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Monday, June 01, 2009

Obama - Too Big to Fail?

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The industry that was" too big to fail" has 'one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel.' Today GM announced that they can no longer sucker the American taxpayer to keep the lights on and filed for bankruptcy. Further auto industry news comes as self-appointed Chrysler CEO, Barack Hussein Obama has authorized the fire sale of Chrysler.

The War on Achievement wages on. Twenty billion dollars invested in GM during "The New Dark But Not Alan Keyes Dark Ages," and hardworking American taxpayers don't even get t-shirts. Rumor is Obama plans on giving GM another fifty billion dollars to help with the bankruptcy…transition. That's twenty billion less than Chrysler is supposedly got…to transition. Apparently transitioning into bankruptcy is where the money is, during the Era of Brown Underwear.

I can now see how idiotic an idea it would have been to—allow the free market system to deal with GM and Chrysler. I wonder what the outcome would have been had GM and Chrysler been left to their own demise? I'm guessing bankruptcy. It would appear that $100B ain't what it used to be in propping up poorly run unionized companies. But who are American taxpayers to complain--it's not our money, it's Obama's! Don't believe me, then compare you "Date Night" to his.

We can't have the American taxpayers saving tens of billions of dollars in the Era of Brown Underwear. The chief architect of America's new bankrupt economy, Obama would have to be twice as smart to be a half wit. Buy high, sell low is the Obama way. And that is exactly what Italian auto-maker Fiat has done. They will get the best part of Chrysler. The Italians always get all the sexy stuff.

The irony is that Fiat had to borrow $1B from GM a few years back—actually they borrowed the money from us—the American taxpayer. You might find it interesting that with Obama's new budget we could have purchased everything produced in Italy in 2008 [Pricetag: $2.4T], and still have money to burn!

The whole "too big to fail" theory makes Obama the boy who cried wolf. Crisis management is what Rahm Emanuel calls it. To paraphrase the United Negro College Fund commercial: "A [crisis] is a terrible thing to waste." And so is a presidency.

We are in the era of complete transparency, so they tell me. I believe them—because I can see right through this administration. As with all things involving The Illusionist, The Big Zero—there is more than meets the eye. And what bothers me the most is that the UAW appears to be happy, in fact giddy. You would think that with your industry about to blow up, you would hear more moaning and groaning. But they are not. I think I know why.

In case you are wondering where all those billions are going, I can tell you that one of my best friends who worked at Chrysler visited my home the other day. He had not a care in the world, and in fact had the demeanor of a guy who has the world by the short hairs. Chrysler's bankruptcy hasn't affected him in the least. Butter his behind and called him Biscuit—my buddy was on a roll.

During the push-pull on-again-off-again job schedule he had over the past months, he made out like a bandit. He drew 75% of his income from Chrysler, when not working. He had insurance that made up the rest. While not working, he got his hustle going—ironically, working on cars.

He recently got married—on the beach in Florida—leaving the resort to take a honeymoon cruise to the Bahamas. He bought her a very nice rock, and a matching necklace. However, his present to his new bride was that he had paid off all his bills—his debt being her chief complaint of him, while he was gainfully employed. When people lose their jobs, there is supposed to be crying and wailing, and uncertainty. But my auto-industry friends for the most part are not sweating what I would consider devastating news.

Here's the wrap:

Where is the liberal outrage in a 100 year old industry being cannibalized? Michael "Less Is" Moore began his career by demonizing the closing of one GM factory in Flint, MI. His groundbreaking story featured the devastation to a small town when it lost its largest employer. For those of you smart enough not to waste your time watching a Moore "crapumentary," I will cut to the chase. When a small town loses its largest employer, as my grandfather used to say, "It's tough on old folks!"

Moore blamed GM for killing this small town, the idea being that GM had a responsibility to continue to lose money manufacturing autos in Flint. For Moore, the closing of that one plant was as if a meteor the size of Texas was headed towards Earth. Yet we don't hear a peep from him, when the industry is practically destroyed. Let me guess: (1) He may be spending the millions of dollars he has made trumping up pseudo hypocrisies. Or (2) he is too busy feeding his face. Or both. Point: Moore knows when to not pick a fight.

