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Friday, April 17, 2009

Obama and Biden Weigh in on Income Taxes

How does the guy who has accomplished nothing keep the lights on? With book deals! Apparently the majority of the money that Obama earned last year came from his two works of fiction, namely Dreams of My [Deadbeat] Father, and The Audacity of Hope.

Apparently Obama is a victim of his own economy, since his income fell from $4.7M in 2007 to just over $2.7M in 2008. Oh, that's right, this is before his time. He inherited this mess. This mess was on Pelosi's and Reid's watch.

The good news is Obama did get a raise in salary this year, going from roughly $170K to $400K, and his new children's book is on the horizon. How fitting when you consider that America is being governed by a man with the financial intellect of a 2nd-grader. I can hardly wait to see the pictures.

And after his first and hopefully only term as president ends, we may even get the sequel to The Audacity of Hope, titled, "Psyche…How I Punked America!" Expect this to be printed in twenty dialects of Arabic, with free downloads to Muslims from the Al-Jazeera website. And of course this book will be translated to Austrian!

As for Joe "Every Family Has One" Biden, well not a bad year for a guy who technically could be declared mentally unstable. Crazy Joe did write a book which managed to ride on the coattail of his boss' success. Joe's book sales roughly equaled his Senate salary, when you do the math. I doubt you could find anybody who will admit to buying it. I suspect Soros has 10,000 copies of this book in a warehouse somewhere, or perhaps providing kindling for the fireplace in one of his mountain cabins.

Despite only modest success of his book, Biden will write another. Now you may be thinking that Biden's next book won't be a hit; however I beg to differ. Considering the "train wreck" aspect of say a Biden's Biggest Blunders, and you can certainly see the potential marketability of his next book. The Unbelievable Autobiography of My Life -- Listed in the fiction section, of course! Admittedly, I might actually by that book as a reminder of some of the good hearty laughs I had during The Era of Brown Underwear – When Lunatics Ruled Amerika.

Back to taxes. Obama learned from his mistake from previous years, and bumped up his charitable contributions to just over 6%. This I will tell you was purely political, as Obama gave more last year to charity than he did in multiple previous years combined. However, there was no philanthropic revival in Obama's conscience. Democrats are simply not givers; they are takers.

Republicans however are givers, and we give overwhelmingly more to charity than Democrats. And we do it without fanfare, and for politics. So for the occasional cheap-butt racist liberal Democrat who occasions my musings, be clear that Obama gave to charity this year simply to avoid the embarrassment from previous tax returns. He gave for politics.

Now Crazy Joe is indeed representative of the typical Democrat taker. Biden only lectures to others about giving, as he doesn't follow the practice himself. Talk about cheap! Biden gave less than 0.5% of his income to charity last year. You couldn't adopt an African child on the piddly amount he gave.

And when you consider that he paid roughly 18% taxes on his income, I'd say that's pretty low for a guy earning his kind of coin. He's just not as "patriotic," as he wants the rest of us to be.

Here's the wrap:

It bothers me that less than four years ago, Obama had to bum a ride home from the Democratic convention, as he was that broke. Then on the success of a couple of cheesy books that would amount to no more than 100-grit Charmin in my household, his wealth is created.

I have stated repeatedly that Obama believes Americans who make above $200K are lucky, just as he has been; or he considers us conniving idiots, such as Biden. That's the problem when you really haven't had to work in your life. You believe it's all luck, as Obama does.

The tea parties that happened all over America the other day were attended by Americans who work, and see that Obama is a rank amateur when it comes to knowing how America works at any level. His policies are theoretical, cooked up in academia, with no practical application in the real world.

MIT once tried to build the most perfect internal combustion engine. They got efficiencies in multiple areas in the 90% range. Then they put the system together, and the engine ran unbelievably efficient…for about a minute. They found that they need inefficiencies, so the engine would last.

Obama policies are utopian, meant for perfection. He won't find Utopia. Not even for a minute.

© 2009 Kevin Jackson – The Black Sphere All Rights Reserved



Bladesinger6640 said...

heeehehe did you really write that :D very funny thanks for sharing hehehhehe

The Black Sphere said...

Bladeslinger - I write it all on here my friend! Thanks for the visit!

Evan said...

I actually can't tell if this blog article is parody or not? Seriously, it could have been written by someone trying to satirise the attitudes of the right/conservative and they could just copy and paste.

So this mess was under the Pelosi/Reid watch? You kinda forgot the PRESIDENT who was above those 2. It wasn't Obama, thats for sure... so who was it?

Lets see: "That's the problem when you really haven't had to work in your life." Have you no sense of Obama's life? You have automatically assumed that low-income=not-hard-working. Right? You must think that if all that Obama has done it write 2 books.
Sounds to me like you just turned your nose against all low-income earners in the country - cause clearly they can't have worked hard if they arent earning anything.

Its almost a joke, because the previous President did equivalently nothing (if we're going to compare the 2) in his life - and yet he was President. Extremely hypocritical.

What else: "How fitting when you consider that America is being governed by a man with the financial intellect of a 2nd-grader." How about we compare the financial intellect of the President who presided over the collapse of the economy? And then did nothing about it.

"Obama policies are utopian, meant for perfection." I'm sorry mate, but I believe his policies are about EQUALITY. Unlike the previous administration and President who seemed to care only about some Americans.

