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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

The Real Truth About Gun Control

So the guns in Mexico are supposed to be from the US. Who cares? Like the gun control Liberals really need that as an excuse to try to get rid of the 2nd Amendment? The recent shooting incidents will undoubtedly provide even more manna from heaven for the gun control crowd. And that manna is the potential for money.

Guns have replaced rich White Republican men as the new Boogeyman, despite the fact that guns don't shoot people. Like Democrat Liberal lunatics care about the facts. We all know that it was Bush getting teenage girls pregnant, and not horny teenage boys, right? The logic of putting the blame where it belongs is lost on Liberal nitwits.

It makes as much sense to outlaw guns, as it does to outlaw cars. How many auto fatalities are there each year because of cars? Thousands. If there were no cars, then there would be no drunk driving, or crazy spouses running over each other, or people talking on cell phones while driving, who kill pedestrians. Get my point?

If you saw the movie Thank You for Smoking, then surely you recall the scene with the MOD Squad, i.e. the Merchants of Death. They are the triumvirate of cigarettes, liquors, and guns. It was quite clear that guns were the lowest on the death scale, when compared to the other two vices.

Liquor and cigarettes both have very healthy taxes on them. In fact, with the new Obama Tax cigarettes are about to be as expensive as crack and meth…perhaps more expensive.

Cigarettes have been declared addictive, ergo a drug, yet they are completely legal. They know cigarettes will eventually kill you and have all the statistics about how cigarettes impact our healthcare system. The same is true for alcohol. All good reason to BAN cigarettes and liquor. Yet you could hear a mouse piss on cotton in a vacuum, as far as the outcry. Why?

Clearly the Liberalis can't figure out how to tax guns into oblivion. Yes, folks , it's really that simple! Guns are not consumable, like the other vices.

Now you hunters and shooting enthusiasts, i.e. "gun nuts" as they like to call you, perform part of your taxable duty by purchasing more bullets (consumables for the gun world), than the average Joe. But that's not enough. And the rest of us just don't put very little back into the system, as we are not all avid hunters, nor do we target shoot routinely. So the government revenue stream needs work, in order to appeal the Liberals.

What people don't really understand is that Liberals are all about taxing. Liberals literally sit around looking for things to tax. And the worse the habit, the more they feel it deserves a tax.

If you don't believe me, here are the taxes on my last rental car bill. I rented this car in The Land of Lincoln, that being Chicago IL:

  • TPD $ 5.00; I don't even know that this stands for
  • DLV FF Fee $ 2.00; Again, no idea what this is for
  • Customer Facility Charge $ 7.50; I guess I'm paying for the place to exist where I rented the car?
  • Lessor Tax $ 2.75; since I am the lessee, I guess I am paying the tax they put on the company leasing me the vehicle
  • AU RNT & OCC TX 5% $ 8.04
  • MPEA Tax 6% $ 9.65
  • MS TRNST TX 1% $ 1.61; I believe this tax is for Chicago's mass transit system, which I am not using, since I am renting a fricking car!
  • TRAN TAX 8% $12.86; Huh?

The total is $49.36 in taxes, most of which I have no idea what they are for. If I rented this Subaru small SUV every day, it would cost me over $18000 a year in just TAXES!

Here's the wrap:

You're being fooled, bamboozled, and led astray. Liberal politicians don't care about public shootings. They only care about the photo op or the sound bite that can come from such incidents, as a way for potential income.

Politicians love polarizing issues, and they play both sides of the fence, depending on the will of the wind and the existing political climate. They are willing to tackle the issue in front of a camera, however behind the scenes they could care less.

You can add up all the gun crimes for decades and it wouldn't be a fraction of the number of babies killed due to abortion. But you see no call by Liberal politicians for a ban on abortion doctors. Abortion doctors should certainly be considered as part of the MOD squad, wouldn't you think? This is because abortion is good for business. They get stem cells from fetus, it promotes their socialism agenda, and it is…a polarizing issue.

So gun owners, if you really want to get the monkey off our back, help the racist, elitist Democrat Liberals create a way to really pound you on taxes. Perhaps a recertification tax, requiring you to register your gun every year? Or perhaps you could pay a usage tax? That way, when you shoot a criminal, you will be doing your civic duty...twice!

The point is that these guys will continue to go after your guns until they figure out how to make it profitable. If you are willing to help them figure this out, I assure you that the outcry may still be there, however you will be part of the most successful lobbyist organization in American politics: The Almighty Dollar Lobby.

That's my rant!

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Anonymous said...

