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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Birthday Tribute to Sarah Palin

The reason Liberal women hate Sarah Palin is very simple…fear. They fear Sarah Palin, because she exposes their lies.  

Without the intimidation of the hardcore Left, most women in America see Sarah Palin for what she is...the epitome of the American woman.

Sarah Palin's appeal is not limited to just one thing, as it is with most Liberal female icons. Most of them are one trick ponies. Being brutally honest, most female Liberal icons are mean-spirited, and unaccomplished. Those who have accomplished anything have done so based mainly on the movement. They are the Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton equivalents for the women's movement, interested only in how the movement can really benefit them. Take away the movement, and they are little more than a footnote in history.

Alaska's Sarah Palin is the polar opposite of these women, pun intended. Palin has accomplished more in her short life than 99.9% of the so-called Liberal women leaders that the Left adore. And she is a woman whose accomplishments are her own.

Don't get me wrong, Palin has a good, strong husband who is her staunchest supporter, and Todd Palin deserves credit for his contribution. And Sarah understands the role of her husband in her life and the lives of her children, and she respects his role. Palin knows that to have a strong man doesn't diminish her as a woman. Quite the contrary. Mates are reflections of each other. Don't believe me, just look at the Clintons for evidence.

But unlike Bill did Hillary"Drop My Maiden Name It's Not Working" Clinton, Todd didn't have to carry Sarah. Bill Clinton might change "He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother" to, "She is Heavy, She's my Power-Hungry Sycophant Lover." The Billary story is not isolated, however.

When you look at many other Liberal elitist women like Pelosi, for example, the dirty little secret of the women's movement is many use their rich fat-cat husbands to do their bidding, and then repay them with cushy under-the-table deals. My contention is that it is these powerful men pulling the strings for Clinton, Pelosi, and that ilk, regardless to what rank these women rise.

It should be noted that Palin was not "gifted" with undeserved offices, because of fortune or fame…or riding the coat-tails of a man. Palin's political offices were earned. No carpetbagging. In fact Palin is actually from the state she governs, and actually knows many of her constituents.

Another Palin attribute that really irks the women of the Left is that Palin is the consummate wife and mother, proving that it is possible to balance work and family. The Palin's have the all-American family, as the mainstream media was happy to show us. Teenage daughter who got pregnant too young, Trig, a beautiful baby boy who happens to have Down's Syndrome, and the Palin's have many other issues that families go through in America at one point or another.

Palin's family shows that Conservatives have problems, like everybody else. But Conservatives have the sufficient moral and spiritual foundation to deal effectively with their problems without creating alternative universes. . Liberals need to create Bizarro Worlds in order to cope with dysfunction.

But Palin proves that her world doesn't have to be perfect as society defines it, because when she found out that her last child would be born with Down's Syndrome, it was no crisis. For Palin it was just a special needs child, whom she would love like all her other children. Abortion was not an option, nor should it have been. She chose life, pure and simple. Because for Palin, the life of that little boy may not appear perfect to others, but he is just perfect her and her family.

Here's the wrap:

Sarah Palin represents all the historical struggles of American women, and she is the iconic image of all those rights. Palin is proof that the women's movement has run its course, just like the Civil Rights movement. She proves that there is nothing a woman can't do, nothing stopping women from achieving the greatest that America has to offer.

Palin is more than just about her family. She supports her extended family of Alaska, which is why she is so beloved in her state. The Liberals know that with more exposure, Palin's infectious way would resonate with most Americans. Americans know the "genuine article" when they see it. The real McCoy.

And Palin's outer beauty serves as a reminder of the inner beauty and strength of the Conservative American woman, a woman who lives inside the majority of American women, including the Liberal ones.

This is why Liberals fear Sarah Palin.

© 2009 Kevin Jackson – The Black Sphere All Rights Reserved



Air Guard Spouse said...

That is a wonderful tribute to Sarah Palin. Thank you for presenting her the way she is.
Happy Birthday Sarah.