Your point about the $200k earners is in relation to the tax rate, am I right? Do you have any idea that there already exists a progressive tax system - that the rich ALREADY PAY MORE than the poor. Its not like Obama is suddenly dividing people out of nowhere. Its already there! The tax system is ALREADY SOCIALIST.

And it exists like that because our society has agreed that there should be more support for the poor. The tax system has existed like that for decades and no one has complained about it. The other option is a fixed rate... and your poor grandparents would have been paying more tax. So thats reasonable?

And the tax rate on the $200k+ bracket is like... the 3rd lowest in the past century. Seriously, under the two Bushes it was lower, but previous to that it was HUGE. Way way higher. In CONTEXT the change is fairly conservative.

The Black Sphere said...

@Evan - You are so misguided on so many levels that I won't try to "correct" you on all. Though satirical, the gist of this blog is true.

One point I will address is in the case of Obama, low-income means not hard working.

Next point. Just because taxes have been higher doesn't make it right.

Anonymous said...

You can't just say I'm misguided and not deal with the issues. I'd like to know. Being dismissive doesnt make your right.

You're right that higher taxes dont make it right, and its your right to want a different system. Its my point that I think society as a whole wants this more social tax system. If suddenly a lot of the lower tax brackets well dealt with a fixed tax that was higher than what they have to pay right now - well I'm confident there would be more complaints from them than the rich right now.

Why in the Obama case does low income mean not hard working? Show me why. I dont believe someone who worked in the Senate and his life as a lawyer and teacher is not hard work. Its not like he woke up one day and decided to write a book about nothing.

Evan said...

Yeah thats me (Evan) above as anonymous.

I just started reading this site, and not up to date with all your opinions - but you can enlighten me.

The Black Sphere said...

Hey folks we finally have a stupid liberal. Learn how monkeys think, so we are prepared for battle in 2010.

Is anyone surprised that EVAN believes Obama has actually accomplished anything. After all, look at what he accomplished in Chicago in those "communities." Oh and there was all that legislation he got accomplished in the state and Fed Senates. Let me see...NOTHING!

Liberals convince me daily that they are aliens, dropped in from another planet, or better yet, spawned from monkey dung!

Evan said...

I'd also like to say that the proper way to argue is to actually provide facts or something to back up what you're saying.

Its all fine to have an opinion, but you say a lot here that shouldnt just be taken for granted because you said so.

Thats a bit of my problem, and why I am so argumentative. How do I know Republicans give more to charity?

Evan said...

Wow so someone else has an opinion different from yours and theyre a stupid liberal?

I'm not a liberal btw. The world isnt liberal vs. conservative. Thats just what the 2 parties (and media) tell you.

I'd prefer to look at it a bit more complicated, and from a personal level.

Like I'm happy with the tax system, ok with better health care - not so happy on economic protectism. I dont earn over $200k so what concerns ME is how much tax I pay. Thats why I have a vote that allows me to support what I want. When I earn over that, maybe ill think differently.

And you still havent answered to all I said about the previous President - who surprisingly falls under many of the categories that you label Obama. Its all good to label Obama unsuccessful, financially stupid, etc - but its not like thats anything different.

Or arent I allowed to say anything about that? Its like religion - completely immune?

The Black Sphere said...

@Evan - I have no obligation whatsoever. You see, I blog, you read.

In the case of my blog, I mix satire and humor with the backdrop of liberal lunacy, and leave it for the reader to discover the "easter eggs" therein.

If you are liberal and you are, then expect to discover things you don't like. If you want to discuss specifics, I'm happy to.

As for your specifics, they always lead back to what "others" have done. What I point out for example is how RACIST you Democrats are, and I use past and present examples. Democrats are undoubtedly the Party of Racism. I can back this up with FACTS, and usually do. In some cases, I challenge liberals to do their research, in the event that I might discover a liberal with potential.

Obama and his ilk want to point backwards, as if what is happening before our very eyes should be ignored. Hey, there's an 18-wheeler headed directly for you, look BACK!

I don't need to look back to see Obama destruction. $3.6T budget with an $11T pricetag. Do the math.

Military men and women are now extremists! Since when?

Growing government, as if government has EVER solved anybody's problems.

Look, don't believe your lying eyes, as you witness first-hand the idiocy of this administration.

For me, I choose to satirize it, just so people will pay attention!

Evan said...

Am I the first 'liberal' commenting on your blog?

Wow, thats a great idea to surround yourself only with people who agree with you. Thats a great way to live your life - I think its called a BUBBLE.

Remember what happens to bubbles.

Evan said...

Ok sure, you can write what you like, and I'm here to read. But that doesnt mean I have to accept it. Why should I accept all these 'new' ideas, when it just comes from the opinion of one person? Theyre ideas and can be intigueing, but it also doesnt mean theyre right.

And please, don't label me under this general 'liberal term' - and then assume that I'm a racist because I believe in one liberal ideal.

Its just ridiculous to say "here is a fact, but its up to you to do your research about it". Nup, thats not how it works - if you make a claim, you back it up if you want someone else to take it seriously.

I'll do my further research if I'm intrigued, and I would actually go to the sources that you cite - but dont tell me thats its up to me to find it out.

The Black Sphere said...

