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Monday, January 26, 2009

Pelosi’s Racist Agenda?

In her new book Guilty, Ann Coulter explains how single motherhood, though glamorized in Hollywood is not all that spectacular in real life. Coulter points out in fact that many of the ills of society come from children who are raised in a single family environment, which usually means a single mother environment. For her comments Coulter is being viewed as classist, racist, and even sexist.

All while Coulter is being excoriated, Pelosi is adding birth control funding to the economic stimulus package with the claim that contraception will reduce costs to the states and the federal government. Translation: We don't need a new bunch of low-income crumbsnatchers taking money from the government coffers. The Dems need that money to buy elections!

Here was Pelosi's comment to George Stephanopoulos on ABC's This Week:

STEPHANOPOULOS: Hundreds of millions of dollars to expand family planning services. How is that stimulus? 

PELOSI: Well, the family planning services reduce cost. They reduce cost. The states are in terrible fiscal budget crises now and part of what we do for children's health, education and some of those elements are to help the states meet their financial needs. One of those - one of the initiatives you mentioned, the contraception, will reduce costs to the states and to the federal government. 

Pelosi sounds suspiciously like Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood. In case you need a refresher, here are a few musings from the patron saint of Planned Parenthood:  [Hat tip to Diane Dew for much of the discussion points research]

David Kennedy wrote in Birth Control in America, The Career of Margaret Sanger, a quote from a 1923 Sanger speech, where Sanger said that, "…for the purpose of racial purification, couples should be rewarded who chose sterilization." Sanger was ahead of her time in that she could foresee welfare as the potential to cut the ranks of the mongrels. What is interesting is that the Liberals of today have actually encouraged quite the opposite in their legislation. Perhaps this is why Pelosi is now taking a more Sangeresque approach to the problem?

Sanger was a eugenicist who purpose in promoting birth control was "to create a race of thoroughbreds," (Birth Control Review, Nov 1921, p. 2), i.e. "More children from the fit, less from the unfit -- that is the chief aim of birth control." (Birth Control Review, May 1919, p. 12). The goal of eugenicists is "to prevent the multiplication of bad stocks," wrote Dr. Ernst Rudin the April 1933 Birth Control Review. Another article exhorted Americans to "restrict the propagation of those physically, mentally and socially inadequate." Who are the inadequates to which Sanger refers?

In Pivot of Civilization, Sanger referred to immigrants and poor folks as "human weeds…reckless breeders…spawning  ... human beings who never should have been born." And her admitted ultimate intention was to do away with all Blacks, though she says that it might be necessary on occasion to employ a few.

Prudent as she was, Sanger doesn't want the word leaking out, as evidenced in this comment:

"We do not want word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population," she said, "if it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious members." (Woman's Body, Woman's Right: A Social History of Birth Control in America, by Linda Gordon)

Here's the wrap:

Ann Coulter did America a great service in pointing out the disparity between the nuclear family unit, and the single-mother home. A pure statement of facts, backed by research. Since Coulter is a Conservative woman, her recognition of the obvious makes her a racist.

Pelosi on the other hand is disguising abortion under the cloak of contraception. A good tactic to take a less controversial concept, and hide it inside the real motive. 

And like with most things that the Liberals don't want you to know, Pelosi's view and Sanger's view is the same view, i.e. Democrats are racists. So was Sanger.  She was just more honest about it.

That's my rant!

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Diane said...

Standing up clapping my hands again!!! Thank you Kevin!!! As you know Kevin, I am the mother of a child that is "unfit" for Mararet Sanger's world, (according to her, and her definition of what disablity means as well.) I am thrilled that you have brought this to everyone's attention. The black population has been hit harder than any race in this genocide. Right with them are the other "unfits", people with Down syndrome. This group of people are terminated at a rate of 90-94% in the United States. I imagine one day, Ms Pelosi will push to make this an obligation by a parent who finds out in utero. I stand with you Kevin! If they have their way, one day we will have only "perfect" people in our society. Oh wait, that scene already played out once in history. Who was that again who did this....oh yes, that is right, Hitler!!

