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Thursday, February 12, 2009

To Pork or Not to Pork – That is the Question

So which is it? Pork, or as Chuck Schumer the Democratic Senator from New York said recently put it, "a little pork, that Americans don't care about"? Or "No pork", as Obama and Pelosi promised. 

Welcome to the Era of Opposites. The Era of Subterfuge. "He said, he said", at the highest and most heinous level.

All this from the most ethical administration in the history of America. I guess if you keep saying it enough, you might actually believe it. 

Based on Biden's conversation with Obama that "…in the best of circumstances, this plan has about a 30% chance of working", it would appear that privately at least, neither one of them believes this plan has a real chance of working. Yet in his first press conference as president, when queried about this conversation, Obama dismissed Biden like a drunk uncle. "Uh, uh, well you know Joe."

The "uhs" have it folks. As you may have guessed by now, Obama really doesn't believe in Joe. Nor does he really believe in his massive pork bill.

Nevertheless, after the passing of his love child with Pelosi, known by me as Obamulus von Porkulus , Obama is out doing what he loves best: Convincing people that he is not crazy, and he is the best man for the job of re-creating America.  I didn't know we needed to be re-created?

Just like he wants to convince us of the soundness of his decisions thus far, for example Biden as VP. And his cabinet choices of lobbyists, Clinton retreads, and tax cheats. And the idea that this will be the most ethical administration in history. Oh, and that Obamulus von Porkulus really is a stimulus package, and not the lunatic idea of a Manchurian Candidate set on the destruction of America.

When you consider where all this "stimulus" money is going, the only logical conclusion one can make is it pays to stink at running a state, a company, and your personal finances.

As for states, monkeys would be better at running Blue states than most of their Democratic governors. These states are putting band-aids on bullet holes, financially speaking.  Can Democrats even balance a personal check book?

Yet Liberal idiot constituents continue to elect these "tax and spend" bureaucrats, and they continue to spend spend spend, knowing that, as Obama put it a while back, "Help is on the way."

And it's no different for companies. If your company is run poorly, "Help is on the way." We have entered the era of "reward bad behaviors and punish good behaviors".

I think that if your company gets a bailout, then the CEO and his executive staff should have to wear a button that says, "A Monkey Could Run This Company Better Than We Can". I think the employees should have similar buttons that say, "I am inefficient and worthless, and dragging my company down."

Finally, if you run your personal finances into the ground, "Help is on the way." Keep buying that bling, nice cars, the phat wardrobe, because Obama will pay your mortgage, as we have been told.

Here's a short lesson in human nature. If you keep giving a crackhead crack, he will keep smoking it. He won't get a job, and he won't become productive. Point: Liberals are for the most part, crackheads!

But crackheads make the best kinds of voters…compliant and easy to manipulate, and cheap to buy. Tell them there is something in it for them, and they forget the sneakly little points, like the Fed knowing all about your health issues. 

So if you smoke, then your Federal insurance won't necessarily cover you for issues related to smoking. What other sneaky legislation lurks in the bowels of Obamulus von Porkulus?

Here's the wrap:

As for pork in this bill, Schumer tried to soft-shoe the truth, saying "…little bits of pork", bacon bits, as it were. What's a few hundred million dollars here and there. It's only money…your money. 

Schumer is telling us just how the Democrats feel about our money, which is it's not our money, it's theirs.

As for Obama, he likes the gamesmanship of having the Schumers and Bidens tell you that this pork stinks, because he gets the chance to sell you some rotten, stinky pork.

That's my rant!

© 2009 Kevin Jackson – The Black Sphere All Rights Reserved



Anonymous said...

Jolanda Davila Mason at February 12

Nice. LOl.

Ron B said...

I can't believe that you had the audacity to compare Liberals to Crackheads.

You give Crackheads a bad name!

We need to be careful with regards to The Big "O". He is a master of manipulation. Let's not keep watching one hand while the other hand does something even more sinister.
All of these distractions with cabinet nominees and controversial executive orders can be the slight of hand while the other hand does the true bidding.


The Black Sphere said...

Ron you know my take on Liberal trickeration. Notice how they slipped in "health care" in Obamulus!

Anonymous said...


I say Pork it; let's spend that shit like drunken sailors!

AZSarahcuda said...

"Obamulus von Porkulus"

HAHAHAHAHA, This is GREAT! Trademark it!

"Keep buying that bling, nice cars, the phat wardrobe, because Obama will pay your mortgage."

Still waiting. I want a pony too.

"Liberals are for the most part, crackheads!"

Perfect! I love it! I agree with RonB-- gives crackheads a bad name! :)

Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Tricia Lyons February 12

I think we are getting porked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Michale-Mary Holznagel February 12

I'm an American and I care about pork.

The Black Sphere said...

@Tricia & Michael - I care about getting porked AND pork in general!

Dawn said...

All I can do is quote you from a past blog entry...We are now living in "bizarro world". This is becoming more and more obvious each day. I wake up each morning and think, "What has happened? What kind of crap are we going to be fed today?" Probably more pork.

Chip Head said...

Kevin, there you go again pickin’ on old Joe.