Tomer Israeli at 8:20am April 7

And gun freedom isn't about guns. It's about freedom.

Anonymous said...

Helene Paz at 8:41am April 7

Yes but that only hurts persons who know about handling unlike the gang members or the crooks and they will have a gun to kill innocent hard working Americans unlike the not workers like BO, Pelosi and Reid who on my tax dollar are secured. I say do away with their security and watch them sing a new tune. Pelosi is a menace to USA.

Lilly said...

"Yet you could hear a mouse piss on cotton in a vacuum" Made me spit coffee on my keyboard!
Being from IL, we can't figure out all the taxes either so don't feel bad. On a related side note - ammo at ALL stores are really scarce around here right now with backorders till who know when.

Anonymous said...

I hadn't really thought of it this way... but it makes sense!

Gun Control isn't about totally REMOVING guns from the public.. it's about taxing the living he11 out of them, so that those who insist on keeping guns are paying for some government program that gets invented later!

Ammo taxes, Gun sales taxes, 'government insurance policies' with coverage for gun accidents, registration fees with fed, state and local agencies, it's all coming.

Many will give up their guns out of frustration with all this outflow of cash.. and many more will become ILLEGAL gun owners by reporting them stolen and removing serial numbers and stashing them away.. but in case those ppl ever actually defend themselves in a crime, THEY will be the criminals for having the guns.. ya see?

Kevin Jackson, the sheik of the conservative tribe.. :-)

Big Dave

The Black Sphere said...

@Lilly - Yes, Lincoln is rolling over in his grave.

The Black Sphere said...

@BigDave - I knew you would see the light! The Sheik! :-)

Anonymous said...

Teri Emerson at 9:10am April 7

I hear ya ~ it's much harder to protect yourself with a plowshare! ;)

Julie said...

To the liberals nothing is sacred until it is taxed at least 20 different ways. That is what they hate about the internet also, haven't figured out a sure fire way to tax it yet. But they will. Things will really get hairy when they try removing guns from peoples homes though. A new civil war in the making.

The Black Sphere said...

@Teri - That's how all the martial arts weapons were born. Oppressed peasants used whatever was handy to fight "the man."

Anonymous said...

Sarah Martin at 9:11am April 7

I totally agree with you! I still say bathtubs should be more closely regulated. Afterall, Andrea Yates used one to drown her five kids. They need to be regulated. I think you should have to have a government issued permit to use one and all bathtubs should be registered. Locks on the outside of bathrooms should be mandated so kids can't get in ... Read Morethere and hurt themselves, And jacuzzi tubs should just be banned. Theres no real need for them and they are extremely dangerous! I feel so much safer knowing democrats (and some republicans) are doing all they can to make me and my family safer! How did the human species ever surive before our fearless dictators, er, i mean leaders in Washington came along!

The Black Sphere said...

@Sarah - Yes, from now on we can only bath in lakes and streams. Bathtubs and showers KILL people!

Anonymous said...

Sue Wright Boyd at 9:23am April 7

I absolutely agree with Sarah.........true comment

The Black Sphere said...

@Julie - You are SO true. Dems LOVE to tax! They consider it sport...

Anonymous said...


"Gun control isn't about guns. It's about CONTROL!"

Anonymous said...


amen to this! The criminals will have no problem getting their guns.....I have a right to have mine to defend myself....Guns don't kill, People do! Best quote about this ever!!!!!!

drjim said...

NO, NO, NO!!!
You CAN'T take your bath in a river or stream because you'll POLLUTE IT! Think of all the poor, harmless FISH you'll kill!
Whew....glad I got that off my chest.
Yep, "Gun Control" is all about CONTROL.....we 2A folk have known that for years.

Cowboy Bob said...

We don't have to protect ourselves. B. Hussein Obama, his Democrats and the New World Order will protect us. Not that there is going to be any crime any more! Just BarryO getting elected makes the world breathe easier. There! Feel that? Even the planet itself!

The Black Sphere said...

@Cowboy Bob - I FELT IT, COWBOY BOB!

Anonymous said...


For gun control, I prefer the Weaver stance with pistols and the forward lean (one hand on grip, one hand on mag for support) for rifles. Works great for me.

Anonymous said...


Let 'em tax ready made ammo and watch what happens to the sales of material use to reload. Have a reloader already? then just buy the supplies and reload.

Stephen said...