The Black Sphere said...

My pleasure, Air Guard Spouse!

Anonymous said...

Comment by IronJawAngel

Sending money to her PAC, It's the least I can do for this wonderful young Gov.

Anonymous said...

Die Hard Supporter CA

I am donating money to her PAC on her birthday. Hope the liberals hate that!

Anonymous said...

Comment by Ava M

You are so right, mean spirited. Sarah is nice and happy and has a childlike love still in her, a rare thing.

True about Sharpton, such a nasty man. True about so MANY now. It's really sad, how people lose their humanity in pursuit of power. You are very perceptive.
I think maybe Steele is a wholesome person with human qualities. I'm liking him better every day. We need people like that who are REAL and not twisted creatures. The sickos without love or with broken childhoods (Obamination) are in control now. They don't understand basic things.

Anonymous said...

You hit the nail on the head. My own thought was that she was hated because she is just too real. She doesn't fit the victim roll, in any way, shape or form.

Down syndrome baby in the middle of a run for U.S. Vice Presidency, okay we’ll roll with it. Daughters’ unplanned pregnancy, okay, we’ll roll with it. She says “Yes” to life from all the tricky bits, and just rolls with it. She doesn’t ask that a special area be carved out of the body politic to deal with her issues. She just DEALS with it herself.

The democratic bosses are looking at that and asking themselves, “Where is the percentage for us?” Nowhere!

If people get the idea they can deal with whatever life hands them, how can we keep them dependant on us?

Ms. Palin must be stopped at all cost, even our integrity. “I can see Russia from my house” bit from SNL accepted as a quote from the candidate. That didn’t happen by accident. That’s a feature, not a bug for democrats!

Great blog!


MargaretC said...

Happy Birthday, Sarah!

Kevin is right that those who criticize Sarah actually fear her. She reminds them that they aren't being their own best selves. C'mon Liberals, join the party. Life isn't about the next victim, sob-story, guilt trip. Life is to be cherished and shared.

Don't Be a Slut said...

Kevin, saw your post on Facebook and I just had to respond. I'm a so-called liberal, and I don't fear Sara Palin.

Unfortunately, I just think she isn't very bright.

Watching Charles Gibson eat her for breakfast because she couldn't keep up with his questions was downright painful.

The winking and downright silly ad-libbing ("Oh, say it ain't so, Joe!") during the Vice-Presidential debate? Unacceptable.

John McCain handed the election to Obama when he picked that woman as his running mate.

Sorry, I think a lot of Americans just couldn't stomach the thought of her being the Commander in Chief if McCain keeled over and died.

drjim said...


The Black Sphere said...

@Don't - I think Palin would be better described as "not prepared", moreso than dumb. She is not dumb.

And as with all things, there are no absolutes! Catch that irony! So the idea that all liberal women fear Palin is not the point. The "powers that be" fear her for all the reasons I stated.

The question is that interview with Gibson notwithstanding, would you like her? My guess is yes...

Diane said...

Standing up clapping again! What a great birthday tribute, to a woman who has truly shown the world what it means to be a woman! Yes, she has rolled with it all. I am SO proud of her and her whole family. The Ds community could not be more proud of her! I would advocate with her 7 days a week, 24 hours a day! First class! I do hope she sees this! You hit the nail on the head again as usual!

Rose-Bud said...

Happy Birthday, Sarah, my BFF!
I knew of her from an interview she did on the Glen Beck program June of last year and was very impressed then. When I heard JM had picked her for his running mate, I jumped up whooping and hollaring for his choice. Man..what a mess...still I was happy that the world was able to see what a real women in the political arena looks like.
I am praying for her return in 2012.
Oh, yeah, great rant Kev.

Anonymous said...