Mr. Obama may have made a fundamental error in letting congress shape this legislation. It seemed he neither knew nor understood it. The Keynesian economics of the bill will make his overriding goal of reelection much harder. Now his best bet is to destroy the economy in order to get voters more dependent upon Washington handouts. Then again, that could have been his plan all along.

(Yikes, now even I am confused! Have you ever been around a person that seemed to decrease your own intelligence? You walk away wondering what the hell just went on. That’s why I cannot watch or listen to him. The Martini’s are stealing enough of my brain cells.)

The Black Sphere said...

Dawn - Very funny! And thanks for referencing my other blogs on Bizarro World!

Julie said...

Obama is getting exactly what he wants on this bill and all the other little pork is just cover smoke. I bet not one thing he really wanted in there was eliminated. Unfortunately I don't think he is as dumb as I was praying he was.

Jack Marino said...

Hi Kevin, I just signed up on your blog and I hope to contribute to the fight against the Democrat fascist that run this country now. I'm really impress with with what you have accomplished with with you are doing. I have been fighting these people since the 80s out here in Hollywood. I have been fighting my own fight with these liberal fascist and it is great to find today the our ranks becoming larger and larger. We can take back our culture and turn this LSD trip around. I look forward to talking more with you in e-mails and hopefully on Blog talk radio.

To comment on this blog, this pay off with OUR money to grease all the big city mayors, the unions, communist front groups like Acorn and all the other pork the democrats are packing into this PIG of a pork bill which they are going to shove down out throat. To think that the Divine Tiberius Drusus Nero Obamus hasn't put any lipstick on this pig of pork, but even with the lipstick it is still a pig.

The Black Sphere said...

Julie, I agree that he is getting everything he wants. Careful what you wish for!

The Black Sphere said...

Jack - Welcome to TBS my friend. There are many of you in exile in CA, and we will help you out for sure!

drjim said...

After listening to our empty-suit Prez, and how poorly he does when "off script", I have to ask myself, who's pulling his strings? It's becoming more and more apparent this guy just doesn't know what's going on, what's in the bills he tells us MUST be passed or The Apocalypse will be here, or what secrets his appointees have in their closets.
I'm not a conspiracy theorist, but who's *really* running the show?
Yeah, what _about_ the $550 BILLION electronic run on the banks?
I don't think we really know what's going on, and even if the lamestream media did, how far would they let it go?

The Black Sphere said...

Jim, who knows, my friend. When the curtain is pulled back on this charade, we will undoubtedly cringe.

Newzworth said...

The last week reminds me of the movie "Brewster's Million"

Burn through $30 Million dollars in 30 days? lmao

The Black Sphere said...

So true Newzworth! Good call!

madmath1 said...

I've studied air disasters that are prettier than what kind of wreck we'll be having over this pork. Gosh, he want's to appeal to muslim but he serves so much pork.

Kevin, this bill being the love child of BO and Pelosi. I'll be having nightmares about how their children are going to look. EWWWW!

Lilly said...

Great rant Kevin. I don't understand how it HAS to pass but BO doesn't know exactly what is in it or seems to care. It's his bill but Pelosi wrote it. Gesh, just step back and let all of the Representatives actually read the whole thing. Oh but that can't happen because then there would be more no votes and it would never pass.

The Black Sphere said...

madmath1 - It's an ugly baby, and Obama will likely abandon it soon!

The Black Sphere said...

Lilly - It has to pass, and the lawmakers aren't even getting to read it. Congress seriously needs a wake up call, in the form of a revolution! Vote all these Democratic suckers out!

Anonymous said...

Susan Swift February 12
Sounds like a bad movie, Porkies, Part X

Anonymous said...

Helene Paz February 12

Think we pay our rent, buy a little food and Nancy Pelosi gets bad plastic surgery - nice to have money for crap while the rest of us are getting ours stolen by the crooks in DC

Anonymous said...

Paul Renwick February 13

Awesome, Kevin!

Illinois Knows said...

Kevin - "Vote all these Democratic suckers out!" Very hard to do in the great state of Illinois!
haha, my word verification is coingrab!

Rose-Bud said...

Dang! Just when I swore off the pork due to health issues, its now being shoved down my throat. I wish I could say I'd be a happy women to eat as much pork as I want, but I know this guberment pork will be less filling, although I see it is starting to have the same affect as the real stuff in running my blood pressure up.

About the rant, Kevin you always make me laugh, even when I don't want to about this serious screw. When I told my students about some of the contents, and the long term effects of this bill, they were all astonished, and had no idea. I rarely get to teach the subject matter at hand for the full time alotted cause now all they want to talk about is Pres. Obama. Sometimes I indulge them with my opinions other times I ignore their attempts to pull me away from the podium and onto the soapbox. I really don't want my opinions to become their opinions. Still I see in them how easily they can be brainwashed, and taught to not think as individuals. Such losers.
Sorry I missed your live blog radio show Thurs, but I'm gonna download it to my Mp3 player and listen to it at work.
Hmm, very interesting, my word verification is 'emptie', I'm going recieve it as a prophetic word from God.

The Black Sphere said...

Rose-Bud, I wish I was in your class! Lucky students, even if they don't know it yet!

WebSmith said...

This bill is not all pork.

The part that's not is really, really bad.

New Law