You're quite right that guns don't kill people--people do. That, however, does not address the argument in question. Where do you draw the line in the sand where you say, "This power of weapon and above is too much for a private citizen to have?" Do we draw that at handguns? Apparently not. At rifles and shotguns? No, again. Assault rifles? Why stop there? Suitcase bombs rigged on your doorway in case some evildoer tries to break in? Why not? Nuclear proliferation at a personal level, purchasing spent fuel rods from your local power plant? We're just getting started! ICBMs so you can proactively protect your home? Sure!

I disagree with your premise that "gun control isn't about guns" and that it is rather about control. That's nonsense. True political grabs for control, historically, choose the path of least resistance. Hitler in Germany latched on to power and control via public outrage over the Treaty of Versailles. Pol Pot and his Khmer Rouge came about in response to rural unrest.

None of them latched onto policies that were propagated by a slight majority, but through massive public appeal. You get control by controlling the masses. Gun control isn't the way to do that.

You want to bitch about politicians seeking to undermine your liberty, complain to the state legislatures that have banned public smoking. Where's the conservative outrage there? Or is it that you can quiet your libertarian, unrealistic views when your personal feelings are thus sated by an overreaching government? And, please, don't rehash the tired argument that smoking is a drain on our health care system. The numbers just don't support you.

Spare me your indignation.

Where were your cries for Constitutional adherence when USA PATRIOT Act came through? Where was your tea party when your representation removed your rights (picture an American flag wrapped around a cross)?

Spare me your war dogs, sir. And if you're going to use a receipt from renting a car to explain how awful taxes are in Chicago, the least you could do is actually limit yourself to government taxes, as opposed to fees (such as the "Customer Facility Charge" and "DLV FF Fee") and pass-through charges that True Capitalists(tm) have declared reasonable (such as the "Lessor Tax").

And, finally, spare me your righteous wrath when you pin all this on "liberal politicians," particularly if their only crime is caring about a photo op--down this road all politicians line the avenues, on the left and the right.

The Black Sphere said...

Hey folks, I smell something. Too many issue to tackle with Stephen, so I will be selective in my slicing and dicing of his comment.

Gun control is about control. It is about controlling the masses via, (a) taxation, which is what the blog was about and (2) unarmed peasants. Don't make stupid comments about other historical outrages, and diminish the idea of an unarmed populace.

Next, I have ranted on many of the issues you bring up, so I suggest you read more of my stuff, then decide.

Your attempt to "wax rhapsodic" is juvenile and frankly didn't work: "Spare me your...". Spare me your attempt to appear intellectual, when you spew drivel.

Finally, not that I have covered all your inane points, I will discuss the tax bill. I don't care whether taxes are local, state, or Federal. I care that these taxes are being levied in many cases there I have NO choice. Why should I pay for Chicago's transit system which I don't use. I am visiting! Get the point, or do I need to type slower?!

If you want to enter The Black Sphere with civility, you will be treated same. If not, then you will get pimp slapped. You choose...

Anonymous said...

Kelly Burnette at 2:03pm April 7

FINALLY! Thank you!

Stephen said...

...I rather thought I was acting civilly, attacking your topics rather than attacking you; and so I shall continue (I will politely ignore that you've called me a juvenile, a non-intellectual, and attacked my points as "stupid" rather than substantively arguing them).

My chief concern is this: Why am I not allowed to make historical references when you prominently display not one, not two, but rather 8 vicious dictators who are guilty of millions and millions of civilian deaths, spanning almost 100 years?

I digress. Obviously the civility of hearty debate between opposing sides is no longer possible. Continue your wild ranting that generates great heat, and no solutions.

The Black Sphere said...

@SirRonB - Ron, way to hand the young lad his butt! People have to come here correct!

Anonymous said...

Stephen.. lemme bring it closer to home.. on Nov. 26th, 1990, my beautiful wife of one year was carjacked, raped and shot in the head.. kicked out of the car naked and left to die on the side of the road in the snow.


It's because THEY HAVE GUNS, Stephen.

And they aren't interested in obeying the law, gun law or any other law.

I also consider it my duty to be prepared for a time when my government becomes tyrannical and I owe it to my family to be prepared to fight the slavery and oppression that is historically BOUND to come to this country, like any other.

But the first part is the best motivation for me. I was not there to protect her. She was downtown, going to work, like any other day. A pistol in her purse and she'd have had a fighting chance.

As it was, not a chance, not at all.

How DARE you propose to limit any other person's ability to defend themselves!

Big Dave

Anonymous said...