Under ObamaNation, two American industry icons perch at the precipice, looking into the abyss. Unlike Obama reported about the economy, Chrysler and GM are not stepping back, but instead are doing a "louie," taking the plunge.

Thankfully we have a pseudo-black president, so we don't have to hear the liberals blame it on some white republican boogeyman. But don't expect the liberals or media to point out the real boogeyman to us.

That's my rant!

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Nicole said...

Great rant. I love the comment about the era of complete transparency.

The Black Sphere said...

@Nicole - Thanks for the comment!

Julie said...

I am so upset about this I just can't stand it. Read this written in the Russian top new paper.

I didn't even get my new car. Whats up with that. This is too sad. Government hostile takeover. Never expected this in my lifetime.

The Black Sphere said...

I agree Julie. But I figure at this rate I will pick up an older GM for 10 cents on the dollar!

Jon said...

Liberals always find someone else to blame. I don't know if it's because they're cowards or so morally bankrupt, they can't see how they're a bunch of evil rodents.

The Black Sphere said...

@Jon - You understand the mind of a liberal!

Ron B said...

"The New Dark But Not Alan Keyes Dark Ages," Heck, I would prefer my next black president to be "Yaphett Kotto black." Now that is black!

American styled capitalism gone! Does anyone remember AMC, American Motors Company. They produced some horrible machines like the Gremlin, Pacer, Mattador(my cousin had one and it was pretty fast but ugly) and the Jeep. That company has disappeared from the face of the planet albeit not the Jeep brand since AMC eventually became a part of Chrysler. Because in capitalism stuff happens; markets are created and eliminated and companies come and go but not anymore. Just agree to be an arm of the Federal Government and you can remain on life support indefinitely.....paging Dr. Kevorkian, Dr. Jack Kevorkian you are needed in Detroit!

The Black Sphere said...

@SirRonB - You cracked me up Bro! Paging Dr Kervorkian!

drjim said...

Very, very sad for the USA. One of my best friends ran a Pontiac dealership back in Illinois up until a couple of years ago. He and his brother did very well, and decided to cash out just before the economy tanked. Man, talk about timing!

The Black Sphere said...

@drjim - It is sad, but we will survive it!

Rose-Bud said...

Now that GM is too big to fail, we will be supporting a industry making cars nobody wants. Then, when the new GM is up and producing, and losing more of our money, it will impossible to close those government car plants, just like that car company in Russia that is producing cars nobody wants. The people need jobs, and the government is now afraid to close em down because the people of the town will riot.
This is truly a sad day in America, and I know many more are ahead.

The Black Sphere said...

@Rose-Bud - I agree, this is a slippery slope!

Dubious Brother said...

The old cliche "follow the money" will be very apparent when the Chrysler and GM bankruptcy proceedings are done. There will be huge attorneys fees paid to the firms that represent the debtors, the unsecured creditors, the secured creditors and the equity holders all in the name of ....... sleaze. Obama is a sleazy attorney in a sleazy political party from a sleazy political town. Keep your eye open for the total amount of fees paid to attorneys when Chrysler and GM emerge from bankruptcy but have your barf bag handy.

Maggie said...

I did see on another blog that butthead Moore did have something to say on the subject. It was not very intelligent. I think it had something to do with the appointment of a novice, or as we would say, a puppet to the position for getting rid of General Motors.

It is a total myth to claim that anyone who comes from Yale or Harvard is so highly intelligent that at the age of 31 the person can be in charge of GM, or in charge of anything else in govt. These are people who have no real worldly experience.

The libtards proclaim that the men in the 50s and 60s should be put out to pasture... er I do not think so .... these are the ones who have the experience to work through all of the issues and to even think outside the square. They are the ones who have seen what will work and what will fail.

So I wonder why the inexperienced one in the White House has placed another inexperienced person in such a position - whilst the lamestream media just drip and gush all over the place because that person is so young to be taking on such a responsibility - let's just not forget that Larry Summers is probably the one pulling the strings on this punk.

The Black Sphere said...

@Dubious - I hope somebody does follow the money!

