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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Obama Has Found “Hope”

We got change, but somewhere in the first 30 days of ObamaNation we lost hope. The title of Obama's book was prophetic…The Audacity of Hope. It might have been more aptly titled, "The Audacity of You to Have Hope".

Obama has now informed us that hope has been found. Apparently hope is a rebellious 16-year old, who didn't want to listen to Obama. The people who voted for "hope and change" might be smart to follow hope's example.

Nevertheless, the real first Black president and second 3rd-term president n in the history of the US warned his younger protégé Obama to be more optimistic. Put the "O" in optimism, son.  Get hope back. Ironic, Bill Clinton asking Obama for changeback to hope. Are you as confused as I am?

Obama's speech sounded like more of the same to me. He tried to hide his real disdain for America…excuse me, rich Americans. He made sure to put the problems on the previous administration, reminding us, yet again that he inherited this mess we call America. And it is his ideas and our unwavering support (of his ideas) that will get us through.

Of course I didn't expect him to blame himself and the rest of his cronies in congress, the real culprits who exacerbated the financial crisis, and many others. He did manage however to blame (a) the people he is rewarding, as well as (b) the banks who donated to his campaign in this comment:

"People bought homes they knew they couldn't afford…from banks and lenders who pushed those bad loans anyway."

As we can see, Obama is an equal opportunity punisher to those whom he has bought and paid for. Nothing like a little "pimp slap" to remind people that they are nothing more than prostitutes.

What were noticeably missing for me in this speech were the congratulations for those of us who have built small businesses and pay our taxes and our bills. Now that would have provided the fabric an uplifting speech.

"Thanks to those of you whom I am robbing, raping, and raking over the hot embers of the fire of socialism.  You know who you are. You are the hardworking Conservatives who have struggled to get where you are. You are my top priority in my War on Achievement. You have and will continue to carry the brunt of the burden for these deadbeats I need to pay back."

I did manage to find the place where the speech became optimistic, and it proved that hope is still alive. It is when Obama said the following:

"None of this will come without cost, nor will it be easy…"

I knew there was hope in there somewhere.  Who knows how much Obama's War on Achievement will ultimately cost? But the hope is that America will continue to approve the decimation of its "best and brightest".  One can only hope.  

But you can bet that as Obama held his recent summit on fiscal responsibility, and asked the nation to tighten its belt, he won't be doing the same.  No hope needed on that one, on this you can bank.

Here's the wrap:

Obamulus von Porkulus has been an albatross around Obama's neck. This state of the Union address to Congress was nothing more than an attempt to sell America and the world more words. Nothing has changed, except his approval numbers. Let's just say they aren't getting better for Obama.

There was nothing inspiring in this speech, but he will likely get a bump in his approval numbers. It won't last long, as I believe his followers are getting a bit tired of the rhetoric, and the media will follow soon enough. There is such a thing as over-selling. And by the way, his ideas are truly…stupid.

For now however, I'm glad some in America believe that we have found hope. But like authorities treat many 16-year old runaways, hope will get no real help. So our hopes have been placed in the sweaty palms of pimps and predators.

For hope's sake, I hope she is still lost and trying to find her own way.

That's my rant!

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Ron B said...

Ummm Ummm Ummm. Let me clear my throat.
I knew you would have something on this today.

His speech started out almost ok, and you do hear a but coming.....
"...our confidence shaken; though we are living through difficult and uncertain times, tonight I want every American to know this:
We will rebuild, we will recover..."

I find it contradictory to say uncertain and then say we will recover and rebuild. If it is uncertain how can you be certain that it will recover. I guess that is what you get when your speech writers are 26 year old know-it-alls.

Well I could not keep watching as he attacked the banks, ceo's and rich. The primary reason was that I got too distracted watching Kruella D'Pelosi bouncing out of her chair every 20 seconds. She reminded me of a "Jack-In-The-Box" That killed it for me. Game over. I thought I was watching my beloved FSU Seminoles because of all the cheer leading.

Here it is in a nut shell. The Big "O" thought that he was going to sail into the Presidency, end the war in Iraq, set up some social programs and socialist ideas and not have any problems. Just like many people none of us could have imagined the change in economic climate. Which is the only climate change he should be working on at this moment. Now his lack of leadership in a real world setting is showing its head.