The Black Sphere said...

Diane, I wrote this blog with you in mind, and as promised!

Anonymous said...


What disgusting people, both Margaret Sanger and Nancy Pelosi. Hitler would be so proud. I bet he's shedding a proud tear in hell right now, although really, Sanger was ahead of her time in wanting to weed out undesirables; Pelosi's just picking up where they left off.

Dana Jacobson said...

The breathtaking arrogance of the newly powerful left on display again...Kevin, thanks for the post.

Michael Payne said...

Am I the only one that finds Pelosi's picture scary?

Anonymous said...

Hooray the truth is spoken again!
More truth & more common sense and away we go!

Just John said...

Another clear demonstration (that remains strangely ignored by the media) of the left's double standard. Well said, Kevin.

Rosemary said...

I CAN NOT STAND this woman, Pelosi.I am an olde nurse and abortion is a terrible terrible thing. I know it. I have had many patients confide in me about their anguish after the fact... for many years. Not only is a beautiful child deprived of life, also a mother has to live the rest of her life, wondering... maybe this child could have been the next president.
What if BHO's mom had aborted him?


my name is mike; said...

a perfect parrallel my friend. very well put together. jonah goldberg´s book liberal fascism would be recommended reading for anyone questioning this reasoning.

The Black Sphere said...

MeLlamoMiguel - Thanks for the validation, and the book recommendation!

Who would dare question my reasoning? :-) My sanity, perhaps, but not my reasoning!

RK said...

Excellent, once again, Kevin! Diane introduced me to your blog last week (I have child who would be "unfit" in the same way Di's is) and you were added to my reader the first visit. (Props from St. Charles County, by the way!)

It's amazing how many people can so blindly support these agendas and policies... but are they blind? Or are they only afraid to admit to their ability to see for the responsibility that admission would bring with it?

Keep speaking up! We're with you, and we're speaking as well, even if the blogs dedicated to our "unfit" kids are not as widely read. :o)

Matthew C. Keegan said...

Well said and informative, Kevin. By the way, I acknowledged your wonderful blog on my site today under Whipping On By January. I appreciate the stance you take and will make frequent returns.

CFitz said...

Good blog, Kevin. Pelosi is a nightmare.
Rosemary said..Not only is a beautiful child deprived of life, also a mother has to live the rest of her life, wondering... maybe this child could have been the next president.
What Rosemary said reminded me of a commercial that aired on BET on 1/20/09 by It is an organization that I have been following since before election day. My sharing of this is not a religious statement or intent to push their website and/or to offend any of your readers. I just felt the video went right along with today's blog. The link should take you to the video.

The Black Sphere said...

Thanks Matthew! Glad to have you. I will check out your site as well.

Cathy Nagle said...

I am SO bookmarking your site! I applaud you for sharing this information with your readers. I only wish that I could articulate the subject as well as you have. I've been trying alert people to the awful, sinister truth of what Margaret Sanger has tightly sewn into the root of the planned parenthood org. This is the TRUE hatred of people groups that I wish the president would focus on ridding us of, through ALL walks of life! We need to reeducate ourselves and dig into our history books. Hitler embraced every evil imaginable, and thought nothing of experimenting on those he deemed less than human. That's where the danger lies in abortion. When we dehumanize a group, we think they exist to do with what we want. The atrocious evils committed upon the unborn cries out and reminds us that these same evils have been done to countless people groups throughout all of time. It doesn't surprise me in the least that Nancy Pelosi shares Sanger's views. Please people, wake up!

Irlandese said...

Pelosi is an embarrassment to Dems, though most have not figured it out. As a recovering Libtard/now-registered- Independent, I'm shocked at Sanger's intent. As a working-class "shanty-Irish" single mother (whose straight-A, talented musician/artist/non-government assistance-raised teen is a JOY), I would have been on these women's "hit list". Shocking. I'm going to investigate further. Thanks--I enjoy reading here. I do admit I'm somewhere in the middle, but I'm no KoolAid drinker, either.

