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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Obama’s Cyber Security Farce

I had to laugh when I read in a Wall Street Journal article that Obama says our data systems may be under constant attack. Our country is under constant attack—from Obama!

He may not have provided transparency in legislation, but Obama has no problem providing transparency to our enemies on CIA interrogation techniques--at least when it makes America look bad. Don't fret America, because Obama has given the CIA tough, new, highly classified... words. It was leaked to me that one of the words is "latte"—promise not to re-leak that. I shudder to think what the man-made disasters will do when they hear, "The password is…latte!"

As for other attacks by Obama on America, Obama has been very open about his global agenda. In fact when he was in Europe, he not only recognized The New World Order, he told the world to send us bill for our membership dues—what the heck let's just pick up the tab for everybody, just like the UN. It's only money. And the US has big printing presses – and lots of 'em.

What better way to attack from within than to dismantle the military. Obama was honest about this attack on American sovereignty, prior to the election. And he has been nice enough to give us an alternative—"the civilian equivalent" of the military, and "just as strong."

As for the original military, an ideological attack occurred when Obama rescinded "Don't ask, don't tell." After this, strategy called for a full frontal assault. So Obama slashed the military budget, then inquired about taking Vets off the VA dole. This would have required soldiers injured in combat to utilize their spouses insurance or something else—just don't ask the government to take care of you! What is ya, ignant?

The war against America's military continued, when Obama authorized his Secretary of Homeland Security, Napolitano to declare our veterans as potential man-made disasters. I'm happy to now know who our true potential enemies are. I was under the delusion that the military protects America. I left government school in the 9th grade to attend the Marine Military Academy, the likely source of this idiotic concept. Napolitano later apologized for people mistaking what she said. Huh? Yep!

Not that America needs any more overt declarations of war from Obama, but that didn't stop him. He has come out firmly against torture, threatening even to go after the previous administration for protecting America after we were attacked on 9-11. With respect to how he himself can handle man-made disasters, Obama did reserve the right to reinstate The Bush Doctrine on torture—should it suddenly become politically expedient. For now, however he is against it—that is unless he decides to be for it.

Any good war strategist knows that one must undermine the currency, as part of a good all-encompassing strategy against the enemy, in this case America. Obama is winning 'the battle within' on this front, spending our nation into oblivion! We are surpassed only by Zimbabwe (another country with an African ruler) at this point.

Obama has reduced our number of potential lenders from dozens to just a handful. Our largest creditor, China has us on credit hold, demanding that we cut up our China Express credit card. And if one communist country sounding the warning bell isn't enough, we have the Russians saying to the world that betting on America is no longer smart business—it's stupid in fact. Nations are debating whether the dollar should be the global currency, given its future prospects. But the war doesn't end here.

There is The War on Achievement. Obama has removed incentive for Americans to want to do better. Companies too big to fail are seized. CEOs are working for $1, and those who are not might be capped at $500K. Failing companies get bailouts, successful companies get threatened.

Here's the wrap:

Frankly, with all the internal wars being waged by Obama against America, I say to cyber thieves, "Stand down." Why bother doing against America what is already being successful done from the guy with the keys to the kingdom?! Obama is doing a better job of destroying America than all hackers, foreign and domestic—combined.

For those of you who believe that Obama is setting up some innocent new department—think again. This is the same guy who won two elections by having divorce records of his opponents made public.

When you think of this new department, think New World Order. Think Obama having ready access to information on extremists. Information he can access and disseminate at the touch of a few buttons.

Note that Obama isn't relinquishing his blackberry. No national security threat with Obama being connected to six million ignorant zombies (and growing)? All these zombies are just a few keystrokes from access to the nation's secrets or could be given access to certain information.

The rest of us will just have to rely on Joe Biden.

That's my rant!

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Anonymous said...

Jan Radcliff at 6:07pm May 30

People say he is some kind of genius. I don't think so! .... Just the opposite is true.

The Black Sphere said...

@Jan - GENIUS! Maybe amongst zoo animals. In the real world, Obama is just plain dumb!

The Tominator said...

Just a thought, but since he's declared war on several fronts on the American people and our way of life, can We The People not declare war on him, and storm the House with our version of pitchforks and torches?