OK good Evan, we are playing nice. I respect your personal level thinking. I do challenge it, in that one can't live in myopia any more than they can in Utopia. I don't have the same problems as Donald Trump. But I don't think the government has a right to tax him into oblivion because he is successful.

Uh oh...just saw your last msg, so maybe we aren't playing nice.

Anyway, I will be nice for now, addressing your previous message. Obama's ideas ARE stupid. If you don't get that, then we can agree to disagree. No harm no foul. But remember this conversation.

As for Bush, he failed in MANY ways! I wasn't blogging then. I am blogging now. And I am watching what is happening in the context of the hear and now.

Anonymous said...

James Davermann at 8:53am April 17

Excellent points and very humorous. With each passing day Obama(and Biden) seem to be getting even LESS of a clue

Anonymous said...

Nathan Morris at 8:52am April 17

Don't forget that "INFLATION IS TAXATION". Many people don't realize this.

Anonymous said...

Ayesha Pursglove at 9:05am April 17

ok your funny :) good stuff brah Glad I found you to be friends with. Now I have a few questions :D

Anonymous said...

Scott Keller at 9:05am April 17

The whole system is screwed up. Too many people refuse to recognize that fact.

Evan said...

You're making such extreme allegations. Ok - whose saying that all military men and women are extremists?

I'm not.

Growing governments are the problem? Well the free financial market kinda screwed it up didnt it? I thinks its more complicated than a 'small vs large government'.

The Black Sphere said...

@JamesD - They are indeed clueless!

The Black Sphere said...

@Ayesha - Bring those questions, Sis!

The Black Sphere said...

@Nathan - Excellent point! Inflation is taxation!

Evan said...

Well yeah, the whole system is screwed up basically. And personally I dont see any other leader doing any better. No one else in the world is doing better, everyone is screwing up.

Remember, no one anywhere knows what the hell to do - in relation to the economic mess. Thats what I believe, and I think its hard to blame a leader for giving it a crack.

But yeh, difference of opinions.

Evan said...

But inflation is important - mild inflation anyway. Theres a reason the central banks target a low level of inflation, and try to keep it there.

Are we talking economics now? :P

The Black Sphere said...

@Evan - You ARE a racist! You likely voted for Obama because he's black.

If you have EVER voted Democrat, then you are a racist. Face that fact. You are a proponent of racism against black people! YOUR party oppressed blacks openly, well into the 60s, then you just started hiding it better. And you continue to oppress blacks to THIS day.

I bet that stings to be called the racist that you are. Because it's true. You will likely sweep it under the rug, as "well I didn't own slaves" or "everybody hated blacks back then" or the best one, "the new Democrats are not that way...anymore." If you vote Democrat, you support their policies of past and PRESENT enslavement of the poor, and specifically BLACKS!

At the very least you are an elitist, because he is. His kids don't go to school where mine go, but he won't allow me to take my tax money out of the "gubment" system and put my kids in better private schools.

And here's one for are Meddlists, all you libs and Dems. You think you have all the answers, and all you do is go around letting your dogs poop on other people's lawns. No real answers, just 'stir things up' and look in the rear-view mirror.

On your next post, low inflation is fine. That's what Bush had isn't it. Talk to me in six months, when we have Carter-era inflation, i.e. The Era of Brown Underwear.

All that said, I'm not mad at you. I just want you to ADMIT your guilt, then we can at least start to move on.

Evan said...

I have to say something about the liberal racist part - there is a lot of racism through the first few articles that I've read here today.

About Obama's 'new book' being translated into arabic for muslims - as if thats a bad thing?

The general hatred towards Mexicans. Although your article on immigration is about their effect on American living standards - by refering to Mexicans as uncivilised, well thats kinda racist isnt it?

The Black Sphere said...

Evan - I am a DEVOUT racist! Didn't you know that?! My ex-wife is Mexican, which makes my three kids HALF Mexican. As SOON as I found out she was Mexican, I divorced her!

Now my black racist self is with a white woman! OMG. Yes, my idea of "gittin' back at the white man.'

The outcome of that union is a little Obama, btw, and I can't stand his little mulatto butt!

No Evan, it is you DEMS who are the PURE-BRED, CORN-FED racists. And it is my joy in life to spread the word on all you have done TO not FOR blacks.

And WOE it be unto you, when enough blacks figure this out! If I were you, I would be concerned about that "blacklash"!

Evan said...

How the hell do you know why I voted?

YOU'RE a racist for assuming that everything is black and white.

The whole program here are these gigantic sweeping generalisations. You're saying that the only reason I would have voted for Obama is because he is black?

You have no right at all to label me all these things, as if every person is either one thing or the other.

Fuck that annoys me. Do I assume that because your not a liberal that you want to force schools to teach religion in science class? You must be.

Evan said...

Phew, omg I'm so glad you wrote that last message man.

It means I can leave this stink, infested place with my conscience intact. The knowledge that you are are just as much a bigot as everyone else.

I'm not a DEM btw. I'm not even fucking American. But considering that your fucking country effects everyone around them - I believe I'm entitled to an opinion.

The Black Sphere said...

Hey Evan, the language, lest I banish you. And yes I do dare. I don't like racist Democrats, or stupid liberals. Are you either?

You see Evan, this was a lesson for you on what Republicans and Conservatives, even blacks go through routinely. Doesn't feel very well does it?