Great job! This is my first time to your blog and it will now be a daily ritual. You are so right on with your take on what we are now going through in this great country of ours. Sarah is EVERYTHING most women wish they were. It's the age old problem, mostly with women, JEALOUSY! All the left ever spouted off about was Equal Rights for Women and Women Can Do It All. Then, when they couldn't find one within their own ranks and the Republicans found Sarah, they discredited everything she had accomplished and stood for. Oh, it's o.k. as long as that woman believes in Abortion, Homosexuality, and all their abhorrent practices. I am a 64 yr. old grandmother of 19 who was honored to meet Sarah twice this fall on the campaign trail here in Ohio. She is not only lovely to look at but her spirit simply emanates goodness. She's real and one of us. Regardless of what the left wing media would have you think, there are still millions of us conservative, down to earth, NORMAL Americans left in the United States of America. We are not going to go down without a fight and we WILL take the Whitehouse back in 2010 with new Republican Senators and then for sure in 2012 with Sarah as our PRESIDENT! Thanks again for what you are doing and I support you 100%. God Bless!

Anonymous said...

When you look to Palin's record of accomplishments , nobody can say she is "dumb".

That is the image the main stream stream media want you to believe by giving a very selected reporting of Sarah Palin.
They focused on, and magnified her mistakes 100x and payed no attention to the interviews (later on in the election ) and debate that went well.

It is still amazing how much the spin of the left wing media did a number on Sarah Palin.

You can say , when she was picked as VP, she was unprepared for the national stage.
She had almost no time to prepare; Obama started his campaign almost 2 years back and had time enough to prepare.

I am sure ,if Sarah Palin runs for 2012, she will be prepared.

NaturalSmile said...

Compare Palin to her peers:

Personally, I would have taken Christina Todd Whitman over Palin any day.

Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin is a authentic woman ,very real ;for many people that is frightening.

She took on big oil and the corruption in her own party and showed guts and vision in her energy policy.She's smart and was wrongly vilified by the media.
The public really never got to know the real Sarah Palin and it is too bad.She really is a very smart, charming lady with a big heart who can make the tough decisions when need be and show great signs of compassion.

Terry said...

Fo sho Kevin. You once again hit the nail on the head.

Liberals were scared out of their pants when they found out about Gov. Palin. She is a pillar of strength and the ideal Psalms 31 woman.

Liberal women saw their faults through Palin's strength, moral values and down to earthiness. Because of their jealousy they began to attack every single thing about her. And all Obama could say is, "family is off limits". He didn't even seem upset, nor did he reprimand the left.

The left was even saying Palin had a moral obligation to abort Trigg. What the heck does the left know about the very words; morals, faith, values, family, God, integrity, honor, etc.

OK enough ranting and back to the matter at hand.
Happy birthday Gov. Palin.

DaveG said...

This is your best post evah, IMHO.

Ms. DBAS: Obama has had years of grooming and preparation for his national introduction, while Ms. Palin was plucked and placed before a very hostile public eye with almost no preparation at all. Obama can barely construct a sentence without a dozen uh's to buy himself time - I don't get any vibe of a quick wit or native intelligence from him. I wonder how well he would have done had he ever, you know, been asked any real, difficult questions.

I also think you might consider comparing VP to VP: are you saying that the world wouldn't shudder at the thought of President Biden??? He's had decades to prepare and is still a functionally illiterate idiot. Sarah, on the other hand, has displayed tremendous potential.

The Black Sphere said...

@David - Thanks for the props. Palin makes Biden look like the simeon that he is, and she is imminently more qualified than Obama. And she is REAL!

The Black Sphere said...

Diane and RoseBud - You know I'm a fan of Sarah. Like I said in the blog, she is what most American women want to be, if they are honest with self.

The Black Sphere said...

@Natural Smile - Whitman is a strong woman, and like Palin representative of Conservative women everywhere, in their own ways. No need to "compare" the two, as they bring STELLAR qualities both. Don't get into the Liberal mindset of "divide and conquer". Both women are needed as good Conservative representatives.

Anonymous said...

