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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Obama’s Superbowl Performance

Today I picked up the USA Today outside my hotel room and on the cover is a picture of a dejected Obama, head resting on his hand, eyes tired, staring into the abyss. You'd think the Steelers had lost the Superbowl.

The headline read something to the effect that Obama has "lost some of his glow". In the picture (left) he looks as if he is saying, "I had no idea how tough this job is." Actually as I think about it, he is more likely thinking, "I'm no way prepared for this job."

So why the long face? The guy can't pick a cabinet. President 101. The first step for a president, and a baby step at that. You'd think that with the way Obama ran a practically flawless campaign, that he could get past President 101. Yet he had two cabinet pick resignations in one day!

I imagine that "golden glow" that only Liberals can see will end up looking like a ring of soot soon for his kool-aid drinkers, when he actually starts addressing real problems. I'm certainly readying my "I told you so" for all the knuckleheads who elected this inexperienced, no talent, snake-oil salesman (my apologies to all snake-oil salesmen) to the highest office in the land.

The real story wasn't about the resignation of Daschle, but about Obama admitting that he had "…made a mistake" yesterday. Pay attention here fellow Conservatives. Don't be fooled by Obama's mea culpa, saying that he erred. That admission was about as real as Pamela Anderson's breasts...and hair, and nails, and so on. Fake through and through.

Typically I must parse Obama's statements, as they must be translated to English from ObamaSpeak, and his comments yesterday are no exception. In doing this, I want you to take note on how he couches his so-called "mistake", and thus the real lesson here.

Obama says that Daschle's tax mistake is Daschle's personal mistake. Then Obama makes the self-deprecating comment that it was his mistake for essentially not knowing. Huh? How could Obama know? The fact is…he couldn't. It was Daschle's responsibility to tell him, and thus it was ALL Daschle's mistake. But Obama is willing to share in this mistake, which is the genius in ObamaSpeak.

Obama knows this is in no way his mistake. But by doing the mea culpa, he knows people will say, "…well Daschle not paying his taxes is not your mistake, Mr. President". "How gracious President Obama is, how magnanimous of him to not blame Daschle." By the way, "Daschle, step into my office…because you're freakin' fired!"

Obama wants people to believe that he is capable of admitting a mistake, when in fact he is quite incapable of doing so. This is a setup people. Pure unadulterated subterfuge. This tiny admission that is really a non-admission of error takes your mind off the mistakes that are already being made, like his enormous deficit spending, no job creation package.

Further, he wants a pass on future mistakes, the big mistakes, which I promise you will keep coming just as assuredly as Liberals asking for handouts and tax increases.

Here's the wrap:

Conservatives, we have had a great two weeks exposing Obama as a wide-eyed dreamer, incapable of even doing the most basic things in Washington, like selecting a cabinet that follows the law. Imagine the skewering that Bush would have taken by the media and Liberals at this point, had his cabinet positions fallen through like this, and had he shoved that Ms. Piggy of a pork bill down our throats?

As this neophyte is still transitioning into office, attending Washington roasts, and hosting his Superbowl party, and failing at the basics of "picking a felonless cabinet", there are Americans freezing to death throughout this country, trapped in ice with little help from FEMA.

While Obama is falling on the sword for Daschle and his other cabinet picks who were content to screw the American taxpayers, Iran launched a new spy satellite, and North Korean redrew the border between it and South Korea.  And they are preparing to test long-range missiles, threatening South Korean's sovereignty, and the people of the United States. I know…it was the Superbowl, and not just another football game, so Obama should get a pass for not addressing these vital issues at some undetermined time in the future.

Obama, if you think you are tired now, just wait. You will soon find that being president is not about having the coolest house in which to host Superbowl parties.

That's my rant!

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Anonymous said...


Dugg and dugg. Spot on analysis. Picking a cabinet should be a cakewalk, and Obama can't even succeed in that (not to mention filling all the new positions he invented to get more of his friends/allies on the payroll). With some luck, the Dems will keep tripping over themselves until the 2010 midterms and voters will remember why the the last Congress (and probably this one, too, by the time its all said and done) had the lowest approval ratings of all time.

Anonymous said...


Every time the "ONE" screws up, the excuse merchants come out in droves. How long before the American people tire of the spin and begin to reflect their disappointment in the pols?

DaveG said...

If Obama were truly admitting to having made a mistake with Daschle, his first act of contrition would be to fire the even bigger cheat, Tim Geithner. That won't happen, you can be sure.