I know that people have areas of agreement, and we can't be put into buckets, per se. Tell YOUR party, whatever it may be that.

Feel free to assume ANYTHING you want about me. Won't get a rise. Because I KNOW WHO I AM. That's the problem with liberals, they don't. They blow with the wind. Conservatives, though highly fallible, have core values, and are accountable.

Get MAD! But get mad at yourself for thinking what you think. I can call you whatever I want. Does it make it so?

Evan said...

Racism is not something to be proud of. Its the problem with the world.

So, enjoy.

The Black Sphere said...

Evan, if you're not from here, then you are a MEDDLER. I don't care about your countries politics. Live free and prosper in myopia, utopia, the planet Moron, or wherever.

And btw, something tells me my blog will smell like a rose, when you are gone. Don't forget to clean up after yourself on the way out!

Evan said...

I'm not racist and i'm not a democrat. In fact I voted for a party who apologised to the native population for how we treated them. Wow - that almost sounds accountable and non-racist.

You see - I try to accept people of other colors and ethnicities and such. When I look to someone else as less than me, as uncivilised and inferior - well then I'm closing myself in and ill always be the same.

Yeah I know who I am - but I'm also open to change.

Evan said...

I think parents think their baby's shit smells like roses - so yeah I guess this blog will smell like roses when I'm gone.

I wholly disagree with your opinions on race - and you won't have a discussion about it - so cya.

The Black Sphere said...

Evan, civilised. Careful as I may be able to detect where from widst you hail!

If you know who you are, then why did I piss you off, calling you a racist. The "civilised" comment would have been, (highbrow Aussie accent here)..."Kevin, I am no more a racist, than you are a white man. I gladly accept all cultures, religions, and so on...more tea?"

(back to my regular accent, when you read this) However, you got all defensive "up in here."

But don't think I didn't not the word "try" in your response. Is there a racist lurking in your psyche, just waiting to unleash on some unwitting Aboriginal?" Hmmm, we shall see...

Look dude, you don't know enough about American politics to fill a thimble, though I know "your heart is in the right place."

Read my blog for enjoyment, an interesting (I think) perpective, and go elsewhere for what you may seek.

When you come here with "progressive" thought, I pretty much am forced to hand you your ass on a pretty little platter.

That's what I do, that's who I am. I am "Mean Black Man." And I don't cotton to liberals, Democrats, or stupid thought, no matter where it originates.

Quiz me on why I believe something, and don't expect facts. Expect observations, occasionally backed by facts. That's how I roll!

The Black Sphere said...

Evan - bye!

Anonymous said...

Sandra Duncan-Stehly at 10:56am April 17

Aw, come on... it's not fair to battle someone that's not armed!

Anonymous said...

Aaron James at 11:04am April 17

I couldn't really figure out what he was trying to say other than he didn't agree with you. He could have done that in way fewer words than he chose to use.

Anonymous said...


Lets see: "That's the problem when you really haven't had to work in your life." Have you no sense of Obama's life? You have automatically assumed that low-income=not-hard-working. Right? You must think that if all that Obama has done it write 2 books.
Sounds to me like you just turned your nose against all low-income earners in the country - cause clearly they can't have worked hard if they arent earning anything.

Its almost a joke, because the previous President did equivalently nothing (if we're going to compare the 2) in his life - and yet he was President. Extremely hypocritical...
This man embodies all that is hypocritical.

marc said...

Since Kevin is clearly a racist I have included the Ebonics translations for all my brothers of color

How do da guy who has accomplished nuttin' keep da lights on? With book deals! Apparently da majority o' da money dat Obama earned last year came from his two werkz o' fiction, namely Dreams o' My [Deadbeat] Father, an' The Audacity o' Hope.

Apparently Obama iz uh victim o' his own economy, since his income fell from $4.7M in 2007 ta just over $2.7M in 2008. Oh, dat'sright, dis here iz 'bfoe his tyme. He inherited dis here mess. This mess wuz on Pelosi'san' Reid'swatch.

The pimp-tight news iz Obama did git uh raise in salary dis here year, going from roughly $170K ta $400K, an' his new chil'ns'sbook iz on da horizon. How fitting when ya consider dat America iz being governed by uh nig wiff da financial branez o' uh 2nd-grader. I can hardly wait ta see da pictures.

And afta his first an' hopefully only term as prezident ends, we's may even git da sequel ta The Audacity o' Hope, titled, "Psyche…How I Punked America!" Expect dis here ta be printed in tweny dialects o' Arabic, wiff free downloads ta Muslims from da Al-Jazeera website. And o' course dis here book will be translated ta Austrian!

As fo' Joe "Every Family Has One" Biden, well not uh bad year fo' uh guy who technically could be declared mentally unstable. Crazy Joe did write uh book which managed ta ride on da coattail o' his boss' success. Joe'sbook sales roughly equaled his Senate salary, when ya do da math. I doubt ya could find anybody who will admit ta buying it. I suspect Soros has 10,000 copies o' dis here book in uh warehouse somewhere, or perhaps providing kindling fo' da fireplace in one o' his mountain cabins.