Anonymous said...

Toni Albani at 4:08pm January 26

Talk about smack, Pelousi is full of it!

The Black Sphere said...

Irlandese - We welcome moderates here and do our part to educate! If nothing else have a good laugh at the expense of a Liberal! Those are free on this site!

Lilly said...

What a piece of work this woman is! Do you really think she will be re-elected after showing her real self/
With what the dems have in store and put in place, welfare people won't use contraceptives and few will do abortions. More kids = more $! I've seen it and heard it first hand. Thanks dems!
Kevin, love ya!

Anonymous said...


dugg for exposing the racist background of planned parenthood.

Anonymous said...


Abortion. Let the liberals abort themselves out of power. I say make some of them retroactive. Maybe Pelosi, Reid, and B. Hussein O. wouldn't be here to begin with. Self genocide can be a beautiful thing people. Sorry, but you can't win a war without some collateral damage. I'm so tired of this crap!

Anonymous said...


dugg for exposing the racist background of the Democratic party

Anonymous said...

My ex-wife (who had an abortion when young) and I are still good friends, and she's told me more than once about driving past a playground, thinking "my child would be that age now" and bursting into tears..

the certain knowledge that you have killed your own child is powerful enough to compel denial to the point of insanity.. we're past 40 million abortions now, I think.. I cannot imagine the amount of suffering these millions of women are enduring as each in her own way comes to understand the full true nature of what she's done..

And Pelosi doesn't have the GUTS to say "abortion" so she says "contraception", but that word specifically means "prevention of conception" and that is NOT something high on the list of Dem funding.

Abortion IS.

America's black population is around 15%, give or take. I would not be surprised to learn that the percentage of black abortions, in relation to the whole, is more like 60%. Truly a racist agenda, and imagine how many more black Americans we'd have today if the abortionists weren't being funded and guided by essentially racist policy-making.

Rockin' rant, Kevin!

Big Dave

Anonymous said...

From: Tom Tyler
Date: January 26, 2009

Well put, I will forward it to my friends. Some of what you said on the blog reminds me of the FDR administration. Keep the public suffering and they will accept almost any medicine. Check out "The Forgotten Man by Amity Schlaes which outlines many of the socialist/communist experiments of the 1930s. FDR and his "brain trust" were only interested in the greater good of course.

Anonymous said...

From: Bob Sochacki
Date: January 26, 2009

Kevin, Great Article! Liberals do not like opposing views. Most liberals can not argue a subject on it's merit and even though they are wrong (and know it) they won't admit it. That is why they resort to labeling or name calling (racist, homophobe, xenophobe, etc.) In fact, when I talk to most liberals about non-political subjects, they sound more like conservatives (and I of course point it out)

If there is no opposing view of the socialist ideology, and you have one you will be labeled a traitor and sent to the gulags.

Andrew Wilkow has a great saying "The loudest voices for tolerance are usually the most intolerant"

If Obama was a Republican, the left would be saying: "he is not really African-American, he is bi-racial" or something to that effect. Who cares what color he is - it's what he stands for and he stands for Socialism and power to himself and his party.

Obama was mentored by Frank Marshall Davis and Saul Alinsky, two well know leftists...

The bottom line is that they know that people like Limbaugh, Hannity, Wilkow, Levin, etc. are providing leadership and education about the real motives of the left and they know they need to stop it to be successful.

Julie said...

My tax dollars are going to go to not only abortions in this country.... but globally.

Doesn't matter if I morally object to it. And if the morality clause is dropped I may not, as a nurse, be allowed to refuse to participate in them.

And if full term abortions are allowed like Obama would like, and the baby is born alive I may be required to withhold care to the baby. Which I morally object to which could and would cost me my job.

