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Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Real Story of Obama Bullying Limbaugh

I find it interesting that the president in a democracy would feel it necessary to "call out" an ordinary citizen who happens to have a differing view on the economy than he. Everybody says that Obama is supposed to be so cool. That's not cool at all. Frankly, I find it a rather "punkish" move.

The punkish move was made against Rush Limbaugh. And in recent comments Obama admonished Republicans not to listen to Limbaugh, because Obama feels that Limbaugh might have an impact on his ability to get his stimulus plan approved.

Though Limbaugh is one of America's most prominent Conservatives and has a popular talk show, he is not a government official. He's just a guy with a microphone, trying to make a living. Why call him out?

Can't have anything like sanity getting in the way of likely catastrophic policy for the economy? That is, if Obama actually cared about the economy. Hmmm…

Obama's agenda is more sinister than wrecking the economy, at least for Conservatives. The real agenda is about solidifying the power base of the Democrats. And in order to do that, you can't have a strong economy, and in fact you need a weak economy and more government wards. Inspiration needs to be put on the back burner. Or as our new leader said, "…need to lower expectations". Well I've certainly lowered mine.

The trickeration is that Obama will use taxpayer money to get himself re-elected. Oh he will pull through other Democrats as well, but only because he needs them. But don't believe for a second that he actually cares about them. Everything is about him.

Recall when I wrote that when Obama became president, that was the end game; there was nothing left to which to aspire. Well I should have said that there is nothing except his next election, the first of which will occur in four years.

And don't be surprised if we could get three or four Obama terms. Plans are already underway to get term limits revoked [H.J. Res 5], so know that Obama plans on staying longer.

He is already the first Black president (so they tell me), so why not push the envelope even further? Be the next FDR, only blacker and better?

Obama made the following statement:

"What an opportunity we have to change this country.  The American people are really counting on us now. Let's make sure we take advantage of it."

This is similar to the statement made by Rahm Emanuel, which essentially was that a crisis presents an opportunity to promote one's own agenda, and essentially be given carte blanche and a blank check. I have explained in the past that Democrats govern with Crisis Management.

Many Republicans, RINOs are saying that we need to give Obama a chance. These people are the moles within our ranks, because no true Conservative would consider partnering with Obama, or giving him quarter. When he sides with us, we support 'his position', not him. When he doesn't, we fight him tooth and nail. That should be our only position. The Congressional Democrats need Republican support in order to blame them, when it fails.

We must weed out these weak-kneed RINOs, or they will be fall like frightened narcoleptic goats to the the Democrats' agenda. Republicans are now being "set up" by Obama to believe that he is a centrist, and willing to listen. He listened just recently to a Republican Congressman. Then he simply commented, "I won".

Here's the wrap:

To most Americans it may appear that Obama is attempting to marginalize Limbaugh. To think that way is playing checkers. However I play chess.

With nobody to blame, i.e. Bush or a Republican Congress, Obama needs a scapegoat, a way out, a "get out of jail free" card. . And unlike these small morsels he has thrown to his ObamaBots in his first week, the financial issue will fall squarely on his shoulders, despite attempting to blame Bush for "…eight years of failed Bush policies".

Who better than a pudgy Republican radio show host to be able to blame, should Obama not be able to get his "package" passed. Obama will accept no responsibility for failure in any way.

Next stop, The Unfairness Doctrine.

That's my rant!

© Kevin Jackson – The Black Sphere All Rights Reserved


Anonymous said...

This is straight out of Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals.. gotta diminish an issue by personalizing it, making it about one guy and making him out to be bad for the movement, for the country.. Obama is just following the book that taught him how to gain and use power.. a book written by a genuine card-carrying communist, about taking over a country starting within the communities..

genuinely scary stuff. Obama is using the lessons his mother and her 'friend' Frank the communist taught him when he was little.

Big Dave

The Black Sphere said...

Big Dave, I agree! More people need to read Alinsky to know what is happening here. I may "teach" on his soon. Liberals must be spoon fed!

Anonymous said...

Renee Parker at 12:18pm January 25

Kev- great Blog!!! I just posted a link for my friends to see as well!!

Anonymous said...

Char Bar at 12:13pm January 25

I was wondering who he was going to get to blame since Bush is no longer around and the Democrats are in control of Congress.

machinepolitick said...