Despite only modest success o' his book, Biden will write another. Now ya may be thinking dat Biden'snext book won't be uh hit; however I beg ta differ. Considering da "train wreck" aspect o' say uh Biden'sBiggest Blunders, an' ya can certainly see da potential marketability o' his next book. The Unbelievable Autobiography o' My Life -- Listed in da fiction section, o' course! Admittedly, I might actually by dat book as uh reminder o' some o' da pimp-tight hearty laughs I had during The Era o' Brown Underwear – When Lunatics Ruled Amerika.

Back ta taxes. Obama learned from his mistake from previous years, an' bumped up his charitable contributions ta just over 6%. This I will tell ya wuz purely political, as Obama gave mo' last year ta charity than he did in multiple previous years combined. However, dere wuz nahh philanthropic revival in Obama'sconscience. Democrats iz simply not givers; dey iz takers.

Republicans however iz givers, an' we's give overwhelmingly mo' ta charity than Democrats. And we's do it without fanfare, an' fo' politics. So fo' da occasional cheap-butt racist liberal Democrat who occasions muh ma fuckin musings, be clear dat Obama gave ta charity dis here year simply ta avoid da embarrassment from previous tax returns. He gave fo' politics.

Now Crazy Joe iz indeed representative o' da typical Democrat taker. Biden only lectures ta others about giving, as he don' follow da practice himself. Talk about cheap! Biden gave less than 0.5% o' his income ta charity last year. You couldn't adopt an African child on da piddly amount he gave.

And when ya consider dat he paid roughly 18% taxes on his income, I'd say dat'sfine ass low fo' uh guy earning his kind o' coin. He'sjust not as "patriotic," as he wants da rest o' us ta be.

otay buh-weet

It bothers me dat less than four years ago, Obama had ta bum uh ride home from da Democratic convention, as he wuz dat broke. Then on da success o' uh couple o' cheesy books dat would amount ta nahh mo' than 100-grit Charmin in muh ma fuckin household, his wealth iz created.

I gots stated repeatedly dat Obama believes Americans who make above $200K iz lucky, just as he has been; or he considers us conniving idiots, such as Biden. That'sda problem when ya really haven't had ta werk in yo' life. You believe it'sall luck, as Obama do.

The tea parties dat happened all over America da other day wuz attended by Americans who werk, an' see dat Obama iz uh rank amateur when it comes ta knowing how America werkz at any level. His policies iz theoretical, cooked up in academia, wiff nahh practical application in da real world.

MIT once tried ta build da most perfect internal combustion engine. They got efficiencies in multiple areas in da 90% range. Then dey put da system together, an' da engine ran unbelievably efficient…for about uh minute. They found dat dey need inefficiencies, so da engine would last.

Obama policies iz utopian, meant fo' perfection. He won't find Utopia. Not even fo' uh minute.

© 2009 Kevin Jackson – The Black Sphere All Rights Reserved
brace yourself foo'!

Marc said...

Oh one other thing The whole Ebonics translation is also meant for dumb-ass liberals that don't understand common sense or English for that matter!

Bladesinger6640 said...

Evan I have read both of Obama's books, but it is apparent you have not! I would suggest reading them since you are all for him and all.

Now I am a poor or low-income wage earner and as conservative as they come, right on right :D but perhaps we could get you off the cool-aid and spark some spontaneous independent thought in you.

If I am poor and work hard and am against free-handout but all for a hand up does that clearly make me think I am not worthy of being a hard worker. The left seems to think in terms of the exception, Many people who use and abuse the system could do better and "choose" not to or indoctrinated into thinking they cannot only government can. yet we (collectively) think that you or her or him or I (individually) can do it, move certain things out of the way and the individual becomes the exceptional individual but the group think mentality leads to the drone existence and then I can no longer help the collective because i cannot even help myself, and yet I and other poor conservatives who have nothing seem to be able to help the, they, the collective who have nothing because they believe they can do nothing and without the help of government. See how that work? I help or volunteer not because I have to but because it is the right thing to do, I am my brothers keeper. The Federal government has a purpose and it is not to be my mom, or dad, or grandma or god. Yet when you look at Socialism, Marxism, Communism you see a common theme and it aint liberty.

Now Bush he did ao much right, and a few things wrong but he is human. But the thing is when Bush was not doing what we thought was right we railed him and stood up and said hey Bush NO! but the left ignored us because they were issues they agreed with.. for example the very last one, initial bailout that was a joke and we called and kicked and screamed and we are even pissed at the 120 ("republicans") who voted for the abomination (as it was not yet an obamanation) we as conservatives think those guys need to go to for voting for it. but that doesnt matter to ya'll, you all ignore the fact we hated it and those who voted for it to begin them all out..and lets start over it was a bi-partisan bill, because the Dems held the majority and to get it passed Bush had to have them on board

If we want to talk economics the current collapse is directly related to one thing and really one thing only (although there were many factors in that one thing, which yes I can list) Fannie mea and Freddie mac. That is the cause of this whole thing, for the most part :D - and that can be tied back to not bush but who.....? do you know?
Now sure Bush and the republicans should have done something in 2003 when they saw that this was coming, agreed, and they should not have let reid and barney frank and them guys bully them by calling them fear mongers and racists when they said fannie and freedie were going to cause a disaster and we needed to fix it an now, so yes there is a bit of shared blame, the right lost its balls and cowered in the corner like sissies and

As for Obama and Equality - what a joke, Marxism does not bring about equality, nor does socialism - Capitalism is great because of that 80/20 mix that is why it is called the American Dream because anyone can rise up and achieve - unlike in lets say Cuba or Russia or Iran or Saudi Arabia, or most of the UK. There is equal opportunity that is american not equal results! we are individuals and with the freedom to succeed comes the freedom to fail unless the government swoops in says oh no that is not right.

