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Saturday, February 07, 2009

The Biden Distraction

Are you getting the feeling that when things are looking bad for Obama, he uncages Biden to scare us? As I wrote in The Biden Experiment , Biden is 100% effective in his role of ...being stupid. The perfect distraction. 

So Biden is in Europe doing what he does best...pontificating, adding to his title of VP the role of, "Master of the Obvious".   

Just recently he said that "…we must improve our relations with Russia." As opposed to what, degrading our relationship with Russia? Don't we strive to improve our relations with everybody? I have yet to hear a politician say, "We need to ruin our relationship with [insert country here]."

Liberal kindergarteners hear Biden, and they say, "…he's so smart". For the rest of us, this was Biden just stating the obvious, and trying to appear intellectual. Doesn't work, Joe. You're still two strands short of complete human DNA, and Conservatives know it.

While in Europe, Biden warned us yet again of the "perilous road ahead", speaking of course about the economy. In a word, "Duh". Tell us something we don't know, Joe.

With the Democrat-created financial debacle, compounded with the Democrat-controlled Congress' absolutely certifiably insane leadership, you get a Liberal sprinkling of nuts.  But you want Trail Mix

Then add these nuts to the rotten fruit of Obamulus von Porkulus, and you have a full fledge nutty, fruity mix. And of course… a perilous road ahead.

Here's an example of Liberal "leadership", and it involves the unions. These Liberal congressional nuts are intent on building up unions, something that the America people reject 80%. What's the Democrats' plan to shrink the unions, who are ruining America's businesses? Get rid of the secret vote. This way the unions can intimidate workers, and likely expand.

Now in my analysis and research on unions, i.e. using the "common sense" model for you purists, I find that companies with unions are less profitable, if profitable at all. And they are ultimately doomed to failure. For you guys who want to dispute my common sense on this issue, I will tell you that the most "unionized" companies are Fed contractors, industries already being propped up by Federal money, or staple industries, i.e. truckers, longshoremen, etc.

A union company trying to compete in America without one of those advantages mentioned earlier has one foot in the grave and another on a banana peel. That company cannot compete in the long run. It's only salvation would be socialism. Thus, socialism equals the "perilous road ahead". Thanks for the warning, Joe.

Later on his European jaunt Biden shifts back to the international stage, this time not stating the obvious, but showcasing his ignorance in world affairs and diplomacy, and attempting to sound menacing.

His comment to reporters regarding Iran was, "we will talk, but know that we are ready to act." Biden is proof that a comment that says so little, can illuminate just how big of an idiot a person is.

That was sure to get the Iranians' knees knocking. I'm sure they went straight away and destroyed their recently deployed spy satellites, and are now dismantling their nuclear program. After all, Obama's actions of releasing terrorists, no longer allowing harsh interrogations of enemy combatants, cutting the military budget, and canceling the anti-missile system in Poland, all point to our willingness to "act". 

As I heard a comedian once say, "…that's about as tough as being Mike Tyson's roommate in prison, and Mike says he going to sodomize you. Then you defiantly say…'Ok, but for how long'?"

Finally Biden exposed his special mission to support a small and much maligned group of people. This group is persecuted all over the world. Yes, Joe is attempting to find homes throughout Europe for the most heinous of terrorists and those bent on destroying America and other infidels. Joe is launching a sort of "Habitat for Humanity", that might more appropriately called, "Joints for Jihadist". He is asking countries in Europe to step up and take some of the finest Liberals GITMO could produce…Islamic jihadists. After all, they are just misunderstood.

Here's the wrap:

The media will spin Biden's trip throughout Europe as an attempt to change America's perception in the world, to mend fences, as if we need to mend any. 

They will say that Biden is acting on behalf of the president to spread Obama's good intentions, and to alert the world to the kindler, gentler America, where they can bring all their problems. Though that is all spin, I do believe that some will benefit from Biden's visit, just differently than they think.

And as I said earlier, Biden will take the spotlight off his boss, who has had a miserable two weeks.

But more importantly Biden will help a select group of people in every town in Europe that he visits.  He will prove that he is an equal opportunity idiot, showcasing his lack of knowledge in all parts of the Europe, and on a multitude of subjects, with the occasional hint at the truth. 

"Village idiots" everywhere will celebrate, as their titles are temporarily usurped with Biden's arrival. And they will weep like old ladies at a funeral when he leaves.

That's my rant!

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Ms. Pa'ker said...

"being stupid. The perfect distraction." - love it...
The Village is missing an idiot because he is in Europe!!!
Great post Kevin....

Anonymous said...


FTA - "Village idiots" everywhere will celebrate, as their titles are temporarily usurped with Biden's arrival. And they will weep like old ladies at a funeral when he leaves.

The Black Sphere said...

