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Thursday, May 07, 2009

Obama – Lord of War

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Where is the liberal outrage over the possibility of Obama getting the United States into yet another war? I guess when you are the party of warmongering, your outrage is reserved for demagoguery only when a Republican is in office.

Democrats are amazingly quiet about their warmongering, racist Democrat presidents, who have presided over four wars: WWI, WWII, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War. Democrats are equally quiet today, when it comes to their Messiah stirring up the new mess in "Pockestan," and the notion that Obama will likely be presiding over four wars simultaneously: Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan…and don't forget Obama's War on Achievement!

The good news for America is that Obama is field-tested and battle-hardened, having fought those four Somali pirates. That was a close one.

Fortunately Obama hadn't entirely disbanded and demoralized the military, less we have to rely on the civilian national security farce. This ragtag group "community organizers" doesn't have classic military issued weapons. Instead, they are armed with…extremely tough words. And as we have learned from Obama—there are plenty of words.

I know I sleep well at night knowing that Obama is in charge of dealing with the situation brewing in "Pockestan." After all we are dealing with Al Qaeda insurgents who have been attempting to destabilize Pakistan for some time now. They fight to obtain nuclear weapons. I'm just speculating here, but I don't think they are planning on just using words against the US.

Given Obama's tough stance on issues such as the protection of America and his staunch support of the United States military, I found it quite humorous that these Islamic jihadists would dare to challenge him. I'm left to wonder why these "former extremists" and potential "man-made disasterists" did not escalate this action when they had their chance—when Bush was in office? Bush was a man of action, not words! Stirring up a mess in Pakistan with Obama in power? Well that's just asking for some seriously strong words!

In this Reuters article, the author writes:

"Obama took a pragmatic, arms-length approach to dealing with both Afghan President Hamid Karzai and Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari, stressing support for their democratically elected governments but avoiding becoming wrapped up in personalities."

I love the media's take on Obama—the "pragmatist." You have to appreciate that quality in a leader; particularly when you are held by four Somali pirates in a dingy in the middle of the ocean. I know if I were in that situation, I'd like a pragmatic approach as well—a pragmatic Navy seal team to just shoot the bad guys…day one!

It does appear that Obama may finally be recognizing the threat of global jihad, as evidenced in this statement:

"I'm pleased that these two men, elected leaders of Afghanistan and Pakistan, fully appreciate the seriousness of the threat that we face and have reaffirmed their commitment to confronting it," Obama said as both Karzai and Zardari stood silently at his side.

Here's the wrap:

To think that during the election, Obama all but promised to shut down America's military, decommission our nuclear program, stop funding weapons programs, and so on. He has now ended torture, and we will now essentially use "dialogue" as a weapon. After sitting through what appear to be an inexhaustible supply of painful Obama press conferences, I can attest that Obama is wearing me down—Just stop it! I'll tell you whatever you want to know! Just no more press conferences!

Nevertheless we get to see the true spirit of the racist warmongering Democrats, with Obama's potential invasion of "Pockestan." I will admit openly that I actually hope Obama invokes the ghosts of racist warmongering Democrats past—I think it would be the right move to protect America.

Further, admittedly I like the idea of Obama providing his racist Democrat base with a sharp poke in the eye. Nothing like having wars fought on four fronts (don't forget Obama's War on Achievement) to accomplish that. Thankfully he ended the Somali war quickly, or there would be five simultaneous wars! As we have come to learn about Obama, he likes to do things bigger and blacker. Why should war be any different?

That's my rant!

Be sure to check out our latest video on another Democrat racist - Hugo Black

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Julie said...

I am surprisingly still surprised by what the media and people will let this man get by with without uttering a single word of protest either.

Maybe there are subliminal messages in his almost constant press conferences, " you are asleep, you hear nothing, this does not concern you". Remember Obi-Wan from Starwars? These are not the droids I am looking for." We have Obama-Wan mind tricks.

The Black Sphere said...

@Julie - I agree. They are too busy with their tingly feelings, the Stepford wives!

abe benedict said...

Obama is in trouble; The CIA is in a "Roll Slow" mode due to his incompetent handling of the torture/not torture debacle. BTW, Does anyone involved actually have a clear-cut definition of what is torture?
The Military is upset with him over Veteran's health insurance, and now he wants to cut defense spending.
Now he wants to send as many as 60,000 troops to Afghanistan (or is that Afghgonistahn?)
And today he announces his $3.4 gazillion budget. Unless he plans to have A.C.O.R.N. import more taxpayers from, I dunno, Pluto?, I don't see how that math can add up.
To close: About the header pic - (cue Elmer Fudd) (Elmer sings: "Be vewwy quiet. I'm hunting wa-a-a-bbits." From "What's Opera, Doc?"
I'm Out!

