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Monday, April 06, 2009

Obama vs The Stock Market

The stock market is pretty savvy, and it has called it right every time as far as the Obama administration goes. The first time the stock market "got it right" has been its steady decline since Obama's election. And it kept on declining well past Obama's coronation, all the way up until last week. Then…

This brings us to the second time the stock market got it right, which was last week. Interestingly enough, this time it decided to go up. Way up! The stock market had its single largest weekly rebound since 1933…when Obama left the country! It was like the stock market essentially was saying to Obama, "Stay away from America, Dude. I got this!"

Perhaps Obama should consider staying in Europe as World President, and staying out of America's affairs. Because when he does present his socialist agenda in America, the stock market penalizes him, opening up a serious can of "New and Improved Whoop Butt".

Apparently the stock market recognizes that not a single good idea has come from ObamaNation. As I have written, Obama and crew showcases their ignorance with each comment, press conference, proposed legislation, and so on. Ignorance in such abundance that deemed this: The Era of Brown Underwear.

I call it this because I am constantly saying, "Oh crap!"

As ObamaNation announces a new committee to study something or God-forbid, they actually pass legislation, I find myself losing complete control of my bowels. Here are a few examples:

  • $3.5T budget

  • GITMO detainees to the US and taxpayers will be giving them welfare

  • Auto industry bailout

  • Auto industry takeover

  • Civilian security farce

  • 50% of people who pay no taxes to get money "back"

  • Abandoning America's nuclear program

  • Negotiating with terrorists

  • And the list goes on...

Excuse me while I go change my tighty-whities to my new brown "loose in the caboose" underwear that allow for the 'Obama excrement.' I may just save myself a lot of torment and start wearing adult diapers.

Now if Obama were to stay in Europe, there might be a chance for me to go back to my color-safe boxer briefs. And he would be doing himself a favor, as his popularity remains solid overseas. Europeans are used to ineffective leaders. Their leaders date models and have affairs, and otherwise keep the nation riveted on the soap opera. They are not expected to actually lead.

When there are no runway models to shag, then European leaders denounce America, promote socialism, or give America the finger in some other way. Take for example the recent offer of 5000 troops to Afghanistan as trainers, which Europe equated to the young American soldiers who are fighting and dying on the front lines, for the sake of stopping terrorism. Obama agrees with the Europeans on this, so now training is the equivalent of doing.

In America, we have come to expect more. America is the leader of the free world. There is much more at stake, when we screw up. This is why Obama's popularity is tumbling in America. At some point even his most ardent fans will realize that he has about as many good ideas as an amoeba.

Here's the wrap:

As for the week of stock market growth, Obama's camp will say that the stock market gain is based on, "The economic impact of the president's stimulus policies have begun to kick in." And the mainstream media will support these lies, as they are positioning for their bailout. But let's not forget that they are a bunch of hypocritical, traitorous liars, being led around like lapdogs by ObamaNation.

I speak to industry leaders every week, and they tell me that they are concerned about this administration's understanding of how business works. The fact that Obama has never run something as simple as a lemonade stand, quite frankly scares most CEOs. I know Liberals find practical experience overrated. They prefer to work on theoretical models.

So Obama has worked his magic on the gullible Left, and it may continue to work on them for a while. But when the stock market kisses Obama, it tastes the lie.

That's my rant!

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pops1911 said...

Sure seems to be the truth - unfortunately Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, Nancy Pelosi etc are still here doing their deeds. Oh don't forget Waxman & Global Warming! The damage is already done no matter where BHo is. Now if we could get Congress to go too, then maybe the market would fully recover & we could be America again!!!

The Black Sphere said...

I agree, pops1911!

Anonymous said...


FTA: Because when he does present his socialist agenda in America, the stock market penalizes him, opening up a serious can of "New and Improved Whoop Butt".

I love this! haha

Anonymous said...


"The Era of Brown Underwear."


Don Keyshow said...

Loved it, nice work!

Lilly said...

Great Rant! When I see the market tanking, I immediately go see what our "leader" (used loosely) is up to. "era of brown undies" = great!
verification = punts

The Black Sphere said...

@dvsarchitect - Thanks for the visit!

The Black Sphere said...

@Lilly - Thanks for being a GREAT supporter! And glad to make you laugh!

Anonymous said...

There is SO MUCH MORE bad stuff coming out later, I sure hope nobody's buying now on the premise that we hit bottom..

Obama's money-printing orgy is going to DESTROY the value of the dollar, and when the other markets fully divest themselves of it the dollar will fall even MORE.

Nobody WANTS to get rid of their dollars, but nobody wants Obama to cut their legs out from under them either-- and he's doing just that.