Jackie Wenger February 11

Thanks so much for posting this! The whole article is so true! The liberals show their fear when they know we conservatives have a good thing and Sarah Palin was definitely a good thing! I respected her, and still respect her, so much! She is a strong and powerful woman that worked for what she has and is still working hard unlike the liberal women in power. She is a true American woman and I hope that I can be strong like her someday!

Anonymous said...

Helene Paz February 11

I for one liked Sarah, not fond of McCain's teaming up with Kennedy but Sarah lives like the American unlike the Democraps who think they are above us as dictators but live grandiose while I transcribe and try to thrive.

The Black Sphere said...

@Terry - Yes the idea that Palin would not abort a child that was not "perfect", bothers the liberals. As if their dysfunctional kids are perfect!

Anonymous said...

Squiggy Said,

"And Sarah understands the role of her husband in her life and the lives of her children, and she respects his role."

That’s enough reason for the left to hate her. She’s supposed to hate men, like they do.

Anonymous said...

Comment by Captain T

Hey Kevin, what a very insightful and thoughtful blog post. ( wonderful link to your blog site ) Keen insight and a great read!!

Liberal women hate her so violently, that I find it very disturbing and unsettling. Certainly, as your said, they fear her. I agree wholeheartedly why they do. Besides, the obvious reasons for their envy, she is a "self - made," woman. One who has been determined all along in her life. They, really envy, her beauty, grace, loving heart, sheer unselfishness, she's savvy, witty, articulate, great figure, hot & buff husband, who are in love, 5 children, one grandchild, she looks glamours in anything from a cocktail dress down to sweats!!

What they really hate more than anything...? Could it be, something they've done? Something they cannot take back? Something they've lost? I assume it can be a myriad of reasons, but, I have come to believe that some women hate that she does so many awesome things and well, all it once. Most of us, could only dream about accomplishing one or two of them.

Robin said...

Well said! When are YOU running for President? :)

The Black Sphere said...

Robin, you flatter me!

Lilly said...

Kevin- Great post! I was so stunned when McCain picked her for a running mate that I immediately started googling her. Everything I read made me like her more and more. Your right that she is REAL and not afraid to speak up about things she feels are important! Happy Birthday Sarah! Not ALL bloggers are bad, just the liberals!

The Black Sphere said...

Thanks Lilly. She deserves a birthday tribute!

Cindy said...

What a great tribute!!!!!
Sarah a woman who holds on to her views. She is often ridiculed and belittled by "the left" because a woman like her can not be tolerated by them. She is most despised because she is most feared by the left. It is just the modus operandi of the left when they decide someone is the enemy.

The same goes for me...

Almon said...

Thanks for posting this! Sarah is an amazing woman and politician,I'll never forgive what the left and the liberal news media has done to her during the 2008 campaign. Their lies and smearing had done so much damage to her reputation that I now actively boycott their news networks.

The Black Sphere said...

Thanks Cindy and Almon. She will get them back, as she is "all that, and a bag of chips"!

Anonymous said...

Lisa Marks Hunt February 11

When McCain announced her as is VP running mate I was soooo excited I kept telling everyone she's just like us ! She's a mom, down to earth she understands normalcy !! I Love her and Hate the way the media portrayed her. I hope someday she can be Our President ! much better than we have now !

sfernando said...

great tribute to gov palin. thanks.

Anonymous said...

I love sarah---mom of 5 kids--pretty--in shape--smart--hard working --cares about alaska and america --loves her god

The Black Sphere said...

sfernando & anon - Thanks, and I agree! Sarah is "required viewing"!

ElCee said...

Great post, Kevin!

It's the normal leftie creed: If you don't agree with me you are stupid and/or evil.

GWB may have some trouble getting what is in his head out of his mouth, but that doesn't make him stupid. Sarah Palin may have been unprepared for the vultures, but that doesn't make her dumb. It is obvious to me that they are both very intelligent people. I'd be willing to bet that Bush & Palin beat out Biden & Obama in IQ. And I KNOW that they would in emotional intelligence.