So, a planned parenthood program, created to create a super race like Hitler thought was a great idea, may be funded by my tax dollars which I can't refuse to pay because the man who has cheated on his income tax repeatedly has been named the head of the very same people that would have my head for not paying the taxes I am morally against. And the future just keeps looking brighter and brighter and brigher.......Not! Where is a big sand bank I can bury my head in for the next 4 to 8 to 12 years,

Vince said...

*sigh* Haven't been around much, but I'm glad to see that you're still fighting the good fight. I posted a blog on my site on Dr. King day and pointed out how the election of Obama did NOT fulfill his dream and how the dems are the *real* racists.

I forgot all about the abortion angle... i might have to edit that post!

The Black Sphere said...

Julie, great circular discussion about the hypocrisy of your dilemma. Such is the next 4 years!

The Black Sphere said...

Vince, I missed you! Come around more...and catch up!

T. LaDuke said...

Absolutely stunning. Thank you very much for this post, I had never ever heard of Margaret Sanger before this.
It makes absolute sense though now knowing what Planned parenthood is now from where they came.

Excellent job, keep up the great work

The Black Sphere said...

LaDuke - Great name! I am surprised that more people don't know the history of this organization, and certainly Blacks are mostly unaware of its racist roots. Thanks for finding me, and for the comment. I hope you stop here often!

Anonymous said...

Kathie Bray at 9:39pm January 26

Nice to know where MY hard earned dollar is going. To claim that it is to help a state balance their budget was pretty shocking to say the least...

angrywhitedude said...

Well said. The black community needs more reasonable voices, in my opinion. The DemonRats have so many blacks trapped on the liberal plantation. Keep up the refreshingly good work.

Angry White Dude

The Black Sphere said...

Angry, thanks for the visit, and the encouragement! As Ray Charles would say, "I'm just gone make it do what it do, Baby!"

Anonymous said...

From: James Woodley
Date: January 26, 2009

Thanks Kevin. I disagreed with Pelosi on so many issues including the bailout and the bailout to fund abortions. I never once thought about the possible alternative agenda that the Democrats have and are using the excuse of an economic bailout to put in place. Thank you for making me think about the possibility.

Anonymous said...

Your blog is great!

I thought the same thing listening to Queen Nancy. I did some research and found this re: Hitler. (He and nancy have a lot in common)

"Hitler only opposed abortion for "pure blood" Aryan women. He allowed and even encouraged it for others. In an order to the SS, SD, and police on June 9, 1943, Reichskommisar Kaltenbrunner directed: "In the case of eastern female workers, pregnancy may be interrupted if desired." First, a racial exam was to be done and then, "If a racially valuable result is to be expected, the abortion is to be denied . . . if not valuable, the abortion is to be granted."

After the war, the War Crimes Tribunal indicted ten Nazi leaders for "encouraging and compelling abortion," which it considered a "crime against humanity."Nuremberg Military Tribunal, Washington, DC; USGPO, vol. IV, p. 610"

Again, great blog!

Lisa in Dallas (twitter)

Ace said...

Kevin, another great piece of work! Pelosi and her ilk are nothing more than a waste of human flesh.

I've seen first hand the devastation abortion can cause a woman. My sister had two abortions. With one pregnancy, she aborted twins. She now lives with a tremendous amount of guilt.

I also had a roommate who aborted 5 times, only to find out later that she had sustained some amount of injury during the proceedures. She was told later that she was sterile. She now has to live with not only killing 5 children, but can never experience the joy of having her own.

What a shame! I only hope that someday we as a society realize the generations lost and stop this horrible practice.

The Black Sphere said...

Ace - Poignant examples, both!

Stormbringer said...

Another excellent article. The hard truth about PP is not told often enough (if I may suggest, how about their profits as well, even though they solicit donations). Also, I'm glad to see an affirmation of the truth spoken by my One True Love (Annie).

The Black Sphere said...

Stormbringer - Appreciate being appreciated, especially by a great American.

madmath1 said...

