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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Back to the Future – Racist Democrats

I've stolen the race card today, because we Conservatives are in serious need of affirmative action.

As a Black Conservative, I'm beginning to feel like my parents and grandparents must have felt back in the 50s and 60s, when Blacks were being oppressed by Democrats and their racist policies. Because today, Democrats are going "Back to the Future" in the oppression of Conservatives.

I learned recently that the University of Colorado doesn't want to admit a Conservative Fellow, as this
article from points out:

"Far left liberals comprise the majority of faculty at our state's flagship university, the University of Colorado-Boulder. Throughout the country, anyone familiar with the country's largest universities knows they lean far to the left and CU leans farther than most. This has never been in serious dispute. A short visit to the campus will suffice in making this fact perfectly clear. For decades, conservative students who have dared speak their minds at CU have reported harassment and even violent resistance. Though surveys aren't needed to reveal the leftist nature of CU-Boulder, surveys have been done. One showed that 94 percent of the faculty were registered Democrats. At the much smaller Denver campus, 98 percent were Democrats. The remaining 4 percent and 2 percent were comprised of Independents, Greens, Republicans and others."

Admittedly it's been some time, since I was actually inside of a college, having graduated in 1986. But based on what I understand about America's colleges and universities, I would fully expect to see signs like "Liberals Only" on the water coolers, bathrooms, and cafeterias in these institutions of "lower learning."

It appears that liberals have shifted their oppression from Blacks and other minorities, their vitriol now pointed at Conservatives. And they are using the same tactics as their kinsmen the KKK did in the 1950s,

"…For decades, conservative students who have dared speak their minds at CU have reported harassment and even violent resistance."

Liberals are for
all points of view…except those that differ from theirs? Hypocrits. And you don't have to look too far back in history to understand why Democrats feel this way about Conservatives. After all, Conservative values map perfectly with Black values. Let's examine the Black family, circa 1950.

Black families of the 1950s were for the most part,
whole, nuclear families, with both parents present in the home. Both parents worked, usually at menial jobs, but they managed to pay their bills, and get home to eat with their kids. 
There was a focus on education, as back then it was something that was not readily available to Blacks back then, as it is today.

The core of the 1950s Black family was a strong spiritual foundation, which permeated into society as a whole.

Being raised by my grandparents, I was exposed to those 1950s Black sensibilities, when I was given $10 by a friend of mine. My grandmother thought I might have stolen it, so she took me to my friend's house, and made me tell my story, in front of God and everybody. My friend thankfully admitted giving me the money. I was made to give it back anyway.

A powerful lesson for seven-year old to get, which was, "…
you can't get something for nothing." A conservative value, and a concept that leaves liberals contemplating their navels.

So what are liberals so afraid of? This was the same question people were asking in the 1950s about Black people, until a decade later Blacks revolted. And we had a little help.

With the help of Republicans, the cause of civil rights was again at the forefront. For those of you who may have forgotten, Republicans had earlier taken up this mantle for Blacks when Republicans FREED THE SLAVES! Sorry to get a little loud there. And when Khrushchev sent Kennedy back home with his tail between his legs, so he would listen to that great Black Republican, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, the cause of civil rights was finally seen as politically expedient by those racist Democrats.

Here's the wrap:

Frankly I am not surprised by the Liberals' racist intimidation tactics. From where I sit, it is just the circular pattern of life. This time however they are smart enough to not use water cannons and police dogs. Oh, and their targets are more difficult to spot.

That's my rant!

© 2009 Kevin Jackson – The Black Sphere All Rights Reserved



Sam Pierce said...


Your "rant" is definitely worth the read!

Jim - PRS said...

Well said. Well said, indeed.

Brian Boettcher said...

The reason why is that conservatives haven't mastered the use of hollaring "that's not appropriate behavior" when getting screwed.

Republican leadership and their consultants have lost their electoral mojo because they have not adapted to the style demanded by increasing numbers of the electorate.

Ask former Senator George Allen...who was snared in a “not appropriate behavior” trap and lost his seat and any national political future. Ask Trent Lott about how he lost his leadership position – it was for the same reason. These two, and others, hadn't learned the new political etiquette, nor learned how to frame opposition as an idea for the electoral collective to consider as a solution.

It's also why President Bush fell to near record low approval ratings – he was “the decider” who wouldn't appear to listen to alternatives. Colin Powell provided the necessary “social proof” of Bush's intransigence when he walked away – and later endorsed Obama.

Polling shows 20 percent of self-identified Republicans voted for Obama, and that these were “young” Republicans. You dismiss the concept at your political peril.