The Black Sphere said...

@Maggie - I hadn't heard anything but will see what he has to say. Of course it was stupid...consider the source!

I think 8th graders could run GM better than present management. Give me $50B and I think I could make it work!

Maggie said...

get rid of the union perks and then it will be better.

I have never purchased a Holden. There is a reason that I prefer not to drive them.

Maggie said...

here ya go Kevin - I found this on dumbo Moore

The Black Sphere said...

@Maggie - Thanks!

Doug Stark said...

If I were your friend from Chrysler I would not be sanguine about my future. I could not conceive of a worse ownership combo than Fiat and the UAW. This whole BHO & Co. auto escapade is going to stink so much by election time nobody is going to want to be associated with it . Congressional support is going to dry up because it will be seen as a losing quagmire.

Chip Head said...

Two rants from me:

If Obama is still running Govment Motors during the 2012 campaign, and odds are he will be, it could be his downfall. Continuing to dump taxpayers dollars into UAW pockets is not a good campaign issue.

Why will Govment Motors fail to be successful, as in make a profit? Let’s see....U.S. Postal Service is govment run with union workforce....Amtrak is govment run with union workforce....GM is govment run with union workforce. Just like with the Post Office and Amtrak, people have found alternatives to their unsatisfactory service. There are many alternatives to GM (and Chrysler).

Laurie said...

I live in Detroit so I have a closer relationship to this crisis than many on this site. My father was a body designer for Ford and I've driven Ford (Lincoln) all my life.

People need to realize that 2 of 10 jobs in America are automotive related. 2 in 10. 20% of American jobs are related in some way to the automotive companies. The cafe down the street or the bar across the street from the plant are just as affected by auto downturn as the auto workers themselves.

How many of you drive an American car? And dont' give me any crap about Honda having American parts, blah, blah..... Honda and Toyota profits go back to JAPAN. Honda and Toyota donated not one penny to Hurricane Katrina relief. The Big 3 gave millions. The Big 3 have built concert halls, hospitals, universities, opera houses, museums, etc. They created an American middle-class. They also won World War II by halting auto production to build bombers, tanks, etc. I admit they built crappy cars in the '70s, '80s and early '90s even, but I'd put a Ford Fusion up against a Honda Accord any day.

So again I ask... How many of you drive an American car... a Ford, a GM or a Chrysler?

Buy American... the job you save may be your own. (My bumper sticker).

That's MY rant!

Livio said...

Very refreshing blog, Brother!

I am a rare creature–a black independent, conservative thinker in big, liberal Midwestern state university. I couldn't wait for the elections to be over. All our students became mesmerized Obama zombies.

Give it to the brother, he sold himself to the youth like a nice iPod or a cool pair of Nikes.

After the over-indulgence in Obama mania, the gullible will soon have a "hopeover" to use the expression of Naomi Klein. Reality will hit when they graduate and face Obama's nationalized economy.

The Black Sphere said...

@Doug "No Kin to Tony" Stark - My buddy has left Chrysler, off to school for two years. I love my bro (he's like a brother), but the American taxpayer is financing his life at this point!

The Black Sphere said...

@Doug - No doubt. We just need to look at history to know what we will get from "Gubment Motors."

The Black Sphere said...

@Laurie - 20% of the jobs are affected by the auto industry because the American taxpayer has been financing UNION CORRUPTION. Personally, I could take that $100B and find MUCH better use!

I'm sure your father was a wonderful employee, but companies don't run like the auto industry and survive. And ultimately it is OUR taxes finances all those other businesses!

KCurtis said...

Good Read - spot on.
Fascism at it finest. What industry is next?

Trish said...

Laurie, I have only bought one non-American car, a Subaru, other than that we have had over a dozen cars in our family from 1973 on.
Unions have plenty of share in the blame, and will not be an asset to the new company, no matter who (what incompetent appointed by Obama) runs the company!

Laurie said...

Where did I say anything about preserving the unions? My dad was not a line worker, he was a body designer. My opinion is that the Unions were good and necessary in the '30s and '40s, then got reallllly greedy and self-serving and nobody really cares about them. I'm sure G.M. is giddy over being able to re-negotiate those union bosses to their knees.

