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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Obama’s Green Plan – Success?

The other day Obama was in Colorado touting Namaste Solar as his new poster child for Obamulus von Porkulus, saying that his "spendulus" package would help Namaste Solar create more "green" energy, and of course more jobs. Job creation at Namaste Solar based on spendulus…18.

Blake Jones, self-proclaimed hippie, ex-Halliburton oddly enough, and co-founder of Namaste Solar was on stage with Obama and Biden talking "green" energy. He was also there to help sell Obama's turdburgers, explaining how spendulus was going to help his company and other solar companies. But as with all Obama poster children, the real story is what you don't know.

You see, Namaste Solar is run like a commune. According to my sources, everyone at this company makes the same salary. You might want to re-read that. This type of pay structure might entice low-dollar workers, however you'd be hard pressed to find a real entrepreneurial type who would work under those conditions.

And if that is not a crazy enough way to run a company, here's another policy that can only come from a warped hippie Liberal mind, and that is all employee decisions are made by consensus. Can you imagine trying to get a bunch of hippies to agree on anything via consensus? Maybe the quality and potency of regional marijuana, but that's about it?

Namaste has survived solely on government subsidies at the Federal, state and local level, or they admittedly would have failed. The green companies have little reason for true innovation, because they are being fed with the money of the American taxpayer. They are pigs being fattened, with no pressure of ever being eaten.

The breakthroughs in solar have come however, just not from companies like Namaste or from the government. But from a much more unlikely source.

One of the most recent breakthroughs in solar technology strangely enough, actually came from a 12-year old kid from Oregon named William Yuan. As reported in Maximum PC:

"Yuan, a seventh grader from Oregon, set out to improve solar technology, which at the moment could be a lot more efficient. And he appears to have done just that. Yuan's project, which he calls "A Highly-Efficient 3-Dimensional Nanotube Solar Cell for Visible and UV Light," could shake up the energy industry and lead to real change into how solar energy is harnessed and distributed."

Just to put it in perspective, for his revolutionary breakthrough in solar cell technology, Yuan will receive a $25,000 scholarship. But the Fed has been subsidizing solar technology for years, spending billions, and all the American public got was this t-shirt. Actually all we got was a hefty price tag for the black-eyes on the landscape.

And much of this funding went to Namaste, who prior to Obamulus von Porkulus was preparing to lay off much of its staff.

With the stimulus money they can now keep their staff and hire an additional 18 new people. I feel so stimulated that millions of taxpayers' dollars have gone to help prop up the dream of an aging hippie, running a commune at the taxpayers' expense. Nothing like seeing the Liberals utilizing the CIA: Communism In Action.

The Fed has spent literally billions of American taxpayer money funding "green" energy projects that the market has rejected with its pocketbook. Windmills were rejected because they are relatively inefficient, in comparison to other forms of energy. Bio-fuels needs three times the fossil fuels to create one time the product.

Here's the wrap:

As for Namaste Solar, "You are not smarter than a 5th grader!" There has been more innovation from a 12-year old than has come from Namaste Solar and all its government subsidies. It's no secret as to why. Communist don't innovate.

Communists wait for the government to feed them, which is what has been happening for Namaste Solar in the past. And their future reward for doing nothing innovative is to get more and deeper handouts from ObamaNation. But let's give Obama credit as he was able to create 18 new jobs, and save about 40.

Only 4,099,942 more jobs for Obama to create or save by my math. That is if you don't count the 47, 000 that GM has announced recently they will need to layoff, even after receiving billions of our freshly minted greenbacks.

I'd call this Liberal math, wouldn't you?

That's my rant!

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Chris said...

Wow, I can't believe they run their business like a commune and everyone gets paid the same.

I'm an electrical engineer that majored in power systems and I can't get over the flak I get from people that tell me how great this technology is (Obviously they're not engineers). Solar panels have to be about the biggest joke I've ever seen. They've been subsidized since the 70's and they still don't make enough electricity to make them market viable.