It's apparent that Americans now dialogue and compromise rather than argue or confront. No longer is there support for anyone’s right to say or do anything disagreeable.

Ask Don Imus where his powerful friends went after his broadcast remarks about the championship womens basketball team. Such is dismissed as “not appropriate” and followed with louder howls of the same, demands for apologies, and disbarment from further discussion.

You're welcome to

Stupitopia Grand Exalted Poobah said...


Michael @ConservativeLA

Anonymous said...


I just love how whenever a conservative comments on just about anything in the media its labeled "divisive" or "controversial".
I just keep reminding myself that Obama won 52% to 47% and his campaign spent 750m to McCains 84m. Obama had the media on his side, an outgoing unpopular Republican president, an opponent that ran a horrible campaign, and over 6 million registered republicans didn't vote. In addition, our schools and universities have been trying to indoctrinate our children into liberalism for the last 30 years . And even with all of that , America is not liberal. Our country is right of center and after Obama tries to take far left, we may even become more conservative than before. Even the liberals I know are starting to get a little nervous about Obama's agenda.

The Black Sphere said...

Thanks all for the great comments thus far! We will win this back, but I have to tell you, the Liberals are winning so far.

Anonymous said...

As a university professor at a major, but not Ivy League, college in the northeast, I can assure you that indoctrination and intimidation is alive and well. My freshmen history students exhibit little knowledge of any real facts but know multiculturalism chapter and verse. They've been brought up on a steady dose of the belief that all cultures are equal and no answer is ever wrong, except for the one that challenges the concepts they've been brainwashed with. They love Obama because he's like multiculturalism: he stands for nothing but seems to be everything. And as for my colleagues, suffice it to say that any speaking out against Obama on the basis of lack of experience or unacceptable behaviors/friends has been met with claims that I must be racist. And they are as clueless to his history and intentions as my students are.

Dr. Dave said...

It's not that overt liberal racism is new in this's just that it's now endorsed by all three governing bodies.

Good post. Great art.

The Black Sphere said...

ANON Professor - I take it you are not a terrorist?! Well, we know you have to hide in "Academia - The land of liberal lunacy", but there are enclaves, and this blog is one. Welcome!

Rosemary said...

So true, Kevin. I have had this precise feeling all week... I took the nobama sign off of my car, I swear that is why I got a speeding ticket last month...
I hope 'Dewhead' is correct.
I am still bummed, and praying for a fantastic blizzard here in the DC area (I live in No Va) for Monday night.
I am beginning to wonder how long until the next civil war. Should I start now stocking up from Costco? :-D

another great blog, Kevin

Rosemary said...

OH, and 'university prof" is correct too: both of my daughters experienced extremely liberal professors and such environment at William and Mary. My oldest got sucked in and still suffers delusions. My younger is majoring in international relations and Econ... She is too smart to be fooled and I can say with all confidence that she will never be a liberal. She did tell us over Christmas break that it is a very tough environment for conservatives unless you have a tough as leather heart and use a lot of mouthwash...

The Black Sphere said...

Rosemary, we will pray for the daughter who has gone astray! :-) And that one day we will turn the tide on these liberal "cockaroaches"!

apackof2 said...

"The core of the 1950s Black family was a strong spiritual foundation, which permeated into society as a whole."

And this my friend IS the problem in a nutshell

The Black Sphere said...

apackof - I'm sure you mean that America has lost its spiritual core, as the comment could be taken the other, i.e. "liberal" way. And yes, America loss of spirituality, and in fact denouncement of God is indeed its major problem. It is how the liberals can rationalize having no accountability.

Anonymous said...


Blacksphere, you have hit the nail on the head...or when a conservative tries to speak out we get our heads bit off...but I'll be darned if I let that stop me...the truth seems to always offend the liberals..but then the excuses..."hiccups".... I meant.

Some of the "lower learning" establishments have gone so far as to re-write history to support their lies. see this digg: ...

Anonymous said...


But I thought Democrats were the minority party....

Anonymous said...


I don't have to tell you that Democrats are the party of the KKK. I am not a Republican or a Democrat, but I do know the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the amendments in 1968 were usurped by the Democrats insistence on Affirmative Action.

There are millions of whites in America who strongly and vocally disagree with anyone who believes that skin color should be a measure of some kind or another. We stand with you, our brother, arm in arm, against the stupid, the arrogant, the uneducated masses that look to use bigotry as some justification or another.

Together we will put this sad American saga to an end.

petunia politik said...


