke 'm" but that won't sound to friendly, I'm afraid so I'll just say nothing ;)

Teresa said...

We are now supposed to be LOVED around the world because the EEEEVIL Bush is gone. All people will rush to hug us and be our friends!!! They will know we're wonderful because we have The One as our President. There will be no more hatred in the world - all ills will be cured by The One and his council of Compassionate Czars. Love and peace shall be wafted over everyone. (except those awful military people)

Do you mean to tell me that the Iranian powers that be DON'T LOVE THE ONE??? How can this be? What happened? If the Muslims don't love us and want to be our friends, it has to be someone's fault! There must be a REASON they don't understand how excellent we are now!

I blame the MSM - they are too damned conservative!!! They just aren't getting the message out about how truly terrific we are now that Obama is President. What's wrong with them?

Heh. Off to make a another bowl of buttered popcorn.

The Black Sphere said...

@Cindy - I thought I made the distinctions between the Iranians and Muslims, but perhaps not. I agree that Iranian people are fighting to be free to embrace Western culture.

The Black Sphere said...

Teresa - I guess Obama is finding out "he ain't in Kansas anymore!"

Anonymous said...


Give Worshipful Leader more time. He'll have those pesky muslims buying McDonald's franchises in no time. Maybe then we can get THEM to pay for all those subprime mortgages cuz I'm already tired of paying mine AND theirs. ALL HAIL THE CHOSEN ONE !

Anonymous said...


What I don't understand about neocons is why they dislike Iran? Is it their religious beliefs in support of Israel that makes them hate the enemy of their friend?

Between neocons hating everything non-jewish and the fake Obama gestures of "bipartisan" diplomacy, I don't think we'll be changing much in foreign policy anytime soon.

Anonymous said...


Why must every L/L insist that disagreement is dislike/hate? You claim to "give good nuance" . . . how `bout it?

Anonymous said...



"Between neocons hating everything non-jewish"

Isn't Christianity "non-jewish?" You make no sense.

maddmath said...

Anyone watch his 60 minutes interview. I got to see something I never thought I would see in my lifetime: A 60 minute interviewer shocked over an answer of a democrat president. The man gave so many "tells" that I would love to play poker against the man because I would wipe him out.

The one that got me was his interview about Iran and Gitmo and the terrorist there. The one that he really tipped was how they don't deserve Maranda Rights. He lied through his teeth on that one when he bit his lip so he really does believe they should. About how the US need to stop policies that make us hated by the muslim world and enbrace policies that will make us more loved. That one he believed, but this fool, or evil traitor, being muslim has to know that it's not our policies that make us hated (unless it's support of Israel), but our freedoms and faiths. What he stated was such stupid garbage that I couldn't believe a leader of the free world could make it. I have to add, why is he so concern with the opinions of evil, murdering, oppressive, superstitous morons that don't vote here? Why he disdain our western values and our western friendly allies. His demeaner says it all: he's muslim and believe in their causes and will do anything to promote their interests over ours.

I wish the liberal fools would wake up, but with all their racism, hatred, and anti-american bias, they're too mesmerized by this evil charaton or just plain too stupid to realize the dangers they're in. At least one member of 60 minutes saw it, but will he do nothing or take the liberal way out. First, dig hole. Second, insert head. Third, act like an ostrich.

Unknown said...

I've never been religious -an agnostic my entire life- but mother is jewish, my father is jewish, and in the eyes of the Iranians I am jewish.

People I have never met want to kill me simply for being born.

They want to kill my people -and by that I not only mean the last few remaining jews in the world, but also any people who live in free society- and we standby trying to look good for the international community.

It seems that the jews will be the sacrifice history makes to remind the world that some people cannot be dealt with via words and agreements. Only this time, it's not a smoking gun, but a crater. Mondays are so depressing, eh?

The Black Sphere said...

@madmath1 - Yes, I agree. And as I wrote, I believe the MSM will start holding Obama's feet to the fire!

It will take his zombies a little longer.

The Black Sphere said...

Oppo - We will support you, as we will all people yearning to live free. Hang in there!

maddmath said...

Oppo, you hit the nail on the head and these stupid, racist morons here don't get that once your people are exterminated by these animals, they're next. Some how they think that by joining them against you, they'll never go against them.

Kevin, I think Pimp slapped is not quite right. Bitch slapped would be better.

The Black Sphere said...

madmath1 - You should know that was my first thought, however I try not to use profanity. Don't always make it, but at least I am "accountable"!

Anonymous said...


This refers to a NYT article where the mullahs running Iran, in response to Obama's message for the Iranian people, said that they would change their behavior when we do. Sounds like a kind of challenge, but they're not shutting him down altogether.

As always, I have to ask- what is your better, alternative plan?

We can't afford another war, and Iran knows this, which is why they're posturing more than ever. So talking a big game gets less effective with each passing day. What other than diplomacy do we have left?

I think the wrongest part of the article is the completely overused assumption that all Islamic people want to kill all Americans. Even in Iran there is a more moderate group, and unlike our other enemies, in Iran these moderates actually have some clout. There's an election coming up and Ahmadinejad isn't certain to win, which is a big part of why he's out there talking a big game at the moment.

Ten years ago, Iran had a moderately powerful army, and after 8 years of bush saber-rattling, they now have the potential of making nuclear bombs. I hope that's not your definition of success.

The Black Sphere said...

@eliot2000 - I find you use of history quite amusing. I seem to remember our issues with Iran dating back to the Carter era. Suggestions from me on how to address the issue?

My view is that we explain to Iran that their stated goal of the annihilation of Israel precludes us from allowing them to have nuclear energy. We will work with them on alternative energy concepts, and make the world a better place for all.

We can afford toilet paper or vodka, thanks to Obama, and know that I plan to poll you and others like you as the dollar continues to devalue, and the US is lampooned all over the world.