Remember this, HOPE is not a Strategy!

Sir RonB

The Black Sphere said...

SirRon - Great comment, my friend. And I forgot about the "Jill in the box" Pelosi. What a character! And Schumer!

Anonymous said...


Quote from article: For hope's sake, I hope she is still lost and trying to find her own way.

Me too!

Anonymous said...


Just focus group talk from a Chi-town politician. Wow, I am so uplifted.

Rob said...

The problem is our dear President has no experience in actually leading anything so all he is left with is his campaigning speeches. He and his lovely bride will be constantly flying around the country and the world as the idea of staying in his office and working on problems is not his style.

Every idea he has endorsed and spoken of despite the flowery phraseology of hope and change is based on the idea that the people will fail if Government doesn't prop them up. So of course punishing people who dare to show that Government isn't necessary or even is a major hinderence in creating wealth must be torn down as quickly as possible.

Nowhere in this man's past history is any indication of actually inspiring people with his actions. In fact any major mistakes or errors he has made has been quickly blamed on someone else.He did drugs because of his father. He didn't know about Reverend Wright's racism. Every incident that he could take responsibility for is blamed on something else such as the yes no present lights on his voting. In his speeches afterwards its always what I meant to say or what I have always said. With the care our President makes in writing speeches its been planned out what he is going to say before hand.

Now its going to be former President Bush's fault that the economy isn't going to get better in the next 4 years despite the fact Congress was controlled 3 years in the Senate by democrats and 2 years in the House by democrats.

4 more years of promises that will be broken. Lies disguised as truth. Legislation that empowers Government and weakens private business and the people. A Press Corp more interested in cheer leading than reporting facts. Enemies who want to destroy our culture, people and ideas embraced as friends.

Whats there to be hopeful about in the next 4 years in any of that? Maybe enough people will wake up and realize this time they have to get in the trenches and fight back. Tear down the walls of class envy. Rip out this system indoctrinating the youth. Rebuild and reforge the Free Market Meritocracy. Take back the power that Government has stolen from us all so we are the ones in control not faceless bureaucrats behind their desks.

The Black Sphere said...

Rob - We are of ONE accord! Thanks for the visit!

Anonymous said...

Lisa Marks Hunt February 25

I did'nt even watch ! Just could'nt bring myself to do it , I 've had enough Odrama !

Anonymous said...

Linda Gerdes February 25

Great Piece Kevin!! Obama is VERY articulate and knows how to sell it and be smooth. But, it’s just words and people will see that when they see more jobs lost and their taxes go up. I’m sure the Dems will find yet another way to blame this on the Republicans and not on their own party. Bobby Jindal’s performance I was a little disappointed with the delivery – it was not the Bobby Jindal I’ve see before. I think the Republican “handlers” did it to him like they did to Palin – they over handled him. They need to let a good Politian like Jendal be himself – he’s a confident man. When will our Republican party learn this? Ugh!

The Black Sphere said...

@Lisa - I didn't watch most of it. Enough to get the "flavor"...tasted like a turd! Then I got the speech transcript.

The Black Sphere said...

Linda - Agree with you. But his words are wearing thin, and not just to us!

Anonymous said...

Jim Moncher February 25

Obama just HOPEs no one figures out he has no clue.

The Black Sphere said...

@Jim - So true. I know he is scared of being "found out"!

Conservative Black Woman said...

PSBO is in perpetual campaign mode! I could hardly keep track of all of the promises. The really really sad
thing is that people actually believe the bullsheister he espouses! Actually his ego is so large that perhaps he even believes himself.

The Black Sphere said...

Robin - Where hast thou been? I saw you on BTR but you didn't respond. Let's talk live soon. Email me or reach out on FB.

As for your comment, nobody can keep track of his promises. And we often discuss his "head tilted upward" snobbery...the ego is amazing on that one!

Julie said...

I still think this financial crisis
was created for this exact reason, to allow the Dems to be back in control, to save us all. Its just all to handy.

The Black Sphere said...

Julie - I agree. Crisis management, as I say!

