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Friday, May 15, 2009

Obama’s Fuzzy Jobs Math

Obama's socialist takeover of Chrysler is already having an impact—a negative impact. We get news of over 700+ dealerships to be closed, which translates to around 30,000 jobs lost. Fear not Obamatrons, for the messiah is prepared to "pencil whip" Americans into mathematical submission. 30,000 lost equals a 1,500 gain in ObamaMath.

Need a real life example? A couple of weeks ago job losses were reported at around 600,000. However that same week Obama reported that he had created 150,000 new jobs. Creative math for sure, and not the way most of us learned it. So much for "gubment" school educations.

You may recall that Obama originally planned to "create or save" 2.1M, then 2.5M, then 3M, then 4.1M jobs. It is now back down to 3.1M. I'm not sure if the "current final number" includes the 150,000 that Obama claims have been created thus far. Based on Obama math, he only needs to report creating about 100,000 new jobs to make up for the 4M jobs that will have soon been lost under his watch.

In discovering the real news, "real news" being defined as news the lamestream media doesn't report, I have only discovered job losses. In fact, jobs "debounded" again this week under Obama's watch, from 590,000 in the last report, increasing to over 630,000 new unemployment filings to be reported this week. With 6.5M people now unemployed—most post-Obamulus von Porkulus package—perhaps the economy hasn't quite bottomed out, as reported by Obama News Network.

Dealers are not overjoyed with Chrysler's new chief executive, as they are getting a Rodney King beatdown. One of the gotchas to the Obama's takeover of Chrysler is the deposed Chrysler dealers must keep all their inventory. For those of you who don't understand the real world of "Distribution" or being a distributor, I will explain how it is supposed to work.

When a distributor takes a product from a manufacturer, the distributor usually gets "restocking" rights. This means, they get the opportunity to return inventory that does not sell. Sometimes distributors will trade inventory for "hotter" products, though this is not the case so much in the auto industry, due to high shipping fees. In the auto industry they tend to have end of model year sales or other dealer incentives. In fact, most distributors don't technically "own" their inventories, until the items are sold.

So how did Chrysler thwart the system?" Bankruptcy. The eventuality Obama said essentially "America could not afford to let happen"—happened. And after it happened, Obama gave Chrysler $6B—to transition into of bankruptcy.

Let's look at the benefactors of this tragedy that was not supposed to happen.

First, Fiat will get the best part of Chrysler for essentially pennies on the dollar—pennies on our hard-earned taxpayer dollars.

Next, the UAW will benefit. Election paybacks…ok kickbacks. The union got everything it wanted, including part of that $6B to honor their agreements. And they will essentially run the "bad part" of Chrysler, in partnership with Obama. Do I really need to warn you not to buy this stock?

Finally, Obama got everything he wanted—socialized industry.

The dealers however are left to keep all the cars, and all the parts, and have for the most part been put out of business. The American taxpayers get the bill.

Here's the wrap:

To paraphrase a popular saying, "The 'big guys' got the mine, the 'little guys' got the shaft."

If you are a believer in the War on Achievement, then this makes perfect sense. Socialism is the new capitalism in ObamaNation.

Welcome to Bizarro World--where you can have 600,000 verified lost jobs, however the government tells us that they have created or saved 150,000 jobs. That's ObamaMath.

That's my rant!

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Anonymous said...

Every day I wonder what craziness will come next. He is some kind of ruler of everything it seems these days.
And the "denseness of poop" picture is hilarious! I appreciate what you keep doing! Good job, Kevin!

The Black Sphere said...

Thanks, Bearclaw! Coffee soon!

Anonymous said...

Driver Anderson at 10:30am May 16

Now that is an angle I never considered...Thank you Kevin!

Anonymous said...

Tom Mannis at 10:38am May 16

Density of Poop?!? Man, LMAO, ASMP!!!

Lynn F McMiller said...

Another great one Kevin! I'm amazed when I see the spin the MSM is putting on all of this - saying we are coming out of the recession because we only lost 500K jobs instead of 650K last month, and stuff like that. That's the fuzzy math people have after drinking 8 fuzzy navels, IMO.

The Black Sphere said...

@Lynn - You are so right. That's exactly what they do. And word on the street is that the new numbers are back in the 600s! So 30,000 jobs losses with Chrysler dealerships, and 50,000 with GM dealerships...but it's working!

Ron B said...

Fuzzy math and flip fops on aisle 12 at Target.

Now the debt is unsustainable. What made him ever think that it was.

Sir RonB

The Black Sphere said...

SirRonB - Cracked me up Bro! "Fuzzy math and flip flops on aisle 12...

MEG said...

And we ain't seen nuttin yet! Wait until he gets his cap in trade fiasco going. The fed will have control over every business in the country. They will be able to put them out of business if they do not toe the line on the stupid carbon footprint nonsense. Chavez and Castro have nothing on Obama.
Kevin, I can't get your youtube link to work. I want to put it on my facebook. Also, where do I send you an email? I want to join your effort to spread the word. I can't wait for your book. My socialist white friends, and Obot son need to get some facts straight.

