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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Obama Gives out Chump Change

Well dip me in doo-doo and roll me in bread crumbs, Obama is giving us back $65 a month! What are you going to do with your "chump change"?
Well don't start spending it too fast now. The average "take home" part of that $65 will be about $40 or $10 a week. Because as we all know a big portion of our income goes back to Uncle Sugar in the form of social security taxes, medicare/medicaid, and of course taxes! Somebody's got to pay for the deadbeats and illegals. Hardworking Conservatives who actually pay their mortgages make good suckers.
Obama must feel very magnanimous, as he "ordered" the treasury to give this money to America's working people. I noted the language, "ordered", because I know that Obama doesn't consider it our money to begin with. He can order his money to do whatever he wants. It's nice that he is giving us a tiny morsel of his money. Any other way of thinking about this would make you…Conservative? No silly, an ingrate!
Here's a thought. When you have given nothing to get this $65, you may actually feel beholden to Obama. However by my calculations, I am carrying around 25 or so of my chitlin' eating brethren on my back based on my tax bill, so Obama won't be getting any props from me.
There are those among us who may get a bit emotional over the government giving you your money back, because it so rarely happens; and certainly not by a socialist. However recognizing that the government is stealing almost a trillion of our dollars, and "all we are getting is this t-shirt", we might want to get some resolve.
Let's do some real math. A trillion dollars is enough money to give every man, woman, and child in America around $3000. So in my family of six people, I am due $18,000 of my dollars. With only one worker outside my home, my family will receive only about $520 of my $18,000.
Now $520 is just a fraction of the $18,000 I should get, however for the government it could be worse. Consider for example the outlook for social security? Only a trombone player with a pager could believe he will ever see any of this money. What are you, an optimist?
I chalk this up to Liberal math, and heed the sage words of this country song: "My Every Day Silver is Now Plastic".
But Obama is not limiting his generosity to just us common people. In fact, he is giving money to cities as well.
In a recent meeting with 80 mayors, Obama warn them not to squander this money. When you consider that the majority of the mayors are Democrats, they certainly need to be warned to act fiscally responsible. Those Democrats are bad with money.
What bothers me is that it was if Obama was the Dad giving out allowances to a bunch of precocious teenagers. And frankly, Obama counseling mayors on fiscal responsibility is tantamount to Rosie O'Donnell giving fitness advice to Victoria's Secret models.
Truth be told, and I'm here to tell it, Obama's real agenda in meeting with 80 mayors was to make sure they could shore up the inner city vote, i.e. the Black vote. Gotta make sure ACORN gets all their money. Don't go fixing roads and bridges and such with this money, when there is another election to win in four years.
Here's the wrap:

This $40 a month give-back program is to take your mind off the fact that Obamulus von Porkulus outspent seven years of Bush in less than 100 days, and he is not through.
Obama will be back to the well, taxing the rich, and telling the poor to just sit there, shut up, and look fabulous. Obama needs a nation of bottom-feeders, getting something for nothing. This includes the states.
So for the undeserving unproductive leeches with your hands out, I ask all good hardworking, taxpaying America-loving Conservatives to call them what they are. They are the least common denominator of America. Let's make sure that they know it.
That's my rant.
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Concerned in PA said...

Great Post! I should probably do a better job of providing feedback and comments, and I promise I will do better!!!! I hope that people will pick up on these posts as they speak the truth, the way many see it but are afraid to say out loud.

The Black Sphere said...

Hey Concerned, good to hear from you. Glad we are connected in multiple places as well. FYI Devon Generally, a strong brother is running against Specter in PA. Be sure to look him up, and support him.

Thanks for the feedback on the post, as I love that. It helps me know if people are paying attention! :-)

And it let's me know if people are interested.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...


This $40 a month give-back program is to take your mind off the fact that Obamulus von Porkulus outspent seven years of Bush in less than 100 days, and he is not through.

Obama will be back to the well, taxing the rich, and telling the poor to just sit there, shut up, and look fabulous. Obama needs a nation of bottom-feeders, getting something for nothing. This includes the states.

