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Friday, January 23, 2009

Democrats – That Wasn’t So Tough!

With Caroline Kennedy, the Democrats managed to find somebody less qualified than Hillary, but with name recognition. Great fit to fill a NY senate seat, and with a suitor who had the financing in place to buy it, if necessary. So Caroline looked like a shoe-in. But her ultimate demise reminded me of a multi-team NBA trade, as she was dealt because she had nanny issues, for the potential of a tax issue, plus "…an issue to be named later at a later date."

So the Democrats' hands were forced to actually look for a qualified candidate, given all the brouhaha. A real conundrum. It's difficult to find anybody willing to buy into the lunacy of Democratic ideas…the "Idiocracy", right?

Yes, even Democrats don't believe the hype of the far left of their party, so finding a qualified Democrat willing to take up the mantle posed a series of problems. Why is there a potential stink over her appointment? Well the appointment of US Representative Kirsten Gillibrand offers up the aroma of...Conservativism

First she is not your typical Democrat, and in fact may be a sheep in wolf's clothing for the "Dims". Yes, I believe Gillibrand is that animal of fiction, a closet Conservative.

These rare animals do exist, as I have documented, unofficially of course. And their scientific name is "Conservativeagendasaurus". I'm no archaeologist, but a DNA check will reveal this fact, as it did in the unearthing of the first Black Republican of the modern age, "Closetus Republicus", also known as Renaissance Man.

I am friends with one here in St. Louis, and I have become able to recognize them hiding under the Democrat umbrella in order to get elected in Democratic enclaves such as New York.

Here are examples of why I believe Gillibrand is a Conservativeagendasaurus.

First she is pro-gun. But to simply say that she is pro-gun is to say that Tiger Woods plays golf, or that Michael Jordan played basketball, or that The Black Sphere is just a blog...ok the last one was just to see if you were paying attention.

Rep Gillibrand received a 100% rating on support for the NRA. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the poster child for the NRA, and an overachiever at that. Charlton Heston only got a 98%, and he ran the joint for years! What's that? Yes, I heard it as well. It sounded like the echoes of a Sarah Palin rifle shot…moose down!

Next, Gillibrand is a fiscal conservative. I know, I should have asked you to sit down on that one. She actually voted against the $700B bailout, going against the party line, bucking the system, swimming upstream. A maverick! There are no maverick Democrats. That animal does not exist.

Here's the wrap:

When the Time Magazine says the Most Admired Woman in America is Hillary Clinton, I say to women you have a serious void in qualified candidates, and are in serious need of new and legitimate role models. Hillary has done nothing tangible to promote the cause of women, unless you consider riding on the coattails of a man makes her worthy of such an honor. Nice work if you can get it.

Look at what the Democrats have to offer as so-called female role models: Maxine Waters, Sheila Jackson Lee, and Cruella deVille herself, Nancy Pelosi. It's easy to see that the 'Dims' needed this shot in the arm. But what else did they get?

Gillibrand brings to the Democratic women of Congress what Elizabeth Hasselbeck brings to the cast of The View. Quality. And I say to my fellow Conservatives, there is a reason they didn't pick Gillibrand to begin with. She has her own "…issue to be named later". She's a Conservativeagendasaurus.

That's my rant!

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Anonymous said...


I can't believe we actually got somebody semi-decent in this seat. It was pretty much a lost cause with Hillary and Caroline would have been even worse (at last Hillary will fight for what she believes in). Now we've got a decent Demo in the form of Kirsten!

There may be hope yet....

Anonymous said...

I sure hate to think of what she promised/sold to get that seat.. hope she didn't mean it.

Big Dave

Fishie said...

Oh, Lord, I hope you're right! I had no idea of her history! And I hope that they get her in there before they go voting on any bailouts and such.

Conservasaurus Rex!

Stormbringer said...

I didn't know that there were conservative Democrats until recently. This may work out for us here in the People's Republic of Chuckie. And she's kinda cute, and that's important to a lust bucket like me.

Diane said...

Yes, I was surprised to say the least. A gun loving woman in the democratic party. Funny how that is okay if you are a democrat. Hmmmmmmm.....

The Black Sphere said...

Fishie, I agree. Let's get her on record voting against all this again!

The Black Sphere said...

Stormbringer, you lust bucket! Funny!

The Black Sphere said...

Diane, so true! Nice catch!

Anonymous said...


I'm going to go on record here and state that I have no problems with blue dog democrats. Yes I might not like their tax policy but opposition is good. The best thing about them is that they aren't going to mess with peoples guns or try to reinterpret the constitution to their twisted minds to further a socialist agenda.