The Black Sphere said...

@MEG - Connect with me on FB and remind me of this chat. is the link to all my videos. That's a ZERO not an O.

The book will be eye-opening for your socialists buds, and your other bud! Thanks for the linking my stuff on FB!

nerdygirl said...

Well, Obama's Poop may be dense, but don't forget, his sh@# don't STINK!
He is the Obamessiah!

Anonymous said...

Aaron James at 2:13pm May 16

"Create or save," a stat that is impossible to verify, but 30k lost is easy to see.

David said...

Yes, slash the ad budget by 1/2 and then kill off your independent dealers, ruining thousands of businesses and tens of thousands of lives... brilliant move, King Porkulous!

I wonder if he has a plaid jacket with brown elbow patches on it hanging up in the same closet that he smokes in.

Excellent blog, Kevin. I keep coming back.

The Black Sphere said...

@David - Love "King Porkulus!" Thanks for returning, David!

Amanda @ Serenity Now said... of the dealerships in my town is closing.

shoprat said...

In 1984 Winston Smith was astonished that the people were excited about an increase in their chocolate ration because it was actually a decrease. 1984 is upon us.

The Black Sphere said...

@Shoprat - Very funny reference!

ADL said...

Some Berzerkly store was handing out free copies of the Density of Poop and I almost wanted to be one of the first __ in line just so I could scrawl something on the cover like that. That picture made me laugh out loud! I can't handle using either of the words "audacity" or "hope" anymore (well, at least not in the same sentence) so I'm very grateful to have something else to call it.

Anonymous said...

Obama is a typical liberal - When your pie in the sky, arrogant, condescending policies fail, try to make it look like its working anyway, rather than admit defeat and re-strategize. Obama needs help, the kind of help that only the mujahideen can provide.

The Black Sphere said...

@ADL - Yes, what arrogance for that title. Elitist racist pig, that Obama!

The Black Sphere said...

@Larry - LOL on the mujahideen! And your earlier comment was smack on!

former bond holder said...

What do you think is going to happen when try the first bond sale? You would have to be a crack head to buy those things. Obama killed the trust and rule of law, I mean, who would want to finance Chrysler now? Also, what do you think the worldwide bond market is going to think the next time a huge bond sale comes up? The U.S. use to have a reputation for the most secure bond market in the world. What happens when the world no longer wants to invest here because, in the back of their minds, they may get knocked out of their primary debtholder status by a Dictator/CEO/Hollywood Star wannabe's sudden whim and imagined sense of justice?

The Black Sphere said...

@former - So true! Obama has ruined the bond market.

Rose-Bud said...

Not only that, but he ain't gonna be able to create enough, as you say "guberment" jobs to make up for the job losses.
He accomplished nothing as a community organizer, and now we are watching our country self-destruct as he lives out his ideals of how a country should be run.
I am so sick of him, and his kind. It make me so sad that his fans around me can't see what is happening, but then again I really think they are embarrased by it all. Keep up the good works, Kevin!

Maggie said...

What is his excuse for depriving up to 30,000 men and women in St. Louis of the opportunity to work?

He is taking work away from Boeing which will have an impact on the local economy of St. Louis and up to 50,000 jobs will disappear.

I suppose that factors into his 150,000 created jobs?

Anonymous said...

Hey, Kevin. Did you see this?

Sources:Obama Sways Congressman to Pass on New York Senate Democratic Primary

In his free time, between destroying the country, our banking system, and our auto industry, BO's trying his hand at micro-governing, starting with NY. When he's finished with the 50 states, wonder if he'll start working his way through each and every county and city governing body, too. Then, after that, he'll line us all up, have us bend over, and look up our asses to see if our heads are on straight. How did this earth survive before His Perfectness was here to show us all how it should be done?

Anonymous said...

All I can say is where is the outrage by our "leaders"?

Why aren't the Republicans on Capitol Hill, both in the House and Senate screaming bloody murder about the takeover of US businesses?

The Black Sphere said...

@Maggie - Hypocrisy needs no excuse.

The Black Sphere said...

@Anon - BO will be attempting to govern states and to diminish the GOP as much as possible. Everything is calculated by his thugs

Anonymous said...

@Anon re: comment posted at 11:08 AM, May 17, 2009

I've wondered the same thing and have conjured up some plausible reasons. Could it be fear caused by their knowledge of the untimely and mysterious deaths of some of the folks who've been connected to or involved in a few of the many alleged scandals and illicit affairs at which Obama is/was at the center? Or maybe BO's called them up for a little chat that was similar to the one he had with Rep. Steve Israel on Friday. Perhaps they fear that, through his powerfully underhanded thugs in Chicago govt, he knows what skeletons they keep, in which closets they keep them, and could easily and without conscience share those secrets with the world. Or, are they a bunch of Socialists, finally allowed to come out of the socialist closet? Or maybe they stupidly believe that going along with BO and the socialists in Congress will help ensure their reelection.

