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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

The Oprah Effect

Does any true Conservative take Oprah seriously anymore?  Her show supposedly made separation between the other talk shows about a decade ago to become the de facto top talk show. She elevated the talk show industry it was said.

But from where I sit, Oprah's show is just high-brow Springer. Who knows how long Oprah has been snowing her viewers? I know I now question fact from fantasy, when it comes to Oprah's credibility.  

Apparently all you need is a "feel good" story with no real substance, and Oprah will buy into it. Let's chronicle the three "dupes" of which we are aware:

(1) James Frey,

(2) Barack Obama, and

(3) Oprah's most recent "I'm a sucka" story involves Herman Rosenblatt.

The gist of the Rosenblatt story as told by the New York Times:

This time, it was the tale of Herman Rosenblat, who said he first met his wife while he was a child imprisoned in a Nazi concentration camp and she, disguised as a Christian farm girl, tossed apples over the camp's fence to him. He said they met again on a blind date 12 years after the end of war in Coney Island and married. The couple celebrated their 50th anniversary this year.

As it turns out, it was all a scam. Herman admitted that he embellished the story. As if Oprah had any credibility with me before, but I would just file all Oprah book club recommendations under "Fiction".

I find it amazing that with all the researchers that Oprah has on staff that she cannot do a better job of verification of facts in these stories. It was only three years ago that James Frey, author of "A Million Little Pieces" was showcased by Oprah, only to be discovered that he had exaggerated details of his memoir of drug addiction. Oprah later metaphorically tied him to the pickup and dragged him down Harpo Lane on a show dedicated to "correcting the record". More like "restoring her credibility". It didn't work for me.

Regardless, Oprah loves a good fiction. If it doesn't actually exist, then she will help create it. How else could a Kenyan born, community organizer, one-term junior senator, Muslim-turned-Christian-but-doesn't-go-to-church, on the DL, no-substance-having guy get the attention of Oprah Winfrey? Create a fiction!

Oprah is a delusional romantic at heart and of course a misguided Democrat. She actually believes that liberalism is the reason for her success, and she loves the Horatio Alger aspect of The Obama Myth, a fiction she created.

Here's the wrap:

The Rosenblatt story is likely the norm on Oprah's sensationalized talk show. We will likely find out about more "dupes" that have been perpetrated on or by Oprah. But we will get the chance to watch one dupe unfold over the next four years of ObamaNation.

And once the curtain is up on Obama's act, will Oprah dedicate a show for her and Obama to do a public mea culpa, as she did for James Frey? Of course not. Because this time, Oprah will be as complicit as Obama in the creation of this fantasy.  Just like she is when she puts that "other" woman on ALL the covers of "O" magazine.

That's my rant!

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Juanamoros said...

This is when I couldn't watch her anymore...

Alberto said...

Oprah gives me shivers. Southpark already bashed her so I guess justice has almost been served.

Digital Publius said...

You would dare show such monumental insolence before the Oprah? Very Well... Let the name Black Sphere be stricken from every scroll and every Pylon from Every gate and obelisk. so let it be written so let it be done.

Papa Giorgio said...


Awesome site. Conservative Black Girl turned me on to you. You are linked. You guys/gals rock!

God Bless.


Jean said...

Kevin, loved this discussion on Oprah. She has lost her focus and her original commitment to "truth". She seems to be easily swayed in the wrong direction. Another point...being "politically correct" she took the low road by not having Sarah Palin on her show.

The Black Sphere said...

Jean, thanks much. With so much more to talk about, I wondered whether to post this. Thanks for the feedback.

Papa Giorgio, welcome! And thanks for the kind words. Be sure to check the "features" on the left, as they are categorized. I will update them soon.

Digital - You da MAN! And you know this!

Juanamaros & Alberto - Mucho gusto y bienvenidos, mes amigos! Excellent points, both!

Anonymous said...


I would imagine Oprah is about to get worse because Obama will be in office.
Honestly, I should take advice from a woman on marriage and children because she's such an expert, right? Wrong.

Oprah's credibility went down the tubes with me a long time ago. The women that watch her and buy everything she pushes is pathetic to say the least, but she obviously understands PT Barnum's thoughts about a "sucker being born every second".

The Black Sphere said...

So true EMFK! She is all about Oprah, after all who else puts only himself on a magazine cover? And talk about "art", because the real Oprah is NEVER on that cover. She would either (1) never sell an issue or (2) rename the thing Pig in a Blanket! Yikes!

Rose-Bud said...

Great Article! Oprah burned-out with me long time ago.
Man, getting tickets to her show was the thing to do when she first rolled into town, nappy-head and all. We black women were proud to watch her and talk about the shows topics, her dress, etc. Then her production moved from state street, where it was accessible to major bus and train lines, to a location west of there, where less transportation was avaiable. And I still blame her for contributing to the death of Luther Vandross by encourging him to partake in the newest diet fad with her on air. He was never the same after he lost all that weight, gained it back, lost it again.
Also, she has become so full of herself that she is now promoting a new age religion, knowing that others will follow. She is abusing the gift God gave her, and will reap her just reward.
When she came to Columbia, S.C. with PEOB, many flocked to see them, waiting in long lines for hours to see the road show.
I have never been impressed wih PEOB, nor his wife, who he married to get 'street cred', cause she is a American hating, 'Black Power, Kill Whitie' chick from the SOUFF SI'EEED of Chicago. Both PEOB & his hop along sidekicks shall be de-throned sooner or later, I'm praying for sooner.

The Black Sphere said...

Rose-Bud you warm my heart! What a post. And people think that Blacks like us don't exist! We get it, and when people read what we know in our hearts to be true about Oprahesque frauds, they take notice. You can preach here anytime.

RIP's Photo Edits said...

I really have enjoyed your blog. You hit the nail on the head with this one. I think Oprah is not in touch with the average person anymore. She used to be able to relate, but time has passed and that 'humbleness' has left her.

Anonymous said...

Tamera Kwist January 6

You mean true conservatives who actually red the Word? I stopped taking Oprah seriously when she started talking about spirituality and deceiving people... even before she made her mis-statement about Jesus not being the only way to heaven.

Anonymous said...

Toby Marie Walker January 7

I used to watch her, then she went over the edge and now I refuse to watch her or buy anything she endorses. Even books.

Anonymous said...

Cindy Merry January 7

As a television programmer ages ago I bought her show for our station (before it was a hit) when it first appeared...and then met her. Her rude behavior was enough to keep me from watching the show that I programmed for the station. Then hearing her take on Jesus sent me over the edge. If she recommends something I ususally run the other way.

SuperVepr said...

"If she recommends something I ususally run the other way.". Man, I can't think of any better advice than that. Well said.

Anonymous said...


The blacksphere blog is turning into another World Net Daily IMHO. Spam, slander, distortion, and non-sense.

The Black Sphere said...

Thanks novenator. At least I am something that is evolving?! :-)

Anonymous said...


Yeah, Heaven forbid a black American should espouse anything center➝Right.

Anonymous said...


This guy makes a pretty good case for Obama not only being a fraud, but yet another writer who got over on Oprah and everyone who bought his book:

deadenders said...

Hey Kevin I did that Fraud graphic for Liberal Rapture last year.

The Black Sphere said...

deadenders - very cool! great work...

Anonymous said...


Who knew that Oprah was able to control the entire country and trick them into voting for OBama. I knew Ron Paul should have not turned her down for an interview.