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Friday, February 06, 2009

Is Obama Scared?

Obama is selling pork, and just in time for spring barbeques. There is an unmistakable aroma to smoldering pork…sort of like the smell of panic.

Polls slipping, Obama decided to that attack CEOs for their shameless bonuses - easy targets, and in fact scapegoats. A little
cabrito for the barbeque. Nothing like serving up goat, and 'scape' is the most succulent kind.

I watched a snippet of Obama's press conference, and he was coached. His handlers obviously pulled him aside and informed him that he must appear to be more in charge, to be a leader. It's not working. At least that's what the polls say.

Obama's defiance was in an effort to sell
Obamulus von Porkulus, or "a turd by any other name, would it still smell as wellturdy?". So there he stood at the podium, defiant, but still cool, like a Mack about to put a beatdown on his "ladies".

An obvious tribute to Reverend Wright, Obama sermonized to the American public, reminding us that he was "
handed this economy." Translated: You selected me, I didn't select you. Many countries wanted me, and you are lucky to have me, yet now you want to criticize me?! 

Obama said, "They didn't vote for the status quo; they sent us here to bring change". Here's an example of "the change we need":

"We are not going to get relief by turning back to the very same policies that for the last eight years doubled the national debt and threw our economy into a tailspin."

Obama is right on one thing. We
do need change. First, I'd like my change back. But if I can't get that, then riddle me this, "What do we need change from?"

So let's correct Obama's comment. He should have said, "
We are not going to get relief…for the last two years, under the Democratically-controlled Congress…". That would have been the real truth. We had six great years of Bush, and two pitiful years of Pelosi and Reid.

So they sell the spin by producing commercials that reinforce the hypnosis of the "
least common denominator", the Obama voter, as they chant the monotone drone of "Yes we can."

However the commercials don't appear to be working, as even his own Sodomites are holding their noses at "
StinkFest: The celebration of Pork-A-Palooza." Approval ratings are now at 34%, at last check, and collapsing faster than well…Obama's cabinet appointments. [chuckle]

Obama is not used to anything less than complete adulation and ultimate capitulation. He doesn't understand why his "words" cannot sway the public, and those pesky Republicans. I imagine Obama feels like Joachim Phoenix playing the role of Caesar in Gladiator, when he says, "This truly vexes me."

Here's the wrap:

Obama is scared, panicked. His approval ratings have dropped from the 80s to the 60s, and the 40s are out their licking their "porkchops". When he dips below 50% approval, we may have to put him on suicide watch.

They are hopefully beginning to see what we already know, which is the problem isn't so much with corporations, but with massive corpulent government. And this meeting of Democrat fat cats was simply to rally behind their embattled leader, so they could boost his confidence, which is likely around where his spending package is...34%

Speaking of government fat cats saying, "Do as I say, not as I do", remember all the hoopla over the companies receiving bailouts having lush getaways at retreats? Well guess where Obama was, when he was sermonizing? He and about 200 House Democrats were at the Kingsmill Resort and Spa.  The barbecue served was the American taxpayer.

That's my rant!

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Findalis said...

He's not selling pork. He's selling the whole pig. And the piglets too.

Nice blog btw.

The Black Sphere said...

Thanks Findalis!

Anonymous said...


Porktacular article

Anonymous said...


Great article as usual...we are "inexcusable and irresponsible" idiots as said by the prez last evening...yes we are...we want to debate longer than 4 days on trillions of dollars spent on pork and a few beans....

petunia politik said...

how about assisted suicide? after all, we don't want the poor dear to be overly stressed. mistah and missus petulance went to the kennedy center tonight for "date night"...
on the eve of (his word) catastrophe, he's nuzzling the first witch and contemplating a weekend at camp david.

The Black Sphere said...

Petunia - You are one tough woman on Obama! I like it!

Melissa B said...

It is comical to listen to Obama and Pelosi and all of the other Demanazicrats (is that a bit to strong of a word? I don't really care.) freaking out about this bill being passed. I wonder what the US will be like when 500 million people lose their job?

PS- I liked the snippet on your show about the 500 mil. Fantastic!

Digital Publius said...

No one appreciates a slab of ribs more than an ex Muslim like me. But Obama's swine, in the words of Damon Wayans, leads only to the trichinosis of your mind.

Julie said...

I am glad I don't have tv so I don't have to watch him as well as listen to him. Everyone keeps talking about what a born leader he is, well I heard someone say, if he was such a born leader he would have lead something before now, Amen to that. Now he just looks like a spoiled brat who isn't getting his way.

Julie said...

One other thing. If there are as many people out there who have lost their jobs as is being reported shouldn't we all know at least 2 of them. I don't know you?

Clay Bowler said...

Another brilliant rant as usual.

The Black Sphere said...