You've been tagged for a special meme.

you have to play, for we PUMAs voted for McCain by and large, and you owe us:)

we don't bite, we growl.


Gabriel said...

I totally agree, and fee the same as you.
Gabe Grimes

kudzu630 said...

Another great post and honestly its needed. Watching Judith Miller right now on Fox News and its disgusting the way she ensures us that Obama's two other corrupt nominees will glide through confirmation. That being said, in line with your post about a "conservative affirmative action" we have this from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution: "

Is it possible that there is the beginning of a current of common sense in liberal bastions? I won't really say that with sincerity becuase I don't believe it. But what is happening is people are turning off TVs, colleges, and of course newspapers that have long told them the same link of garbage. Wanting something different they go elsewhere: radio, Internet, social media, etc... And these bastions of the old guard sense a loss in readership and in profit.

Kevin said...

Kevin, you look younger than you are.

Tolerance is not "Liberal" it is liberal. Diversity deals with physical characteristics. Silly conservatives!

To quote you "After Reagan finished, I said to my grandparents, “Why are we Democrats, when what we believe is what that guy [Reagan] just said?” " And that's all I got to say about that.

WebSmith said...

A Republican is someone who believes in the the rights of the individual. A Democrat is someone who believes that the majority's rule is absolute.

We are now seeing a democratic implementation.

Anonymous said...


Excellent observations. I have noted as well the Liberals efforts to keep racism alive and well, all the while accusing any and everyone else of being racist.
Keep this blog going because I'm going to tell my conservative friends about it.

The Black Sphere said...

ANON - I will keep the blog alive, though admittedly I wonder where are all the Conservatives. So I'm happy that you will be inviting others to read it.

As for the racist Democrats, I will remind them of their past, and their racist politics of today. They want to change their names to "Progressives", yet extol the same "virtues" of yesteryears, and by virtues I mean exclusion, racism, and so on. Hypocrites!

CollegeProf said...

**just copy the below text and paste it into the comment window at Use the name "CollegeProf" and do not enter a URL. Remember, your comment must be verbatim what is written here in order to be paid.**

Another fantastic post, Kevin! Hilarious! You sure hit the nail on the head.
I'm a professor at a major university, and I've been approached several times about keeping my material center-left in nature. I do it because I need the work, and because I know that if I earn a reputation for speaking my mind, I'll never find work in academia again! Thanks for standing up for all of us!


**Thanks for your help! Remember, your payment will go up with multiple, dependable comments. Let me know if you have a digg account, because I'd like to see more positive comments there as well!


Anonymous said...

So refreshing to read some TRUTH based on an accurate assessment of history - excellent post! By the way, the graphics are AWESOME at your blog!!!

The Black Sphere said...

Thanks ANON! Sorry you have to be "anon", but these days, as the blog suggests, there is persecution of Conservatives. Soon you will be able to face the masses with pride again!

Digital Publius said...

Another brilliant post Kevin.

The Black Sphere said...

Thanks Digital. High praise coming from a poet such as yourself! Thanks for the visit...

Anonymous said...

Gentlemen, Ladies, I am very puzzled by claims that conservatives aren't allowed to express their opinions, and I would like you to give me some concrete examples, to help me understand.

Also, kindly please explain how family values, personal responsibility, and integrity are "conservative" concepts.

I am not what you would consider "conservative," by any means, but I have many conservative friends. When we sit down and talk through things, we usually find that our values are very similar. Sometimes we come to different conclusions about how to solve a particular problem, but we rarely find there is no common ground at all.

I am sorry you have met only intolerant liberals. I've seen some very intolerant conservatives in the media, but none of my actual friends or colleagues are that way. Let's keep talking, and being respectful, and we'll all be better for having invested time and energy in the process.

mt si dad said...

I would caution the conservative movement not to spend time speaking how dastardly liberals are or how foolish Americans are for voting for the big O.

Few will be convinced because we call them "fools."

What will convince them are good arguments, solid positions, and consistent behavior - plus the conservatives need to do a little housecleaning.

In my view, a lot of the 2006 debacle came about because the conservatives in power lost their way and were seduced by power and money. The Democrats weren't much better, but they had better press.

Unfortunate that the conservatives must be better behaved than they "need" to, and that the Democrats get away with stuff because they're they "good guys" according to the media. But they need to be better, and they need to live their principles.

Well, my opinion, anyway. I've never run for office or served in government, so take it for what it's worth.

The Black Sphere said...

mt si dad - We have tried decorum, and it doesn't work. So to you I say, you do it your way, and I will do it mine. I won't use a conciliatory tone with these knuckleheads, because I find them quite stupid, and I have enough evidence to back me up on it.

