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Monday, January 05, 2009

Vote for The Black Sphere – Best New Blog!


Apologies to "~synthesis", as he was unwittingly given massive votes by naer-do-wells! My bad. So I won't be blasting his site, and have removed that from my list.

I still want my team voting, despite the shenanigans! We have had a lot of traffic to the site, and our team in gaining a voice in all this political, excuse me LIBERAL madness!

I want to ask my supporters to vote the following blogs for three different awards:

FAUSTA - Best Large Blog

WIND ROSE HOTEL - Best European Blog (Non-UK)

BLUE COLLAR MUSE - Best Conservative Blog

DEADENDER for Best Hidden Gem.

And of course keep voting for The Black Sphere for Best New Blog as we intend to make it respectable!

You can vote every day from today through Jan 13, and get your friends to do the same. Think ACORN conservatives! If you use a different URL, you can likely vote more than once, but you didn't hear that from me!

Please go to Best New Blog and click on The Black Sphere!





Michael Payne said...

Congrats on being a finalist, I'll be sure to vote for you.

Hopefully mine will be up there next year, haha.

Digital Publius said...

I voted for you bro.

machinepolitick said...

I'm technically illiterate, but finally worked it out. I'll try to vote again tomorrow as well. As an artist(though not liberal myself), I know all about Liberal voting tactics. I've learned some things through association. I'm on board with it.

Anonymous said...

I've got a desktop Mac and a PC laptop on my wireless net, and the site let me vote twice.. :-)))

who is that uppity woman anyway?


Dave P

The Black Sphere said...

I don't know her, but she certainly has attitude! It's all in good fun, so c'est la vie! But I do want to make it competitive, and not pull a McCain. Do I need to bring up her association with Reverend Wright, or do I avoid that subject?

Anonymous said...

I voted for you. Thank No Runny Eggs, he recommended you.

Anonymous said...

I tried to vote early and often, but drat, I only got one vote. Of course it was for your blog as it is the funniest and the most accurate!

Good luck Kevin!

brotherkomrade said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The Black Sphere said...

Thanks to all as it is 8:41 CT and let's just say that I'm glad I wore brown underwear! UppityWoman08 is as tough as a wolverine!

But I believe in my troops, yes that is you people, and thus though I am currently hunkered down in a bunker with a rosary and two Bibles, I have faith.

I believe that we will be ahead of UppityWoman08 and her seven ugly sisters by morning. UK don't let me down!

Anybody got any Chinese nationals for friends with uncensored internet connections?

Peace...and remember, I hate losing!

brotherkomrade said...

Well between you and that PoS, Uppitywoman08, My Lefty Senses are tingling and telling me that the weblog awards are a front for right-wing bloggers Oh, the positioning - Uppity(PUMA/COLB-paranoid-suburban-hag)woman08 and you. What was that about the proverbial rock and hard place?

I can think of a way more creative contest I would like to see you both in, but I can see the feds wanting to beat my door down if I write it publicly. LOL.

Anonymous said...

Kevin thought I would check out your blog since you're going up against my pal Uppity. I must say that I enjoyed what I saw and will visit again. The story of Reagan and your Grand Parents is priceless.

Good luck in the contest,
scott in jupiter

Anonymous said...

Hey no jihad on you dude. I wish you nothing but luck. And that's the truth.

Don't you just hate this crap?

And hey I'm no hag! But I am a Democrat, just a moderate, so I have my moments, yes -- and pulling for Burris just like you guys are. He had best not get a Reid raw deal.

Once again, I wish you luck.

The Black Sphere said...

Troops, we were graced by Uppity and one of her generals visiting the site! I would like to tell you that they were here to surrender, but I'd be delusional!

I threw down the gauntlet on her site, and she slapped me back...because she is uppity like that.

So the battle is not over, and they are checking out the competition. And despite her HUGE lead, we will fight until they threaten to throw a hand-grenade down my cubby-hole!


Anonymous said...

Oh ROFL. You're cracking me up. You know, if here were some bucks associated with this contest it might be more worthwhile. lol.

Listen, about the Acorn thing. It could be possible with my folks because we are seriously a bunch of nuts.

Now listen, there are six more days to this trip, so you COULD beat me. And I won't be upset at all. Now like I said, if there were a couple of thousand in it....

Hey wait...I got a gift for you. Here's the letter Roland wrote to Harry "We can do what we want" Reid..