All I'm saying is that the American car makers are trying to get it right this time... Please help them by buying their products. Their survival and growth is good for ALL of us.

The Black Sphere said...

@Laurie - Regardless, until the auto industry stops catering to the Unions, I won't buy "American." My other points on all the money being poured in to saving these companies are valid.

Laurie said...

So Kev... if everyone had the same attitude, we'd all be buying Hondas, Toyotas, Lexus, etc. Oh and don't forget the Smart (Stupid) Car. So without manufacturing plants, factories, tool shops, engineering firms, glass plants, And where do you think we'd all work? Most of America is a solid "C" student. Those people traditionally were able to get jobs in factories.

Kevin, yours is just an excuse to buy a foreign car. Has nothing to do with your philosophical stance on unions. I already called you on the "they're inferior" position, so you defaulted to hating the unions. Puh-leeze.

Americans for Americans. You buying an American car says "I support my American brethren and want to keep jobs in America". What - you can't do that?

The Black Sphere said...

@Laurie - Just to be clear, nobody thinks for me. I know how things work in America, as I consult with the world's largest companies. I am an EE by degree, and worked in a variety of manufacturing environments, doing design, and following my designs through manufacturing. I owned a company that sold parts, and was part of a firm that used OEM'd out of China.

I know the impact of "pull through" business. I suggest to you that without the auto industry we would get another industry. If the gov't were to fund me $100B with which to play I GUARANTEE you that I will have a large and profitable business, based on what the marketplace needs.

I don't blame ancillary businesses for the failures of the auto industry, I blame the Unions and the jellyfish spined auto industry leadership, and the government for covering the problem and being the chief enabler of socialist lunacy.

So again, if the US auto industry did not use the extortion of unions, I would GLADLY own an American car. Those other businesses are owned by entrepreneurs who will adjust to the business and economic conditions...such is the American way!

Final point on unions. I was introduced to them at a trade show in Chicago, where I was extorted to set up my both (15 min by me), acquire electricity and a 6' cord. Total cost: ~$2500.

If you are here to enjoy the blog and have areas where we have slight disagreements, then enjoy. If you are here to challenge my well thought out positions as a challenge, then be prepared to get more you may think you give.

maddmath said...

Wow, that man was making more money NOT to work. Sounds like socialism to me. If I was making that kind of money sitting on my arse I would be gitty too. This from the smartest man in the roon? I learned better from a basic economic class which I'm sure BO missed.

Laurie, you're a moron. As an pink slipped teacher, most American studentds, unless Asian, are NOT solid C students, they're barely D students AT BEST. They can't figure out change at Burger King much less figure out how to put parts to a car together (I had nearly all my student in GEOMETRY didn't even know how to use a ruler and that was to draw a straight line). Why do you think the Union is fighting for the rights of the parasites? I own a Ford btw and a Geo which is the world car made by Ford, the only company not in bankrupcy nor owned by the government. The problem is isn't that we want to buy foreign cars, but they are the affordable ones because they don't have to pay for the insane demands by the unions for the parasites that contribute nothing and medical and pension plans that make beauracrats jealous. Never had this been about inferior cars by union but by how overly costly they are. You think now BO who couldn't put together a peanut butter and jelly sandwich or a pizza since he has a pizza cook flown in is going to be able to build a better car, and a green one too? That's been tried, and by GM no less, and was a complete and unmitigated disaster (the batteries alone cost $35,000). The technology just isn't there yet to make the vehicle that BO wants. If so, I got swamp land in Florida to sell you. Your ignorance of economics are showing.

Jealous Bitch said...

I cannot WAIT to read your book. Economics goes totally over my head, but this bitch will gladly take the word of a hot big black dude like you any day, man. CONGRATS ON THE BOOK, getting mine ASAP.

Anonymous said...

I, too, will not purchase a new GM or Chrysler automobile so long as the union and obummer have their hands on the company and the funds. I agree with Laurie and Kevin....the unions no longer serve a purpose other than to enahnce their pocket book! Thanks to unions, my husband lost his pension and has taken a 50% cut in pay an is at retirement age where it is too late to learn a new skill for a new career. My son-in-law also lost his job in a union shop. The union has not taken a pay cut or lost THEIR job! What a sham!