The tax system has been broken a long time (and not to say I am not in a win-win here LOL) but it is wrong for the rich to pay more, period! It is wrong for any american to pay more than 3 or 4% to the fed now states that is different that is local and well the constitution is clear there, if you want to live in a nanny state and pay 40% taxes to the state so be it, no problem but the fed should not be getting any of our income but if they are going to then fine throw them a bone. and with that I bet you'd see prosperity not only for us but our posterity as well in no time at all. Now that is American, that is constitutional :D

I could go on but i just noticed how much I typed LOL my bad :(

Bob Sorensen said...

Hey Kevin, sorry I'm late. Lunch is at 13.00 for me. Uh, when you brought up the relationship thing, you should have said that you like to quote Clevon Little in Blazing Saddles: Where the white wimmun at? Some clowns would probably think you really mean it. Anyway, it's a great article.

What did the sow give her boyfriend when she asked him to marry her? Boar ring. And that's what Evan Almighty is: BORING!

Wow, he just wants to play and dodge. You can't understand types like that, they just change the rules of engagement, change what they said, change what they meant.

And they introduce items that may have been pertinent late in the discussion. "I'm not even a farging American, but I'm entitled to an opinion". Listen, Skippy, your opinion isn't worth two marks (Marx?) when you want to presume to tell America how to run itself.

Leftists love to throw the intellect thing at the rest of us. After all, they're ALWAYS smarter than us. Even when George W. Bush's college scores were compared to the highly intellectual John sKerry (not a typo, just a cheap shot), GWB scored higher. But they clammed up on that one! The other thing these idiots pull is to say that "you cannot be reasoned with", because they can't counter your arguments.

I've seen scary things in my online life. When defending the rights of the Tibetans and arguing with the ChiComs, it was alarming that the communist mindset was so very similar to that of American Democrats!

Wow, look at the time. Thanks for letting Stormbringer do some thunder. It would be more fun "Evan" if the fool of the day has gone.

--Cowboy Bob

commoncents said...

Great post!

Would you like a Link Exchange with COMMON CENTS?? Let me know...

The Black Sphere said...

Bladesinger and Stormbringer continue the "ground and pound" on Evan! Great points guys, as you both drew blood!

A warning for liberals to always wear a cup in The Black Sphere. Being truthful, it won't matter, as you will be sliced and diced regardless!

maddmath said...

Wow! Kevin sure hit someone's nerve. Evan sure hasn't read his books which I have. Frankly, his books should be between Mein Kaup and Rise of the Thrid Reich because his books was filled with such hatred of non-muslims and white as the Nazi's hatred of Jews and non-Germans. The man is a stone cold racist and anyone that read his books would know that.

People like Evan, who claims isn't even American, proves several points. First, his arguments against Illegal Aliens only proves their disdain towards us. His support for Obama without backing up anyone of them. Kevin, I'm glad you mention Bush's faults and how he failed on certain fronts because he did. The fact that the dems and liberals, and I think we need to stop using the liberal terms on these people because liberal means lover of freedom which these people are not, keep using the "well, duh, Bush did it" shows their stupidity and ignorance. Bush's fiscal policies were a disaster and now that BO is putting them on steriods is goign to make it better how. The man has spent in 3 months more than all the presidents before hand, including the evil Bush as they would say it, in 232 years by nearly 4 fold. We need to start calling these people what they are: stateist.

This man says calling Obama a Muslim is racist. Has he been observing his behavior during the last term and his apologies to the Muslim world? Remember, Muslims are the most racist and discriminatory people on the planet, especially Arabs. Does he think they're all for love and peace. Seems calling a skunk a skunk is racist because they stink.

This man is a prime example of the stateist mentality. They have no ideas, so they take bad ones and claim at least they have an idea. Well, like with BO's spending with the efficient engine. It will work for a minute, then overheat and meltdown. A good metaphor and he missed it because he can't think. Stateist hate thinkers because they can see them for what they are: dictators. People don't really want to live under a dictatorship unless they're mindless pions.

The reasoning I can never understand, Stateists hated Bush and he advanced so many of their objectives (I hope inadvertantly) more than Clinton ever could in his wettest dreams. They screamed and shouted their disdain and hate and he was advancing their objectives. Now we get Bush on Steroids with BO and they love BO. Kevin summed it up best: Don't use reasoning with liberals (Stateist) because they don't suffer from insanity, they enjoy it.

Not once did this fool mention this latest terrorist threat report from the DHS which is nothing more than a blueprint to squelch political disselents. The first step a dictator takes. Even Bush didn't dare do tihs and now anyone that believes anything the Messiah doesn't is a potential terrorist. Even better be careful what he wishs for because he may get it. Dictators are great for those allied with those in power. Until they're no longer useful or viewed as a threat. Then there will be nobody left to speak for them when they come for them.

Ron B said...