All these green energies are subsidized and they're a joke.

There's people that think you can hook solar panels up to the power grid. It's the biggest waste of time and in any free market they'd be out of business, but with the government throwing money at them to do this, it scares me. My electricity bill is high enough now. I'd hate to see it if hippies got their way.

cary said...

I'm really not surprised by anything TEH ONE does now - all I have to do is take what he says at the beginning of the process, reverse the fiscal impact, and people will call me a prophet.

But then, the Liberals will call me a bog-dwelling racist hick.

Heh. If they only knew.

The Black Sphere said...

Chris, yes I agree for the most part though this kid's discovery as well as things going on at MIT I learned from my friends are changing the game a bit. But the point is that innovation is not coming from bloated companies who keep getting funding for "shiggles"!

The Black Sphere said...

Cary, agreed! Let's find a business that losses money, then get in line for subsidies. As long as the hippies and crackpots like it, we're in!

Anonymous said...


FTA: "Namaste has survived solely on government subsidies at the Federal, state and local level, or they admittedly would have failed. The green companies have little reason for true innovation, because they are being fed with the money of the American taxpayer. They are pigs being fattened, with no pressure of ever being eaten.

The breakthroughs in solar have come however, just not from companies like Namaste or from the government. One of the most recent breakthroughs in solar technology strangely enough, actually came from a 12-year old kid from Oregon named William Yuan."

'nuff said

cary said...

Alright, TBS - now you're talking. What can we do, that we can get subsidized for, and as a bonus maybe get paid for NOT doing, like some farmers I know that won't be named?


Teresa said...

Sooooo, is Obama gonna have these dudes come put solar panels on the roof of the White House? To decrease his fossil fuel use when he sets the thermostat at 80...

Oh silly me! He doesn't want them to actually "work", he just wants to pay them so they'll keep voting for him.

The Pondering Catholic said...

I'm speechless!

The Black Sphere said...

Teresa - Keep it up, and we will have to promote you, here in the sphere. So far only RonB has been "knighted", but others are pending!

Anonymous said...


Obama chose the perfect face for his "signing the stimulus" party: a blonde, clean-cut young yuppie fellow who owns a small business. A small hippie business.

The guy owns a solar power something-or-other called—wait for it—"Namaste." Which meant that half the press conference involved the assembled officials, from Biden to Obama to the governor of Colorado, amusingly mispronouncing a fruity yoga word.

Then the secret hippie who who's stealing all the stimulus money to buy hemp called our Vice President "Joe Bidden." Namaste!

Teresa said...

LOL - I can be perfectly wonderfully snarky when the post is excellent.

Ron B said...

Green Green Green. There is a common theme with these guys and its Green. Going Green. Doing Green. and Spending Green.

Solar Panels. I thought those went out with the Leisure Suit. Now a 7th Grader figures out what no other Green Scientist could. My have we been bamboozled for all these years.

We need a e-Guage to keep a running total of the number of jobs lost,saved or created posted on the internet.

Thinking out loud!
If there is any fraudulent activity at Namaste with their portion of stimulus funding then does the whole company go to jail since no one is in charge and they make all decisions as a commune. Only seems logical to me that a criminal act would have to be perpetrated by the whole body proletariat.
Just wanted to know just in case!

Sir RonB

The Black Sphere said...

SirRonB - This is why you were knighted my friend. Learn plebes! :-)

RobbieRob said...

OK, ok, ok...let me get this straight.........the economy is in the crapper and the only way we can get out of this mess which was created by government regulation is by creating more government regulation.
I am getting this image of these Jerry Garcia worshipping, munchie-having, nasty ass tie-dye wearing potheads going up to George Washington or John Adams sayings "Look, Brah....we need your money. You see, we have this groovy thingamabob that makes us better able to commune with nature. We need your money because we suck and noone buys our stuff. Can you provde good karma...along with a few million in cash? Hydroponic weed ain't cheap, ya know".
Our Founding Fathers have to be doing barrel rolls right now that would make the Blue Angels jealous.

madmath1 said...