Kevin, as your favorite mathematician, I have a few numbers for you. Remind you these are approximate figures (since many of them can't be confirmed percisely). Number of abortions a year, 1,000,000. Number of people that die due to smoking related illness, 750,000. Number due to alcohol (not including DUI's) 150,000. Number of fatalities on the roads, 55,000 (30,000 involves DUI's, and over 50% due to not wearing seat belts). Number of deaths by fire arms, 25,000. So it will take 40 years for guns to do the damage that Planned Parenthood and their supporters do in a year. Those numbers on fire arms include the justifiable homicides. For those like Stephen, those are the ones where a person does his civil duty twice in one action. I say shoot them twice and quadruple your civil duties.

750,000 dead a year from smoking and Stephen is telling me smoking isn't a drain on the health industry. What about those that live but need a great deal of care and medication? Only the Illegals are a bigger drain. I never heard such a stupid argument in my life but when applying logic, you can't use apply to liberals what a liberal lacks.

Stephan really should wake up during history class as well. Hilter was all for civilians having guns. Just only those that were loyal to the Third Reich and there were many. Hilter youth, the SS which were a civilian security force (contrary to popular belief by the left, the SS wasn't with the miltary and why the miltary feared them). The problem was those that were loyal to the dictators had the guns while the common person had no arms to fight back these evil, murderous psychopaths. I think Stephan needs new heros because the ones he have are distrubing.

He calls us UNCIVIL! If it was up to him, we all be in the kiling fields and the point of why BO and company want to have us rid of our guns. Frankly, his statement about individual having ICBM shows his radical and irrational thinking. Only governments can afford those, much less use them. We should be making those weapons obsolete with a missle defense system now that North Korea and Iran are developing them. However, BO is interested in unilarterally disarming as he is too busy kissing Putin's anus but I don't hear him whining over that. Perhaps he can take it to his buddies at the UN.

The overall point is that if the Dems don't like something, they try to tax us out of it or down right take it away. Their war against smoking is a prime example and I have written about it twice about immoral and overreaching these tax laws are, so don't tell me we're not speaking about against any government overreach, even something we don't support. I don't smoke nor drink, but here's a final statistic to chew on. Cigarette companies charge $1 for a pack of cigarettes that cost 85 cents to make. Here in California with $1 federal taxes, and $3 state taxes, tell me whos making money on cigarettes and why are they legal. Liquor taxes, $4 a bottle total taxes. Has it stopped DUI's or smoking related illnesses. The smoking has gone down a bit, but only because of education and awareness has, not the taxes. Yet the number one killer of the innocents in this country has no tax on it at all: abortion.

The Black Sphere said...

@BigDave - Thanks for that heartfelt message, and personal revelation. Hopefully Stephen gets it.

The Black Sphere said...

@madmath1 - Great comment, and hopefully people read your comment.

Clifton B said...

Excellent post! I never really thought of the tax angle. While I do see gun control as one of those "feel good" laws that makes everyone feel like something is being done but in reality does nothing to address the issue (*COUGH Hate Crimes Bill COUGH*).

I am sure you are right, the lefty politicians would be every so tolerant of the 2nd Amendment if they could find a way to rapidly fill their coffers with it.

The Black Sphere said...

@Clifton - Hey Clifton, thanks for the visit. And here is a good rule of thumb...follow the money! That's all Liberals care about. Getting money and redistributing it.

Mark said...

Kevin, regarding your statement:
"So gun owners, if you really want to get the monkey off our back, help the racist, elitist Democrat Liberals create a way to really pound you on taxes. Perhaps a recertification tax, requiring you to register your gun every year? Or perhaps you could pay a usage tax? That way, when you shoot a criminal, you will be doing your civic duty...twice!"

Please, please, PLEASE! Don't give them any ideas.

CNB said...

Your blog is excellent. You get extra credit and will not have to attend summer school this year.

The Black Sphere said...

@Tom - Thanks for the visit and the compliment!

Anonymous said...


I love your "The experts agree..." picture. It frightens me that people do not remember history and learn from it...


The Black Sphere said...

@Bill - Thanks Bill and I agree that people have no historical backdrop. The GenXers could care less, because most have no concept of war. Lucky for them the present war was managed by Republicans, which isolated most.

Chip Head said...

Talking about control of guns, I recently found something going around the internet that is a good history lesson, which I posted on my blog: “Safety in Numbers?"

Anonymous said...

Kevin, thank you for this excellent post. You're absolutely right - gun control has to do with control. What a great job they do at skewing the numbers of the guns in Mexico coming from the US, numbers that are total fabrications! Look forward to following your blog more in the future.

The Black Sphere said...

@Chip & prepared... - Thanks for the comments!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE this site. Troll-free so far.

NRA Life Member
Soli Deo Gloria!!