Anonymous said...

Helene Paz February 25

Lisa, I so agree with you. I do not like his clowns Biden and Pelosi surrounding him. It is so not worth watching. I would rather listen to blogtalkradio/black sphere on my Ipod.

Anonymous said...

Dwight B. Heath February 25

I don't watch any more Obama TV. By the time all the butt kissing is over, so is the program. I'd rather watch 24 reruns. Oh yeah!

The Black Sphere said...

@Dwight - You missed nothing in that presentation. What a joke! The Optimistic Pessimist!

Anonymous said...

Almon Tang February 25

Obama is the 'lost' hope.

The Black Sphere said...

@Almon - So true my friend! I think we could find "hope" by losing him! He Obama, I think Zimbabwe needs a leader!

Chip Head said...

Obama Talks, Money Walks

Mr. Obama gave his election victory speech the night of November 4. The Dow Jones (DJIA) went down 486 points the next day.

Mr. Obama gave his inaugural address just after noon on January 20. The Dow Jones went down 332 points that day.

Mr. Obama gave his economic speech to congress the night of February 24. The Dow Jones went down 80 points the next day.

madmath1 said...

Kevin, I didn't bother to even listen to the speech for what would could he say that wouldn't 1) be a lie, 2) inspire any hope or optimism, and 3) be spewing more class warfare? Especially on this economic crisis. Not once have the pundits, with obvious reasons, have gotten to the core of what got us in this mess in the first place: ACORN! There was a good reason why the bank made these stupid loans to begin with.

Obama is all about class warfare. Just listen to Revend Wright to get a sample. ACORN in the 90's made the banks stop doing something called redlining (what a year in real estate will teach you). That's where banks didn't do loans from people, which were mainly minorities, that didn't meet a certain income level. The banks did this because those in that income bracket, such as myself, wouldn't be able to pay the loans. Obama and ACORN said that's discriminatory and sued the banks to stop. The Clinton Adminstration agreed and threaten the bank's livelihood if they refused to grant these stupid loans so with a gun to their heads, they did. Now BO and ACORN are going to get us out of this mess? Well, talk about audacity of hope.

Obama is a racist (well, he is a democrat) socialist (again, he is a democrat) and give him credit, as President, he's not being shy about it. As I stated in my blog last week, if you think the stimulus bill is bad wait til you get the health care bill. After this, to get the job market back on track, I'm sure affirmative action will be next. Or in his case, quota's. That's going make educated men like me have "hope". Yea right. All I have to do is look at his reaction to FEMA in New Orleans and then look at his reaction to the ice storms in Kentucky to know where this is going to go.

Good news is people are starting to get sick of the stench of the turd by how his rating are falling and starting to wane of his "promises, promises". I only wonder if people will start to fight back aginst this war on acheivement. I can have hope on that and that it will start before it's too late.

Anonymous said...

David Sforza February 25

I love how he declares a "war on earmarks" just as he is getting set to sing a bill with 9,000 of them in it. Awesome! The say anything " President is at it again.

The Black Sphere said...

@Chip - For the sake of my portfolio, I hope he stops doing stuff!

Findalis said...

He is hoping that the voters do not remember his failures in 4 years.

The Black Sphere said...

@Findalis - Good luck with that! His failures will be front and center!

Anonymous said...


Just more campaigning. We are somehow going to spend more than ever before and lower the deficit. Wow.

Anonymous said...


My wife and I drank every time Obama said something that was going to increase our tax burden. We were pretty drunk by the time he finished speaking.

Anonymous said...


Nice article. I'm liking this blog more and more.

The Black Sphere said...

@atoledo - We're glad you're here!

Anonymous said...


I love the "pimp slap" comment which I find exactly appropriate.
First BO got everyone to stand and clap for him on fiscal responsibility then he pimp slaps them with "but I inherited this mess"... uh ha... by the way from your Democratic congress.
And I totally agree with his quote about BO's ideas "And by the way, his ideas are truly…stupid." because they do not make sense unless you are trying to intentionally take the US down!
Great Blog..."The Black Sphere"

Anonymous said...

@lizbett - Thanks for the props!

Anonymous said...