A hippie commune company that everyone gets paid the same and decide by consensus. Getting hippies to agree on anything that requires brains. Well, the old Carl's Jr. commerical with the U.N. convening for lunch and the ambassors ask where do you want to eat comes to mind. In the end nobody could and a riot ensue. That's a hippie business. I wonder what those salaries are? Do they pay by the pound of hemp? Well, I guess if everyone is getting their fair share of hemp, who cares what the others are getting paid. This is obsurd. I'm studying engineering for this? I sure hope not.

A 12 year old has shown how much smarter he is over those stoners and studying engery systems, what he's done is absolute brilliance. No surprise. Most innovations were done by people who did what was thought to be impossible because they hadn't learned it wasn't possible yet. The intergrated cuircut board is what comes to mind since it was invented by an IBM janitor who didn't know it wasn't possible and now we have these wonderful computers to blog with.

Ok, what's my point. With the government, they will substidize what doesn't work, pentalize what does, and if you prove the impossible, they will squelch it. I'm shock that his kid actually got rewarded for his work. I don't know if it will make solar economically feisable, which is the greatest challange for alternative energy, but it sure is a step in the right direction. One thing for sure, if you let this stoned group of ding dongs in charge, that discovery won't be discovered here or be known if it is. What we need is a fuel cell that will convert turd into energy. This adminstration has enough to last the world for a millenium.

The Black Sphere said...

@RobbieRob - Hydroponic weed...I loved that!

The Black Sphere said...

@Madmath1 - Good to see you back. The kid won "The Science Fair", so he didn't exactly get paid, per se. But his idea is worth MILLIONS, not GAZILLIONS, and it didn't come from a company in the "BITNESS" of solar innovation, who was getting MILLIONS to do nothing, except ugly up the Colorado landscape!

Anonymous said...

Witty as always!

dsgawrsh said...

The name of the company is Namaste Solar - that says it all to me! And six weeks vacation, bet they get alot done that way. Oh wait, that seems to be Obama's way of doing things as well. Four weeks on the job and already two vacations: Camp David and Chicago.

Oppo said...

Lets give the massive government subsidies to the 12-year-old and introduce him to a team of results-oriented people from private industry, and give the $25,000 scholarship to the company (to divide evenly amongst themselves, of course)for some Community College economics classes.

It's the least we could do.

The Black Sphere said...

Oppo - Love that idea! What that kids could do with a few million could likely put to rest the idea of global warming!

madmath1 said...

Ahhhh, won the science fair and that winner gets the schalorship. I'm still glad we have those. It will give my children something to shoot for. However, all this BS is why I'm not currently optimistic that when I'm done with my studies, I won't be working in the US.

Larry said...

I have a cure for the energy crisis anyway. Just hook generators up to all the Founding Fathers who are spinning at warp speeds in their graves about now. That should provide enough electricity to power the whole world for 100 years or more.

wv-pormead. Sounds like a good idea, pour me some more mead!

Anonymous said...

"I am carrying around 25 or so of my chitlin' eating brethren on my back based on my tax bill"

chitlin' eating brethren? WTF is a chitlin' eating brethren? Hmm.. black people like chitlins, there are a lot of black people on welfare.. therefore... BLACK PEOPLE ARE LAZY AND BAD!!!!!!

Fucking racist. Here I was starting to take what you had seriously until I read THAT nonsense. Go back to your Klan meeting fucking loser. You disgust me.

The Black Sphere said...

Hey Anon - You left your comment on the wrong post. I'm not surprised! Thanks for the visit, and the idea that you were enjoying my site, until you got to the satirical part.

I predict you are one of the lazy folks who is being carried. Enjoy that government subsidized house, until the sheriff comes!

The Black Sphere said...

Larry - Clever!