The Black Sphere said...

@abe - I agree that he is really putting a dent in the military. Just wondering how they adjust to their new "leader?"

Anonymous said...

Mercedes Price-Harry at 5:57pm May 7

Kev- dont forget about Barry making the comment that his grandma was "a typical white person" who reacts a certain way when she sees certain people on the street.
Racist? nooooooooooooooo

Lynn F McMiller said...

hilarious! It seems like not a day passes that I don't want to bang my head against a wall because the truth is right there for us to see, but the MSM and libs like Pelosi, Fwank and BHO refuse to acknowledge it!

Can you imagine the backlash from Cindy Sheehan alone if Bush had tried to do this?

The Black Sphere said...

@Lynn - Exactly! You will be asking yourself about this type of hypocrisy for the next 3+ years!

Lilly said...

I couldn't help giggling at "Pockestan" every time I read it. When will people admit they made a mistake and Congress start taking his words and actions to task?
Military? I talked to a young man in the Navy (family) the other day. He doesn't have a clue as to what is going on with BO. Really he doesn't pay attention and just re-upped for another 4 yrs for the college and experience part. Young and not paying attention but doesn't like most liberals. I keep wondering how many others in the Military are the same way...

The Black Sphere said...

@Lilly - I suspect many people will enlist, as the economy continues to falter. It won't be because the believe in the Idiot in Chief!

Keith said...

Obama must have 'waterboarded' media members into believing every word he says.

The Black Sphere said...

@Keith - They should all be waterboarded for not paying their taxes, and for just being liberals.

Larry said...

Most of the young kids I served with were there for the college money, for the job, for the travel, etc. They don't really start paying attention until they have been in for at least two hitches. The proximity to "dangerous old men" changes them in fundamental ways.
Don't worry about our military. It survived Carter, it survived Clinton, it can survive Obama.

Joe said...

Four wars? What on earth happened to sitting down and rationally talking with those uncivilized, barbaric terrorists?

The Black Sphere said...

@Larry - I agree. The Military will survive anything, but at what cost?

The Black Sphere said...

@Joe - We will be in six wars under this guy soon!

nerbygirl said...

Where's Jack?
I guess he couldn't handle the torture of listening to the "fake" President Obama make one more speech.
I know that I can't.
I don't listen to liars.
He is the biggest liar that has ever been in this position.
Created by the media.
Supported by the media.
Driven by the media.
"How WAS that hamburger, annointed one?"

Anonymous said...

This is my first time to post here and I’m still trying to decide if it is a place for me.

Something about me and how I came to be here:

I have voted in 12 presidential elections since 1964, and except for 2008, always for the Democrat, even when the candidate was not my 1st or 2nd choice, as with McGovern in 1972, Dukakis in 1988, and Kerry 2004. One of the reasons I could not vote for Obama in 2008 was a result of the intimidation I experienced in the Texas Caucus following the Texas Primary (terrible system requiring voters to cast two ballots). I did not start out 2008 as a Hillary supporter but turned to her when the Obama campaign accused the Clintons of racism. As always, I trusted the DNC and had never paid a great deal of attention to its nominating processes; I voted, my vote was counted, the candidate with the most votes won, I voted for that candidate in the General Election, all was right with the world. What I found out later in 2008 was that the RNC nominating process was more democratic than the DNC process, where the candidate, Obama, was selected long before I cast my primary vote in March.
What first struck me as disingenuous in the primaries came just prior to the S.C. Primary when the Obama campaign accused Bill Clinton of racism - I didn't know a great deal then; but what I did know was that that one could accuse the Clintons of many things, but racism wasn't one of them. It just wasn't how they led their private and political lives. After the S.C. Primary, I began to pay close attention, read blogs, verify information and educate myself.
The MSM did not vet Obama - they asked few questions. What voters think they know about Obama is what he told them in 2 memoirs. He created a story and painted a picture of himself with words that no one bothered to verify.
Now, here's the rub. Because I was always so cocksure that my opinions were right and anything different was wrong; Democrats were good, Republicans were bad; my friends and family cannot accept that I could/would change so drastically as to vote for McCain and discard the Democratic mantel. Just this week, a close member of my family accused me of being a racist. His judgment was that there was only one possible reason I could change from what I was to voting for a Republican, and racism was its name. It didn't matter that I had twice voted for the black candidate, Ron Kirk, for mayor of Dallas, once again for him in the 2002 Democratic Senatorial Primary and again in the General Election. I was left speechless and hurt because I've always considered myself a progressive Democrat. I denied, denied, denied but the end result is that one cannot defend a negative.
So, here I am, not completely comfortable but trying to find my place.
Thank you all for allowing me to tell my story.