Anyway, happy birthday Sarah, and keep up the good work Kevin!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the awesome post, Kevin. I admire Sarah for many reasons, but I have to keep reminding myself that the difference between her and the vast majority of liberal women is that she is a self-made woman who clawed her way to the top. Take for example: college. She attended 5 different schools in her journey to get her Journalism degree, and waited tables, and even had to attend some beauty contests to help pay for the schooling. The elites on both sides of the political spectrum don't like to hear stories like that. You are supposed to come from a rich family and have your family pay for you to attend a prestige Ivy-League university, not to attend a school such as the University of Idaho, let alone some community colleges on the way. Yet, she has already accomplish so much in her duties as Governor. I am sure that if she were to be elected President, she would definitely shake things up there as well. :^)
Thanks again Kevin for the post.
Hefmier @TeamSarah.

iamfelix said...

And Palin's outer beauty serves as a reminder of the inner beauty and strength of the Conservative American woman, a woman who lives inside the majority of American women, including the Liberal ones.

This is why Liberals fear Sarah Palin.

Amen. Excellent post, Kevin.

From Anon, above: Take for example: college. She attended 5 different schools in her journey to get her Journalism degree, and waited tables, and even had to attend some beauty contests to help pay for the schooling. The elites on both sides of the political spectrum don't like to hear stories like that.

NO KIDDING! If we hear stories like that, we may just think that our troubles are our own to solve/sort out, not the govt's!

Happy Birthday, Governor Palin.

The Black Sphere said...

ElCee - Palin is not stupid in any way! She was thrown to the wolves, but she shot 'em!

The Black Sphere said...

iamfelix - Thanks for the props! I appreciate the comment.

Anonymous said...

Black Sphere:

I'm an african-american, liberal woman and one of Hillary Clinton's ardent supporters; but I don't fear Sarah Palin. In fact, I voted for the McCain/Palin ticket. Palin was the most refreshing point of light in the 2008 elections. I'm a misplaced Democrat, who finds herself aligned with conservatives more and more, and less so with my life-long Democrat friends. I like your rants--lately blogs like yours keep me sane. But please, don't lump all the women on the left; we're not a monolith.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this excellent tribute to Gov Palin. You really hit the nail on the head!
This is the first time that I read your blog. I will be back. God Bless You!

Happy Birthday Governor Palin!

The Black Sphere said...

Anon (1 removed); If you find yourself agreeing less with Liberals, then you likely AREN'T one. If you find yourself being "lumped", then get out.

I lump for satirical effect, and to alert those, like YOU, to get out of that quagmire! You don't belong there, as you are too SMART to be there!

I applaud you for entering The Black Sphere, and admitting the error of your ways. But you must take your "kick in the crotch" for thinking that you are a liberal. You are not one! Be thankful!

Anonymous said...

C Mill

Just bookmarked your blog as well. Plus, I loved the part where you said you watched Reagan in 1976 and asked your grandparents why you were democrats when you believed in everything "that guy just said". Fantastic. Keep writing. I will be checking your site as well!

Belle said...

Excellent article Kevin. I have not heard of you before, but will certainly keep track of you in the future. Your article is spot on about Sarah Palin. People do know the "real deal" when they see it and many are uncomfortable with it. Keep up the good work!

The Black Sphere said...

Thanks Belle. Glad you found me, and hope you will look at some of my archives for more funny blogs!

Anonymous said...


Your choice of concerns is interesting.. you pick a Gibson interview, where he puts on the spectacles and looms over her like a mean college professor, then the network EDITS THE INTERVIEW to maker her look bad, and you say she isn't smart. You talk about her looking bad when she's debating the stupidest, most boorish, most annoying person ever to be in politics, Joe Biden? SHE MADE A DUNCE OF HIM... and I LOVED the wink.. she's a natural..

not sure what you've got to complain about. I'd rather be led by decent, morally good, NORMAL people than by the elite pols with the elite degrees who think they know better than me how to LIVE MY LIFE and how to SPEND MY MONEY that I work to earn...