Anonymous said...

Jayne Riel February 23

With inflation.. it won't matter to much. Do you think his voters would be happy with this little amount?? I bet they thought it would be more and without the huge stimulus bill taking our tax dollars or future grandchildren's..What a scam.

Teresa said...

Wonderful post. Loved this line:

"What bothers me is that it was if Obama was the Dad giving out allowances to a bunch of precocious teenagers."

Exactly. What this all shows is that Obama is a "micro-manager" extraordinaire.

HE will be watching. HE will warn you. HE will hang onto your money because you can not be trusted. HE will "give" you back your own money a little bit at a time. HE will make sure you do things right.

(and we're supposed to be grateful for this?)

And while HE is doing all this, what's happening to all the other things HE is supposed to be doing to run the country properly?

I am not a manager, but even I know that one person can not possibly keep track of these things in such minute detail.

He has, in the space of one month, totally blown me away with his nearly complete incompetence. It's very very hard to make Jimmy Carter look like a piker, but Obama is running away with the prize! I expected he would be bad, but he has surprised even me and I tend to be very pessimistic about all politicians (even those I support).

The Black Sphere said...

Teresa, just have SEEN incompetence to the degree he is capable!

Anonymous said...

Sara Dillingham February 23

No need to worry about the trillions of dollars of debt we are creating - I hear Obama will be announcing a plan this week to cut the deficit in half in the next five years by taxing businesses and the "wealthy". There goes our $10 a week. Great way to stimulate the economy! Of course, with the big bank takeover to work on this week, this dramatic deficit reduction may have to wait until next week.

The Pondering Catholic said...

I do not know why, but when I first read about this stuff I am mad. Then I come here, and I can't stop laughing. Thanks for helping me get in touch with my sarcastic side. I think I would go crazy the next 4 years if I did have a little fun with this.

Ron B said...

Once again great points.

Favorite line "Obama counseling mayors on fiscal responsibility is tantamount to Rosie O'Donnell giving fitness advice to Victoria's Secret models."

Where do you find these thoughts?

Sir RonB

madmath1 said...

Love the Rosie comment. Remember, she also thinks fire can't melt steel (how do you think we make it moron!), the Hilter of Iran is a nice guy (though he would cut her head off first), and Bush is the worse evil (then why are you on the air stupid?). One thing I've learned in my decades of life, if the government, especially a socialist, is handing out money, well, watch out. While a socialist is handing you money with one hand, the other is picking your pocket. I estimate that "$40" given interest and costs of other obligations that are going to be neglected, that $40 is going to cost our children and grand children about $200 and that doesn't include the $18,000 you're already paying. Multiply by 52 weeks and that's $10,400 a year. No, when the government hands out money the funny thing is it's more profitable (there's a word you don't want to use around liberals. They think that's the worse evil.) for you to turn it down. It will cost you 5 to 10 fold in the future.

The Black Sphere said...

@Pondering - We must all laugh to keep from crying!

The Black Sphere said...

@SirRonB - Analogies? Study for SATs, and misspent youth! Apparently something I have said is pissing people off, as my BFFs dropped from 180 to 171 in ONE day! Oh well...good riddance!

I may joke about things a bit, but the message is clear. I'd rather have a small band of true believers than a bunch of "moderates" who feel superior for not having chosen sides.

The Black Sphere said...

Madmath1, sometimes my vision blurs when following your comments, but I get you man! :-)

Anonymous said...


I plan on saving it for taxes, thus completing the cycle of socialism.

Anonymous said...


hahahaha that is a great post!

Anonymous said...


Let's say you go to a casino and you find a magical slot machine. This particular machine, unlike all the others, actually is a net loss for the casino as every time you put in $1 the machine spits out $1.10. This is what the liberals are telling the rest of us will happen with the ridiculous spending we call the stimulus bill. If that were really the case and the liberals believed what the preached, why wouldn't we put money in the slot machine as many times as we could?