As I recall, it worked pretty well against Boris Karloff in 1931.

I'm sure I'll be put on every watch list the gubmint has for even writing this - oh, well... :-)

The Black Sphere said...

@Tominator - Many of us are storming the White House, so to speak, by keeping that cockroach in the spotlight!

Anonymous said...

Gomez Falco-Luiciano IV at 6:37pm May 30

Obama is a briliant mastar of deception. Evryuthing he evar accomplished was because of affirmative action. He probly used sublmiminal messages to communicate his race ot his prfessosrs at liberal Harvard. Anonimous exams my ass

The Black Sphere said...

@Gomez - Too funny! And there is this thing called "spell check" my friend! I know you speak six languages, so who am I to cajole? :-)

Anonymous said...

Rosemary Bolton at 7:52pm May 30

good one Kevin. Well done. I am proud to know you

The Black Sphere said...

@Rosemary - And I, you!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kevin,

I really enjoy your blog. When I'm feeling blue about what's going on in our great country I just visit your blog and you lift my spirits. Thanks!

The Black Sphere said...

@Anon - Glad to know that! Next time, reveal thyself, or become a follower, and the blog will magically appear in your inbox...I think!

Subvet said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Subvet said...

Tie this in with the CyberSecurity Act of 2009 (story found here; ) and we are royally screwed.

See you in the reeducation camp, comrades.

The Black Sphere said...

@Subvet - I am learning how to hoard food, as we speak!

Anonymous said...

Lori Callaghan Macomber at 8:26pm May 30

Great blog... I'm following!

The Black Sphere said...

@Lori - I appreciate the support!

Anonymous said...

Michelle Lancaster at 8:28pm May 30

God Bless you, Kevin! Thank you for all that you do to get the TRUTH out! Have a super weekend! :)

The Black Sphere said...

@Michelle - You're welcome, and I hope you are spreading the word on me and the blog?! I appreciate the support!

Anonymous said...

Kenneth LeJeune at 8:49pm May 30

If we are under constant attack, we should kick the "crap" out of whoever is attacking us.

The Black Sphere said...

@Kenneth - Apparently you didn't see what happened to the woman who just wanted to give The Big Zero a GIFT! Good luck with that!

Anonymous said...

Tracy Metcalf Miller at 9:09pm May 30

ROFL, Kenneth...Of course you know who is attacking us. LOL.

You and your wife have to come for dinner with my family some time. I liked talking with you guys. My husband is finally getting into all of this, you could really light him up. It would be funny. You have a real handle on how we are being screwed over.

The Black Sphere said...

@Tracy - Not married, but have a gf...staunch conservative. We can school anybody!

Anonymous said...

Eric Bethman at 9:10pm May 30

Obama may as well give away all security codes with the damage he is doing. A treason impeachment is coming if the GOP has the will.

The Black Sphere said...

@Eric - If he won't waterboard, you know he won't push the button! So the codes are useless!

Andrea said...

It seems a little contradictory to establish a cyber security force when O. has been pushing to declassify our government documents. Why protect our military's computers when he is just making the information public anyway? Maybe you're right...this is the beginning of a network to spy on us (American citizens)! I used to hate conspiracy theories, but one can't help wondering what in the world is really going on in this administration?

The Black Sphere said...

@Andrea - You can't think rational, when analyzing ObamaNation!

Hello Birdy said...

I am waiting to see how long it takes for the more than half of the US population who do not want Obama's socialist paradise to stand up on their hind legs and start fighting back.

I do not believe a military coup should be ruled out. I cannot believe there are too many happy generals at the pentagon right now. They are on the chopping block. The USA is in grave peril as a free nation. They already have a huge pit to dig out of economically and socialism under Obama will not cut it.

I believe freedom loving Americans have no choice but to start acting now before the big brother effect takes hold and fear becomes the normal daily feeling one wakes up with each morning.

The election of Obama was America's biggest mistake of the last forty or so years. Let up hope they can survive it and restore itself to something better than it is becoming now.

Even cronies like Clinton and Bush would be far better choices than the monster who is charming his way to hell and taking us with him.