Another great job. Obama is looking for one thing only, and that is power. He cares only about his own ideology and the people who help him promote it. Conservatives and Libertarians have been complacent for too long. The Progressives in this country have taken advantage, and now we have to struggle to save our country.
It is time to stop worrying about hurting people's feelings and adhering to a ridiculous code of political correctness that puts a stranglehold on our efforts. You don't defeat your oppressors by reaching out to them in good will. You stand up and fight for your rights before they are taken away. Make no mistake, Obama and his minions intend to oppress the opposition without consideration or bipartisanship.Do you really want to live under Obama's terms or do you want to stand up for your own principles.
Start by finding out what your representatives are up to. Write, call and make your thoughts heard. I personally have a worthless, excuse-making, pork snatching Senator by the name of Saxby Chambliss who I contact regulary regarding his voting record. These Rhinos won't straighten up until we make them do their job or vote them out.

M said...

So what are you doing in 2012 for about 8 years? Good stuff! Rush need to see this article.

The Black Sphere said...

M, you flatter me. That's a job I don't want! But I certainly want to be an influential voice to whomever is in there. And from this page to God's eyes, let it NOT be another Liberal!

flicka47 said...

So, is there a way that we can point out loud and clear that the President of the US is threatening the free speech of an American citizen?
Should we start keeping a list of peolpe he is trying to marginalize?

Anonymous said...


You're right he will need some one to lay blame on ,what better way than call it before it happens. Thats all Democrats know.

Anonymous said...


Quote from article: "The trickeration is that Obama will use taxpayer money to get himself re-elected. Oh he will pull through other Democrats as well, but only because he needs them. But don't believe for a second that he actually cares about them. Everything is about him."

: )

Extra diggs deserved for "trickeration!"

Great Article!! And spot on!

Anonymous said...


Obama is so well scripted, and so accustomed to adoring affection, that he has a tough time dealing with anyone that casts doubt on his pronouncements. Count on Rush to keep the heat on the socialist policy agenda moves and keeping the public informed. The Obama minions will continue their efforts to marginalize him, but it won't work. Rush's fan base is just too big and he's just as smart as "the one".

Diane said...

Yes, again you hit it on the head. I find it interesting that our "idealologies" are narrow and need to be done differently. But his, encompass "everyone". I guess that means everyone who agrees with him. Sounds narrow to me. But then, I am not the president of the United States with "tons of experience". LOL Just another little American, with narrow idealogy. Next he will be telling people to not read your blog. I just hope he gives them the web address when he does it. I heard Rush's ratings are expected to go up with the President's "endorsement" he made. Hmmm.....that worked. If it does, I think he needs to learn the art of thinking before he talks. Even if it doesn't, I am thinking one week into this, he still needs to learn the art of thinking before he talks. The "I won, so I trump you!" statement was for the play ground. Keep writing Kevin, I have a lot of people in my life that are now enjoying you getting this off our chests for us!!!

Anonymous said...

Jolanda Davila Mason at 12:51pm January 25


The Black Sphere said...

Diane, I thank you for your comment and kind words! The blog is growing in popularity because of people like you, and hopefully it will allow me to spend more and more time on Conservative issues, in my free time (vs my "slave" time!) LOL.

Clay Bowler said...

It's interesting that Obama isn't testing the waters first. He is going after numero uno critic and the one man who could acutally shape the opposition. He risks a lot to do so. In fact, I think the mountain he climbs is huge.

Obama is also throwing attention away from his meaningless big-government stimulus bill. Divert the attention of the nationalization that's included, and place it on Limbaugh. Americans are so stupid they will actually believe Limbaugh is hurting the economy by providing opposition. I can't wait to hear Rush's rebuttal on Monday. I am sure the radios at the White House will be on and ready to spin.

The Black Sphere said...

Clay, they are beginning their MSM assault, and they will win. They will win the battle, but we must keep telling people the real motives.

Julie said...

In the book Liberal Fascism it states, "Crisis is routinely identified as a core mechanism of fascism because it short-circuits debate and democratic deliberation. Hence all Fascistic movements commit considerable energy to prolonging a heightened state of emergency".

I find this to be so true in what we are seeing lately. I will be anxious to listen to Rush's take on being called out by the One and Only.

Lilly said...