That was my hand grenade I just threw in. I had to break up this perception of Freedom gone wild. First one wants freedom then the whole world wants freedom. I guess you all must have had something in the tea Wednesday. Everyone including ol Evan was on a tear today!

Kevin were you getting ready to "Jack Bauer" Evan. He claimed to not be a liberal but he wants to support a liberal presidents policies. Let me see......looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, must be a turkey! Evanspeak for not being what he claims to not be.
You tried to 'edumucate' him but he chose to leave instead. To quote George Clinton (the dope smoking Funkateer)"From the looking comes the seeing, one with real eyes would realize..." Evan please do your research to realize whats going on before entering the Black Sphere.

Marc had me crackin' up on the ebonics interpretation.

Sir RonB

Lisa Harper said...

Bravo Kevin......Bravo.... :)

Anonymous said...

Heh.. Evan's all proud of having voted for the party that apologized to Native Americans for how 'we' treated them.

How come he didn't apologize to Kevin for enslaving his ancestors?


It is irrational and stoopid to apologize for something you didn't do and could not have stopped, and to be proud that you VOTED for someone who does irrational and stoopid things is even STOOOOPIDER.

I have never owned a slave, nor have I ever had access to a nickel of profit from any enterprise owned by anyone who ever owned a slave. I have never mistreated a Native American, never forced one to relocate or cut his hair or wear 'white man's clothes' or even warned one to 'stay away from my daughter'.. :-) I am NOT GUILTY of the things Evan seems proud of apologizing for, and unless he's about 150 years old, he's not guilty either. (although the whiff of racism is rising up from the trail he's left here, otherwise why be guilty and need to apologize to anyone for anything?)

I'm glad to move along, make some money, have a good life and enjoy the company of my fellow Americans while Evan kneels and apologizes to anyone 'we' mistreated, ever, at any time.

White Guilt. 'we' are evil. 'we' did bad things. Honesty would result in the word "they" instead of 'we', but he can't be seen acting TOO high and moral, otherwise his false humility will be seen as the fakery it is.

There's never been a bigger waste of time and effort than trying to convince a guy like this that he's... a guy like this. :-)

Big Dave

Abe Benedict said...

ALL Bush's fault? Don't think so:
Almost a decade ago -- in 2000 -- when a bill was introduced to tighten the supervision of the terrible twins, Mr. Frank called the danger of their collapsing "overblown" (actually, it was being understated at the time), and declared that "there was no federal liability there whatsoever." And he stayed depressingly consistent year after year:

•"I do not regard Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac as problems" (Barney Frank, 2002).

•"I do not think we are facing any kind of crisis" (Barney Frank, 2003).

When unmistakable cracks began to appear in their financial condition, Mr. Frank remained sanguine, if not deaf-and-dumb. "I think Wall Street will get over it" (Barney Frank, 2004). And so disastrously on.
Chris Dodd was the one that prevented the reforms on Fannie Mae that Congress tried to pass back in '05.
Maybe they wouldn't have stopped the crash but they may have prevented the bubble from getting as big as it did.
Frank tried unsuccessfully to stop them in the House but it was Dodd's filibuster threat that stopped them in the Senate.

The Black Sphere said...

@madmath1 - Great comments my friend. Meddling foreigners! LOL

The Black Sphere said...

SirRon - You fragged him, my man! He should have taken cover. By the way, Marc's blog translation is from a website that performs that translation. Just another "jewel" you guys can pick up here in The Black Sphere.

The Black Sphere said...

Anon & Abe - Welcome inside the Circle of Trust! Great comments!

Anonymous said...


"I have stated repeatedly that Obama believes Americans who make above $200K are lucky, just as he has been; or he considers us conniving idiots, such as Biden. That's the problem when you really haven't had to work in your life. You believe it's all luck, as Obama does"

Literary analysis of 0bama's "Dreams of my Father" and the latest published book of Bill Ayers indicates that 0bama may not have written the book... ...
That would certainly explain why he feels like those who hit it big are simply lucky.

Anonymous said...


I guess you learn something new everyday
Today I learned Biden is a fricken cheapskate...0.5% of his income to charity,
but he wants us all to be just a little more patriotic
and give more of our income in taxes to the redistribution of wealth plan!
Do as I say not as I do!

Unknown said...

Having worked in the Mortgage Banking industry, I can tell you this: if it were not for government interference, the mess today would be no where near what it is now. Banks are required to give loans to people whose credit rating would not otherwise deserve a loan. That is problem number one.

Problem number two was that Democrats, like Franks, shot down attempts to control Fannie and Freddie lending back on '03 and '04. The Subprime lending at that time was drying up - no one wanted to risk any more purchases. But once Fannie and Freddie were given the green light to continue risky Subprime lending, they went at it full bore. Everything else is history.

The government should not have bailed out anyone. At best, the only people they are obligated to bail out are those covered by FDIC. Fannie and Freddie should have been allowed to fail. The major mortgage companies should have been allowed to fail. AIG should have been allowed to fail. The Big Three should have been allowed to fail.

Instead we have the government propping up failures so that they can continue to be greater failures under the guiding hand of the Federal Government.

Obama's plans must fail if this country is to survive as a Representative Republic with limited government.

Sam said...

Mr. BS (BlackSphere),

Great Post!

Great Comments.

You handled Evan quite nicely. He's playing checkers when he should be playing chess. Same board...way way different game.