Anonymous said...


Blue dog democrats are ok with me too. At least they are known to support fiscal conservatism and accountability. It was reported that she likes to hunt. I am glad to see HRC was replaced by another woman. At least the chapter is closed on Caroline Kennedy...or is it?

Anonymous said...


Caroline's name will probably come up again when Uncle Teddy dies. Someone's got to inherit that seat, right?

Anonymous said...


Why are the dems so upset over her, big BO ran as a pro gun candidate, and all the libtard talking heads backed it up. Could it be she has an actual record? That backs up her pro gun credentials? unlike BO who voted pro-gun once on a high profile gun issue. Could it be they KNOW he won't back it up.

Dr. Dave said...

I'll bet Ted Kennedy had another seizure when he found out...damn...that's mean...but funny.

I think I'll buy another gun today to celebrate!

The Black Sphere said...

Dr. Dave, that was not mean, just true. Though admittedly Kennedy is showing the tenacity of Castro.

Go get that gun!

Anonymous said...

My wife just read how this woman got her congressional seat..

she's got marriage links with the Cuomo/NYMob 'family', and her Republican opponent, sitting Congressman, had some personal info 'leaked' about marriage trouble..

she got the seat with the same kind of help Obama got HIS Senate seat with.. and if she's into all that by family and willing to take 'victories' that come by trashing the competition (Senator Ryan, your ex wife is on the phone and says she's not going to that club with you!), she might not be the best choice of conservative Dem to hang our hats on..

then again, if she was any kind of pure and decent, she'd never have gotten the nod..

Big Dave

Clay Bowler said...

I am amazed, and in fact I don't see this as a bad thing at all. I am willing to bet great grandpa was a dem, so grandpa was a dem, and daddy was a dem, so she is a dem. I can at least say I am optimistic.

The Black Sphere said...

Big Dave, I knew of her sordid past, but with the Dem-wits, I needed to find something to believe in...guns! Agreed that she is an opportunist, but then all politicians are. And if the 'Dims' are balking, then that's enough fodder for this Conservative!

The Black Sphere said...

@Clay, it's as good as Republicans could hope for, which was the theme of the blog.

brotherkomrade said...

You see, and that is why I felt that Howard Dean should have conducted a "Night of the Long Knives" purge within the Democratic Party during the primaries. Had he have done that, Gillibrand would not be in Hilly's seat. And a purge of such a nature would have sent a message to Obama as well and that would have prevented Dean getting dissed by Obama as we've seen happen.

Gillibrand is not unique - she's part of the problem that the Democrats have been suffering with for a long time - the blue dogs, the centrists (like Obama), or the moderates; to cowardly to offer real solutions for the working class and the marginalized of this country, and too cowardly to come out of the closet and just join the GOP. Neither fish nor fowl for folks like me. Not shocked that you aren't completely grossed out by her.

The Black Sphere said...

Brother Komrade - I think you missed the point of this piece for me, but thanks for the visit. I like hearing from you.

NaturalSmile said...

WoW! Now this rant was great literary art! I was very enchanted on how you use words to convey "blu ray" thoughts of what you are conveying. I will be sharing this with my friends.

As long as the new senator keeps it real, then she's all right with me. If she's really conservative, she may become a rising star. It will be interesting to see how she walks the democratic tight rope with a conservative balance poll.

Now that's my rant-response (smiles)
I like your style!
Keep it coming!

Anonymous said...


She was a hunter growing up, so they probably despise her.
She won as a Dem in a very conservative district, so I'm sure she is way too conservative to hold Hillery's seat.
Maybe they don't like the fact that she's's so rare to find one in that Party.

Anonymous said...


Rep. Carolyn McCarthy, who wasn't among the 10 to 20 people Paterson said applied for the Senate appointment, immediately criticized the expected pick. The Democratic congresswoman, whose husband was killed and son wounded by a gunman on the Long Island Railroad in 1993, said Gillibrand's support of more conservative issues such as gun ownership rights was out of step with most New York Democrats.

McCarthy, 65, vowed to challenge Gillibrand herself in next year's primary or find a younger candidate to do so.

"I will certainly raise my voice and run if no one comes forward," McCarthy said in a telephone interview Friday. "Believe me, this is a personal issue for me. I don't think someone with a 100 percent NRA rating should be the next senator from New York."

Talk about sour grapes...Isn't there one democrate in NY that hunts or carries a gun or is it just the conservatives?