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Monday, October 27, 2008

Obama Love

Since I consider Obama a Black racist, and a terrorist-loving, America-hating, resume-building, no talent hack, and I say this affectionately, I have wondered what is White America's fascination with him. It's not like the 60s when it was much more difficult to find an "articulate, eloquent and…clean" Black man as it is these days. We are everywhere, I am proud to say. And while I am interested in the White male point of view on this subject, I am more interested in the White female point of view.

Recently I attended an event, where James Carville was one of the keynote speakers. Typically I would never attend such an event, as I find the man both irritating and funny to look at. I was struggling with a stomach bug, so why run the risk of losing my lunch in two ways. However Carville's wife was to be the "better half" of the speech, which is why I decided to put my $7 at risk.

Admittedly I enjoyed Carville, and remembered that he said "…statistically speaking, over 65% of White women with Masters degrees vote Democratic". He went on to discuss other demographics, and essentially the net was "…dumb White chicks dig Obama." Obviously. They are dumb, I ROFL'd at the thought!

So the two-thirds so-called educated White women who vote Democrat, according to Carville do so mainly because of the right to choose. They are the NOW generation women, though I have another name for them. They remind me of precocious teens, trying to upset Daddy. Enjoy your hell ladies. As you have likely figured out, it ain't all wine, truffles, and caviar. In short, these women are of no interest to me, at least in this hypothesis.

My fascination is with the White women who might not normally vote Democratic, but find themselves drawn to Obama, like a moth to a flame, no, no…like a mosquito to a bug zapper! Yes, that's more analogous!

These White women would have you believe that it is because of the war, or Obama's stance on socialized medicine, or one of Obama's other inane, nonsensical policies. That's what they want you to believe. But I know the truth.

I believe this demographic has come down with a fever that is typically limited to warm, tropical environs, though it has become more prevalent in the US. Yes America, there has been an outbreak of not Scarlet, not Yellow, but Jungle Fever with these White women.

This demographic of White women of which I speak are the women who attended mostly White high schools and played it straight. They dated Eric, John, or Bill, the all-America White teenage boy, and either married him, or maybe three to five White boyfriends removed from him is their present husband.

Now life is mundane and tedious, and they have begun to reflect on the handful of Black boys that were in school. These Black kids were good athletes, good students, but they were "off limits". Nevertheless, secretly the White girls were jonesing for these Black stallions; their lust remained hidden. But Jungle Fever lay dormant, boiling like a cauldron deep within.

Lost in suburbia, the symptoms of Jungle Fever are difficult to spot. The occasional Black UPS driver or oil change mechanic might invoke a headrush, however not enough of a sympton to allow the disease to the surface. Then Obama enters, stage leftist or "leftest", pick the one you like!

"Oh my God, Sharon, did you see that Black guy with the funny name…Usamba or something? He is so good-looking, and articulate…and clean!"

The fever rushes to the surface like an erupting volcano, evoking in these White women the memories and pent up, unexplored passions from their pasts. They recall all the Reggies, the Tyrones, and Dmitriuses from high school.

Toys in hand, this group of White women all across America began indulging their Mandingo fantasies, deepening their love for Obama.

Their friends say," He's a terrorist-lover." "I don't kayer," they moan.

He's unqualified. "I don't kayer."

He has ideas that will bankrupt the country. "I don't kayer."

He's a socialist. "I don't kayer."

He's a racist. "I don't kayer."

He wants to kill babies after they are born. "I don't kayer."

He hates America? "I don't kayer! I LOOOVE him!", they say sobbing.

So far, no cure offered by the McCain campaign can combat Jungle Fever. Black Republican scientists are working feverishly (pardon intended!) on an antidote, which will involve Sarah Palin's DNA.

That's my rant!

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Conservative Black Woman said...

LOL,I hadn't thought about the "jungle fever" part of the equation but you may be on to something there Kevin.

The Black Sphere said...

Laura Hazen (Johnson)
Information Technology and Services Consultant

Greater Detroit Area

Lead Business Systems Analyst at McKesson Pharmacy Systems
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Laura Hazen (Johnson) Date: October 28, 2008To: Kevin Jackson

I think that he is the anti-Bush and I know more females than males that feeling stronger hate for Bush. I think that females fall for his charm and ellegance. Face it, he's real smooth. My 77 year old Mom seem really taken by him so I think that he is converting some of the old lady crowd. Maybe women are more affected by appearances. Obama is taller, has a deeper voice, seems more articulate, .. in other words, he seems more presidential than McCain (a shorter, grey, balding guy with a smarmy voice). Don't get me wrong, I am not drinking the kool-aid and am smart enough to see theough appearances. It's kind of like the women who falls for the good looking guy who is a creep... not saying that Obama is good looking; just that he looks like a president. But, as we know appearance are just appearances

DJohn said...