Sarah is real. She doesn't need feminists.. just like Clarence Thomas didn't need quotas and set-asides, which made Sharpton and Jackson (and Biden, what an ugly mean man) go ballistic..

real decent morally good hard working optimistic people get my vote every time. DIctators and rogues like Putin and Chaves are licking their lips over Obama, because THEY KNOW he is NOT SMART.. he seems that way when he reads a prompter, but they know real from fake, and they're gonna stomp his head in... which I wager they would not be able to do to Sarah if SHE were president.

Keep up the good work Kevin

Big Dave

M said...

Happy Birthday Sarah!

Anonymous said...

Thank YOU for a great article on Gov Palin.

Happy Birthday Sarah!

NaturalSmile said...

Yeah there are some things that are admirable about her. Unfortunately the "Pals around with terrorist" lost it for me.

When people started getting attacked senselessly as a result, I had to reevaluate.

But for a sec, I was loving the pitbull with lipstick!

LoftyVenus said...

Liberal women fear Sarah Palin because they Fear themselves; they are insecure and they are so insecure that they're convinced that if they don't ride the tailcoats of their liberal husbands they are a failure to society. That they aren't the "strong" women's rights women behind their liberal husgands. I was raised to be the woman that Sarah Palin is and I am SO proud of my quintessential American heritage; of how my parents raised me so that other people around me know that it's not just an Alaskan Gov who thinks that way; but also the girl they grew up with, the girl next door, the girl they work with, the girl who refuses to "just flow with society" and the Woman who is strong enough to say that I define who I am instead of My husband's how I define the woman I am. God Bless Sarah Palin!

Anonymous said...

Evening All,

I linked here via Tizona Group and a refreshing and if i may say an accurate analysis of Sara Palin. Hopefully we will see more of her prior to your next election. The US, as down here in Oz have bumbling leftards in government, just try to make the best of it & hope the GOP can stop or modify their more foolish 'policy attempts' then punish these clowns next election. Stay good cop u later.

Carpe Jugulum (Go for the Throat)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Governor Palin, and I do enjoy your blog Kevin, I'll be back for more.
I found you through Tizonas blog,

Liz v said...

Kevin- nothing like writing on the great SP and getting 55+ comments. She is extremely popular and provocative (in the words original meaning). Wonderful tribute! They attempt to squelch her bc she is a total threat to their bra burning man hating ways. And of course the msm did all it could to paint her as a know-nothing. My friend asked me if I thought she had a future in politics- I said "she's the govenor of the largest state in America " you boob. Ahhhh, the unwashed masses....

The Black Sphere said...

LizV - Yes, SP deserved the small tribute I could give her, and much more!

The Black Sphere said...

Anon from Tizona, Carpe Jugulum is the Latin phrase of the day!

The Black Sphere said...

CMill & Belle, thanks for great comments. And for adding me to your blog rolls, or "must follow". Good choice! :-)

The Black Sphere said...

AlaskaVenus - Nice comment, and SP would be proud of you!

Anonymous said...


Thank you for a wonderful tribute to Sarah Palin.

As you can see by my blog name, I am a fan of SP for all the reasons already stated here. I (unfortunately) work with many, MANY liberals (I am the only admitted Repub/conservative) who have stated that she is dangerous. My first reaction when I heard this was WTF???? But now I get it. She is dangerous to them because she threatens to expose their lazy, entitled, self-absorbed memes/lifestyles/ideologies that they are trying and dying to shove down the throats of decent Americans like you, me and SP. And she does this by just being herself. I say MORE POWER TO HER. As far as I'm concerned she IS me and I support her 100%. She is definitely a fair and decent representative of the American people in general and those who think otherwise should go live in Cuba.

Keep up the good work.

The Black Sphere said...