I'll be posting it in the morning. I have the popcorn concession to this one.

Anonymous said...

Nice site Black Sphere! Wish I could vote for you for 2nd Place, but I'm a loyal Uppity-ite! Haha! All the best to you though! You're a good sport!

Maggie M. Thornton said...

Just voted for you. It's looking good!

Maggie @ Maggie's Notebook

The Black Sphere said...

Maggie, are you smoking illegal herbs?! I'm getting "kilt". You are mistaking me for UppityWoman08, who is kicking my butt. But thanks for the vote! You're a doll!

Anonymous said...


Done. Good Luck Kevin!

Anonymous said...


I don't know, it's a hard choice between Uppity Woman, Sassy Bitch Society, and The Black Anyway, hope he wins.

Anonymous said...


Done and done.

Anonymous said...


Voted for theblacksphere. I actually know UppityWoman from elsewhere online. She's a pretty cool lady. She's a PUMA and we appreciated their support this past election cycle, but she's not Kevin. :-)

Anonymous said...


Props Kevin! I will be voting like my Democrat friends..early and often!! Good Luck!

Anonymous said...


Voted...and remember, vote every 24 hours til voting is closed..!!

Anonymous said...


voted :)

The Black Sphere said...

Michael, I will vote for you next year!

The Black Sphere said...

Digital and Machine, thanks for the support!

The Black Sphere said...

Dave P, NiceDeb and NoRunnyEggs, thanks all! That uppity woman is getting under my skin! Just kidding, she is stellar people, and I'm glad to be mentioned with her. Now don't go running over to her blog!

BTW, one of my friends accidentally voted for her...the traitor!

The Black Sphere said...

brotherkomrade, you scare me! Just kidding. Thanks for the support, and keep voting thru Jan 12

The Black Sphere said...

deadenders and UppityWoman08, thanks for stopping by. It was great to see posts from both of you, and this is really fun, though I am getting killed. I'm sure we will have a few more pokes at each other over the next few days!

The Black Sphere said...

And finally to all my Digg friends THANK YOU for the support! Until tomorrow, when I start this all over the way it's 1A for this General! Goodnight!

Anonymous said...

I accidentally voted for you this morning.

Anonymous said...

And your friend did NOT "accidentally" vote for me. He voted for me on purpose.

The Black Sphere said...

LOL...Uppity you are cracking me UPpity! Your subliminal mind voted for the Best New Blog, and I'm glad I admitted this publicly for you!

And so you know, my friend was 'beaten severely' for voting for you, because that's how we do it over here! No traitors, accidental or otherwise.

So this morning, you have widened the gap, BUT your percentage is shrinking, so HA!

I will be posting on your site soon!

Have fun today!

machinepolitick said...

You're welcome. Maybe I'll be fighting you for it next year.

Dirk said...

I just voted for you. Only complete & total victory! LOL Congratulations on being a finalist & best wishes!


P.S. On the Chinese national thing with uncensored Internet - there's at least one in Beijing. My visitor map got a hit from there a couple of months ago. They didn't comment, but I found it interesting they visited my journal, THE FIRST AMENDMENT, NOT POLITICALLY CORRECT! I think they could be put under a prison over there for that!

The Black Sphere said...

Glad to see you Dirk! At this point, I may need more than China for support as Uppity is extending the lead!

I was hoping that my French friends would vote me up over the evening, but, "Ca ne marche pas"! C'est la vie! Un autre jour...metro, boulot, dodo!

Anonymous said...

My Asian followers are working the China side for me. And forget France. France is mine.

Try Taiwan though. Oh and Ubekistan. Did I spell that right? No matter. 'Istan is yours. The boss there is part of the Coalition of the Willing, you know. He has a plane.

Are you watching our tax dollars at work with the Burris thing? We actully PAY for this crap. I think Harry might be in the men's room having the dry heaves.

The Black Sphere said...

LOL on the Harry in the men's room comment! For the record, I believe it's our tax dollars at "play".

There is Governmentium (Gv), newly discovered and the heaviest element known to science! It has one neutron, 25 assistant neutrons, 88 deputy neutrons, and 198 assistant deputy neutrons, giving it an atomic mass of 312.

As for the "contest", it is a race for second, Girlfriend! I have called on reinforcements, but it's a ragtag team. Not conceding just yet, but I have put a call into my "fat lady". Don't worry, I will put something on your blog comments to this effect!

MT said...