You are right on the money! The question is will there be more women taken in by Palin Power than those that fall for the Mandingo Warrior? Stay tuned!

Anonymous said...

This is definitely satirical drivel. Laura Hazen actually makes some sensical comments.

The Black Sphere said...

From: Michale Holznagel
Project Coordinator at Grand Vision Foundation

Greater Los Angeles Area

Project Coordinator at Grand Vision Foundation

Date: October 28, 2008

I agree with your analysis of Mr. Obama. The only reasoning I can think of is similar to what Amy said. I do think people don't want to "appear" racist. I have a feeling we may experience the Bradley Effect on November 4th.

Another reason for the support may be the "feminist" movement. This movement was hijacked by radical leftists to promote their far left agenda. The majority of the so called "feminists" these days are middle-aged white women. These women will do anything to promote their cause even at the destruction of other women. The "feminists" have destroyed the family as we knew it and are trying to replace it with their version where you no longer "need" a man. You can marry another woman, if you are so unfortunate to have slept with a man and have become pregnant, at any stage, you can can abort your unwanted pregnancy and never have to depend on a man. This democratic far left agenda is appealing to the feminists.

Women who don't want to be singled out and ostracized by the femanazis go along with these ideals. I hope that they don't get pushed around on the 4th and vote for what's right.

The Black Sphere said...

From: Jon Gruett
Date: October 28, 2008

A couple weeks ago my wife and I were out running errands on a Saturday. We were listening to Monica Crowley on talk radio and she was commenting how the women over 40 and women over 50 were not falling for Obama's rhetoric. One man named John called in and said that he and his wife were talking about this factor and he said his wife mentioned that those women over 40 were not buying in to Obama because they had been with the pretty boys and had heard them say anything to get what they wanted, only to find out they were talking fluff. I thought that was VERY descriptive of Obama. THought I would share that with you all. I thought it was very insightful how this ego-centric Superman sent here to change the world is perceived by those of us not taken in by his empty suit.

The Black Sphere said...

From: Chip Robison
Date: October 28, 2008

I read your blog. Again, I commend!!

I asked my wife about what she thinks the fascination is w/ Obama. She agrees w/ me that Obama wants to normalize aburrent men-hating behavior. I mean, you don't have to be a psychologist to see the hate in Obama's wife!

I see the sickness of such television shows as The View. I don't worry about the women hosting the show. I worry about those who watch this trash! Much can be said as to how Obama was received on the show versus how McCain's reception.

Many of these women see themselves as former victims of men.

The Black Sphere said...

Jose V. Martinez
Redefining Intelligence

Having been the victim of the liberal feminist mindset, I can understand the overall 'distaste' inherent to this topic. It is true however that women have been treated badly both domestically and abroad by the politics of men especially after WWII. The reality is however that this has more to do with the way we as men regard, or disregard, our women do to either immaturity or negative self image. Ok, now that 's over let's focus on a real issue.

Am I the only person that thinks that we as republicans have more to gain at the end of an Obama presidency? I mean really... The economy is in the tank, the environment is circling the drain and never before has an election season been so polarized by the darkside of the human condition. Issues like sexism, racism, poverty, and extremist hatred on a global scale against America.

Look, the next president is inhereting a nightmare that he will not be able to fix in four years. And will most likely be seen as the worst president ever to haunt the West Wing. He will beat his head against a wall, fighting ignorance and inertia on every level, and most likely be seen as an incompetent idealist with no quantifiable result (think 'Jimmy'). Do we really want one our boys taking that wrap?

I say let them have it and we'll pick it up on the tail end with a Sen. Palin/Romney ticket squaring off against Hillary in 2012. That would fix the 'white female' issue, wouldn't it?

The Black Sphere said...

From: Douglas Cooper
Date: October 28, 2008

It's not about black and white; it's about bread and circus. Obama will give things away -- free money, the government will support you.

It's about good looks, smooth delivery and the hope that you will get some of the rich person's wealth.

Lucy Stern said...

While I was driving yesterday, I was listening to a talk radio station that asked the question, "What is the dumbest reason you have heard for someone voting for their canidate?" After listening to most of the comments, One of the comments was that a woman was going to vote for the man that her X husband wasn't voting for.....Another, "I'm voting for Obama because Oprah said to."....."I'm voting for Obama because he is the first black man running for President." I shook my head and wondered, "what has happened to America." Your point of view might just fit in with those that I heard yesterday.....