AZSarahCuda - Thanks for the comment, and it was my pleasure to write this.

Anonymous said...

AZSarahcuda - I don't know why I'm bothering, because you're one of those people that is indoctrinated past the point of no return, and you see those with opposing viewpoints as some kind of vilified alien entities, rather than just people with a different way of looking at the world. Yours is a warped, dreamworld viewpoint. I have no concern about her "exposing my ideologies". She, much like you, has no idea what most of the left-leaning voter's ideology is, outside of the typical stereotypes. She is dangerous because she is the combination of confident and ill-informed. I don't have a problem with agreeing with the right. I thought McCain would've made a fine president. However she was the deal-breaker. She showed me nothing - she couldn't answer basic questions, and all she ever spit out was talking points. I never saw her have a single genuine moment, or say anything that didn't feel rehearsed and coached. Sorry, that just won't do when you're talking about the potential for being leader of the free world.

The Black Sphere said...

Anon who attacked AZSarahCuta - To measure Palin on an interview with Gibson is amatuerish. Obama and Biden have more gaffs than Palin would have in three campaigns. Exactly what so amazed you about Obama's rhetoric...the words? As empty as his suit.

I'm guessing grape kool-aid is your flavor, because Mr Cool wasn't that great with the teleprompter, and he certainly sucked without it. Why? No sane ideas. Raise taxes, cut the military, end the war, go green, feed the world, kill babies, sue finance companies, limit corporate profits, etc. Put it all together and you get somebody with the intellect of a 15 year old.

Have another sip of that grape kool-aid.

Alex said...

What about the Couric series of interviews where she couldn't name any Supreme Court decisions (except of course Roe v. Wade) or any newspapers she read? Spare me the condescension We can argue sane and insane ideas for days on end. How about the mantra of "Drill, baby drill!" You guys are aware that oil's going to run out right? The nation that comes up with a usable alternative fuel will be the next superpower. This will never be us as long as the mantra is "Drill, baby drill." Do you understand that we can get hit by 10 more planes piloted by mostly Saudi hijackers, and we won't be able to do a damn thing because Saudi Arabia has us by the balls as long as our mantra is "Drill, baby drill." But maybe we can just invade Iran and feel better about ourselves.

Anonymous said...


Sarah is not, like almost EVERY OTHER PUBLIC SERVANT, a lawyer by training. Naming SC decisions is that kind of exercise, and the fact that lawyers can pop them off is not proof of their superiority, only that they're lawyers. They elected her GOVERNOR, for pete's sake.. she must be publicly able to do SOMETHING.. and lots of lawyers who can name lots of cases are in jail for corruption, where many MORE belong...

as for running out of oil, there is more oil in the United States and its coastal waters than in the top ten oil producing countries COMBINED. Democrats will cause us to run out, because Democrats won't let us GET OUR OWN OIL. What other country on EARTH doesn't drill for its OWN OIL? It's economic suicide by envirowackoism...

you've got it exactly wrong.. if we actually drill baby drill, then saudi arabia will NOT have us by the balls.. like they do NOW, because of DEMOCRATS.

God save us from idiots.

Big Dave

Anonymous said...

Well said Alex.

It wasn't just the way Obama talked, yes he did stuttered, but it was the content in what he said. This was sorely lacking from Palin in everything she had to say. I think people liked her so much is because she rubbed your conservative clits. You heard what you wanted to hear and that was that... why fact check.. why reason.. who needs it..

On a different note I find it sad how people go around and vilify the word liberal so that they can feel better about themselves at night.

Worse yet when did democrat become liberal? I have always seen it as a different wing of the same bird.

Anyhow arguing on the internet is pretty damn unproductive. Back to work.

Alex said...

