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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Obama Chooses Dog & Church

Of all the important things going on in the world, the focus of the mainstream media on Obama has been on his selection of a White House pet, and the Obama's search for a church.

Both of these things represent nothing more than a distraction. These two newsworthy events serve to buy Obama another week or two of deflection in this train wreck ObamaNation calls a presidency.

I assure you that had Obama's overseas trip been a success, we wouldn't be hearing about either of these non-issues. But Obama got punked in Europe and elsewhere, kissing a Saudi's hand, and calling Americans arrogant. "Have no fear, Underdog is here!"

So Obama's foreing policy disaster gets America a bit of subterfuge, so we can forget seeing him getting get treated like "Baronica". Yes America we get to discuss real news -- Obama's potential dog, and where he plans to spend one of the most holy of Christian holidays.

Nevertheless since people want to discuss these two issues, let do it. However, let's discuss these issues in proper perspective. Let's discuss them as the "smoke and mirrors" they are meant to be, and not as if they are indeed something we are to really care about.

First, there are many lies about this dog, particularly the idea that it's "for the girls." This dog will serve as a distraction for many government snafus. He will be referenced every time Obama screws up. So suffice it to say, we will get sick of hearing about this dog.

Next, they are getting a Portuguese water dog, in other words a bourgeois dog that comes from a bourgeois racist Democrat, notably Teddy Kennedy, which brings me to the next lie -- that Obama was said to be considering a pound pup.

If the Obama's are into "saving the world", why not start with a dog that may be euthanized, and not some bourgeois royalty dog. In typical Obama fashion, he makes you believe he will be for "the little man", or in this case "the little dog". Then he sells out the pound pup, so he can hobnob with the wine and cheese crowd. Fear not black people, the rumor is that the dog is at least…negro. Since he is a Democrat, let's name him "Racist."

As for the next bit of big news, with dog selection done, Obama now needs a church. Amazing that Obama calls himself a Christian, yet he hasn't been to church since becoming president. Do any of you Catholics or Jews feel you got punked? Well you should, because you did.

Obama has a good excuse however: He plays basketball on Sundays! He claims that he skips church his presence would disrupt services at a church, given his status…as GOD! I guess he is attending church on Easter in order to celebrate his birthday…for the third time!

It is said that Obama is evaluating two white churches, a mixed church, and a black church. The idea that his church choices have been categorized proves that Obama is obsessed with race, particularly when it can be used in his favor. Why can't he just select an American church? Or better yet a Christian church. Frankly, I'm surprised he didn't put an Islamic mosque and a Jewish synagogue on the list. For those of you wondering about the atheists being upset, I did mention that Obama plays basketball, right? On Sunday…then Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. What else does a no talent political hack have to do with his time? there is that children's book!

Here's the wrap:

Frankly I could care less about Obama's church selection or if he goes to church, because I think Obama could care less about Christianity. He certainly doesn't live by any Christian creed of which I am aware at the micro level

At the macro level, Obama has not exactly been the poster child for Christianity either. Every time I turn on the television, he is essentially denouncing Christianity in favor of Islam. Yet now he wants to start going to church. Sounds to me like an Obama handler might have mentioned that it's time Obama threw a bone to the evangelicals, lest we forget...he is a Christian.

It is good to know that while North Korea launched a missile, Somali pirates attacked a sovereign American vessel, the America economy teeters on disaster, and close to 6M Americans are out of work, thankfully the lamestream media informed us that these issues are not as important as Obama's dog and his potential new church.

That's my rant!

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Anonymous said...

Tim Rueb at 9:05pm April 12

Well the order of the choices fit. 8)

Flag Gazer said...

Superb analysis - thank you!

The Black Sphere said...

@FlagGazer - Thanks for the visit, and the comment!

Anonymous said...


And the emperor's dog will also have no clothes... well, on the bottom half at least.

Sunny Smile said...

Odd how the point of concern changes from one thing to another and they never match one another. Wasn't there an issue with the "royal family" getting a dog because it had to be hairless due to allergy issues? Does this royal, i mean pound pup, look hairless to anyone else? Yep you are right, poor dog has no idea that he'd be safer at the pound.

Ron B said...

Happy Easter. You are soooooo right about the dog. The Dog will be canon fodder for the administration. Everything will be about the dog.

Hopefully he will eat the "Non Nuclear Nightmare Diplomacy" paperwork before it can become a reality.

BTW who gets to clean up the dog poop from the White House. Will that be Emanuels job or the Social Secretary. Somebody already picks up all the other turds that fall from Big"O"'s butt.

Sir RonB

The Black Sphere said...

@SirRonB - You are in a feisty mood today, Ron! Great comment!

drjim said...

poor dog......

The Black Sphere said...

@Sunnysmile - Yes they will go from issue to issue, which fools the libs!

The Black Sphere said...

@drjim - Very funny!

maddmath said...