There are enough so-called Conservatives taking the high road. Personally, being a pugilist myself, I rather enjoy smacking them around on my blog.

For the record, Conservatives were not seduced by power and money. They lost their core ideals, trying to appease the liberals, i.e. reaching across the isle.

If I reach for the hand of my enemy, it will be to yank him into the dagger I hold in my other hand. Clear enough?

I wish Obama no success, as it would allow others to buy into his socialist agenda. I can only hope that he will mimic many of the Bush policies that he so derided during the campaign, and put Liberals on notice that even as far left a socialist as he is, when he got the position, he saw the error of his ways.

The Black Sphere said...

ANON above - How about you ask your question another way?

What group owns the values of allowing sex education to be taught to 2nd graders, condoms to be distributed to school children, gay marriage, partial-birth abortion, abortion in general, infinite welfare (i.e. destruction of the nuclear family), removal of God from EVERYTHING, schools with no grades given...Do I need to go on?

Consider the philosophies of these two groups, then tell me which you want to be.

Conservatives take the high ground, and look at the greater good. Liberals meddle, then look for a scapegoat. The outcome is the least of their concerns, just "raising hell" along the way. I point out many examples in my blogs, so read away. I am happy to debate you with FACTS and not "warm and fuzzies".

mt si dad said...

I'm sorry I wasn't clear. I don't think this fight follows the rules of a duel.

It needs sharp intellect and sharp disagreement and people who are will to say loudly and at length what's right about the conservative position, and not to back down when the Democrats attempt to squelch dissent.

But it doesn't need the continue re-statement that Americans are fools for voting for the big O.

The gist of what you say I agree with. I don't disagree with the methods, I think.

I'm just saying, calling people who chose the Big O "fools" doesn't help convince them.

YMMV, of course.

Dirk said...

Excellent post, & great history lesson that I dare say won't be found in any public school text these days, especially about the role of the Republicans in civil rights. I agree that "political expediency" is the only reason the Democrats ever touched it.


Vince said...

Excellent post! I just today posted on my blog (before viewing yours) about race relations in this country and how MLK's dream has yet to be fulfilled and it's all because of LIBERALS!!!

The Black Sphere said...

mt si dad - I agree with you, but you must keep in mind about my blog is that it IS satirical. There are many blogs that are offering cogent discussion, and logical thought, sans satire. I prefer this approach, but do appreciate your inputs.

The Black Sphere said...

Vince, agreed. The mentioning of MLK who gave his life for civil rights, in the same breath as Obama, as if he has actually accomplished something is ridiculous. MLK would be saying something to the effect of "get your hands off my coattails and go do something REAL, you lazy sycophant!" to Obama.

Anonymous said...

From: Casey Gaynor
Date: January 19, 2009

What did we all expect?!?!

Anonymous said...

From: Al Adelgren PE CVS
Date: January 20, 2009

CU is located in the community in which many in CO refer to as the "People's Republic of Boulder" based on its mindset.

Anonymous said...

From:Al Adelgren PE CVS
Date:January 20, 2009

CU also employed Ward Churchill as a professor. Churchill is a hate monger that claimed he was a Native American after having been given honorary membership in one of the native nations, and referred to the victims of 9/11 as "little Eichmans" in several diatribes. The majority of the CU faculty voted to keep Churchill even though he was exposed for being a fraud and plagarist. He was eventually dismissed.

Up the road in Fort Collins at Colorado State Univ, the "lesser" of the state universities, Al Yates served for 13 years as CSU's President. Mr. Yates is an African American, independent thinker that was loved for his steadfast leadership. Ft Collins and CSU are by far more conservative, but still inherently liberal due to the nature of education

The Black Sphere said...

@Al - Amazing commentary! Thanks for the inputs, as I will have to look into this.

mt si dad said...

Well, yeah, it's satire, but dang it all, you make me think, too, and then I respond, and then...well, it just gets messy.

The Black Sphere said...

@mt si dad - LOL! It is messy my friend. The objective IS to make you think, with humorous intent. There is more than just "the high road" and "the low road". There is the satirical road, too, amongst others. Enjoy "this" road, knowing that others exist. Thanks for the continual visits, and excellent points!

red06525 said...

Our new president's chief of state Emanuel makes Lee Atwater look like a girl scout selling cookies and the media ignores it.
Anyone convinced that being polite will work against these facists needs to get their head out of their arse.

At some point the colonists had to say--"we don't much like how you want to run things" to the british and kicked them out by all means necesary.

We may be heading in the same direction.