Laurie said...

People - I am not a moron, nor do I support BHO. I think he's a tyrannical despot. And the unions have had their day. I agree with what you guys are saying about the unions.

From a practical standpoint though, I just want Americans to have jobs. You guys sound like my hypocritical liberal friend who's all about the new green-sham economy yet doesn't even recycle. Or the folks who want govt-run health care but don't realize that our doctors and nurses and other medical professionals will be put out to pasture to bring in those from India and the Middle east who will work for WAY cheaper. Or if BHO were to mandate collective farming, more jobs lost. Again, what happens to jobs for Americans? We cannot be a free society if we lose our independence, and being proudly employed is Job 1 (thank you Ford).

This is a ploy by the libs in Washington to get us all to be groveling at the hand of govt welfare. And then what? He's already making noises about taking guns and running the airwaves. He wants to be the U.S. Dictator.

The Black Sphere said...

@Jealous - Wow, lots of compliments in there but for now let's focus on "hot!" :-) Just kidding!

I look forward to you getting the book, and want feedback. It got good reviews, but it you guys I want to satisfy!

The Black Sphere said...

@Carolinan - Thanks for the visit. I think we mostly all agree, though our approaches for solving the problem may be different. Let's all "Rodney King" up in here! :-) And I don't mean get the crap beat out of us, but instead "all git along."

maddmath said...

Laurie, even with points I agree with, you show you don't know what you're talking about. If you have read this blog in the past you would realize we are all for Americans having jobs. Though, you're right the dems are taking our freedom away with job killing policies. That's our point. These policies of making cars nobody is going to buy to employ overpaid, over conpensated union workers isn't going to do it. We don't want to buy from GM because they're making crappy cars. If it wasn't for the union and BO, they would fail, have to restructure and rethink their product to produce something that people do want and will buy. You agree with us about what the unions are doing but condem us as unpatriotic and hyprocrites for not buying their cars anyways. People will not buy what doesn't fullfill their needs or desires and now GM doesn't. They never got that, and the union could care less. They just bleed a business dry and now with unlimited taxpayer dollars to back up their shoddy goods, it's going to undermind Ford that is on the right track because they do have limited funds. Now because we don't buy GM we're going to have government control of our lives? Have you been keeping up with what's going on with GM? They are controlled by the govt. Frankly, I don't get your point on GM because supporting them is supporting big government. That's why KJ has the Government Motors parody going. Do you really think jobs are going to stay with Ford if everyone is buying from GM. Their jobs are safe because the government will pay them rather anyone buys or not now. So calling us hyprocrites for not wanting a GM car shows a lack of understanding on your part. What will happen when he does the same for medical care which you know because you stated it, the insurance and banking industries? Will the good banks stay in business or will the bad ones undermind them until they go under? Those jobs will be lost and they'll be greater and more severed than the bad ones and only the government backed ones will be left and you're not going to get a good product (if any) from them.

I think, Laurie, you're supportive of the ideals we have here, but naive on what's going on. I do hope you stick around here because you will get clarity. (P.S. I don't have a green car, but do recycle, don't support socialized care and willing to pay for it myself).

Most Rev. Gregori said...

I think that whatever corporations and business we have left, should keep looking over their shoulders, because I believe Obama is coming after them all.

drjim said...

Yep, and then our 401(k) plans are next.
It's for the greater good of the Kountry, you understand....

The Black Sphere said...

@madmath1 - Ok let's leave Laurie alone. We have our different perspectives, but at our core we all want to do what is best they way we see it. If Laurie wants to "buy American" sobeit. All points are valid in this discussion, but I stress that unlike the libs, we are really interested in solutions.

The Black Sphere said...

@drjim - 401(k)s will become 201(k)s!

Ron B said...

Amtrak, US Postal Service, Chrysler, General Motors all will produce a product that is inferior and competition will tear it apart yet the guberment will continue to sink billions into them because they all have the thought that they can produce something people will want.