Ranba Ral said...

Highly relevant: Casualty map based on the party of who was POTUS at the time.

I noticed it doesn't include "advisory" and "mercenary" situations where we had guys in combat, but not there in official military capacity beyond training (there'd be a lot of small 1-10 casualty spots all over South and Central America...and, well, every continent actually...for both parties if that were the case...). It also doesn't cover interstate wars within the U.S. that didn't really involve federal troops, like Bleeding Kansas.

Though I'd find it interesting to see the same thing done but based on who started it. For example, in this map the Republicans get a HUGE spike right off because Lincoln was POTUS in the Civil War, but I'd personally place the blame of who started it on the Democrats of the time. While the R's would rightly get the casualty blame for things like the Spanish-American War and the Philippine Insurrection.

The Black Sphere said...

@nerbygirl - The hamburger was newsworthy! NOT!

The Black Sphere said...

@Anon - This is the place for you. You have been with the party of racism for decades!

Read more of my blogs and build you resolve. Get plugged in. I am happy to help.

Read "The Intervention" from my "Best of" series, on the left column of the blog

Anonymous said...

Thanks Kevin, I will read "The Intervention." I feel better all ready.
Lynn L.

The Black Sphere said...

@Lynn L - Glad you are here. Soon you will be explaining to Democrats their racist ways. Trust me, when I tell you that you have done the right thing coming over to the Republicans

Larry Walker Jr said...

And let's not forget Obama's 5th front: the war against those who oppose him labelling him as incompetent and unqualified. You know, the ones waving tea bags. We are after all officially threats to Obamanational security.

Good one!

madmath1 said...

Kevin, loved the video. I forgot about Hugo Black and FDR's praise of him. I wonder how many democrat KKK votes he got in the senate for his confirmation?

As for this war in Pakistan, it seems he underestimated how feeling their pain (like Clinton) wasn't going to change their pervented twisted views. As I've seen too often from fools, they think they sympathize with their enemies that they'll lose their desire to fight against you. Now that they're more enbolden and salivating over those 30 nukes, he suddenly has respect for the military. I guess he's got enough brains to realize the first target of the first nuke they get will be DC. That would cramp his plans and his messiah view to have the capital vaporized. Other than that, I don't think this man would care or have a clue.

I just wonder what he plans to do with those POW's. Since he doesn't believe in interrogations since that's torture, I guess he'll call their mother's name. Just make them listen to his press conference, I would confess to being in the grassy knoll to avoid that (and I wasn't born til 1 1/2 years later). The way this man is bumbling and fumbling the ball, I fear this new front (don't forget the war on intelligence as well) will explode in his face and make even the stupid of liberals realize the trouble we're in when the world goes into a panic over the threat of a nuclear Al-Qadea. Yea, things will get hot and it won't be the weather.

Simple fact, the more this man does, the more the world realized how stupid and naive America was for voting for him. As Forrest Gump would say, "Stupid is what stupid does". How he doesn't have a clue on the overall scope of things and doesn't understand his real enemies. While he's playing Command and Conquer on his Blackberry, we have to live with the consequence of his imcompentence. Only when you lose in real life, you can't just hit restart. Oh as they say in obamaspeak "redo". It took him what? 4 to 5 days to deal with terrorists holding a gun to one of our citizen's head to an act that was obvious. How long will it take for him to make a decision when a nuke is being held to America's head?

Sam said...

The situation in Pockestan is a real mess...a clear and present danger. If the Taliban get the keys to the nukes, they'll use 'em.

Maggie said...

you are really onto something here with Obummer.

Are you aware that Ahmanutjob was a member of the raiding party that stormed the US embassy in Iran and held the US citizens hostage for what seemed a very long time? Yes, the current President of Iran was involved in the US embassy siege in Tehran and this thug in chief that is sitting there in the White House, where he does not belong has been paying lip service to him. It is amongst the most sickening of things that has happened since this man became POTUS and has disgraced that office.