@Clay - Thanks Bro!

The Black Sphere said...

@Julie - People are indeed losing their jobs, as employers "prep" for ObamaNation. Had McCain been elected, and I am no real fan, the economy would be steadily improving. You wouldn't have "Porkfest '09", and employers would know that their "investments", aka companies they founded would be protected and socialized. This is the economy reacting to a no talent hack of a "leader".

The Black Sphere said...

@Digital - Hassan, that's right, you can now partake of pork, since your conversion...we eat heartily my friend, for you, like the rest of us are being force fed all parts of this enormous pig...Hogzilla!

The Black Sphere said...

Melissa B - Thanks for the comment, and glad you heard the radio show. Yes, Dave produced a great segment, calculator and all to showcase how stupid Pelosi is. Now everyone is picking up on it!

Terry said...

I know this is not funny...or is it.
I am in I told you so mode right now. This guy is full of hot air and that hot air is on the verge of being released...or has it already.

The Black Sphere said...

@Terry - It is hot stinky air, like having your bbq near a pig farm!

Anonymous said...


Don't let that tingle down your leg fool you... oops, too late for you!

Anonymous said...


I don't know if he's scared, but I think I know it isn't working out exactly the way he imagined it would. Thank God at least some of it isn't working out the same way I worried it would too. For two years now I've been saying empty suit socialist - how did he get elected. Maybe 'selected' like they whined about GWB.

Anonymous said...


Dugg for indirect reference to Bad Calvin:

Ron B said...

Rhetoric is perfect during a campaign. Everyone is listening because of what you say. Now putting rubber to the road and you see how quickly rhetoric is no longer the answer yet the BIG "O" keeps giving us his campaign rhetoric. His answer is that everyone wants to be an economist. Yep. I have my own personal economy which I have to manage and when you are screwing with the National Economy it screws with my personal one.

I agree that he needs to lead and not pander. My girlfriend was a BIG "O" supporter and now she is asking me why does he act so superior and arrogant(I remind her often that she helped to elect this man). Simple answer to her was when you lack talent and lack experience running anything you make up for it by confusing your opposition with Arrogance, Anger and Forceful Rhetoric.

Great leaders will lead in dire circumstances and take responsibility. Cowards will always blame others for their lack of leadership. "I was handed this economy" instead of I helped to create this mess while I tried to serve as a U.S. Senator for 175 days before talking about a run for the White House.

"Stinkfest '09"

Keep banging away Kevin. Love this site.

My bad! I think I was too long!


The Black Sphere said...

RonB - You don't go too long. You make additional points that I can't due to keeping blogs of "relative" length, so "Preach, Bro!"

Rose-Bud said...

Great rant, Kevin,

When I saw him at his press conference yelling out that chant, and his followers responding, I laughed so hard. I see the --it hitting the fan, and those of us who knew it was coming are now ducking and dodging, while his followers are taking on the full frontal assault. They can't hide the 'pie in your face' smell of thier elected pres., which is evident by his approval rating. Hopefully by this time next year he will be history, and mentioned only during Black History month. Keep up your good works Kevin, peace out!

Rose-Bud said...

In response to your question of knowing anybody personally who has lost thier job, here is what I do know about unemployed Americans.
A person can collect unemployment benefits even if they are working part-time.
Here in SC I know about 10 people, and have met many more by filing their taxes with a 1099-G, who are employed, and still recieve unemployment benefit checks.
The only requirement is that at some point in your work history you have worked a full-time job with that employer paying unemployment taxes on your behalf to the gov. And after you have exhausted those funds in your account, you can apply for the 13 week extension. So the high unemployment claims are not truly-factual numbers because a percentage of those persons are still working a pt job.
Even though I live in a rural area in terms of population, I don't see a whole lot of people begging on the streets as I did when I lived in Chicago.
And SC has lost alot of manufactoring jobs, supposely, but I know most are working part-time somewhere, and filing claims for unemployment benefit checks.

The Black Sphere said...

@Rosebud and Julie - Unemployment is almost a YEAR long now. In that amount of time, I could figure a LOT out.

Next, the union jobs pay you even when you don't work, like auto industry, and guess who...TEACHERS!

So when all you need to do is (1) get a job, and (2) get laid off so you can collect either partial pay or unemployment, who the heck needs to work?

Rosemary said...

Ugh, disgusting!!!
I have seen that Kingsmill Resort (I have a daughter at William and Mary, right in the neighborhood) Yeah, we paid for that. How nice. NOT.
Obamulus von Porkulus, or "a turd by any other name, would it still smell as well… turdy?"
That made me laugh Kevin. That is about the only funny thing about all of this.
BHO and his followers are a bunch of pompous greedy thoughtless PIGS.
I am so worried about leaving such an atrocious "bill" for my kids and grandkids to deal with paying back. I will have to note specifically in my will that I did not vote for any of this. I do not want them to be angry with me after I die LOL okay not funny.
well done Kevin!

