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Saturday, January 24, 2009

“Just Say No”, Mr. President

What is Obama's fascination with the Blackberry? The device is a huge physical security risk because it is essentially a GPS unit that allows anybody to know where he is at any given moment, when it is active. It is a further security risk in that all the messages sent and received can potentially be read. Yet even with this knowledge Obama treats his Blackberry like Linus' blanket.

It has been said that Obama paraphrased the late great Republican and President of the NRA, Charlton Heston in reference to his Blackberry, saying something to the effect that, "…would have to pry it from his hands". Well that's one way to get it. 

So Obama's staunch conviction about keeping his Blackberry indeed piqued my curiosity about his motivations.  Let's examine the possibilities:

One conclusion I came to is that Obama needs the Blackberry, so the people actually running the country have instant access to provide him with "talking points" and policy decisions. Such is the fate of a talking head. I can see the IM, that's "instant message" for you technophobes, from Pelosi and Reid now: "…Just stand there and look presidential, until you receive further instructions".

Next, with supposedly over 6M contacts, perhaps Obama feels more "in touch" with his constituents when he is wearing the Blackberry. I'm sure the ObamaBots are happy to have instant access to him, though I must say, it concerns me. Particularly when I recall during the campaign Obama said that he would consult with literally hundreds of people in order to set his foreign policy agenda.

So people like P Diddy's and Ludicrus' messages could accidentally be interpreted as official communiqué. Here is a very real example of what could be misinterpreted: "Yo 'P' [street name for the president]…when can I let my peeps know they gittin' they stimulus checks…oh, and let's supersize 'em?"

Legislation from the hip. That's where Obama carries his Blackberry. Like the six-shooter of a Spaghetti Western gunfighter, Blackberry at his side, Obama is always ready to do battle.  To legislate at the drop of a hat. And make no mistake about it, Obama needs to feel like he is legislating all the time.

Remember that in only 123 actual days at work in the US Senate, Obama sponsored or co-sponsored over 800 pieces of legislation. If you know anything about how legislation gets written and ultimately sponsored, well to sponsor this feat is next to impossible.

That would be like feeding 5000 people with three loaves of bread, like Jesus. Or it might be more like satisfying "nature's urges" of three million people with only 5000 porta-potties? Only the outcome with all of Obama's senate legislation was as his initial suggests: "O".

But consider all the messages that it would take to work on such legislation; the coordination. Message between Pages and Senators, Admins and Senators, Senators to Senators. Then let's not forget lobbyists, big campaign contributors, 527 PACs, union officials, foreign governments, terrorists, and finally Liberal university professors…oops redundant; I already mentioned 'terrorists'.

There is only one way to coordinate all that activity…the Blackberry!  But there is one more thing.

Here's the wrap:

Obama is a Blackberry addict. A Crackberry is the official label I believe. He has an addictive personality, proven by his inability to quit smoking. The Crackberry is just another addiction that he can't break, but a far more dangerous one for us.

Because Obama must be "active", constantly doing something...a tweaker.  As long as he is pushing buttons, he satisfies his addiction. Responding to emails, checking opinion polls, IMs from his bosses, looking for flaws in The Constitution, and so on. 

Then he starts tweaking, dismantling things, taking them apart, dissecting them in some mind-bending, drug-induced attempt to "make things better."

But when the drug wears off, all you have left is a TV that doesn't work and a lot of extra parts lying around.  Sort of like how the US economy will be in a year or so.

That's my rant!

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briefs said...

You know Kevin, I love it when you write and rant ... although this one hit a little close to home since I too much admit to being a crackberry adict.

I for one think that the whole blackberry thing was more another in a long line of pr gimicks to make him seem hip and cool. he won't have much time to sit and email his pals

Rosemary said...

This is no surprise to me that he is addicted to this Crackberry, just like he is addicted to smoking... who knows what else? He is a child.
My hubby had a secure BB when he was working for DIA. He is a stable, mature person and never got "addicted" to his and gave it up easily when he retired, after using it for at least 4 years.
It IS a maturity and insecurity issue for him, that is certain. You are also very correct that he must have that thing because he cannot function on his own.
What a jerk. I am counting the days.... and we have a lot of them left *sigh*
Btw, it has been 4 days. Where is my d@mn check?

machinepolitick said...

Funny, as always. I can't say it enough times: I'm sick of that man already! It's going to be a huge circus for the next 4 years. Too bad we're paying for a show we don't like.
Sorry to hear you got booted off DIGG. I can't say I'm surprised given the sentiment over there. I had to take a break from them for a while. The Liberals make my brain ache. Good luck with your blog. I will do my best to pass it on and spread the word for you.
I'm proud to say I don't own a Crackberry, so I'll use good old word of mouth. I can't handle technology. However, being an artist carries its own set of wacky behavior, so who am I to point fingers.
I love your blog, and good luck.

DJohn said...

Hey Kevin you are right about the security riska and quite frankly I will be very surprised if the Secret Service allows him to keep it. As long as it's on anyone who has a weapon that uses GPS locators to track a target can hit him. He will NEVER be invisible and that is a huge threat. But maybe, just maybe...that's what he wants. Maybe he wants to martyr himself....get a holiday named after him or a bldg in DC.