Great rant and perfect! I just can not believe that people aren't willing to question some of the stuff that comes out of his mouth. "I win"??? It's not suppose to be about "I", we a country! If he would stop saying how bad the economy is every time his face is in front of a camera, people with money would start spending again. O, Pelosi & Reid have everyone so freaked out that nobody wants to spend anything. Just shut up for a while and see what the stock markets do!!

The Black Sphere said...

Julie & Lilly, agree on both comments. Fascism on display. And "shut up and cut taxes!"

Ward said...

Kevin, sometimes I listen to Rush when he discussing the illegal immigration issue on WMAL in Washington, D.C., but personally, I think the man is a racist and don't like black people period. You can be a conservative and not be a racist, but I have my doubts about Rush Limbaugh. On the other hand, I don't believe in censorship.

The Black Sphere said...

Ward, Rush Limbaugh is not a racist. You are too sensitive. Rush is toughening up Black American and America in general. When Blacks stop "listening" for things to be outraged about, we will have finally made it. Until then, we are still slaves in the mind.

Anonymous said...


Great article, and the bully picture is awesome!

Anonymous said...


Ah yes, the "Fairness Doctrine." ... (Read this version) Wikipedia is not accurate.

This has been their goal for quite some time now, to impose laws on those they cannot touch. Liberals get owned in debates, that is why they control the (output only) the t.v. media. Our radio shows allow for input and output, they can call in and debate, except liberals always lose. That is why there are no (good) liberal political talk shows. The fairness (unfairness) doctrine is their cure to it all.

I however believe if such a law was passed, there would be such a large outcry that it would cause even some civil disturbance enough for them to remove it. We still have our 1st amendment!

Just my 2 cents.

Rosemary said...

The Administration of Trickeration
Gosh I love that graphic LOL
BHO should not pick on pudgy Rush. He is just one of the little people... he doesn't even have his hand out yet.

I do not trust how this guy operates.
I like what Cal Thomas said a few nights ago, if things go his way everything will be "ok", if they don't go his way, they will pull out the race card.
So sad.

Right on point, Kevin

madmath1 said...

Does Obama thinks the congressional members, like most of the people that voted for him, are so weak minded that they'll give up their tax, borrow, and/or print and spend mentality because Rush says so? Seems his assult on the First Amendment is under way and it hasn't been a week. Makes me wonder what will happen next. I know there's a group wanting to ban assult rifles because of a shooting that killed 2 and wounded 6. What's not mentioned is it's the first assult by such a weapon since Columbine and those guns were stolen. No mention if these were legally purchased, but not since the 72 Texas A&M shooting has a legal assult rifle was used in a crime (at least as far I could find) and the laws have been modified to keep nuts like that man from getting such a weapon. when he starts his assult on the Second Amendment, will I be going to jail for mentioning this fact? It's only been a week and the worse of everything I believed about this man has been solidified.

Dawn said...

I found your blog through a link on Twitter. You speak such truth. Thanks so much! You've just gotten yourself a new reader:)

The Black Sphere said...

Dawn; Glad to hear it! I can always use more readers and supporters. Spread the word, please!

All my other loyal readers, thanks to you ALL as well!

Anonymous said...


Barack Obama's interpretation. I need every Republican to kiss my ass.

Anonymous said...

Comment by Newzworth

Well crafted Rant, Kevin. Its astonishing the depths that an administration, and congress, in 100% complete power of the agenda for the next 4 years are so worried about the Rush thorn in their side. The problem I think they know, is that the people who listen to Rush/Hannity/Levin/etc are the most well rounded, educated Americans who are just SMACKING around their constituents in ANY debate about his policy. Libs just cant turn off The Daily Show & Keith Olbermann long enough to feed their brains substance the Talk radio provides.

Anonymous said...


Well now that Obama is King, why doesn't he 'order' Rush to hush??

I enjoy Rush's opinions and I almost always agree with him!

Anonymous said...


It is going to be an all out assault on any criticism toward Obama and his policies. I think it is more than not having any Republican to kick around. Obama knows how powerful Limbaugh is. Still, it is disconcerting to see the President fearful of a private citizen.

I think this type of criticism, whether from Obama, his administration, or the media, and will lead to a further degradation of vigorous and legitimate debate.

Rose-Bud said...

