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Monday, December 29, 2008

China Fights Virus Strain

Even the Communist recognize when they must quickly combat the virus called liberalism that could destroy their culture. Taking steps to eradicate the disease, in this case the internet-borne version, China has banned the NY Times Online. Apparently they were less concerned about the print version of the NY Times, as nobody reads that anyway.

I find it ironic that the NY Times, essentially a daily Communist manifesto is banned by a Communist country…no THE Communist country, as far as Communist countries go. I mean I'm not into Communism and thus my opinion is from a layman's point of view, but China is the best Communist country out there, wouldn't you agree?

According to this article in Fox News:

"China has the most online users in the world with more than 250 million, but it has also put in place a sophisticated system to police Web sites for sensitive material and routinely blocks sites that support Tibetan independence or the region's spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama."

A Chinese authority who asked to remain anonymous, said to me:

"…it was not the NY Times's support of the Dalai Lama that got them banned, but the fact that the NY Times just plain sucks, be it in print or online."

Ok, so the "anonymous Chinese authority" is my friend Ming. However, before you try to roast my chestnuts, consider that Ming is as reliable a source as the NY Times would use, actually more reliable. The NY Times likely would have gotten a Burmese, a Taiwanese, or an American-born Chinese person for their source. Ming really is a mainland Chinese expatriate, so he is authentic Chinese, i.e. no fricking MSG.

Also, I am certainly as much of a journalist as any of the so-called journalist with the NY Times. So as editor-in-chief of The Black Sphere, I choose to run with this story, and my friend Ming's comments.

So the NY Times lost 250 million internet-savvy Chinese, which means they will have to replace some serious "hits" in order to get paid by Google.

I am curious as to what other countries the NY Times can invade by internet in order to replace 250 million internet-savvy, mega-surfing Chinese? Considering that their print division is in dire financial straits, it is Google who is likely keeping this rag afloat. The only savior to the NY Times Online would be a group as large as the Chinese. Perhaps the Muslims?

Could a merger with the Muslim equivalent of the NY Times, namely Al Jazeera be in the works? If they did merge with Al Jazeera, at least they could drop the pretense of being pro-American.

I applaud the Chinese for stopping the NY Times virus in its tracks, likely working with Norton or some other anti-virus software company. I say to the Chinese to stay vigilante, less you end up with an even trickier version of communism, NY Times-style. Watch out for alias URLs and other liberal trickeration, because once in, liberalism can be a difficult virus to get rid of.

That's my rant!

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Anonymous said...

Hilarious. Mixing up liberalism which when used with China usually means *more* individual freedom, and liberalism in the context of the NYT which means more government aka China. Deep. Thanks!

Bob Sorensen said...

I have been a supporter of Tibetan freedom for years. (Yes, that's usually a Liberal "touchie-feelie" cause, but Conservatives are involved, too.) What alarmed me in Usenet debates was seeing how the ChiComs sounded and acted just like American Liberals. I've been trying to sound that warning for a long time. Ironically, they play a semantics game that you point out so well.

The Black Sphere said...

Thanks Stiennon.

To all my Digg friends, I have been banned for good. Please Digg my blogs, and if you are on Yahoo Buzz, follow me there. Thanks in advance.

Read my mind on what I think about Digg.

Matt said...

What happened with Digg? Are they the ones that commented as Anon but with a user name directly under it in the message?

The Black Sphere said...

No Digg is a service like BuzzUp. Like I said, a bunch of libs got together and said I was violating policy...that's lib talk for they couldn't refute anything I said, so they "Fairness Doctrined" me on Digg. Now I'm on Yahoo Buzz, so please find me there, and get others to do the same.

Matt said...

I'm not surprised. They can't censor you out of everything though. Keep it up :)

Anonymous said...

Actually, no, Kevin, it's Terms of Service talk for "you violated the Terms Of Service". I've had people report me and have had nothing and happen, with the worst being a temporary suspension of commenting. Digg may respond with canned text, but they review every report personally. Digg doesn't ban unless someone clearly violated the Terms of Service.

The Black Sphere said...

Whatever on "terms of service". I did nothing except to comment on my blog as others were. The libs were calling motherf%^&r, etc, and I just 'pimp whipped' them. It was that simple. Further, they could have sent a warning, and I would have been happy to oblige. Look, I'm no punk, so Digg canceled me, good-riddance. They aren't the only game in town. I've moved my tent to Buzz. Let's see what happens over there.

The key is that they can't shut me up! And for the record, "others" can Digg my stuff. I have my minions! Thanks minions!

Anonymous said...

From: Suzanne Moles
Date: December 29, 2008

Your blog is hilarious and brings up a lot of great points. China bans Online NY Times. I often wonder who actually reads that rag, must be people on the east coast but it has a sister in the LA Times that spews the same liberal only points of view. Wonder how China bans what it wants via the Internet, got any ideas on how that works? I guess it is like net-nanny but at a higher level....

Anonymous said...

From: Paul Kremer
Date: December 29, 2008

Great job Kevin! I was going to say that I hope this leads to the end of the NY Times. Unfortunately I know the libs will never let that happen. Failing liberal newspapers will be the next industry to get a bailout.

maddmath said...

I once tried using the NYT under my bird's cage. He broke out and pooped on me instead.

The Black Sphere said...

Madmath1, you had me ROLFing!

Anonymous said...


Author is clearly a megalomaniac that loves the smell of his own farts. I bet he voted for Bush twice.

Anonymous said...


barius, no one ever thought a draft-dodging, pot-smoking, intern-groping perjurer could get elected twice, be impeached, and then make a viable bid to become first "lady." I bet you voted for Clinton twice.

The Black Sphere said...

barius, you have been properly pimp-slapped, so no further reprimand shall come from me!

Anonymous said...


One of my favorite paragraphs is right at the beginning :)

"Even the Communist recognize when they must quickly combat the virus called liberalism that could destroy their culture. Taking steps to eradicate the disease, in this case the internet-borne version, China has banned the NY Times Online. Apparently they were less concerned about the print version of the NY Times, as nobody reads that anyway."

You have to read the whole is great..