Seems the dog is a perfect metaphor for BO's policies. They're half naked and the naked part is the part we don't need to see. As for his church, I would be embarassed to go to a church with this anti-christian man. After all, he praises Islam where ever he goes and apologizes for Christian's transgressions. Let us not forget what the last church he went to preached: Racism and hatred. Something he hasn't seem to show any disdain for. Frankly, I don't care where he worships. In fact, if he picked a mosque then I could half respect the man because then he would be showing his true faith and demonstrating the truth for once. Perhaps his faith will become more clear when that surviving vermin "pirate" is transferred to the US and given a "proper" trail.

Anonymous said...

You're right, a pet, and the church were distractions. Obama was caught, Hillary with that hackle laugh, bowing to the King, Blackfaced by Turkey, Brother denied entry, Richard Phillips held hostage, the media could not do coverage on these topics. Naturally they pick 'what dog Obama picks, and What church Obama will attend for Easter' I didn't see Obama run to a tv camera either, all last week he was grinning ear to ear. Sad, we have to deal with this 3 more years.....and a few months.

cary said...

One thousand, three hundred and seventy eight days as of 4/13, but who's counting?

The Black Sphere said...

@Cary - Where's that time machine, when you need it?!

cary said...

It's in the shop - GM said they would have it right back to me, and then Wagoner got fired and now they don't even remember taking it in for warranty work...

The Black Sphere said...

@emptysuit - But the truth will get out about this guy, that's for sure. The rumblings are there!

Richae said...

What a great post. I truly appreciate the things you have to say.

The Black Sphere said...

Thanks Richae! I appreciate your visit and comment!

Mark said...

Kevin, The press says the Obama girls named the dog Bo.

They say the dog was named for the rock and roll legend, Bo Diddley.

Am I the only one who noticed that BO is also Barack Obama's initials?

I don't think Bo Diddley has anything to do with why that dog was named Bo. And I don't think the girls named him.

C'mon, it's highly unlikely those two little girls ever heard of Bo Diddley. B.O.'s narcissism is so pronounced he even has to name his dog after himself. Pathetic.

The Black Sphere said...

@Mark - You KNOW it! B.O., right! Pathetic is the perfect word!

The Black Sphere said...

Renee Parker at 11:32pm April 13

You crack me up!!!! I love this blog!!!!
Kevin for President!!!

Anonymous said...

Haters will never stop to amaze me if its not "Obama has fake American ID" its "he kissed a Saudi's hand" not the ass?? are you sure its the hand???. Obama didn't get punk in Europe like you said. I live in Europe since my birth 30 years ago and let me tell you that here in Europe evryone especially the media are OBAMANIAC, they want to know evrything about him even the kind of dog he has, the name of the dog, if his dog is happy or not etc... we even want to know how many time he goes to toilet evryday (for that one the president not the dog). He is a impressive man and America should be proud to have such an intelligent president who think before to talk and who got style on top of that !

The Black Sphere said...

@Anon - You like him so much, you take him. Glad to know his turds fascinate you, as he gives Amerika plenty of them. Here's an idea: We will wrap them up and ship them off to you.

Style over substance...that's the European way. That's why America has had to bail your butts out of so much!

I'd take one Churchill over a million Obamas!

David Ben-Ariel said...

Show us YOUR papers, BO!

beaglescout said...

I thought they named the dog B.O. because it had body odor, or maybe its "bottom out". Duh. Guess I'm just a dope eh?

ADL said...

I wish I'd known about your blog a week ago, when I nearly had a fit
coming out of class to be greeted with international newspapers'
front pages REJOICING over Obama's effing dog. It was in a part of
campus that shows newspapers from many different countries, so inevitably some others nearby were using front-page space for boring
issues like, oh, economic crisis. For my protection I will say merely that this took place in Burkli, where throngs of angry hippies have been replaced with aloof hipsters that liked how Obama's logo looked on their clothes and bought into the trend. And although most of the American media seem to be OBAMANIACS, I think the selection of newspapers(especially local) I see around here is the cream of the crap. During Obama's grand tour around Europe all I ever saw in the headlines was praising his remarkable success and how much everyone loved him.

Your blog is the first place I've seen anyone go into the issue of
the non-issues that are being obsessed over in the news. I never
would've imagined digging that deep into the dog/church choice but your insight made me realize how much it DOES matter to someone whose every step is fixated on as a messianic sign, and must be carefully contrived. Unfortunately, I think the average understanding of everyone around me on such "issues" can be summed up with this quote from my friend: "Your econ teacher doesn't like Obama?! But he's awesome. And his dog is so cute." Anyways, I hope it's not too weird for me to say, but you are basically my messiah.
P.S. In October I warned someone about the impending Obamanation. I've been waiting since then to see other people use that "term" and was delighted to see it on your blog!

The Black Sphere said...

@ADL - Thanks for the compliment!