I tell you now, we are living through a nightmare with this regime in the white house.

Sumpins gotta give.

The Black Sphere said...

@Hello - It's winnable the regular way! And something will give!

Anonymous said...

Warren Jackson at 10:41pm May 30

Look out K.J!! the Cyber Security is for his Truth Squad!

madmath1 said...

All of what BO is doing not only make sense but has a dash of brilliance if you remember one premise: He actually wants to destory America and has no desire to protect us. He see America, the one he and his wife was never proud of until he could get to the white house. The racism, balkinization, the defusion of our defense, it all plays in the plot of destorying the country. In the end, he's betting that by bringing the mighty evil America down, he, as the messiah of the world, will be cornonated as king of the new world order.

Anyone believe this cyber zcar is going to protect us against cyber enemies is sipping not only the Kool Aide, but the Cyanide as well. It's an attempt to silence the only place anyone can get the truth or anyone with a brain that works opinion. Too bad that there's still not enough people to see what this evil man is. By the time they do, I fear it will be way too late.

Odysseus said...

In Orwell's 1984, the government blamed all the shortages on the war. Even though there were constant military convoys running around, nobody actually knew anyone who had been killed in the war.

What is the totalitarian's worst enemy? Information in the hands of the people. Obama will use this "cyber war" to justify shutting down the Internet or at least putting a lot of controls on it, you know, like China does. Since Google is more than happy to go along with China's demands, they'll be falling all over themselves to appease Dear Leader.

The Black Sphere said...

@madmath1 - We will try to keep it from getting too far. It appears that things have to swing far left for people to see it.

The Black Sphere said...

@Odysseus - Another great comment, and analogy!

Ranba Ral said...

O is right on one thing; our cyber infrastructure is under constant attack. Mostly from China and Russia. Last I checked it was in the several thousands of break-in attempts per day from China alone on the FBI's side of the net.

However, I don't think this calls for the level of centralized control he apparently wants. The vast majority of these attacks are against things like private accounts where people just surf for porn or stupid comedy videos while at work on our dime. All that's really needed is a set of techs who actually do their job and update everyone's virus scans and firewalls at night.

Add onto this that a lot of the really sensitive stuff (though, stupidly, not all of it) is on hardened and independent networks, and any real need for O to take over becomes even less.

3:16 Christian Store said...

I love this blog and am glad to see Not all Black-Americans still want to live on the government plantation. If we could just get others to see the light.

The Black Sphere said...

@Ranba - I agree that we need to protect our computer systems. It's just that Obama is disingenuous in doing so.

The Black Sphere said...

@3:16 Thanks for the love, and the support. I am training blacks and whites to get off the plantation!

Hello Birdy said...

There are already many computer geniuses working to protect government and banking computer systems, what can Obama and his merry band of dolts add to that effort.

This is about the doltage monitoring the chit chat on right wing blogs.

Wait for it. It's coming to and IP near you.

Prosecutions will begin ASAP.

The Black Sphere said...

@Hello Birdy - I totally agree!

RightKlik said...

Great post.
Please note: I did "attend leave" government school to attend the Marine Military Academy, the likely source of this idiotic concept.

The Black Sphere said...

@RightKlik - Thanks for pointing that out. I'd fire my editor, but it's me, so he's just on probation.

mighty Mouse said...

I have seen this show before, I was enlisted in the Army during our time with the great Peanut Head Mr JC,he also slased the military budget, I was a supply clerk at the time we had to buy office supplies out of our own pocket. He had to pay for the increased spending for welfare and Operation Push somehow. Yes the Rev J made out like a bandit. I know our service men and women need to be cared for but, to even suggest they pay for it themselves is almost as bad as sending the army after the WWI vets. As for the Youth Corp hope these links works.

From what this sounds like is Germany 1939 and that youth corp, why not we are using the gun laws from Nazi Germany 1939.

Joe is the comic relief

Mighty Mouse said...

Let me Apologize now. In 1976 I was an uninformed kid, and I voted for Jimmy Carter. In all my years and time spent in the military I can not find anyone else that will admit to voteing for him

shoprat said...

Obama is carefully working toward his goal of a very weak, very poor America.

Anonymous said...