I don't know, Anon, and those guesses are all I've been able to come up with. It is a very good question.

The Black Sphere said...

I have lots of readers named Anon. That name is more popular than Barack! :-)

Thanks all ANONs for the comments. Very apropos!

Anonymous said...

@The Black Sphere re:comment posted at 11:36 AM, May 17, 2009

Thanks, Kevin. Now my ass feels somewhat relieved even if the rest of me remains stressed and on high-alert, fearful of being assimilated by The Borg. Futile as it may be, I will resist.

Your new reader and commenter,
CoolAunt (fka Anonymous - the owner of the Genericus Geithnerus, the one who blasted the "Shame on you." troll in your last comments section, and the one who posted at 6:15am and 12:55pm today.)

PS: I have a Google handle but can't remember how I spelled it or the PW I used. So, including my handle in the body of the posted comments is the best I can do least for now.

Peace :)

The Black Sphere said...

@Anon above - Way to fess up! :-) Glad to have you, as you are RELEVANT in my discussions, as are most of my readers, minus the occasional troll! I like that you jumped said troll for this blog! Initiative...a good conservative trait!

Loved the Genericus Geithnerus, and it will be featured in an upcoming audio and video segment! said...

After years of Bush bashing and all and how this O'Banana will change things?
Well, guess what?
Your new deficit is 1.83 TRILLION.
Over four times the Bush record of last year.

Enjoy your quota President.
And to think the first time I voted would have been for a filthy disgusting Dem.

bethtopaz said...

Great blog, black sphere!
Is this book real? I love the title.

Keep up the good work!
Write on!!

The Black Sphere said...

@tinavane - Sorry you have to admit voting for such a loser. Lesson learned? Do the right "thang" next time!

The Black Sphere said...

@bethopaz - Book is real and will be coming soon...2-3 wks! My PR person slowed it down for all the right reasons. But the reviews are PHENOMENAL!

Anonymous said...

Tom Washington at 11:16pm May 16

Didn't Obama promise to increase jobs, not shrink them?

Anonymous said...

Cris Young-Alflen at 11:19pm May 16

Obama has broken almost all of his "promises"

Anonymous said...

Doug Bonner at 11:50pm May 16

What Broken Promises ?

Anonymous said...

Sheila Brannon Pinda at 7:07pm May 17

all the good jobs will be out of the country because when contracts mean nothing...

Anonymous said...


1+1/y × ¾ ℣ - ∀÷∂ = ∜6,000,000× ⨚/4(∞/30,000)

Yep. I see it now.

Anonymous said...


That Must have been KLINGON Math 101??

Anonymous said...


NEWSFLASH: The government only destroys jobs.

Even when it claims to "create" jobs, it is doing so with money that was confiscated from productive elements of society and employing it in elements that, by virtue of being state-funded, can only be horribly inefficient and wasteful. And this doesn't even account for the demagogues who skim a few percent off the top of the funds for their own pockets.

Anonymous said...


Thank you. The opportunity cost of a government job is often 1.+ private sector jobs.

Anonymous said...

Roger Schinagel at 8:22pm May 17

If he's the new CEO of Chrysler, maybe by renaming some of the cars in their line , like the Barack-cuda, theChrysler Imperial- ist , or the Chrysler DaBaron,people will snap them up like hotcakes!! Ahhhh! Being the " RULER" sure has it's perks!!!LOL

Anonymous said...

BlackSphere at 1:15 PM, May 17, 2009

Loved the Genericus Geithnerus, and it will be featured in an upcoming audio and video segment!Cool!


Cugel said...

Clever book title

The Black Sphere said...

@Cugel - Thanks for noticing. You are the FIRST commenter on that, believe it or not!

Spinner said...

I just stumbled onto your blog and had to put it in my favorites list. Keep up the good work!!!

The Black Sphere said...

@Spinner - Thanks much!

Anonymous said...

seems all the dealers being closed down are republican donor/supporters.
A few supported Hillary and looks like one donated $200 to barry. That is not enough to keep your business.

So that $900 billion to hamas is for all the donations that barry got from gaza er I mean GA wink wink.

We used to have the best government that money could buy, but even that has gone down hill.

The Black Sphere said...

@Anon - So true!

Anonymous said...

There seems to be a pattern here.
Yesterday, Zero Hedge posted the testimony of a Chrysler dealer who had some interesting facts.

'Having reviewed the pattern of assumption and rejection of dealers throughout their region, I have detected a pattern: In every market where there is a dealership connected with former Penske Automotive executive Steve Landers, or his new automotive partnership with “Mac” McLarty (former Chief of Staff for President Clinton) and Robert L. Johnson (majority owner of the Charlotte Bobcats), the competitors are rejected.

Note the name of the dealerships saved....Penske!

and now today, Penske buys Saturn.

Conincidence? You decide.

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