Julie said...

Since I have never owned a blackberry I am unsure of the seductive powers of the little box but I can't understand the addition to talking on a cell phone every few minutes either, LOL. Leave me alone on my days off. Maybe he has a game downloaded he hasn't won yet. I continue to be surprised and dismayed by his priorities.

The Black Sphere said...

Great comments all! Julie, the Blackberry is also a phone, so maybe that answers your question. He is consumed with the device, regardless of function. I like the idea that he is playing video games, as to me he has the intellect, ideas, and polyanna view of the world of a 17-year old.

The Black Sphere said...

@Rosemary - The check is in the mail! You know this!

The Black Sphere said...

@Machine, I did see that you were "taking a break" from Digg. I have my minions! Good for you. If you linger too long, the Libs find you and send the goon squad out for you.

The Black Sphere said...

@Dalton Thanks for the read my man. I visit you often as well.

Anonymous said...


If Obama can't quit smoking, how do you think he can give up his Blackberry?

Anonymous said...


I wonder who the "only certain people" are that will have his email address...makes me wonder who is so important that he cannot have written and documented messages (unless it something like "honey it's time for dinner"). Will the messages sent/received be "transparent"? Who will know what messages he is sending and receiving...I think this is a very bad idea. This is just the beginning of more secrets kept from the citizens by the " transparent, change we can believe in" government.

Toni said...

I have expressed this same opinion to friends regarding the Obami and his BB and smoking. Amazing isn't it that the left made such a big deal out of Bush being a recovering alcoholic. Bush defeated his addictions which I think shows his strength. Obama is a victim(in the eyes of the left) to his addictions which makes him weak (my opinion). The left is all about Victimology so the Obami is their man. The Obami is such a typical metrosexual (self absorbed and weak).

The Black Sphere said...

@Toni - So true! The left takes all of Obama's so-called strengths, not recognizing that they are the things that indeed make him weak. Good orator? Translation: Does nothing but talk!

Anonymous said...

Laurie R. at 10:32am January 24

As always, a great blog! You have very good points and it is scary! In more than one way!

Dirk said...

I think one the purposes of Obama being so adamant about his BB is so he can use it as his personal "teleprompter". We've all seen when he isn't reading what he's saying, he's not nearly as articulate. Obama should give his speechwriters a pay raise - they're the ones who got him elected!


The Black Sphere said...

Well put, Dirk. The left takes all his stammering, etc, as "pensive thought" and "decisive elocution". Dimwits!

Anonymous said...


Are you sure that's it's a blackberry and not a gameboy?

Anonymous said...

From: Alan Smith 史艾伦
Date: January 24, 2009

Hey Kev:

I think that's probably on-point. I may be wrong but I would be concerned that any message sent to the President, with the exception of matters of national security become part of the public record. Does he really want IM's from Modanna on currency exchange equilibrium to become fused into the Presidential record? Even if the NSA can build a secure one (and I'm sure those guys can) he's gotta give it up. Thanks

Happy Chinese New Year as Well.


Alan Smith

Dr. Dave said...

I'm taking action in our IT department on how long it takes someone to hack Zero's crackberry. In fact, I believe they're working on it right now (that's a joke, you SS can click away now).

I replaced my addiction for Marlboro with a crackberry, so I know where I'm coming from.

You want in Kevin? The even-under is 2-1 within a month.

The Black Sphere said...

Doc, no bets here. If Obama can't break his habit, how can a mere mortal?!

Anonymous said...


Is it really that hard to figure out?
He can keep in touch with Mr Wright, William Ayers,George Soros and all the rest of the
AntiAmerican friends he has. I mean, he does need to keep his friends, right?

Batman said...

I've never understood the need to let everyone know exactly where you are, 24 hours a day.... No less than the Clinton administration enacted legislation wherein we now have a GPS chip in every phone, in order to pinpoint someone's location within 125 feet I believe....

At some point, someone will invent the really smart missile, that will be able to use this information, to kill a target. If they haven't already....

Rena said...

I love it..... Crackberry...
Cracks me up!!!
I have to agree with Dirk... he's using it as a personal "teleprompter"...

Anonymous said...

Laurie R. at 10:32am January 24

As always, a great blog! You have very good points and it is scary! In more than one way!

Lillith2008 said...

I am sure I read in the NY Daily news last week that he WILL be able to keep his BB. I think it has been re-configured to remove some of the dangers. Time will tell. Heaven forbid they take it away from him he will throw a huge tantrum...after all "he won".

The Black Sphere said...

Lilith - Nice ending!

Anonymous said...


He is just trying to appease the young college idiots, who voted for him just because it was the "cool" thing to do. Believe me, I was totally uncool.

Anonymous said...


I think you are right about he needs the blackberry so he can get instructions from his bosses. We all know how well he does when the teleprompter goes off

Anonymous said...


Time elapsed between my losing my blackberry pearl yesterday and ordering a new one: 3 hours. (time of the drive back)
Time elapsed between a crackhead getting his jib fix: right around the same

I can see where the similarities are drawn. It's an awesome device though. Not the crackpipe, the phone.