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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Economic Impact of Obama’s Coronation

With all the hoopla surrounding the coronation of Obama, you would think that you wouldn't be able to find a place to stay in DC. Prices for a week's rental of modest accommodations were said to be going for $10,000 a week, right after the election. One of my Black friends who hails from DC commented about a month ago, that he was going to "get over" on all of this, by renting his place out. He figured on a quick $5-10K to usher in the new prosperity that Obama would bring. Yes, he's a wit of the nit kind…a liberal.

Market forces have conspired against my liberal friend, and it appears that supply has outstripped demand. Nice places are now supposedly going for $150 a night. Not exactly "rock star" prices, as people thought they would be. I called my friend to ask if he was now looking for a print to put on the wall, where he had imagined that 50" flat screen? Snicker.

As for Obama and the coronation, maybe all that glitters is not bling? Has Obama's gold plating begun to rub off to reveal the nickel alloy underneath? Likely it really is just liberalism at play. Let me explain.

The thing that most liberals are, be they rich or poor, is cheap. The tie that binds.
Rich liberals are the types who will tip you $1, no matter what the cost of their meal was or whatever service you performed. The really old ones will tip that dollar, and remind you of the past, when they had no money to spend, and how they watched their mothers and fathers toil. They won't make reference of their toll, because most are 'trust-fund' babies, who have not truly worked a day in their lives.

Then there are rich liberals with celebrity status. They may be worse than the bunch just described, because they believe that just their appearance is enough to warrant preferential treatment. So they don't pick up tabs, yet expect rock star treatment. Forget the cause. They will stay with Washington insiders who want to "star screw" their way into all the galas.  To paraphrase God, these liberals' mantra is, "I am who I am".

The good news for the DC economy is that there are not that many of these types. The bad news for the DC economy is the "other" liberals who will be attending. And they will be there in droves.

And it is this group of cheap liberals, all of whom believe that they will get their pound of flesh from the new administration. They will be converging from all over America, actually the world, to witness this "historic" moment.

DC will be overrun with both Africans and "African Americans", and DC is about to learn the true meaning of "the hookup". There will be beatniks, peaceniks, greenniks, and other "niks" of all ilks, reminiscent of Woodstock. And rightfully so, since this coronation is little more than a rock concert. The passing of the baton to a new King of Soul. After all, James Brown is dead.

Most of these liberals will be staying with friends, and checking into hotel rooms like bands of gypsies. The occupancy, or should I say "over-occupancy" of rooms will rival a college "stuff the Volkswagen" fraternity stunt.

Many will sleep in their cars or vans, and "wash up" at a gas station. Yes, this will be a real FunkFest, but George Clinton of Parliament won't be playing.

And the DC businesses will feel little impact. Because liberals invented BYOB. Liberals will unpack their coolers, filled with kool-aid and green tea. For dinner? Ginger root and lemon grass…oh, and lots of chicken.

Here's the wrap:

You will get a real glimpse of ObamaNation in a few days. Many of you will witness first-hand how the citizens of ObamaNation live, and how they live to take advantage of the system. You've seen these people. They got into the show for free, but they don't want to pay the 'two drink minimum'.

That's my rant!

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Anonymous said...


Great rant! They're going to need a lot of deodorant to get rid of the hippy BO before it's all over with.

Anonymous said...

And they are going to have a big problem, because among prohibited items are packages, backpacks, large bags, duffel bags, thermoses, coolers, strollers and umbrellas.

They're predicting a high of 37% on Tuesday, which is pretty darn cold for standing outside all day.

Should be interesting to watch a bunch of people who believe they shouldn't have to suffer any discomfort or hardship.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and I forgot to mention - on the news last night they said that the number of porta-johns averages out to one per 400 people. *snicker*

DaveG said...

The true, dyed-in-the-wool liberals will most assuredly tip, just as soon as they find a way to get the rest of us to pay for it. It's not spending money that they object to, it's spending their money that they can't stand.

The Black Sphere said...

DaveG - Excellent point on liberals and their need to spend other people's money!

Anonymous said...

This is a great post! I'm going to start reading your blog all the time.

The Black Sphere said...

Thanks, Mom! :-)

Anonymous said...


Harry Reid will have a real reason to comment about the "smelly" tourists.

I love the pictures....

Anonymous said...


The smell couldn't possibly compare to that which emanates from Congress. 8)

Anonymous said...

Zelene M. Bunch

one of my black friends booked just after the iowa caucus.

i was at the march on washington in '63. boy do i wish it had not been in august. i do not remember a funkfest, but it was sho' nuff hot.

kev, if you're black, you've revoked yo' ghetto pass with me. (smile) lighten up! african-americans are a diverse subset of americana. chances are we'll see honorable behavior as well. oops, just caught a male democrat being faithful to his wife (smile).

Rosemary said...

I live 30 minutes from DC and I am NOT going anywhere near there on Toozdee... nor am I going to watch the tv. YUCK I have no desire to see any of that.

I attended both Bush inaugurations (4) and one Reagan (the freezing one) I worked as an ortho-nurse on K Street and we just canceled the patients and went! :-D i cannot remember why I did not go to the first one... probably working

I do not know what I would do without your blog, Kevin. I still can not believe this jerk got elected OMG.
With your blog, I think I can "get a life" and not be too depressed. LOL

The Black Sphere said...

Rosemary - Careful, as I will bill you for "comic relief"! Glad the blog is getting you through. Since you are in Crazyville USA, you get a free lifetime membership to The Black Sphere!

HeatherRadish said...

Should be interesting to watch a bunch of people who believe they shouldn't have to suffer any discomfort or hardship.

Will there be fishes and loaves, or will that offend the vegans?

Pacaderm said...

Well, at least this event isn't costing $150 million! That would be! Money like that we all know, the Liberals spend on healthcare and buying carbon credits and noble things like that.
(how funny! My code word I had to type was "subverse"... ah, karma at work!)

madmath1 said...

Only 1 porta potty for every 400 people. That's not a lot considering all the crap that will be spewed that day.

Laura said...

I hope that there is a hail storm with hail so big that it causes some liberals to get concussions. They are lucky that I am not there as I would projectile vomit on them. UGH! And it's the day before my birthday, I am avoiding the online newspapers and CNN. This is one of the few sites that I can go to and not get sick.

Fortunately, I am spending the following weekend with my conservative gun-touting/hunting, bow hunting sister.

-Laura Hazen