I'm NOT voting for Obama because I don't want to live in a socialist society. My daughter is an honor student at college. She has worked hard to get her 4.0 average. Her friend, parties, hardly studies and has a 2.0 average. Would it be fair to both students, if my daughter gave away one of her hard earned GPA so that they both could have a 3.0? I don't think so. We have two generations of the "entitlement" generations now, what ever happened to the old, "pull up your boot straps and work"?

Sorry to rant.....

Anonymous said...

I loved your rant Lucy! And not to correct you, but we are well into our 4th generation of welfare, thanks to the Democrats! - The Black Sphere

The Black Sphere said...

From: T. T. Kiker
Date: October 29, 2008

I read the "I don't kayer" post. Milk shot out of my nose, and I don't even drink milk.


The Black Sphere said...

From: Susan Elizabeth Swift
Date: October 30, 2008

I hate to say it too but I think looks has alot to do with it. I know a certain white female "journalist" who had made to attempt to downplay her attraction to him, even writing about how great he looked without his shirt and wanting to follow him into the locker room. Mind you, she is "covering" his campaign for the newspaper she is "writing" for.

The Black Sphere said...

From: Tim Arnold
Date: October 30, 2008

Style over substance, pure and simple. Just like Bill Clinton, no substance at all, all style. If that is what it takes to win the female vote, then unfortunatly it does not bode well for the Republicans, and it says very little for the women voters out there. It shows that the Republican women voters are paying attention, all the others are taken in far too easily by looks and style.

This guys is just like Slick Willy, he bases his decisions on which ever way the polling winds are blowing, and that changes daily.

The Black Sphere said...

Vicki Betts
Senior Business Systems Analyst, Sentry Insurance

Kevin, I personally do not know any white females who are voting for Obama-- seems strange, now that I am typing it to you, but it is true. My mother knows only one-- and she is not voting at all, because she is an old person, and has voted Democratic all her life, and just cannot bring herself to do the Republican thing on the ballot. You SHOULD be proud to be a wonderful man who happens to be black-- I have several of them that I know, that are good, accomplished, successful people-- they are in my contacts! One is a CIO of the US Olympic Organization, he was my CIO at my last company-- another is my recently former supervisor, who is now a CIO of a department of the state of Michigan-- both of them are Republicans, and both of them think that Barack Obama is a dishonest, shifty character with Communist leanings, and a God complex. But here is what is interesting to us-- my husband has been involved in football at various levels, for years-- he also has many friends who played football with him, as well as being in the Marine Corps with him, who just happen to also be black. What we are seeing in Green Bay is somewhat shocking, regarding white women and black men-- My husband was helping with the Donald Driver Summer Football Camp in our area, Donald being a Green Bay Packer, and a wonderful guy. Every day that my husband would go to school, to help with the camp, he would tell me that white women of various ages would show up, to throw themselves at the young black men who were part of Donald's entourage-- many were the mothers of the young kids who were there for football camp. I am not certain, why there is a trend this way, but there is-- my theory on this is that if you watch American Television, you will see some subtle changes that have happened over the last 12 years or so. Black men are portrayed on tv, in shows and in commercials, as being heroes, and successful people-- White men, on the other hand, are portrayed as buffoons-- evidence "Married with Children", the Simpsons, Family Guy, and I know there are many sitcoms that do this, and tons of commercials. I think this is subliminal. and I think it has a lot to do with this phenomenon.

The Black Sphere said...

From: Peggy Schanze
Date: November 3, 2008

In response to you question regarding the white woman voting for Obama, that is an excellent question which I have pondered for hours on end.
I come from a long and proud conservative family of women. My sister is a young 66 and has never voted for a democrat until this election. She is head over heels for Obama. "He is inspirational", "he has a great group of advisors", "he is such a great public speaker" are phrases coming out of her mouth. I personally don't get it but I know 10 plus women who have always voted conservatively that intend to vote the most liberal senator we have ever had into the white house.

I reminded her the greatest public inspirer/speaker of the last century was Adolph Hitler. I now do not have to listen to her swoon over Obama as she is not speaking to me. Go figure; the truth hurts.

And don't get me started on katie Couric....she looked like a star gazed, smitten teenager as she interviewed Obama. Gag.

The Black Sphere said...

From: Vicki Betts
Date: November 3, 2008

If they only knew how little Obama cared about them-- as a matter of fact, he HATES white people-- that is what he knows, that is what he listened to, and AGREED to, in 20 years of church sermons. If you read his books, he hated his mother, for being white. DUH-- you wonder, don't you?