As you are aware I am an Australian citizen. What happens in the USA affects my country. What is more important is that it also affects my cousins (the 5 remaining cousins) who live near Detroit.

One thing that has set me to thinking about what the CIA might or might not do, is that JFK was assassinated soon after the Bay of Pigs fiasco. The thug in chief has also been talking to the protagonist of that fiasco and blaming the USA!!! Considering the harm that has been done already, will there be another grassy knoll? This question is asked with the following: I am not a conspiracy theorist with regard to the assassination of JFK. However, I might have to rethink how it all went down - like was there a hired gun - in light of the shocking things that have been happening in the past month or so.

Australia has its own scandal at the moment because the current Defence minister over his relationship (friendship only) with a Chinese national who just happens to be a daughter of a member of the ruling Chinese communist party......

At the moment the world seems to have gone nuts because so many just do not get it where jihad is concerned.

The Black Sphere said...

@madmath1 - Glad you liked the video. I think it's our best thus far, and we will continue to improve them!

As for Obama, you know my take!

The Black Sphere said...

@Maggie - Couldn't agree more, and I personally LOVE Australia and my fans! I hope one of you will organize a book signing "hint hint" for me soon! :-)

Both our countries will survive Obummer!

The Black Sphere said...

@Larry - Yes, there are actually many more wars Obama is fighting...against the US citizens!

The Black Sphere said...

@Sam - "Pockestan" is going to be a serious issue for Obama, and will expose his nuttiness, I believe. I can't bet against the American military, and can only hope for success because anything else is simply too dangerous for America.

Anonymous said...


Big bad Lord of War, Odumbo! Watch out he will hurl words at our enemies. Good thing Odumbo will not be in uniform. It would take an extra size helmet to cover up those ears.

Come on Odumbo sycophants. Stream in here like ants and defend your boy.

Anonymous said...


That "pockestan" stuff gets on my nerves too. Why does he care so much about "pockestan" anyhow? Does he know how to speak "pockestani" like they speak in "pockestan"?

"Urdu, Pathan, what's that?"

Anonymous said...


why doesn't he say "Afgonistan" after he says "pockystan"? At least be consistent! WTF!

Anonymous said...


Last time I checked you pussy ass conservatives started two wars that are completely fucked up. conservatives = closet homosexuals who have failed at everything. Dems actually won the two major wars this country fought this century (thats Wilson and Roosevelt/Truman since obviously none of you have ever opened a history book). What have you whiny faggots done except write these brainless articles with gay photoshopped pictures. Buried for whiny bitch conservatives who can't face the fact they are gay and suck at war the one thing they claim to be good at.

Anonymous said...



You liberals all claim to be pro-gay, but whenever you want to insult someone, you call them homosexuals. Transparency? We see right through you. Bigot.

Ranba Ral said...

Madmath, if Obama were playing Command & Conquer, he'd have a better grasp on strategy and resource management. If you don't manage your Tiberium-based economy well enough, Brotherhood of Nod (terrorists) overrun your base.

In fact, I think he should be made to play Total Annihilation. It's old, but has some interesting aspects to it. Since he's so big on alternate energies, T.A. had windmills, solar, hydro, nuclear, and fusion. The last two were high-tech tier things that just put out tons of power. The others were map (and location on that map) dependent. For example, solar doesn't work well if you're fighting on the dark side of a moon and windmills don't work at all, so you have to run over to the light side of the moon to build solar plants.

Or maybe Galactic Civilizations 2. One of the most realistic economy and tax simulators I've come across in games that involve civilization-wide management.

OR, just make him build a few successful cities in Sim City....

The Black Sphere said...

@Ranba - Great comment, my man! I like the angles you take in comments! Good stuff!

Maggie said...

I see another know nothing libtard showed up. I am a straight woman. I am no closet homosexual. Now let's deal with a few facts:

1. who started the Korean War? Hint it was not the USA

2. who started the Vietnam War? Hint: there is a history outside of USA intervention. The intervention started with JFK.

hmmm... now what party is that for JFK?

Julie said...

Just a note about the military, did you hear Homeland Security see the soldiers as a threat! Because maybe they don't like Barry. So they are as evil to the white house as the tea party protesters. Terrorists take a distance 3rd to the citizens of his own country.

And, all the intelligent comments and the wham, hit by a foul mouth name calling dem,"futimazar" you can always spot them, LOL. Gee, I think you have been hit with a Hate Crime!