California has raised my income taxes by $1000/year, despite making well under the $250k limit under which Obama promised me I would pay "not even a dime" in more taxes. My property taxes have increased as a result of additional assessments for a useless high-speed rail in California that I will never use, and sales taxes are set to increase (a 14% hike!) this summer.

Am I hopeful? Not really. Well, not unless you count my prayers for Nancy Pelosi and her party members to die in a fiery plane crash.

The federal and state governments are working like well-lubed machines at stealing my money.

The Black Sphere said...

@RF - Wait til you get the NEXT tax increase from RINO Arnold!

Anonymous said...

Laura Johnson Hazen February 25
I would have projectile vomited if I had watch Abomination and Nazi Pelosi.

Anonymous said...

From: Tom Tyler
Date: February 25, 2009

Thanks Kevin! I could not bring myself to watch. Well written speeches (that say nothing) given by gifted orators (who know nothing) are not my cup of tea. I read a book instead.

Kirly said...

lizbett said "And I totally agree with his quote about BO's ideas "And by the way, his ideas are truly…stupid." because they do not make sense unless you are trying to intentionally take the US down!"

that's exactly what they are attempting. they know their history and are trying to replicate the conditions which allowed FDR to move this country so far to left. read The Forgotten Man and you'll know his playbook.

as for my portfolio, or what's left of it, i just told my advisor to sell anything that is up and buy gold.

The Black Sphere said...

Kirly, I agree on gold!

Larry said...

"People bought homes they knew they couldn't afford…from banks and lenders who pushed those bad loans anyway."

He forgot "at the insistence of the Federal Government, who was being pressured to do so by groups like Acorn and community organizers like...well, like me, for instance."

I wonder if my parents saw the train wreck coming when Carter was elected. I'll have to ask them.

madmath1 said...

I live in CA and what we're dealing with here is what's to come for the whole country. Rino Arnold, I like that motto. We're seeing some of the highest taxes in the world if you include BO's plan. Sales taxes going up 14%, Gas just on the taxes are going up 7% and at the current gas prices, car registration is going to double (thank God I've already paid for this year, but 2010 is another year), my income taxes are going up 2% and I'm in the bottom 3rd and I can't imagine what the middle incomers are going to pay. I'm starting to think that business my mother-in-law is starting is beginning to look good, but can I take the humidity in the Philippines or take the tax heat here in the states. Interesting question.

The Black Sphere said...

Madmath1 - I'd say RINO Arnold is turning the heat up in CA. 14% sales tax is ridiculous. You think people won't be going to "border states" to buy their goods? Wow!

Anonymous said...

Helene Paz February 26

I'm allergic to the whole administration - three stooges on stage PeLOSER, Biden the brainless and puppet BO. Oh yea Michelle with her makeover (and how much did that cost my taxes) was in the audience being gushed over - interview People magazine - People she picks - rag that it is - gossip. No class!!!!

Xandrus said...

I watched the speech, I stayed up to watch the speech simply because I wanted to see if anything was going to be different. I was sufficiently....underwhelmed, that by the time it was over with, I was pissed off I could have had an extra hour of sleep.

I did, however, hear some very disturbing undertones to the rhetoric. How can he possibly expect business to thrive when he's forcing more of the same gov't intervention which not only created many of the problems we're having now, but also is one of the primary reasons why our businesses are fleeing overseas?

Gov't needs to get out of business and stay out of business. Except for a fair taxation of it and the enforcement of work-side immigration law (Big Fan of that, it works), and environmental regulations.

We have a Black President. We have women and minorities all over the place in positions of power and prestige. Racism is dead. Therefore, no need to enforce affirmative action hiring, discrimination lawsuits, etc etc.

But wait, that might mean they'd have to let go of the Race/Victim card. Oops, nevermind, continue on as normal.

The Black Sphere said...

Xandrus - Very well put! Thanks for the visit!

Nancy said...

I was led to your site from a you tube video. Great site. I love it when I find others who feel the same as I do. Thanks for the site and the educated commentary.

The Black Sphere said...

Nancy, again thanks for the add. I am curious as to what video led you to me? Email me with that, if you don't mind.