Great article , Kevin! I too wondered who he was going to blame now that Pres. Bush has exited the stage. Now, if he repeats it often enough his followers will be chanting, 'Rush, Rush, what a but', or something like that to replace the 'change we can believe in'. Over the next four years, Pres. Obama is going to seek-out all oppossing voices and slowly squeeze us into silence, until then we will continue to use our pens(computers) as a sword to fight the good fight for our right to freedom of speech.

WebSmith said...

At least Bush and crew were only in the business of making money for their bosses.

Obama and crew are not only in the business of making money for their bosses, they are intent on creating a new society in the model of Stalin/Mao.

The Black Sphere said...

Web, don't bring that Bush "making money for their bosses" crap here. Bush had the country's interest in mind from day one, and nothing else. Both Bush and Cheney were rich before they becoming POTUS and VP, and neither lives extravagantly. But I do agree with your comment on Obama. Not sure what their fascination is with Fascism and Socialism, but it's real.

Anonymous said...

to take the Bush thing further, Bush's home in Crawford is energy efficient in a dozen different ways, and not very big either. Al Gore's house in Tennessee is ten times the size of Bush's house and Gore's annual electric bills are ten times the size of the average American utility bills.. Gore has a mansion, Bush has an environmentally responsible ranch bungalow..

that example ALONE is enough to make any HONEST Bush critics stop flapping their yaps for a minute or two..

Big Dave

Carin said...

Excellent point about Obama having few to blame if he fails, and thus he's preparing the way for years of blaming Rush. Of course, here in Michigan Jenny Granholm spent at most of her first term, and at least part of her second term blaming John Engler. When that start wearing thin, she switched to Bush.

We (conservatives) need to get on to this "Localism" issue now.

The Black Sphere said...

@Carin - Good point. Dem have and use the playbook! We need to do the same as Conservatives.

Sandra said...

I`m British and have only a sketchy opicture of your political system I will read your blog with interest.


The Black Sphere said...

Sandra, thanks for bringing that fancy accent to my blog comments! :-)

Anonymous said...

From: Paul Kremer
Date: January 26, 2009

Rush actually explained this during his show today. Rush did a much better job explaining it than I will. I am just going off my memory of what he said. Obama comes from the Saul Alinsky school of thought. Find a target and seek to destroy it. Obama's goal is essentially to make people think of conservatism in much the same way that conservatives think of communism. He is doing this by attacking the leader of conservatism in America, Rush. He wants all conservatives to be looked at as wackos.

Anonymous said...

From: Lauren Cross
Date: January 26, 2009

Great article, Kevin. Obama doesn't have to worry about the Republicans in Congress listening to Rush...they don't! Those RINOs need to be voted out of office. I agree with you completely that Obama doesn't want the economy to get better. The worse it gets, the more people he can drive into poverty and the more control he can grab, and that's what he's all about. He and his wife believe that America is a bad country and they'd love to take down capitalism (but of course they'll be living in the lap of luxury). The pressure on Republicans to go along with Obama is absurd and they need to stand up against his unconstitutional policies. That's the point Rush makes.

Anonymous said...


Hey BO, you can't Bully any one! Guess what you must HAVE BALLS to be a bull!

Michael said...

Kevin - with great men like you who have the gift to write what so many think, BHO will never be able to gain control.
The farther left BHO goes, the more people will be looking to people like you and Rush for answers.
All this could really be good for the Right.

The Black Sphere said...

Michael - Thanks for the kind words. I do my best and the rest is up to the folks like you!

Anonymous said...

From: Shaun vanBergen
Date: January 26, 2009

Of course to remove the RINO's we need to get All Republican voters to FIRE their legistlators. This is what happened to the dem's years back when they realized going after our guns would cost them votes.

Anonymous said...

From: Vicki Betts
Date: January 26, 2009

Kevin, as usual, you are the BEST! How would YOU like to run for RNC Chairman? I would vote for you! As for me, I am a WHOLE LOT more rowdy than the weak kneed A-hole Republican RINOS who just let Geithner into the Sec of the Treasury gig, without so much as a whimper! Now how do you get behind the RNC, when they are clearly being represented by cowards???

Anonymous said...

From: Tim Bruce
Date: January 26, 2009

Kevin, way to be in the game. So for your readers and others.... We've sat out so far, time for all of us to get in the game as well. Time for YOU to call the White House, Your congressman and Senator and ask WTF! Quelling dissent and free speech? Come on, we can't wait for the country to be driven down over the next four years.