Obama's problem with picking a cabinet is his raw inexperience. He knows nothing about the jobs he is trying to fill, so, just as he did with Biden, he's trying to make "safe" picks from the vast pool of calcified and entrenched Washington insiders. It's going to be an on-going battle. While he himself somehow managed a perceived immaculate conception from the corrupt womb of Chicago politics, he is going to find that anyone he picks from the pool of Washington Corruptocrats is going to be tainted in one way or another.

In my opinion, Obama is the chihuahua that chased a garbage truck and now has no idea what to do with it now that he's caught it. Also in my opinion, it couldn't happen to a more self-aggrandizing egotistical, pompous jerk.

The Black Sphere said...

Geez Dave, first you stole LOTS of my words, so I now have to use others, and second, you were as eloquent as I try to be. See what happens when one writes with passion! Great comment my friends, and know that I will pilfer, eg. Corruptocrats. And immaculate conception of the womb of Chicago politics, you are a poet my friend!

Chip Head said...

Oh, pleeeease!!! Don’t you get it? President Obama is way smarter than any of us. This whole Daschle thing was plotted and scripted weeks ago in order for our President to do just what you wrote; look like he can be magnanimous and admit a mistake. This was not incompetence! No, sir! And neither was the bipartisan 214-188 vote by the U.S House of Representatives on the stimulus bill. No, sir! Our President has everything under control. So sleep well comrades.

Christinewjc said...

What a great and very accurate rant it is!

I can't help but think that Obama was probably also reacting to seeing his former 89% approval rating drop to 68% in just two weeks!

As if all that you shared in your excellent blog post isn't enough to worry us all, there is even more to be highly concerned about:

Talk Wisdom: Islam "House of Truce" by Barry Soetoro?

Digital Publius said...

Another dead on the money breakdown Kevin.

DaveG said...

"immaculate conception"

I thought you might like that. I've been saving it for weeks now, waiting for just the right time to use it.

Pacaderm said...

...Obama looks that way - head in hands and O-so-dejected because of all the heavy reading he is doing! See all those library books behind him? He's confused by the Dewey Decimal system. In there lies the book "how to fill a presidential cabinet" and he just can't find it.

Ron B said...

Always a perfect piece. Dave G really got his muse going today! Some great new vocabulary words. Maybe you should work up a book of brainy quotables from the posters in this world of Bizarro.

Big "O" making a mistake. WOW!!! But remember he will attempt to legislate based upon public opinion(and polls)....not the rule of law or common sense. Already cast his die on the maximum wage and mediocrity that goes along with it for our capitalist industries.

Will the last American off the ship please bring the flag and the Constitution...what is left of it after the next 4 years.


The Black Sphere said...

Chip, you may be right about the all-knowing Messiah planning the Daschle episode. I will take it under consideration!

The Black Sphere said...

Christine, I wonder how "Wonder Boy" will take it when his approval rating falls below 50%, and it will! "Who's your God now Moses?" to quote Edward G Robinson in The Ten Commandments!

The Black Sphere said...

Digital and Dave, thanks for the props. Pacaderm, I loved the reference to all the books behind Obama. He's won't find "How to run the presidency" in any of them. I suspect he is putting in a call to W!

The Black Sphere said...

Ron - You cracked me up Bro! You get a lifetime membership to The Black Sphere!

I predict the maximum wage issue backfires on him, once the truth comes out about the actual "outcome" of such a stupid idea. I will be discussing it soon.

Great comment, my friend!

shannon said...

nice post.

One aside- I don't think O ran a flawless campaign (media hype). It just seemed as such considering McCain's unmitigated disaster of a so-called campaign.

LizV said...

Ahh! The bloom is off the rose. Does anyone remember his claiming he would be "ready to lead, day one" and that whole "hit the ground running" nonsense. What a circus-pass the popcorn: who KNOWS what's next! :)

Julie said...

You know though, I never thought he was a good speaker. I know he could read a speech well but when he had to reply off the cuff he stumbled and couldn't do it. Once he turned and asked his press secretary to answer the question!
Even Clinton could pull answers out of his.....well you know. Anyway, another great rant.

So, math whiz that you are. What do you think of Nancy Pelosi's 500 millions jobs will be lost this month if we don't approve the stimulus bill? How many would that be by say, the 4th of July and can we only hope her's will be one of them

The Black Sphere said...

@Shannon - Agree on the campaign, but you have to hand it to them, he rallied the vote. I have always said that he is likely the best campaigner in history. Too bad that is his only real talent!

The Black Sphere said...

@LizV - Yes, those flowers were DOA!

Anonymous said...


When you don't put any thought into it and just pick cronies and people to whom you owe favors then yes, picking one's cabinet is a cakewalk.

The Black Sphere said...