Take care Kevin.

The Black Sphere said...

@Julie - You are back, woman! There's that sarcasm I love!!! The military and good solid citizens are to be Bizarro World!

The Black Sphere said...

@Maggie - There is always one drunk uncle at the picnic. I don't sweat their little feeble minds.

madmath1 said...

Sorry Ranba, I forgot to mention, BO was playing to lose because he hates America. Only thing is he can't hit redo afterwards because we'll all be dead. I did mention how the dems could learn about how capitalism worked with Lemonade Tycoon, but they would spend a trillion on lemons, sell for free to those without money, a billion for those that do, and waste 99 44/100 % of the resources and their receipe would be 9 parts lemon, no sugar, no ice (they'll blame global warming) and they wonder why nobody like their lemonade and why they went bankrupt overnight. Though BO would like Total Annihilation with the "green" power, but he would suck the power dry with his ego. I doubt he would get why the solar cells don't work on the dark side or the windwills at all. After all, they should turn forever in theory just push them. The man has no grasp of reality. Though, I have to give credos of seeing my lack of clarity in not mentioning how he plays to lose.

The Black Sphere said...

@mathmad1 - Our new jet fighers will be "prop" and solar powered.

tooffairy said...

Wow! Libatards only know how to use curse words to get their lame points across. Mouths and brains full of poo.

Lone Ranger said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lone Ranger said...

NOOOOO! In your video, you left out the most important fact about Black -- how he divided this country forever with his bogus ruling in Everson v. Board of Education, which gave us the odious Separation of Church and State. That's why this guy even matters.

Go back and do it again.

Anonymous said...


I found your blog last night by following a link someone posted to 'a great video'. I watched it and thought, "Wow, what a great video!" Then I watched them all and with no more great videos to watch, I clicked on your blog.

Oh man! I've found my peeps!

I worked for years in public health and the waste of human talent, intelligence, brilliance even, drove me to despair. Our system is set up to keep the poor locked in poverty and angry with the wrong people for their lot in life. When any social or personal problem persists, I think it's important to see who and what benefits from its perpetuation.

I see two groups that benefit from poverty and racism. One is the guy who promises a chicken in every pot and forty acres and a mule. He makes promises he can't keep, but he keeps throwing out crumbs so his targeted base will continue to follow him. His job depends on it.

The other is the guy who tells the poor and minorities they need him to right every wrong because every lump and bump is life is due to racism. His job, just like guy #1, depends on keeping his base uneducated, angry and dependent on him to slay illusionary dragons. If it were true that all poverty is caused by racism, then there would be no successful blacks and no impoverished whites. Somewhere in the mixture of success and failure is personal responsibility. But then, by guy 1 and 2's standards, it would be racist of me to encourage people to find their own talents, cherish them and use them for their own personal success, despite the fact this is a human goal, not a race-related goal. Still, there is no better weapon against actual racism than success.

I still wonder about sweet little chubby-cheeked babies I held as I gave them check-ups. How many brilliant doctors, writers, artists, engineers, lawyers, computer programmers, entrepreneurs, moms and dads--name any path of worth--have we wasted with the 'Great Lie'? If that makes me a racist, then so bet it. I prefer my vision that the majority of people are smart and capable. There will always be people, of all colors and creeds, who will make bad choices. Those choices are theirs to make and hopefully learn from. We can all offer a helping hand when appropriate, but we can't fix the damage for them. However, they should be the true minority of all mankind.

A revolution is brewing; a realization revolution that "yes, we will", one person at a time, say "Enough! The American Dream can't be given to me and is meaningless if it is. My self-esteem comes from my accomplishments and how I handle life's setbacks. I claim my right to be free." With the Constitution in hand and with knowledge of the dual nature of man, I believe this applies to everyone, no matter what color we are.

You are shining a light on this new Emancipation Proclamation, Kevin. No matter what our skin color, we all have much to learn and much love and support to give one another as we struggle toward change that will work. Carry on.


The Black Sphere said...

@tooffairy - Love the name!

The Black Sphere said...

@Loneranger - I agree, and will do something on religion soon!

The Black Sphere said...

@booklady - I am glad you stalked me! Bring others!

The Roadexecutive said...

Keep up the good work, KJ!


Donna said...


In one single post, you have revealed all we ever need to know about you, personally. Good luck with that!

The Black Sphere said...

@Donna - futimazar is an idiot!