FedEX, UPS, SW Airlines, Honda, Toyota all provide a product that Americans want not need but want.

maddmath said...

Point taken, Kevin. Should work towards solutions, not bicker over minor details unlike libs. Sorry, was having a lib moment. Been working long hours so the mind isn't as sharp as it once was.

Ron, good thinking about the Postal Service which is an oxymoron. We get better service from FedEx, UPS, and until they disbanded in the US, DHL though a bit more costly. I would trust my package with them more than USP.

maddmath said...

Oh, let's not forget the advantage USP service has in not having to pay the taxes UPS and FedEx pays as well as licensing fees, etc, so the government can fund their competition.

The Black Sphere said...

@SirRonB - No doubt. Plenty of examples of government bungling!

The Black Sphere said...

@madmath1 - Glad you agree, and great point on USP!

Maggie said...

I think Laurie might not be aware that I am the Aussie in this group :).

In response to Laurie, I drive a Ford. My late uncle worked at the steel mills in Detroit until he was laid off. Some of my cousins used to work for Ford, I think.

However, I should point out that we have owned various Fords over the years since we married. We have also owned a Toyota Liteace, Datsun 200B, Mitsubishi Magna, Mitsubishi Lancer and we now own a Nissan Tiida.

I love driving a Ford. I do not like driving the GM product. There is a reason for my distaste for the GM product. If I had my way I would probably drive a Peugeot!! The Tiida is very economical on fuel. I have a friend who drives a Prius, another who drives a Honda.

Here in Australia some of the cars are fully imported, and some are re-badged. It is an interesting situation. The Korean cars have a reasonable reputation, and ditto for the Japanese cars. However, they can be pricey on the parts.

I agree with Laurie about all of the business that is dependent upon the car industry. We are all in agreement that the present union structure is destroying the car industry, in the USA and in Australia.

I think what we all want is an economical car that is well built and is safe to drive.

Laurie said...

OK I am seeing the light in regard to G.M. anyway. OK so please buy a Ford?? (I bought Ford stock in January at 2.50 a share - woo-hoo!! Go Ford!!)

Just a question though Kev. All buildings, skyscrapers, etc are built using Union tradespeople -- ironworkers, electricians, plumbers, etc. So do you refuse to patronize any building built by union people?

The Black Sphere said...

@Laurie - I will indulge your nonsensical question. No, I have to use those "union" buildings. Now I have a question for you. Do you believe those buildings could have been built for a fraction of the costs, had the union not been involved? How much would those tenants be paying for lease space, if the owners didn't have to recover 2-3X what it cost to build them.

In Texas (non-union) a house that cost $200K is $600K in Missouri, and $1M in CA, thanks to those heavily UNION states.

So I say, get rid of the unions, and give the American people use of their money back instead of subsidizing union thuggery.

There is NO debate that the unions are thugs for the most part. They have NO concern for their employers and the, here's the word...opportunity that employers provide. NO job is guaranteed! And you certainly shouldn't be paid NOT to work. The GM COO said not too long ago that GM would be better off NOT making autos. Strange statement coming from an "AUTO MAKER!"

machinepolitick said...

Date Night? What's that?

Mazzuchelli said...

I'm with Laurie. No one could ever accuse me of driving a car from a country where the citizens demonstrate against my government or our products. Any of you driving an import can't say the same. And I'd really appreciate all the GM = crap nonsense to stop. When's the last time you drove a GM product? I've been driving them since I was 15. The only problem I EVER had was with an incorrect can't remember the part now but an electronic doo-hickey from a Chevy Caprice installed on my El Dorado and then a clogged fuel filter after driving my hotrod on The Great in San Francisco with the air filter off. Stupid I know but cars weren't as delicate then as they are now. In any event, if you have no personal experience, SDSU. I wish GM had just manned up and persued a pure bankruptcy. They're gaining nothing from the UAW because liberal henchman are in charge who are very beholden to the unions. It is all a travesty any way you look at it.

The Black Sphere said...

@Machine - Exactly. And my budget is more like $80 when it does happen. Only 3 decimals off...Chump change!

The Black Sphere said...