Dave, I'm not a lawyer, but Brown v. Board of Education, and Plessy v. Ferguson which I learned about in 11th grade came to mind when I watched that interview. Since when is being elected proof of competency? Sorry, but "They elected her GOVERNOR, for pete's sake.. she must be publicly able to do SOMETHING" isn't good enough to judge her ability for potentially holding the highest position of power. As far as oil, I know everything is the democrats' fault, but the fact is that the oil companies are sitting on acres of land they can be drilling, but simply aren't. And your argument that oil won't run out is ridiculous. It will. It's a finite resource. It won't run out in our lifetimes, but I'm not one to pass the buck to the next few generations. Must be my selfish liberal sensibilities.

The Black Sphere said...

Alex, are you Liberals as obtuse as you act? I hope it's just an act. If Palin were a Dem, you would be groveling at her feet! You and likely 80% of your ilk. Drill Baby Drill and whatever else she said would be mama's milk to you knuckleheads. Palin made one mistake with Libs...she ISN'T one. That's it! She is all that Lib woman want to be, and you use the most inane, silly excuses to put her down.

In all your intellect, you have not accomplished what she has. Are you even the governor of your own home? Yet you diminish this woman over nothing, except ideology. By the way, your clan are the racists, bigots, and proving to be sexists as well, as long as it doesn't suit your needs.

Oil is only ONE of our issues, and the Libs and Dems have decried its use and price, and offer up "hot air" as a substitute.

Energy will be addressed, and oil is but one resource.

Anonymous said...

Oh, alex alex alex...

You make a good point about getting elected not being proof of competency. I give you Barack Obama.

I did not argue that oil will not run out, only that it won't run out soon, that it is not a critical issue.

as for 'sitting on acres of land' the oil companies are also sitting on reams of data from geophysical surveys of that leased land.. oil companies lease it, then shoot it for data to decide if/where to drill.. if they are not drilling, it's because there's NO OIL THERE.. straw man big time.. my dad's a geophysicist and did that data acquisition for thirty years, lots of land that looks good enough to lease for ten years turns out to be dry.. and there is a strong argument amongst planetary geologists that oil is NOT finite, rather that the earth somehow manages to replenish tapped out fields.. It has happened, it's on the record, repeatedly.. I don't know the truth, but neither do you, and meanwhile we have HUNDREDS OF YEARS of oil available in our own country that we are not drilling!

You aren't one to pass the buck to the next generation, but you're perfectly willing to force THIS generation to pay exorbitant prices for uncompetitive and unreliable energy merely because 'someday the oil will run out'... well don't do our grandkids any favors, eh? perhaps in future generations discoveries will be made that will cause alternative energy to be viable, economically speaking. it is NOT viable today. You propose crushing our present economy on the grounds that in some unknown future generation oil will be scarce. that's not exactly sensitive to people's needs, amigo.

'selfish liberal sensitivities' indeed. dripping with irony, that is...

drill for American oil and maintain a steady, cheap supply of energy for hundreds of years, while the profits from this can be used to study and research USEFUL alternative energy, rather than the undependable solar (nighttime?) and wind (calm days?) we're struggling with now.

Get a grip. Embrace reality. Stop the hate. :-)

And as for Sarah, I'd rather be led and governed by humble and decent people than by the top 100 grade point average PhDs from Harvard and Yale.. governing is NOT a purely intellectual exercise. It's about understanding people. She does. You don't. You're a cynic. She's an optimist and an overachiever.

Big Dave

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That you for having my back. The poster's comment basically illustrated my point beautifully, not that I would expect him/her to understand that. "The lady doth protest to much methinks" comes to mind.

Keep up the good work.

Oppo said...

If anyone fears Palin, it's the Independents and 'Rational Conservatives' who don't like the possibility of a weak ticket.

She's not dumb and she's not evil, but America needs answers, not "you-betcha's" and "dontcha-knows."

Regardless of how she would perform *IN* office, if she would polarize too many potential voters, then she is bad for the ticket and the party should not back her. I hope she does what's best for the party and abstain from a campaign. We need a Tiger Shark or a Great White, not a Nurse Shark. Looking back, that comment now seems quasi-racist and sexist. Gah.