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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Toot Tossed!

Secret Service Agent #1: [Entering Obama childhood home in Hawaii, and sees a strange object on the fireplace mantle] What's this?

SSA #2: That's an urn. It contains the ashes of POTUS-elect's Grandma Toots.

Obama (enters): Hey guys, I have been looking for that.

SSA #1: Sir what would you like us to do with this?

Obama: Nah, I will just throw it out at the beach. It will get me good press.

Yes, Obama scattered Toot's ashes at the beach in Hawaii the other day, in an unofficial farewell to the woman who raised him; the families "rock" (his word). Why unofficial farewell? Because her funeral happened weeks ago, two days after the election ended. The fact of Obama's conspicuous absence from her funeral apparently appalls only me, as I have seen little media coverage or public outrage for him not attending.  So for me, Obama scattering Toot's ashes is as symbolic as him flicking the ashened tobacco end off one of burning cigarettes.

I admit I am suffering from Obama fatigue, and I honestly was hesitant to even post this blog. I have even stooped to writing about "Monkey Joe" Biden and Caroline "I'm a Kennedy, Make me a Senator" Kennedy, so you know I'm scrubbing the sewer pipes to avoid writing about The Messiah. All that said, I think this story is worthy of further scrutiny, as I did when I wrote "Hear About the Funeral?".

According to this article on Yahoo:

"The demands of the presidential campaign meant Obama was unable to fly to Hawaii for her funeral. But on Tuesday, he finally bade her farewell at a memorial service attended by friends and family, including his wife Michelle, daughters Malia and Sasha, and half-sister Maya Soetoro-Ng.

I like the touch of the half-sister being there. Like Obama is really "the family man". The same family man who conveniently (1) tossed Toot under the bus, (2) didn't have any connection with his aunt living in the slums of New York, and (3) who doesn't speak with his half-brother who lives in a tent in Kenya and earns $20 a year.  Maybe this is just the way Kenyan's treat family?

Whatever Obama's excuse, it certainly wasn't because he didn't have the money. The ex-junior senator from Illinois has gone from not having two dimes to rub together in 2004, to the elite income class over the past few of years, earning close to $2M just last year.  I guess "8 years of Bush" hasn't been too bad for the Obama family?  Or maybe Illinois politics really does pay well?

One possible excuse he could use to miss Toot's funeral is he didn't want to be a hypocrite and leave a large carbon footprint flying to Hawaii twice within a week?

Ok here's my theory: He just didn't really give a hoot about Toot.  And all this happening now is for show.

Obama's sister said in a statement earlier that the memorial service would allow him to "grieve and emotionally process" the loss of the woman he called the rock of his family and whose name he frequently invoked on the campaign trail.

Apparently vacation is a good time to grieve. I know when I plan my vacations, grieving is a big reason for how I pick location and timing, etc. I'm sure most of you take vacation time to "cry it all out" as well. If not, what's wrong with you?

More from the article:

"She's the one who taught me about hard work," Obama told a packed stadium in Denver in August when he accepted the Democratic presidential nomination. "She's the one who put off buying a new car or a new dress for herself so that I could have a better life."

She is the person who did all this, and she is the one who's funeral Obama did not attend. If he can't show the ultimate respect for somebody supposedly so important to him and formative for him, what will he possibly offer his adopted country of America?

That's my rant!

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Anonymous said...


FTA " her funeral happened weeks ago, two days after the election ended"
There is absolutely NO excuse for him not to have gone. The election was over, he had the money and the time. He just......didn't want to.
Thanks for sharing your insights, as always, Kevin.
"Rant On!!"

Anonymous said...


I like the touch of the half-sister being there. Like Obama is really "the family man". The same family man who conveniently tossed (1) Toot under the bus, (2) didn't have any connection with his aunt living in the slums of New York, and (3) who doesn't speak with his half-brother who lives in a tent in Kenya and earns $20 a year. Maybe this is just the way Kenyan's treat family?

Anonymous said...


I hope my grandchildren have enough respect for me to attend my funeral. No, let me correct that. I KNOW my grandchildren have enough respect for me to attend my funeral.

Anonymous said...

I have seen three dollar bills more real than Obama.

Anonymous said...

So glad to see you pose the question. I had been wondering why I hadn't read about the grandmother's funeral, the lack of an Obama "family" presence in attendance. But as with all things Obama, the dead media covers for him.
And I hear you on the "Obama fatigue". I have a bad case of it. I commend you for persevering in your blogging. I have taken an impromptu hiatus, which must break soon, but the prospect of keeping up with Obama and his infestation of commie cock roaches is damn depressing. Especially since truth seems to be such a deeply devalued commodity.

The Black Sphere said...

Zee, you really made me LOL with "commie cockroaches"! Nice slam!

Anonymous said...


Messiah obama would do the same for any typical white person!

Anonymous said...


Toot Toot tootsie goodbye.

Anonymous said...


Funny thing is; it is very illegal to dump someones ashes on the ground ( or beach ). It is only legal to take ashes out to sea, by a sanctioned funeral director.

But of course the Obamessiah is about the law of the commoners.

The Black Sphere said...

@BillE3 - Interesting info. But as you say, Obama is above the law, and any other scrutiny for us commoners!