Anonymous said...


The Black Sphere is a great read and right on!
These so called leaders in WA DC live in a different sphere maybe a sphincter sphere! oops!... couldn't help myself.

Anonymous said...


Yah, you sound like a real winner.

Regarding the $65: Look, conservatives said they wanted tax cuts, there's your tax cut. Don't spend it all in one place. If you don't like it, then think for a moment about how much it would have cost to do tax cuts alone and put a more sizable chunk of change in your pocket at the end of the month. Then understand that you've just proven the point that tax cuts alone will not get the economy out of its recession with any alacrity.

Anonymous said...


Your future tax liability due to the "stimulus:" $20k
What'll go back in your pocket: $500 (stimulus check) + $500 (tax cut)

Quit being a partisan hack and realize you're getting raped by your government.

"Then understand that you've just proven the point that tax cuts alone will not get the economy out of its recession with any alacrity."

Right, giving someone an unbelievably paltry tax cut that will have almost no affect proves that tax cuts can't stimulate the economy. How about the government sends you a check for $50 and I prove that stimulus doesn't work?


Anonymous said...


ThsGuyRightHere, It's not just that "conservatives said" they want a tax cut, Presdient Obama campaigned on the promise that he'd give one. How is it that a Democrat is elected based in part on his promise of tax cuts and then suddenly it's a concession to the Republicans?

Anonymous said...


a whole $65 a month they act like this is the 40's still. do they not see stuff is going up in price? this is more like a slap in the face because we don't make enough money for a billion dollar bailout. this country is headed to a divide, poor vs rich. skin color will not matter when it peaks we will be united in forcing the rich to rethink there ways, the poor is what makes this place great.

Anonymous said...


You can thank Arlen Sphincter for helping get this stimulus bill through...

Anonymous said...

Toby Marie Walker February 23

Does anyone know if that $65 will be owed next year on our taxes? Are they going to make people pay the $780.00 in April of next year? Wouldn't it be better to have that money go to pay down the national debt?! What are people thinking?

Rosemary said...

a can or two of tuna, a loaf a bread, small bottle of milk, and a package of cheap cookies...

or the dance session at the icerink on time per week.

Julie said...

I know I have said this before but I have to repeat myself. Your comment's are as worth reading as your entries.

My welfare sister is dancing in her HUD home praising the soil that is Obamanation. Which is where she will stay forever, poor and on welfare, dependent on her government for cigarette money and which is where this type of government wants us all to be. Dependent on them. Well....I refuse.

Keep up the brilliance. It gives me hope, oh man, I am getting to hate that word though, LOL.

Michael said...

I'm not agreeing with Obama's spending. AT ALL!!
But I was thinking about how God places people in position and was thinking how Obama has taken over at a time when money is tight. Imagine, if you will, if he had come into power when all was good and happy and the people of the country could care less what Obama's administration did. If every one was fat and happy, he would be putting through a larger liberal agenda. His hands are somewhat tied with all the trouble right now. We may be better off in the future for the trouble when in now.

Me Myself And I said...

And if this "stimulus" bill was so great, so needed, and such a miracle working tool to save the economy, then why is Obama still preaching the doom and gloom all over the place? Why isn't he saying, "Thanks congress, you have saved the nation" ???

And if it was such a needed tool to help our economy...why isn't most of the money being spent now instead of waiting for (convenient...) the election years of 2010 (hmmm) to 2012 (hmmm).

And I think the kool-aid is starting to get a sour taste now...let's hope more and more people will see Obama for the fraud that he is. Hey, at least he has enough pork to go with all that koolaid now!

The Black Sphere said...

Rosemary - Buy that stuff now, because in six months you will only be able to afford half!

The Black Sphere said...

Julie - You've made this proud Black man blush!

The Black Sphere said...

@MeMyself - Well as I have said, the stock market didn't get the memo. And the "working Americans", are starting to realize that the people making $50K or so will soon be "the new rich" in ObamaNation.