Thanks for the comment Renee. Glad you liked the post. I could have droned on with Biden's idiotic comments, but wanted to offer a "stab" to unions, thus the digression.

Liz V said...

I am still POed that people had the nerve, and STILL have the nerve (see Frank Rich today) to claim Sarah Palin was inexperienced and didn't understand world affairs. This guy is a joke....One heartbeat away.....isn't that what people like to say..... It's like 'dum and dummer'in the swamp...

Anonymous said...

Char Bar at 12:14pm February 8

I saw an interview with him and he was trying to convince the reporter that paying income taxes was voluntary but the reporter asked if we don't pay our income taxes, doesn't the IRS come and either fine or jail us so how is that not considered "forced"?

Cindy said...

Guess what? The Dutch minister of foreign affairs is blind for the dumbness. The full Dutch government, once on their knees for George W; Are now finding their way into Obiden's ass.

I have had it with my Government and I have had it with the Obamania.

The Black Sphere said...

Cindy - I honestly don't know much about the Dutch government. But if they are sniffing at Obiden's butt, they have serious issues.

Thanks for the comment and for being on the team! Your government will soon find out that Obama's butt is just not that aromatic!

Cindy said...

The Dutch Government is formed out of 3 parties, 2 Christian parties.. but they are on the left and for a HUGE Government. And there's the Labour Party who is making up all kind of taxes, and they come op with some creepy ones. We pay half of our income.. goes straight to our huge Government so they can spend it on nice (yeah right) left-winged toys.

My party is the Dutch Party of freedom and democracy, low taxes, small government, tough on immigrants, anti union, free choice when it comes to education and such.. only the good things!

Still, we don't have a true conservative party yet, hoping to form one some day. Maybe I should just pack my family and move.. oh wait, wrong President ;) Maybe after 2012!!

Cindy (DutchReaganite @twitter)

CFitz said...

I recently heard a comedian say that Joe Biden reminds them of the drunk uncle at a family gathering. Now, every time I hear or see the man that is what I hear & see. Saying things that are incoherent & mindless drunk talk!

The Black Sphere said...

Cfitz - So true! Now I have that picture of him!

Anonymous said...


Watching the epic meltdown unfold is quite satisfying (and the I told you so's, will be euphoria inducing). The media brouhaha over the economic meltdown is going to come back and haunt the Messiah later. Along with drooly Biden, they are systematically trying to piece together an apocalyptic environment. 'The world hates us, it's dooms day, must kiss babies and build houses for terrorists.... People are eating cat food in the streets with nowhere else to go, but a cardboard box'... We must act now!' It's a joke, the podunk countries that always hated us out of spite and jealousy, still do (just for different 'supposed' reasons ie: trying to stop the spread of Islamic fascism).... And the economy would self-correct (beginning to already) in 18 mths.
The propaganda going on would make a certain man of Jewish/Arian descent very proud, *hint he had a meager mustache.

Rosemary said...

Wow, interesting to read Cindy's comments here. My parents are from the Netherlands. That place is lib-er-al as all get out. They have many problems with immigrants. My parents do not want to go there anymore... sad.
Sometimes I think we are looking into a mirror to our future....
Biden, he is a joke, but the dems LOVE him, I swear they do. I know a few that think he is "adorable" yeah, really!

This was a great blog entry today.
God help us all.

The Black Sphere said...

Thanks Rosemary. I am not surprised that Dems like Biden. They are as goofy as he!

Anonymous said...

I laughed, I cried, I added you to my blog roll. Great post.

The Black Sphere said...

Asianbadger - Thanks so much!

madmath1 said...

Now that we have dumber and dumbest in the executive branch of government, I finally understand Forrest Gump "stupid is what stupid does". Even he would view these two clown as what stupid is. Yes, and do they think the European are as insane as we are to take in these terrorist. Since they're so peace loving and misunderstood, let Obama take them in. I'm sure his kids would have a great time and learn so much about multicuturalism. After all, the muslim people are who build America, as well as (fill in a non white race). If these times weren't so serious, I would laugh, but for now, I'll just cry in embarrassment.

Anonymous said...

Obiden think that JOe's European Vacation will be greeted with relief, happiness and kisses, at last we can love America again, yada yada.. but the truth is, the relief is in the hearts of the dictators as they realize our present leadership has no spine and no testicles.. and no brain... and they can do what they want with us.. the kisses he'll get in Europe are like when the Don kisses you on the cheek.. something bad is coming..

Big Dave

Digital Publius said...

Kevin, I don't have the words!

Chip Head said...

Kevin, didn’t your mother teach you it isn’t nice to pick on the handicapped!?

The Black Sphere said...

Digital - Hassan, leaving you speechless might be my highest compliment! :-)

The Black Sphere said...

Chip - Too funny!