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Thursday, October 15, 2009

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Why all the hoopla over Limbaugh wanting to buy part of the Rams? It is based mainly on two things. First, he is a Conservative Republican. And because of his politics, Limbaugh is being attacked, one Democrat saying that Limbaugh can’t wait to “own a team of black slaves.” There it is…slavery! Democrats having the nerve to bring up slavery…their institution!

I always find the irony funny when the Left demonizes Republicans, they always choose things of which THEY are guilty. For the record, Republicans FREED the slaves that Democrats OWNED. But the Left doesn’t care about the facts, as they like keeping silly Negros stupid! It’s just make them both feel good.

Speaking of silly Negros, the black players on the Ram say they won’t play for Rush Limbaugh, should Limbaugh buy the team. With the Rams 0-fer record, I contend the black players are not playing for the current owner either.

Black players have no clue about the politics of their current owners, yet they are happy to accept their paychecks. I have worked for many companies, and in the interview process, I never asked, “Is the owner of the company a racist?” How would I know, unless he declared himself or herself a Democrat?! Moreover, even if the company owner was a racist, I don’t care! Just make sure my check clears! Read more here...



BIG MO said...

Kevin - the Rams? Feh. Limbaugh should have tried for a real team, like the Cardinals. (Seriously!) They're still my favorite team even though Bidwell look t hem away many moons ago.

Here's an axiom for you, one that I coined during my "awakening" via Limbaugh in college (also many moons ago): You can be 99% certain that a liberal is doing the very thing he accuses you of doing.

Ken & Carol said...

—"I always find the irony funny when the Left demonizes Republicans, they always choose things of which THEY are guilty."—Actually, many of us lazy intellectuals on the right use this habit of the left as a shortcut in case we haven't had time to study up on something. Sort of like our Russian friends with Pravda in the good old days.

Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Pass this along to all who live in the 4Th district in St. Louis Missouri. On November 3 2009(special election) write in Rachel Storch's name don't forget to fill in circle or scanner will not count the write in. Carnahan's and Obama lover politicians would not let Rachel run to replace Jeff Smith for 4Th district. Joe Keaveny an Obama supporter was selected for the 4Th district Missouri State Senate seat. Rachel is a Hillary Clinton supporter and is at present a Representative of the Missouri State House 28Th district. Obama has been trying to get rid of Rachel since his election. No Republicans or other parties are running for this position in the 4Th district. Don't let them get away with this hand picked Obama lover. Write Rachel Storch's name in. Spread the word to all St. Louis blogs. Thank You

commoncents said...

Great post! I really like your blog!!

ps. Link Exchange?

Unknown said...

The "Black" condition is being used to further a socialist agenda. My recent related speech:


Unknown said...

Kevin - Well said. More half-truths from the Left. I see Sharpton is still popping off also.

I recently purchased your book and just finished reading it this morning. Nice Job! Appreciate your honesty and particularly your lucid description of Democrats in the Epilogue. Really Good Work! Please keep speaking the truth.


J. P. Schilling said...

Mr. Kevin Jackson:

Absolutely love your blog! For most of the current article I find myself in the condition of tear streaming from my eyes in pure outrageous laughter -- from your commentary.

You certainly have the writer's gift and my hope is that you will continue to write with such openness and boldness. You, sir, need to be heard. Cheers

jps - http:??

Anonymous said...

You're obviously a self-loathing Uncle Tom searching for the acceptance of the right-wing which will never fully accept you. Truly a pathetic and delusional figure.

By the way, most of the NFL owners are conservatives. Nobody is trying to block Rush from buying a team because he's a conservative. They object to his racist and inflammatory comments. It would be no different if Howard Stern tried to by a team. You'd see an equal amount of anger. But conservatives like you always have to play the victim. I think it makes you feel more Christ-like.

The Black Sphere said...

@Anon - If I said something as stupid as you, I would remain anonymous as well. What a perfect example of a silly Negro, regardless of what color you are. The only smart blacks are those who will not support a party who has oppressed us for over 100 years, yet you'd like to think you are an intellectual.

Unlike you kool-aiders who try to psycho-babble 101 on the masses, it doesn't work here.

As for Christ-like, at least Conservatives believe in something as opposed to Libs who fall for anything. Go eat your arugula, and worship the Wiccan god, while the rest of us protect your sorry ass to be able to enjoy the fruits of America.