@Maz - I believe GM has built quality back in their cars. I believe the UAW made them put a premium on cars. And if they allow Chinese imports, you are going to see the price of cars plummet.

Laurie said...

Thank you Mazz! Don't you just think American cars are way hotter, more comfy and luxurious than those Asian ones?

Anonymous said...

Is it only me but has anyone else considered the implication of Barack Obama “owning” Government Motors ( ) and its OnStar ( ) subsidiary. For starters review these GM OnStar advertisements and think about the technology which is being offered and take note of the new features which will be available in 2009 car model.

Automatic Crash Response

GM OnStar High Speed Pursuit Preventive Technology

The following website was setup before Barry went into the car business but the privacy issues they raise are now even more critical. Every GM car is wiretapped at the factory which will be a real time saver for the FBI, DHS, CIA, NSA, FEMA, DNC, ACORN, etc.

Boycott OnStar

A script from a future OnStar commercial which will be seen on TV:

Hello Mr. Smith this is Barry your OnStar customer service agent. As part of your free OnStar Government Motors travel service I just received an alert that you are pulling into the parking of a hotel owned by a rich capitalist exploiter of the People. You may not be aware of this but the Department of Homeland Security has determined this Enemy of the State has donated large sums of money to know subversive organizations such as the Boy Scouts of American. Perhaps I can assist you in changing your travel plans by recommending several environmentally friendly hotels with reduced carbon footprints and no-flush toilettes. By the way Mr. Smith, the OnStar computer did notice that you exceed the speed limit on I80 for a shot time, just consider this as a friendly warning for now. We would not want you using up your quota in Obama Care on an unnecessary accident would we? And as always, we at OnStar are from the Government and we are here to help you!

If you own an OnStar equipped GM car, even if you have not subscribed to OnStar, what makes you think that OnStar is turned off? There is growing sentiment for boycotting Government Motors but why would anyone in the right mind want to buy a new or used GM car equipped with OnStar?

RASMUSSEN: 26% Applaud GM Bailout But 17% Favor Boycott.

Don’t buy any new or used socialist American cars. For our freedom and that of our children and children’s children, don’t support the looter socialist state! Barry, his Car Czar and their henchmen don’t buy American manufactured car; the American people are the ones who buy these cars. Well we are not going to buy them any longer. General Motors and Chrysler are going to fail with or without our intervention but we can accelerate the process and shorten the time to when free markets are restored to America.

Michael Ronayne
Nutley, NY

Anonymous said...


With the way Obama likes to interpret the constitution and with Sotomayor joining the supreme court, it would be no surprise to me that the two four year term limit would be lifted, "because the constitution is a living evolving document."

Anonymous said...


The "Living-breathing document" doctrine the liberals have supported for decades now, is just an attempt to make an end run around the constitution. If the meaning of words can be re-interpreted, then they mean nothing. We must stonewall any appointment that is not a strict "Originalist" candidate.

Anonymous said...


They Need it to be living. That's the only way they can KILL it. The left HATES our constitution.

Anonymous said...


Nope--the bigger they are the harder they fall is what I was told as a kid.

Course y'all know he will not relinquish ANY ground he's gained ie power.

Not with his narcissistic self.

@merslerm--I'm having enough bad dreams already! shush your mouth-Don't say that--don't even THINK that! Please?

stunned said...

I own a Mazda MPV with a Ford engine. The transmission went at 90,000 miles and was told by my transmission guy this was common as his BROKE the steel ring I watched him take out of the trans on a work station. The steel just broke apart. The steel in the trans was designed too thin and Mazda would not recognize their mistake. Consumer Reports show that the transmission problem in this vehicle was common. I will NEVER buy a car with an American made engine again especially one make by government workers.

Anonymous said...

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Cassidy said...

Mr. Jackson, good book. Just one quick question.. In the first few chapters you say a man named charles ballard donated his mansion in san antonio which later became a mueseum. Can you tell me the name of the meuseum or the street its on or something? Ive lived in san antonio my entire life and would just like to check it out and learn a little history. thanks.

The Black Sphere said...

Cassidy - I changed the name of the family in my book, but if you want to email me, I will get you the house information.