Russia, China, any NUMBER of countries are considering cashing in their US bonds and trying some other currency.. not that they have any great choices... but nobody is deflating the value of their currency like Obama is..

and nobody has a better read on these things than the NYSE...

Nice work Kevin!

Big Dave

The Black Sphere said...

@Big Dave - People heed Dave's advice. He knoweth what he speaketh!

Unknown said...

K The brown underwear comment forced my hand:

What will those crazy libs think of next? I understand that the environment is important...but, ignoring the obvious health hazards involved here...doesn't cost more energy/water (= toll on the environment) to wash these things 3 times in steaming hot water in a washing machine (can't use the sink!) than it does to use a paper wipe? This is like Corn Ethanol.
Going green is going to kill this planet faster than industrialization.

maddmath said...

If we could get BO to take a 4 year vacation with an ipod of his speeches with the entire democrat members of congress for 2 of those years, as well as take the entire California legislature, I could actaully be an optimist for once. The markets live in the real world and they know what this clownish group of bafoons will do to the free markets if given the chance, and so far they have been given the chance. Everytime that man speaks the markets go down 200 points and every time he leaves, it goes up the same. Why is it we're the only one that get it? I guess Kevin's accessment of they don't value practical experience and only the insane theory is, as we say in my science labs, strong evidence that BO is destructive to the economy.

People better look at what China and Russia are doing, especially to our dollar because they already lived under the economic plan that BO is pushing and they're acting to be rid of the dollar. That can't be a good sign. As for a country that deliverately devalues their currency, one country has done that but to gain an advantage in screwing the US in unbalance trading: CHINA! Now after devaluing their own currency for nearly two decades, they want to be rid of the dollar and back to the Yuan. Time to be afraid. Be VERY afraid.

The Black Sphere said...

@Oppo - Are you trying to use LOGIC in debating a liberal idea? PLEASE...ROFLMBO. Hehe...

Anonymous said...


Shall we take up a collection to help fund the continuation of the world tour? Even with the 500-strong entourage, it'd be cheaper.

Anonymous said...


Amen. They say those that can't do teach. I can't think of a better example than Obama. Someone get our idiot-in-chief a tenured professorship in the land of theory (academia).

drjim said...

Hmmm...and when the next wave of Option-ARM mortgages resets later this year, and floods the markets with more foreclosed properties, and crashes the Dow again, I wonder what Dear Leader will say and do......

The Black Sphere said...

@drjim - I agree, the wave is still out there, sucking water from the beaches, and waiting to become a tsunami!

Ron B said...

Now that I have had my 24 fix for the headache is going away for now until Kevin had to go remind me of the condition that I now live in. Thanks Kevin! My escape from Obamanation was brief.

You stated that his people will lay claim to the stock market gains of the last several weeks as a result of Dr. Porkenstein's stimulus experiment. I recall his comment back in February when he said that we should not be watching and worrying about the "day to day gyrations of the stock market" as the DJIA took a beating. But oh what a difference a day makes! Just keep him away from D.C. and his friends the Teleprompters and all is almost well.

Sir RonB

The Black Sphere said...

SirRonB - Sorry to ruin your high! We have 2010 to get back to normal however!

Evan said...

Ugh, excuse me but wasn't it the previous President who ran several FAILED BUSINESSES? And he led the United States and its economy into the state in which it collapsed.

Seriously, it collapsed before Obama came into power.

A big assumption underlying this whole article is that it is only Obama and nothing else that is influencing the stock market.
What about ALL those economic forces that are behind the recession in the first place? Have they miraculously disappeared?

HORAAY we're saved. Obama can stop his stimulus because everything okay now.

I'm sorry, but we have NOT come to expect more. The previous leader did not do any better.

Like seriously... what the hell does Obama being out of the country mean for the stock market? Do you have ANY IDEA HOW THE STOCK MARKET WORKS? The people trading don't give a shit whether Obama is in the country or not - they care about economic signals, and company signals, and financial expectations.

These guys actually care about using facts - not whether some dude is in the country or not. Just because he's not physically in the country doesn't mean hes not in control.

Theres my rant.

The Black Sphere said...

@Evan - I began another response to you, giving you some credit for basic intelligence. It was a mistake on my part. Satire my friend is the idea that the stock market recognizes if Obama left or not. Giving the 'stock market' a persona, you see.

However the REAL part of the blog is that Obama's policies are idiotic. If you choose to be an idiot, it's a personal choice you make, and I accept you are.

Don Keyshow said...

@EVAN It is a documented fact that the stock market performs well when the presidency is out of the country, congress is out of session, and so on. In fact many hedge funds operate on this notion. The general consensus indicates that the economy will boost itself when you eliminate government intervention. It is the uncertainty of future governmental meddling that keeps our economy in flux.