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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

The GM Scam

The new CEO of GM makes us a guarantee, essentially extending “Cash for Clunkers.” That guarantee is that if you buy a GM and you don’t like it, then you can bring it back after 60 days. Cool!

Allow me to translate: GM is spending our money to sell our cars back to us. But first, GM is going to lease us cars we already own. The good news is you will have the option to buy it…a second time! See what GM thinks in this statement: Read more here...



Anonymous said...

I was born into a G.M. family. I worked at the G.M. Tec Center in Warren Michigan. I've owned several, and do now, a G.M. product but I'm really upset with them.
First, they dropped Oldsmobile. The oldest automobile manufactured under the same company in all time. It should have remained their figure head.
Then, next came Pontiac. A great mark with a solid history of luxury and sportiness.
Recently they introduced a product only to abandon that too. The Saturn.
It's like G.M. abandoned 40% of the following. Harley Earl and Bill Mitchell are probably trying to claw their way out of the ground to return and kick butt.
Chrysler did much the same. From Imperial, Chrysler, Desoto, Dodge and Plymouth, they are now down to just Chrysler and Dodge. Yeah, they did add Jeep.
Ford is the only one that has stayed true to their customers. You can still buy a Lincoln, Mercury and Ford. And, they are the only ones that did not take money from the tax payers.

BTW. I also have a Ford.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Tom Lloyd Marcus becomes the face of the Tea Party movement

All across America, we’ve seen literally thousands of Tea Parties, Obamacare town hall protests, and the recent march on Washington. Hundreds of thousand of people, if not millions, have come out to voice their anger at what’s going on in their country courtesy of President Rahm Emanuel and his puppet, Barack Obama. And 99% of them have been white. That’s a fact. In fact, it’s probably higher than that, like 99.99%. It’s a white movement, plain and simple. But white people have been taught to hate themselves, and so they go out of their way to recruit Uncle Tom’s for their movements, hoping the media won’t call them racists. The family values crowd enlisted “Bishop” Harry Jackson in their fight against gay marriage. And Harry Jackson promptly repaid the favor by inviting “black conservative” crackhead criminal Marion Barry to speak at a rally for traditional marriage. And who can forget Julius Caesar (JC) Watts, the darling of the conservative movement in the 1990s, simply because he was the only black Republican in Congress? After being coddled and promoted by white Republicans for years, in 2008 Watts paid them back by saying he was probably going to vote for Obama, and hinted that he thinks the GOP is “racist.” And don’t get me started on Harry Alford.

Republicans have been doing this for decades, groveling and pandering to blacks in the hope that blacks will see just “color-blind” they are, and start voting GOP. And year after year, election after election, blacks continue voting for the Democrats by a factor of at least 9-1. In 2008, it was 19-1. 95% of blacks voted for Obama. And have conservatives learned anything? Nope. Look at the tea parties for proof. Until a couple days ago, hardly anyone could name a person associated with the tea parties. They came out of a true grass roots movement, and except for the few politicians and washed up C-list celebs who latched on to them, like Chuck Norris, there wasn’t a face attached to the movement. It was truly a mass movement, that didn’t revolve around a personality.

But in the past couple days, one person has become the face of the tea parties. And surprise, surprise, it’s a black guy. Hundreds of thousands, possibly millions of people show up at tea parties, and about 7 of them are black, and now one of them has become the public face of this white movement. I wrote about Marcus a long time ago. He wrote some lame song that’s now the Tea Party Anthem, and so he was invited up on stage to play and sing for the crowd at the Orlando protest. I said that his presence was proof that the tea parties aren’t serious, and that they were going nowhere. And after his Orlando performance, he was asked to perform at a whole bunch of other “conservative” political events and protests, by stupid white people who are eager to show they’re not racist.

Never mind that’s he’s “married” to a white woman. Oh hell no, that’s no problem. Conservatives will gladly embrace their own genocide if they think the media will stop calling them racists.

But in the past few days, Lloyd Marcus has become the national symbol of the Tea Party movement. He wrote a column for the neo-con website American Thinker denouncing liberals and Democrats for, you guessed it, “racism”. (Do blacks, “conservative” or “liberal”, ever talk about anything else?) Then influential columnist (and substitute host for Rush Limbaugh) started praising him on the National Review website. More prominent “conservative” writers picked up the theme and ran with it. Here’s one. There are lots more.

Unbelievably, even Peter Brimelow is now praising Lloyd Marcus.

RightWingRocker said...

Great blog, Kevin.

I linked over from the Rottie after watching that oh-so-perfect YouTube Video posted there today!

I've embedded it at my blog and blogRWRolled you.

Hope you get a chance to stop by. I do think you'll enjoy our company!


The Black Sphere said...

@Anon - If I was as ignorant as you, I wouldn't want anybody to know how to track me down. Everything you said is what Democrats do to blacks, and your silly ass has the nerve to showcase your ignorance first-hand. That's why I can't stand silly Negros like you!

The Black Sphere said...

@RightWing - Thanks for the support!

The Black Sphere said...

BTW the @Anon was for the 2nd one!

Unknown said...

I wish Ed Whitacre were still the CEO of Southwestern Bell, now of course ATT, because I would sure like that 60 day "Don't like it, return it" guarantee for this crappy DSL internet service I have through them. Oh, that's right, he moved Southwestern Bell headquarters from St. Louis Missouri to San Antonio Texas, just like Hummer moved to China, and Saturn with it's 13,000 employees are soon to be vaporized into space and out of existence. You better believe I'm on board with buying a GM product!

jj solari said...

Anonymous; I'm confused. Is your beef with K. Jackson that the Republicans are stupid? This blog ain't here to
praise Republicans. It's here to wake blacks up that Democrats detest the Naygrah. This blog is here to wake up blacks that they have their heads up their own asses if they think Marxism is their pal. Which is what the Democratic Party is: American Marxism. You need to find the right enemy. It ain't Kevin Jackson. You're a political nimrod and way outa your league. Your a log on the tracks. Become useful or get the hell out of the way.