Rosemary said...

Dear Rose-bud, your comment on unemployment benefits for those working is shocking news to me!
Getting a 13 week extension on top of that? Wow, I live such a sheltered life... I had no idea. Wow
Here in Northern Virginia we have LOTS of jobs. The paper is full of employment offers and everywhere I go they are hiring.
Here's a funny thing. My hubby is from Michigan (long time ago, he has lived here in NO VA longer than he has there now) He read that Michigan was thinking about making some nifty car buying incentive by offering to let you trade in your "junker" (must be older than 10 years) and get $20K off an American car.
WOW that sounds like a cool business for hubby and me. We would just go to all of the junk yards and buy all of the older than ten year old cars, then we can sell them at a profit. Any one else want in on this deal??
Think people!
I should see if I can apply for unemployment on Monday.... hmmmm

Jeni said...

Hot damn, you do an outstanding rant!! Keep 'em coming...

I'm waiting for the day that "approval" drops under 30. The rate this empty suit is going I may not have to wait much longer. :)

Rose-Bud said...

A-zact-toe-mondo! I use that term to give kudos to those who get the point I'm trying to make. You asked, 'who needs to work'. Short answer, nobody. Being on the goberment dole will give us housing, food to eat, medical care,and yes, 'victimhood' then maybe, maybe then we will stop asking questions about our goberment. We will be too concerned about when our benefit check will arrive.

I heard about that program also, and I think something like that is in the stimulus bill. I heard that you can get a certain amount of money off the price of a new car.
Well, I'm a thinker, and me thinks this is what got the home mortage industy in trouble, guberment intervention. Lets say if you do go and buy a new car, and since you are getting it at a discount, you get it fully loaded with ONSTAR,DVD players, surround sound, etc. you make it a mini-house on wheels. And then by buying a car way outside your means, you fall behind in your car payments. Who do you think is gonna pick up the tab...the guberment. So now you have a house subsidized by big brother, and a car, it will never end.

BTW-All, a good read or reread at this time is the timeless classic, A Brave New World. I never get tired of comparing fact with fiction.

The Black Sphere said...

Thanks, ladies all, they being my two Roses, aside my Jeni. I suspect that I will have much to write and you much to read, and I appreciate that you come here to do so.

tim bruce said...

Guess which agency and which Americans are being asked to do more with less in the trillion dollar spending fiasco- Your military.

That’s right, the men and women who keep your free to right the anti-american junk in your blogs are having their budget slashed 10% while the rest of the government is bloating with this so-called stimulus bill.

The Carter years all over again. Get ready.

The Black Sphere said...

Tim - You are speaking figuratively as I write NOTHING anti-American. I am a patriot of the highest order, and I can be trusted with your life!

Anonymous said...


He's scared I see it
and frustrated too!
Too bad!
You have to have leadership skills to lead the nation not just pretty talk!

Anonymous said...


"He and about 200 House Democrats were at the Kingsmill Resort and Spa. The barbecue served was the American taxpayer."

"However the commercials don't appear to be working, as even his own Sodomites are holding their noses at "StinkFest: The celebration of Pork-A-Palooza." Approval ratings are now at 34%, at last check, and collapsing faster than well…Obama's cabinet appointments. [chuckle]"

Gems. Truly. Gems.

Anonymous said...

9 hr 47 min ago
He is definitely not getting the reception he expected. Oh well!

The Black Sphere said...

@lizbett - Those pretty words are "just words" to quote the Messiah. Ha!

@pookydirt - Thanks for noticing the "small stuff"!

Anonymous said...


Where is the 100 day honeymoon? Just three weeks and he is crying because things are not going his way. Please George Bush show Barack Obama how not to cry

The Black Sphere said...

@waggdogg - He may very well ask W on to one of his advisory committees, like the one that handles low polls. Only his low polls will be earned!

madmath1 said...

Kevin, good to see one of my comments has half stuck to you. As for the turd hitting the fan, well, as a mathematician, all I can say is if his approval ratings keep on the slope it is on, he'll manage to do something in 6 weeks that took Bush 6 years to do: to have his approval rating plumment from the 60's to the 30's. Bush had the media totally against him while the media is totally on board with BO shoveling this fertilizer while calling it a rose.

The Black Sphere said...

madmath1 - I am safe in my bet that Obama will prove to be an ObamaNation, and when he fails misearably, all Conservatives can say, "We tried to tell you!" I relish in the thought, and have my speech in my wallet!

Anonymous said...

From: Tomasz Forys
Date: February 8, 2009

Great blog!

Julie said...