"want to live on the government plantation."

From my perspective, (female) I think Feminist is the largest political identity group which seeks to live on the government plantation; there is something about the Feminist and her need for Big Daddy to be there just in case she fails. Look at the manner in which Feminists tossed the female aside in order to slobber all over the smooth-talking bad-boy who made all sorts of dreamy promises he cannot possibly keep.

As a woman, I find Feminists weak in spirit, body and soul; and because they are so fragile they can only thrash and trash the woman (ie for example, see what Feminists did to the woman Gov Palin)

As a 9/11/2001 convert to Conservatism I am re-invigorated by the Conservative woman who processes her own spirit, soul and body required to be an empowered individual respecting content of character over superficiality while respecting the male as complimentary to her rather than oppressive over her.

Anonymous said...

PS: I simply adore those who serve and have served in the US Armed Forces; without you I would not have Liberty.

I love those who serve and have served all my heart for defending and protecting Liberty and the freedom she brings; I will do whatever it takes by every means necessary to support and defend America's Freedom Defenders.

Liberty will never surrender to Tyranny!

The Black Sphere said...

@Anon - The Feminists for the most part are a bunch of sellouts. They are feminist when it suits them, and that is usually only with liberal women and issues. They remind me of unions...needed for a short time in history, now they have run their course.

Foradora said...

It's nothing short of astonishing that more Americans aren't able to see EXACTLY what this traitor is doing. You'd have to either 1) have faulty brain synapses or 2) truly hate your country. There is no other excuse.

This man is so blatant & obvious in his attempt to destroy the USA. I truly feel the pot is beginning to boil & that true, red blooded Americans of all colors will revolt and not go quietly into Marxist hell.

Chip Head said...

About 25 years ago I worked with a recent Jewish Soviet immigrant. He told me the Soviet Union was more afraid of our strong economy than our strong military. Obviously, I have never forgotten that. Unfortunately, our beloved leaders in Washington never had such an acquaintance.

The Black Sphere said...

@Chip - Great comment, and I believe that!

shamballa said...

I listened to "Uh"-bama's little speech about cyber security and came to the conclusion that it was just another excuse for "big brother" to take yet more control over our daily lives, keep an eye on us would be "terrorists", and find a way to stifle voices of dissent. I almost forgot tax us too.

Their mantra from day one has been "Can't let a good crisis go to waste!", and they haven't. I would even submit to you that they are now fabricating a crises in order to push through their programs.

There were aspects of the Patriot act that I deplored but on some levels necessary. I remember the Democrats railing against it and calling it too obtrusive. Why do I get the feeling the Dims will roll over on this one or should I say for "The One"?

Christinewjc said...

Great post!!

I have had elderly visitors here at my home for the past week. None of them knew anything about the birth certificate issue or the Marxist direction that Obama is leading this country. They do not use computers, thus, they only rely on the Lamestream Media of Mass Deception.

I did my best to gradually educate them. One likes to read, so I gave him Mark Levin's "Liberty and Tyranny" book to read. The others got doses of Hannity and Savage in the car while traveling to various places for site-seeing.

I think we need to educate people one, two, or even three at a time. Whatever works to get the truth out there to the clueless.

P.S. Two of them did not vote for Obama. The third - I'm not sure. She stated that she "doesn't like to talk Politics because everyone is entitled to their own opinions." Sounds liberal to me! She is a wonderful person and I love her a lot - but I'm going to encourage her to get back on the computer. Even if I just email info to her, perhaps she will realize that it's time to speak up for We The People and save America from Obamatyranny.

The Black Sphere said...

@Shamballa - Funny comment! It's tough to listen the "apppointed" one!

The Black Sphere said...

@Chrisine - That's the way to do liberal at a time! Great job!

Anonymous said...

I'll give him credit for one thing...

Advertisement! Otherwise I don't get how there can be another NSA added to our already existent government beauracracy!

The whole China credit issue almost blew me... no it blew me out of the water to learn about it! I was always taught growing up both at church as well as by my parents that unpaid debt is slavery or the plague!

Either way, earlier this morning, I was bugged the most by the statements on Israel:

Hey, they're not perfect, but they are a nation which practices freedom of religion just like us, and they aren't an absolute monarchy like Saudi Arabia, or overrun by militant Islam like the PLO.