We are still paying for Carter and his congress (he gave us an unstable middle east) and Clinton and his Congress (he gave us a weak NATO and left the door open for OBL). Enough. Sure McCain sucked, but now we need to STAND UP.

WebSmith said...

Children are now pledging to Obama in school.

in case you were wondering why we have a Republic, here's a good video

The Black Sphere said...

This is really getting scary, with shades of Saddam Hussein or Castro! For a guy who has done NOTHING! Amazing, America!

Anonymous said...

From: Jason Anderson
Date: January 29, 2009

Indeed, Obama needs a scapegoat for when his liberal utopianism wilts under the harsh glare of reality. Rush is currently Obama's biggest perceived threat and Obama detests any challenges to his fiat.

If the GOP actually displays the same spine that they showed with the first House vote, when the bill comes out of conference for a final vote, then Obama will drop the bi-partisan bull and go back to lobbing rhetorical and political bombs. Remember that Obama finagled to have his two prospective opponents completely removed by the ballot in one of his first Illinois races.

Anonymous said...

From: Scott Warner
Date: January 30, 2009

Kevin, another extremely insightful rant. I DEFINITELY agree that Obama has his sights on a dynasty as the US king, no I mean Czar. We have go to do whatever each of us can to assemble together in preventing the demise of the US through his motives and the collective lack of sound ideas coming from the liberals.

Bryce said...

"I won."

He's right. He did win.

The truth is, Republicans can holler and whine about how tax cuts are the only proper way to stimulate the economy. But America didn't put Obama in office so that he could put the Republican agenda into action.

There is a sharp ideological split between the parties on the stimulus. The current bill passed the House with zero Republican votes, despite the presence of hundreds of billions in tax breaks designed to sweeten the deal for the opposition.

The "I won" comment strikes me as anything but petty or arrogant. If anything, it was a polite but pointed response to a Republican party which somehow still believes that it has the political capital and the moral authority to set the agenda.

Obama has a mandate for change, the sort of mandate that 43 clearly didn't have when he claimed that he'd earned political capital, and he intended to spend it.

Limbaugh's "private citizen schtick" is a veil that has worn so thin, you can see his shriveled, flaccid manhood through it.* Obama -- or any politician -- has the right to engage his critics in their public pronouncements.

Limbaugh called Chelsea Clinton "the White House dog." What did Obama say that was even close to being that classless?

"You can't just listen to Rush Limbaugh and get things done."

That? That's the "punk move"? No reminder that Limbaugh is a fat boor, that he's thrice divorced, that he's a recovering drug addict, or that he has a flaccid, shriveled manhood. Just a blunt reminder to a bunch of self-entitled congressional Republicans that Limbaugh's wing of the Republican party has made itself irrelevant over the last few years.

I'm going to remember this tirade of yours next time I hear a conservative complain about Democrats being overly sensitive.

* Am I getting into the spirit of your blog yet?

The Black Sphere said...

Bryce - Glad to see you making the rounds to my blogs, I just hate cleaning up the puke, when you leave.

I loved your personal attacks on Limbaugh as that is all you Libs have.

The 53% mandate that Obama had was fraught with fraud, and I predict that we will have you Liberals running for the hills in less than 2 years.

The fact that a sitting Republican would stoop so low as to attack a private citizen, well that just...Liberal! All your president did was empower Limbaugh.

I would normally be happy that he put Limbaugh at his level, however in this case, he lowered Limbaugh's stock, by putting him in the same class as himself.

Don't worry, as we will have Rush back where he belongs in no time, and be rid of your socialist leader soon enough.

Remember, Conservatives control the money for the most part. When we revolt, the "candy store" is closed!

LoftyVenus said...

Ugh I STILL can't believe that dog said "I won" to Cantor - Eric's a GREAT congressman, friend, father and man around town.

Anonymous said...

Thank you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I Just seen you on fox with beck you are the voice of all of us and agian my friend Thank you

Anonymous said...

Rush Limbaugh is a closet queen and he is an idiot. Only an Uncle Tom like you can find a way to defend this racist pig of a man.

Anonymous said...

Kevin, you are a little white man with black skin. That makes you some kind of freak.

The Black Sphere said...

@Anon - You will have to do much better than that, knuckledragger! LOL I know that with your education, forming reasoned thought is difficult, but you keep trying! Perhaps in about 1000 generations, your type will actually make sense. LMBO!!