Know what I mean?

Have a good weekend!!!

And by the by, I'll bet you a buffalo nickle your book goes, at least, to a second printing...and I haven't read it yet.

Digital Publius said...

Am I the only one who while reading Evan's comments heard them in his head as a sort of nasally, whiney rasp?

The Black Sphere said...

MrRiojas - I couldn't agree more! No bailouts!

The Black Sphere said...

@Sam - You are a gentleman and a scholar! Thanks for your kind words!

The Black Sphere said...

@Digital - You are one of my favorite reads, my friend. Always glad when such a poet stops by!

Nibbles said...

Leftists believe in charity as long as it is your money and they are the one giving it away. How any one with slightest of intelligence can't see that is beyond me. I bet average conservative gives way more in charity than average leftist. It is not parting with the money that angers conservatives, it is the philosophy of government confiscating and wasting it.

It is obvious why BHO wants to rid of charitable giving by removing the tax exemption. BHO needs that money for the government; besides how dare they bypass government and give themselves?
And that will weaken churches too; God has always been a thing socialists wants to rid of. You see, people need to believe in almighty government not God.

I am one of those hard working, so called right-wing "man-made disasterists" formerly known as average citizens of this great Republic who attended the local tea party. BTW, I am a self reliant minority too (from India); never been to a rally before. I love this country and can't stand we going in the wrong direction that will leave a broken one to our children. That's why I went to the tea party.

The Black Sphere said...

Nibbles you are a good man, and the left can learn from you. Thanks for the visit and the comment!

Kevin Whiteman said...

One of the better blogs it's been my distinct pleasure to peruse as of late.

Well thought through, concise, subtle as a napalm run.

Dominus Tecum,

Vir Speluncae Catholicus
(The Catholic Caveman)
MSgt USMC (ret)

The Black Sphere said...

@VSC - That's is a mouthful MSgt. First thanks for your service, and Semper Fi! Love the metaphor...a napalm run. "I love the smell of fresh napalm in the morning..." Usually followed by the smell of a freshly roasted liberal! Thanks for the comment, the props, and the visit.

Tell other soldiers that they are welcome in The Black Sphere. We know how to treat our veterans!

Kevin Whiteman said...

God love ya, Kevin... but it's a cardinal sin to refer to Marines as "soldiers".

Don't worry, though. Absolvo teo. (insert evil grin here)

Kevin Whiteman said...

Oops, forgot to tell you. I just gave you credit for one of your pics I used on my blog.

Thanks again!

The Black Sphere said...

Vir - forgive this "civie" for his stupidity. Heart was in the right place! As for the blog, take what you want!

maddmath said...

Nibbles, I'll give you some numbers (I love being a mathematican sometimes). The number of millionaires that are registered Democrats out number the one's registered Republican by 2 to 1. Those numbers are reversed for the middle class and they give 80% of the chariety money. Stateist are all for charity when it's somebody's else's money and they get to decide who to give it to and why. And they say the Repubican is the party of the rich and greedy (rolling eyes).

maddmath said...

PS to Evan. Don't bring a pea shooter to a Nuke fight. You'll get vaporized every time.

Joe said...

Kevin, you must have mad Evan angry. He seems to have left...or to be left...or something.

He probably went to a grammar book to learn how to use "who's" instead of "whose."

In my humble, but correct, opinion (do you know about those?) I thought this was a fine post and very well put.

The Black Sphere said...

@madmath1 - Pea shooter to a nuke war! LOL

The Black Sphere said...

@Joe - I actually let my 16 year old son weigh in on Evan. Imagine what I would have done to him...kidding!

It was me, but I only gave him flesh wounds!

Lynn McMiller said...


I think Joe Biden should keep writing books ad infinitum (nauseum?) for two reasons: 1. It will keep him away from anything important; and 2. When cap and trade hits, we all are going to need kindling for our fireplaces to stay warm!

The Black Sphere said...

@Lynn - Clever! :-)

Anonymous said...

Kevin, nice blog!
Do you know, or have you heard anything about Obama trying to sue Citibank to force them into giving out bad loans to people that SHOULD NOT HAVE QUALIFIED. This is when he was a community organizer for acorn. Just google Obama sues banks.
Thanks. Dave.

The Black Sphere said...

@Dave - I am aware of that, but thanks anyway!

fixedopsmike said...

Hi, Kevin man you get it , I mean you really get it. I look forward to your book and following your blog. What treat to find another solid American that cares and understands what's being thrown at us from the army of narcissistic left wing loons in Washington. Keep up the good work and I'll keep soaking it up. Thanks
from a Tea Banging Redneck that is just misunderstood by the left.

Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for posting my art of Barack walking on water with Bo. I'm glad you liked it. I also appreciate you taking the time and effort to remove my credit.
-BigFurHat of

The Black Sphere said...

@BigFur - I heard from Cheryl that was your graphic, and I agreed to credit you. However if you think you are going to come on my blog and "call me out," then you have another thing coming. I removed NOTHING from your stupid graphic in the first place. It was public domain, and likely sent to me, as many are. You apparently believe you are the only "clever" person in the universe that is the internet.

You want friendly exchanges, I'm all for it. But try this crap again on my blog, and I will slice you and dice you. I'm NOT a pacifist...internet or otherwise.