Good Lord, and I thought all this time that eugenics was Hilter's brainchild only to find out it was a WOMAN and an American woman at that. I read a list of the biggest events of the 20th century and I thought women's sufferage being number 1 was crazy, but now I have to wonder because look at what we got for it, abortion (eugenics) on demand, moral relativism, Bill Clinton (enough said there), enbracement of socialism, raise of homosexual rights (mainly by physco lesbians) and homosexual marriage, prohibition (remember it was the women's moment that brought us that stupid law), Income Taxes (the women's movement allied with labor union wannabe's to pass this amendment), the breakdown the family unit, affirmative action (remember white women benefit the most of any group, not "African Americans"), the degrading of rights for males, and the biggest of them all: bastardization of masculinity. If you think any of these are wrong, just look at Pelosi and tell which one of these does she NOT stand for or the dem women in office. We'll need more than God's help if they get a super majority in the senate. Planned Parenthood, what an oxymoron of an organization.

The Black Sphere said...

Madmath1 - Typos aside, awesome commentary! :-) Excellent points, particularly the emasculation of menfolk...downright persnickety! Love it!

Anonymous said...

From: Shaun vanBergen
Date: January 27, 2009

Lets see the Dem's still embrace a known klan leader as one of their senior members Robert KKK Byrd

Anonymous said...

From: John Bosch
Date: January 27, 2009

Kevin, I don't think she is racist. I think she is an idiot which would give reason as to why she is racist as well as a person so far over her head and her ability to do anything other other then follow the leader and make believe she is in control. Let's hope she can control her bowels better then she has performed as a US Senator. I saw a minute of her being interviewed last night regarding the bailout and she couldn't even speak on the topic other then the basic Dem response we hear from all of them.

Anonymous said...

From: Dan Edmonds The Plasticman
Date: January 27, 2009

Libertarian philosopher Ayn Rand said: "Racism is the ultimate form of collectivism."

Anonymous said...

From: Jake Reyenga
Date: January 29, 2009

I just e-mailed this one to Rush Limbaugh's public e-mail, maybe he will get it if more people send it ElRushbo@

Stormbringer said...

Even better chance of getting it to El Rushbo is if a paid subscriber of his sent it to his subscriber-only e-mail. I'm not a subscriber, it cuts into my cowboy hat money.

The Black Sphere said...

Stormbringer - "Git 'er done"! Somebody knows somebody, etc...

An80sReaganite said...

Here in an advertisement, banned by NBC to run during the Super Bowl:

I think it makes your point perfectly

The Black Sphere said...

An80sReaganite - Great video!

Anonymous said...

From: Renata Calderaro
Date: January 30, 2009

While running for office, President Obama promised to sign the Freedom of Choice Act, doing away with ALL restrictions on abortion. You can read more by visiting

Anonymous said...

Sanger's viewpoints are in line with those of Nazi Germany. Of that there can be no doubt.

If we're ready to consider abortion a method of stabilizing the welfare state, how long before we take the next step to pure infanticide? Will will adopt a China-style "one child" policy, enforced by the State? How long until there are elimination camps dedicated to "death with dignity" for the elderly and ill? It sounds crazy, but then so does this Haight-Asbury burnout we know as Nancy Pelosi.

The next two years can prove the greatest opportunity in American history. But only if we see the liberal/progressive/Marxist movement for what it is.

Great column.

Anthony W. Hager

Lisa Graas said...

Did you notice Hillary's recent acceptance of the Margaret Sanger Award from Planned Parenthood? Rep. Chris Smith was critical of her after this and he actually quoted Sanger to her. She would not budge from her statement that she is "in awe" of Sanger's work. Truly, this should make all decent Americans VOMIT that this "heroine" of modern America (Clinton) is "in awe" of Sanger and happily received an award NAMED AFTER HER! Ugh.

The Black Sphere said...

Lisa, I will be covering this soon, in video form.