M.L. Bushman/Jigsaw Press said...


Another great post.

I have yet to meet anyone lately who admits to voting for Obama, let alone being pleased with what's happening to America.

Personally, I think if the voting in 2010 doesn't show the country some kind of swing back from this extreme leftist socialism, America will be going to war against the "domestic enemy within." And I'll be right there on the front lines.

Occasionally the Tree of Liberty must be watered with the blood of patriots and I think that time is fast upon us.


PS. I've got your blog listed on mine

Just keep telling it like it is!

The Black Sphere said...

@Mari - Thanks for the add, and the great comment. I think you are right that a continued shift left will invoke the true patriots.

The Adjuster said...

Good Posting. Well stated, thorough and stimulating. I only wish more people would pay attention. But so many of them are tied up with Babes, basketball and beer they have no time left for the country we love. (By the way, I could have said baseball or football. I went with basketball for the rhythm.) Of course it's American sports I refer to. My own sons spend more time and money on sports than they do on anything else, which leaves little time for them to pay attention to what you and I have to say.

Keep up the good work.

The Adjuster

mh said...

First, thank you for your site.

I am a scientist, so I try to examine evidence and data, not emotion, in order to reach conclusions.


1. Nationalization of two auto companies that included the theft of property from bond holders (including everyone who owns a bond or balanced mutual fund in a 401k or IRA that held GM or Chrysler bonds).

2. A desire to increase energy costs and reduce supply by removing oil and gas exploration tax credits, imposing higher oil and gas taxes and Cap-and-Trade legislation.

3. A "National Civilian Security Service" (NCSS) that was proposed during the campaign, ostensibly to combat terrorism. I thought we already had the FBI and local police forces for that purpose.

4. A national, mandatory "volunteer" program for middle and high school students, to be run by "community organizers" AKA Acorn.

5. A childhood and adulthood that included a radical mother, a grandfather that introduced him to Marxists, an association with Marxist radical Saul Alinsky (including teaching the Alinsky methodology), and associations with Rev. Wright and Father Phlegher.

6. Biased national media.

7. Cuts to important military systems like missile defense, demoralizing the intelligence services with "torture" memos and a "blame America first" foreign policy.

8. Soon to be introduced health care legislation that will lead to a Canadian style of rationed health care.

9. Campaign statements that he will "transform" America.

My conclusions:

1. I told friends that he wanted to transform us into Norway or Sweden. I was hoping that the worst we would become would be Canada. I fear that it will be closer to the Soviet Union. We will have an economy in industrial paralysis due to the hyper-inflationary government spending, high taxes and fear over government takeover.

2. I grew up in a democracy that voted for a Marxist leader, whose media failed to question him seriously during the election campaign and was enamored by his elegance, eloquence, education and his wife. This democracy was Canada, as led by Pierre Elliot Trudeau from 1968 - 1984 (minus 9 months in 1981), friend of Fidel Castro, antagonist to the USA. The Canadian economy lagged behind that of the USA during the 1970s recession and only emerged from it after the Conservatives were elected in 1984.

3. Mr. Trudeau used the oil crisis of the 1970s to nationalize two oil companies. We will see the same thing here, as the Democrats use the upcoming spike in energy costs (that they are creating) to vilify the oil industry and nationalize at least one company. Exxon Mobile is too big, so I'll bet on Chevron. It won't be Citgo, don't want to upset Hugo.

4. The combination of economic misery, a new NCSS staffed by otherwise unemployed and unemployable people who owe their income to the president, a youth that has been Acorned into following our leader, along with compliant media lead me to believe that an authoritarian form of government is not that far away.

I hope I am wrong. The first evidence of this will be the passage of a confiscatory gun control legislation along with the creation of the NCSS and "temporary" powers granted to the executive branch (check Germany, 1933-35, to see what can happen to an otherwise highly educated, but economically destitute society when a charismatic leader, heralded as a savior, arrives on the scene promising "transformation".

Anonymous said...

It's amazing how Obummer is able to get such a free pass to lie and lie so apparently without ANY peep out of the Dems.