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Friday, February 12, 2010

Chris Matthews Memory Lapse

I keep thinking that white Liberals have finally hit a new low, but they keep on digging. This time it’s Chris Matthews. Either a ratings ploy for MSNBC, or as Matthews might be thinking these days, "I forgot I was stupid!"

By now everybody has heard his comment about Obama, “I forgot he was black.” Matthews then attempted a mea culpa by saying that he credited Obama with closing the racial divide—Matthews’ second stupid comment that night.

There is no recovery from the first statement, “I forgot he was black.” So just I decided to give my Top Ten reasons Chris Matthews “forgot he [Obama] was black:”

1, He’s so bad at basketball, I forgot he was black.

2. He’s so inept at being the black first president, I forgot he was black.

3. He’s so pro-abortion, I forgot he was black.

4. He’s so hates the church, I forgot he was black.

5. He’s so keeps black people down, I forgot he was black.

6. He’s so light-skinned with no Negro dialect, I forgot he was black.

7. He’s so articulate and clean, I forgot he was black.

8. He’s so educated, I forgot he was black.

9. He’s so intelligent AND married to a domineering black militant woman, I forgot he was black.

10. He got me so wee weed up, I forgot he was black.

Matthews then attempted to correct the record to say that what he meant to say is that Obama is the person who closed the racial divide in America. Really?

I think Obama was the benefactor of the racial divide being Republicans! And there are many black Republican soldiers still battling against the racial divide that continues to this day, because of racists like Matthews, Reid, Biden, Dean. Does Clarence Thomas ring a bell Pavlov?

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Jody L. Wilcox said...

Good One

celine712 said...

LOVE #10!!! When will we actually get to the content of character! UGH!

Opaobie said...

Well, when the Congressional Black Caucus and Al Sharpton and the rest of the usual offended suspects finally, uh, "locate" the missing "N_WORD" video, I'm sure the music playing in the background will undoubtedly be Stay In Your Own Backyard ...scroll down to find it on the linked page. There's a link to listen to the music. Here are the lyrics

Anne said...

Clarence Thomas is a voice of reason and common sense amid this nation of confusion and indifference. I thank God Justice Thomas is among the decision-makers of our society. I am also thankful the less logical voices can be voted out of office!

Anonymous said...

"I forgot he was black"? How about if it really doesn't matter, the statement would be 'I don't even think about that?' and you'd only offer it up in the media if ASKED.

For someone to whom this supposedly doesn't matter...for a movement that supposedly has no issues about ethnicity, why is there such a constant stream of comment about things that they have supposedly transcended?

Two come to mind, one is that they haven't transcended anything and for Chris Matthews in particular, it's ego. Sort of like saying 'see how post racial I am? Ain't I grand?'

Amillennialist said...

Outstanding post!

You're linked at

commoncents said...

THANK MUCH for posting this! I'm very glad I found your blog!

Common Cents