@Julie - Thanks, and yes I did see that Pelosi said we would lose 500M jobs, which happens to be 1.5X the number of all men, women, and children, including illegal aliens in the US! What a wit of the nit kind she is. The fodder was simply too easy, so I didn't bother to cut her to shreds...yet!

Anonymous said...


When O talked to Chris Wallace on Fox News he said "I screwed up". Isn't that just beautiful language for the president of the US! He evidentially didn't read GWB's memo that said "never swear in public and always wear your suit coat".

Lori J said...

Hello Kevin,

This is the first time I have read your blog and it is very thought provoking....
Right now as a Canadian I am awaiting the outcome of BUY American...We seem to have become a cynical people in many nations as the people that are elected to serve us forget that very fact.

I will keep watching your blog but confess it has to be on days when I have a good outlook on life.


Michael said...

God help us all when he has to make some life and death decisions.


machinepolitick said...

The problem is, Obama paid someone to run his campaign. So, he doesn't even have that experience to build on. He's like a spoiled brat with all the toys, making excuses for his bad behavior at someone else's expense.
You're right, this is no apology. And, he's no 'Change' either. How long before the kool-aid wears off and he has no friends? I'm not above saying I told you so.

The Black Sphere said...

LoriJ - Glad you found me. I think you will find my site humorous mostly, but it should make you think. I also do my best to NOT give you more of the same views that you already read.

Bad news is that I write about ObamaGaffs, so they will likely keep coming, which is unfortunately bad news!

The Black Sphere said...

Machine - We can already start with the "I told you sos", it's just that they will go unheard by the left now. But the big stuff is coming, and we will be whipping them out like napkins at a BBQ!

Anonymous said...

Renee Parker at 11:56pm February 4

famous four words for a fool...

Larry said...

If I was Prezydink I would have had an Air Farce F-15 or a Navy Aegis equipped Ticonderoga class put a satellite killing missile into Iran's new playtoy.
Just to prove that it could be done.
Just cause I'm an a**hole like that.

madmath1 said...

So the Messiah admits to a mistake and will take responsibility while the biggest example is sitting right next to him and he does nothing.. I believe I have the Obamaspeak, or Bizzaronese, translated. Opps, I got caught and nobody is buying my BS.

The Black Sphere said...

@Larry - That is funny! I agree with it too! Let's shoot that sucker down!

Anonymous said...


Been doing a nickname search for Obama today.. Ogabe? Oddam Hussein? O Jong Il? Papa Doc Ovalier?

I like Ogabe. Devaluing our currency, redistributing wealth whimsically.. soon we'll need a wheelbarrow full of $ to buy a loaf of bread.. anyone ready to put a Trillion Dollar Bill in your wallet?

Remember the Rip Van Winkle cartoon where he woke up and discovered his bank account had millions in it, then tried to make a phone call and the operator said "please deposit three million dollars for the next two minutes"..?

This is one of your best rants ever, man... keep 'em comin.

Big Dave

The Black Sphere said...

BigDave - I like them all. I love the "...please deposit $3M" bit!

nicole said...

Might I point out that Al Capone was jailed for not paying taxes. Apparently tax evasion used to be a crime. Now we have one RUNNING the IRS. Well done, Barry!

The Black Sphere said...

Nicole, excellent point! Times, they are a changin'!

Anonymous said...

From: Chip Robison
Date: February 5, 2009

Seriously, I do think Obama hates Southerners or he at least looks down his nose at them.

Diane said...

I just found your blog and I love, love, love your rants! I'll be making many returns to read what you have to say.

The Black Sphere said...

Diane, thank you so much! I am overjoyed to hear that. Tell and bring friends, kicking and screaming if you have to! :-)

Sheldon from Calgary said...

Why do all Conservatives sound alike? No, really, I mean it. You all sound alike. It's very easy to pick you out of a crowd, because you all resemble each other... just like it's easy to pick a Downs Syndrome sufferer out of a crowd. There are unmistakable features that set you apart as the nation of half-wit retards that you are. Oh yeah, BUSH was a WAYYYYYY better president. Riiight. He wasn't even a half-decent human being... and frankly, neither are the lot of you. Kiss my centrist ass.

The Black Sphere said...

@Sheldon - I see Canada is still suffering from "penis envy" of Americans. I guess that comes from having to have this side of the border protect you socialists.

And leave it to a limp-noodled, spineless group like yours to attack the most helpless amongst us.

Enjoy that healthcare system of yours, and thanks for meddling in our politics. Last time I checked we could care less about yours. O I actually "get it".

Thanks for providing my dose of ignorance for the day. I ofter wonder what meddling Liberal will give me my dose of "Bizarro World"

BTW, I'd much rather be around a group Down's Syndrome kids than any Liberal, and I thank you for putting me in with them. I gladly fight to protect them.