Rosebud and Kevin, I must lead a sheltered like also after working the same job for 29 years. Usually the people I see let go from here have ended up in another job within a week or two. But I do live in small town USA.

The Black Sphere said...

Julie - No that is the way it usually is, when you are good at what you do, and just get caught up in a RIF. Further, many people are willing to take a step back to pay the bills. Most Libs are not. They expect a new job with MORE pay!

Anonymous said...

From: Vicki Betts
Date: February 8, 2009

Right on, Kevin! In two weeks, the man has managed to do major damage to this country-- think what he will do in four YEARS, if we don't watchdog him! As for the RINO women from Maine, and the cowardly lyin, Arlen Specter-- We need to get Michael Steele to run these jerks out of office! I am SO proud of Michael-- he has managed to earn my respect in MOMENTS, by getting rid of the dead wood in the RNC! Funny, I have written him two letters now, and he did exactly what I thought he should do! Now, we need to wonder if we have messed up-- because perhaps HE should be our candidate, in 2010!

Anonymous said...

From: Al Adelgren PE CVS
Date: February 8, 2009

On target once again Kevin!

Oh the irony. Only 37% support the porkulus.

BHO and the Dems going to Kingsmill for a much needed "retreat" only 4 weeks into the congressional calendar, and 2-1/2 weeks into the new presidency. Whew! Driving the nation into the perpetual poor-house, to be financed by those that don't really like us, is tiring work. Now that was yet another bit of CHANGE we deserve. More like a thumb in the eye.

Let's see, what shall we do next? Oh, I know! Let's release all those nice people being held at Gitmo whose own home nations won't take them back. We can give them a house in the Republican populated 'burbs, and tell them to play nice with the neighbors.

Hmmm, how can we control the media? Oh, oh, let's put Jeffery Imhelt, CEO of GE (parent company of the National Barack Channel, More Suffering National Barack Chanel, and the Cable National Barack Chanel), on a panel that reports to BHO. That just sends a tingle up my leg. NOT!

(Yes, I like the idea of Mike Steele cleaning house at the RNC. The Dems did him dirty when he ran for Senate. I hope he focuses on finding the next generation of conservatives, under 40 years of age.)

Anonymous said...

From: Lauren Cross
Date: February 9, 2009

Another great piece, Kevin. This illustrates how the adulation of Obama by the mainstream media and others ultimately does not benefit him. He's so wrong about this spending bill, and trying to pass it off as "change" is preposterous. His criticism of those who want tax breaks instead of spending, claiming that it is more of the failed policies of the last 8 years, proves how uninformed he is (or maybe he's just lying to us). As you pointed out, we had a strong economy during most of the Bush years. It was the credit crisis that resulted from sub-prime mortgages that were forced on banks by the Community Reinvestment Act and ACORN, all Democratic initiatives, that caused the crisis. Republicans pushed for more regulation and investigation into what was going on at Fannie and Freddie, and warned of a possible crisis, but Democrats opposed them and insisted that these institutions were sound. Bush failed by supporting the TARP and other bailouts, rather than letting the markets correct themselves. The current so-called stimulus package will fail, too. Obama doesn't know this, as he doesn't know anything about leading this country, and he's pinned his reputation on getting this bill passed. It's not about saving the economy, it's about Obama saving face, and making as big a government power grab as he can.

Chip Head said...

Give the poor guy a break. He’s doing what he knows best...sounding important while saying nothing. And nobody does it better!

The Black Sphere said...

Chip, you receive an A for that comment!

Anonymous said...

From: Ronald L. Dunn
Date: February 12, 2009

FDR spent 3+ terms blaming Hoover for the Depression his failed policies deepened, broadened, and lengthened. Jimmy Carter spent his term blaming Nixon for double digit inflation and horrific home mortgage rates and the alleged "malaise" in America. Why should we expect something different from Lord Barry scant weeks into his administration?

Anonymous said...

From: Tony Gruebl
Date: February 12, 2009

Kevin - I like you more and more each time I read your blog. Nice work.

Anonymous said...

From: David Marcus
Date: February 13, 2009

I stopped believing that anyone is still obtuse enough to believe in Keynesian economics. It's a package designed to provide more government, more power, more entitlements, more control of the United Subjects of America. We are now subjects of the tyrannical government the very thing the Constitution was designed to protect us against, and ironically the very thing each member of Congress swore to uphold.

I no longer have any G'd given, inalienable rights; but rather those granted to me by our congressional tyrants who use sleezy tactics such as hiding healthcare reform in page 460 of a 1000 page "economic stimulus" bill that nobody, who's very job it is, has bothered to read.

- I love America and I miss it already.

Anonymous said...

From: Charles Schott
Date: February 13, 2009

Outstanding blog and blog post! I couldn't agree more. sure is nice to be among "like minds" (read: people that actually think for themselves)!