Lillith2008 said...

BO is all about BO!!! I heard that the picture of him on the beach appeared to have been posed (at least he knew it was being taken!! Arrogant, elitist....30 million vacation home?? May God help us all deal with 09 and 10!!!

Eliot Sappingfield said...

Maybe you've never lost someone close to you- but in my mind, regarding the death of a loved one, public officials get a pass. Trying to claim the man didn't love his grandmother is crude.

Lillith2008 said...

I don't know Eliot why you would give public officials a "pass" certainly they should pay respect to the passing of member of their family. ..we only question how he could skip her funeral...after all did she not raise him...!!! I would never MISS my mother's least not by choice...certainly he had a choice.

reland1 said...

Kevin. . You have no idea how much fun it is to go back and read the DIGG threads after one of your posts! The kakaroaches come a'scramblin'! It's funnier than hell! You are blessed with a keen wit and great writing style! Keep up the good work! Reland1

Anonymous said...

A really good post! Of course he should not have been given a pass because he is a public official. He should be at least circumspect if not sincere in matters like this.

He could have done like Clinton did ..... attend funeral, leave and laugh with a friend until camera spotted, then wipe eyes. I don't know who is sleazier, Clinton, Obama, or Carter.
You're doing good. Keep it up.

SureHowDoYouKnow - Blogger said...

I hope to see you right back on Digg. You know you are almost to the top of the mountain when they start pummeling you to knock you off!

You can't start a fire without a spark!

(Quote borrowed from Bruce Springsteen)

Keep up the great work!

The Black Sphere said...

For my fans on Digg, I have been booted. I am not Spheroid, so reconnect with me there. Sounds like the Fairness Doctrine is in effect?

Navigator7 said...

Hi Spheroid!
Nav7 here.
I have a little experience with getting banned.
Have you sent them an email yet?

I think it is script.

As in Automatic?

I wrote gibberish in my second response to them (A trick I learned watching StarTrek to trip up androids) and it made no differnce.....they sent me a link I clicked which said I read their terms and conditions and blink...I was back.

What the liberal digger are doing is digging down and reporting conservatives as abusive.

It's a nusiance....but what if they drive us all away.

I'm all in favor of forming attack long as we do it with class, grace and style and with in their terms and conditions.

Frankly...The way it stands, we all can get banned for writing: "A quick brown fox"

I don't think there is a real thinking human being at the other end. It a bot and the Left is extinguishing our light!

Fairness Doctrine Indeed!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I too was banned from DIGG for referring to a pro-life website in a post. Conservatives do seem to be targeted, which makes me all the more interested in ensuring we stick around. Let's not cede the territory to them!

maddmath said...

Interesting comments. Having actually read his books, I think his family got the memo because Barrack has a totally different description of Toot in his book. If anyone on the left read it, it's clear why he didn't attend. HE HATED HER! He called her a rasist and bigot and he forsake his white heritage because of her. Now he says all those wonderful things and goes on vaction to mourn her. What a snake oil salesman and most of America is buying it. I rather give my money to madoff.

Pacaderm said...

Man - you people have it all so wrong. I hate to disagree with so many of you but the REAL reason Obama didn't attend the funeral was...well, let me start with a personal story... as a small boy back in the 60's, I was involved in a freak bowling ball / chainsaw / kitten juggling accident which left me blind. And being hyped for "change" during the election I attended an Obama rally. After attending that rally and "experiencing Obama" let's just say my seeing-eye dog is now just my DOG... SO you see - had Obama attended Toot's funeral….well, you know what would have happened….. there would have been no need for the funeral. I rest my case. Just leave the guy alone and let him continue to perform his miracles!

Let’s all get back to some serious matters like trying how to solve this evil Bush plot of plate tectonics before the whole world is split up into separate land masses! STOP PLATE TECTONICS NOW! Help Obama and the Pangaea movement!!

Unknown said...

Oh what wonderful things we could do with your talent and skill to help make this country as good as its promise.

Would hope that you would join us. We have serious problems facing us and the time for jokes is past now.

Bottom line is- either you are a part of the solution, or you are part of the problem. Stop play hatin and put your considerable talent to work for the greater good.

Lillith2008 said...

@Maiysha humor is ALWAYS needed. Kevin shares information in a entertaining, humorous and genuine way. He does have talent and skill and is here to help make this country as good as it's promise. Kevin keep it up....don't change nuttin!!!!

The Black Sphere said...

@Nav7 - I got the message!
@Madmath - I agree 100%
@Pacaderm - Nice take!
@Maiysha - I am on the side of good and am changing things for the better!

machinepolitick said...

I, too, am suffering from Obama fatigue. I fear I might go postal if I see one more commercial for a plate, coin, or 4 year calendar commemorating a Presidency that has yet to achieve anything.
I also have a pretty good idea what Obama has in store for America. We'll be wishing he tossed us in the sea. I say kepp on hatin', you're cracking me up. To He!! with the 'greater good', I'm lookin' out for myself and my family. Big Brother be damned.

The Black Sphere said...

Machine, I say let's all go to Hawaii and search for Toot's ashes! I think that $9M bungalow is available this week.