You can't put all the people on welfare in houses, pay for school, medical benefits, gold teeth, and other bling, and not hit "working Americans".

Socialism, coming to an economic strata near you!

Anonymous said...


I believe that liberals never think things through. How can they imagine themselves coming out ahead if they pay in $18k+ and get back less then $1k? I assume they then say that they're getting a 20x boost in this money and it therefore pays for itself. They simply have no concept of money.

Anonymous said...


Anyone need a ciggarette? Just askin....many people enjoy them after they've been screwed.

Anonymous said...


The main difference between Karl Marx and Barack Obama is Karl Marx didn’t throw around other people’s money. It's time to forget about a tax cut and get on with the tax revolt

madmath1 said...

Sorry Kevin. I forget I can analyze 3 things at once and tend to write that way. Just should had said while they give $65, you can get they'll get $100 more out of you.

As for tax revolt, I'm starting to get a craving for some tea and it's not because I'm married to an Asian. Anyone got a ticket to Boston?

The Black Sphere said...

madmath1 - Go get them, and teach them REAL math!

Larry said...

And frankly, Obama counseling mayors on fiscal responsibility is tantamount to Rosie O'Donnell giving fitness advice to Victoria's Secret models.

Or Jimmeh Cahtah delivering a lecture about foreign affairs to a sitting President.

Oh wait...yeah, that happened...

RobbieRob said...

So....The One thinks I can be pimped for a lousy $10 a week???? Nice try, Barack-head.
Kevin, this is one of your best posts yet and who cares if you lost a few BFF' just picked up a new one in me.
The Rosie analogy was funny and the scariest was when you stated how The One has outspent Bush's 7 years in one month.
You see, Kevin, you can't call our lowest common denominators our lowest common denominators. One, they may not even know how to spell denominator let alone know what it means and two, you are assuming they have enough shame in them to make those words have their desired effect. That, my friend, is a reach.
BTW, tell us more about this Devin Generally guy. Anybody who is a friend of yours and is looking to take down Specter is a friend of mine.

The Black Sphere said...

@Larry - Carter 2.0 FDR 2.0 is what ObamaNation is. He is making it up as he goes along!

The Black Sphere said...

@RobbieRob - I agree I need to be more clever in calling out the "waste" in society, who feed off the productive. I am working on that.

Devon Generally is ex-Navy, young Black TRUE Conservative, running for Specter's senate seat. You will be able to find him from his name .com soon, and I will put more out there about him.

He is first-class and will represent America (and PA) well in the Senate.

Mrs. J said...

Houston City Council is perpetuating the same nonsense as they suggest that a surplus in funds be used help those who are behind in their credit card debts.

Public funds to pay for private debt

Houston aims to clear balances so some can buy homes

Anonymous said...

From: Marc Mandt
Date: February 23, 2009

"Only a trombone player with a pager..."

LOL, that is a new one on me Kevin.

Anonymous said...

From: Chip Robison
Date: February 24, 2009

"Well dip me in doo-doo......." That was my favorite blog yet! Keep up the good work Kevin!

The Black Sphere said...

Mrs J - I believe it, and it's a shame. The urban centers and their constituents believe that Obama is The Great Equalizer, spreading the wealth.

Anonymous said...

From: Donna P
Date: February 24, 2009

Oh this is priceless!

Chip Head said...

Speaking of Jimmy Carter, did you know he is the happiest man in America!?

The Black Sphere said...

Chip - Wasn't aware, but good trivia to know...NOT! :-)

Chip Head said...

Sorry if the post was confusing, but this is the joke going around:

Jimmy Carter is the happiest man in America, he will no longer be the worst President in recent times.

Larry said...

It would be funnier if it wasn't happening to us.

Lone Ranger said...

Yeah, be careful to keep track of that $65 a month because it will be considered income on your 2009 taxes. Obama isn't cutting tax rates at all. So, in effect, this money will be taxed twice -- once when you made it, and once when Obama gave some of it back.