OK Kevin,
Got the blog awards posted up on LI. Here is what I wrote for you.

LinkedIN Conservative Writer wins nomination for BEST NEW BLOG
The Black Sphere writer ( ) and Conservative Sphere founder ( ) , Kevin Jackson wins nomination for BEST NEW BLOG on the website. There were over 5,000 nominations in the 48 categories. Congratulations to The Black Sphere for striking a cord. Polls close Tuesday January 13, 2009 at 10:00 p.m. Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), which is 5:00 p.m. (EST) and 2:00 p.m. (PST). Please take a moment and vote (once per day till polls close). This is a great recognition for a new blog.

To vote click on this link

The Black Sphere said...

MT, I like it. Now let's see if we can get conservatives from sipping their lattes and bemoaning the election loss, and wondering why!

You could add the following:

"A mean uppity woman is treating The Black Sphere with disrespect. She is a MODERATE, which means she can't decide which side of the fence to play on. And she has "connections", and has threatened to expose The Black Sphere as only being 98% Black!" - Anon

Anonymous said...

Hey be glad I'm not an Obamazoid. A cheating algorithm was screen captured from one of the sites and they have managed to seriously skew another poll. I knew when I looked at that poll that something was seriously going on.

For the right sum, I will give you the link.


Seriously. This is happening. It's like being at Democratic caucuses all over again. There's no integrity left in this country. I hate my party. The problem is, I hate yours too.

I guess Weblog people are on notice. But hey, I figure they probably won't pick on me since you are my only competition and further to the right than I am. Mwaahahaha.

Loser buys lunch you know...

Anonymous said...

These are my people! Because of your entry into this contest, you are now going to have to put up with us regularly. Enjoy!

The Black Sphere said...

I had no idea on the cheating, but of course realize it can and does happen. I am totally legit.

As for not liking "my kind", well then you must read a few more of my blogs, and perhaps you will change your brain! Hehe...

Loser buys lunch! You should have made that be BEFORE the voting began. See, you ARE a moderate. A conservative would have done as I suggested.

Anonymous said...

Yes yes yes! I am in the middle of the road with all those dead squirrels!

Grace C. said...

thanks to this competition i now know that a puma is neither a mountain lion nor a shoe brand worn by hipsters.

Anonymous said...

Just wait till all my cranky readers visit you weekly Kevin. You are going to pay being in the same poll as I am.

By mid-year, they will be carrying you off, waving your arms and screaming. A couple of my female readers think you are hot, Kevin. This is the end for you in a very big way.

The Black Sphere said...

Only a COUPLE of your readers think I'm hot! Just kidding! Hot, but taken.

And I have been told for years that "insert here" will be the end of me, and I still haven't found the end of me. So bring it, ladies! As long as I know they are part of your crew, we will play nice. I do see a "disclaimer" in my comments coming!

So I welcome your readers, and I formally tell mine that your site is phenomenal, so I recommend the read. Go there first for the appetizer, then come to The Black Sphere for the meal! LOL.

Further, it appears you have more readers...uh hmm, so I welcome the traffic!

Battle is still on Girlfriend, so don't try to play nice until this is over!

Anonymous said...

Hey I am still gonna play nice. There's no bucks in this. I get mean for bucks, let me tell you.

Besides, my readers are only voting for me because they know that Comradess Uppity will ship them to the potato fields if they don't. We are practicing for the coming Glorious Cause, you see.

In the meantime, I don't know about you, but my spam trap is full of comments from Regressives who hijacked my party.

Mi traffic es su traffic.

And to think Barack told me I needed to learn other languages....

Listen, Deadenders could use your help. He's in a dead heat in his poll. Can you send some clicks his way??? Always looking out for my soldiers...

The Black Sphere said...

Sure, send me the link to Deadenders, and I will reassign some troops from my "Midline", and send them elsewhere, temporarily! Get me details, and make it easy!

Anonymous said...


FTB: "we need to Digg, Buzz, Tweet, Shout, Twist, Electric Slide, and Hustle, if we are to put this UppityWoman08 in her place!"

I couldn't get away with that but I laughed pretty hard when I read it

Anonymous said...

Here he is Kevin. Hidden Gem category. Thanks. He's a good guy.

Michael Payne said...

Are you on Technorati?

You can get a lot of traffic from that site if you have enough "authority".

brotherkomrade said...

LOL. No Uppitywoman08 post is complete without baseless statements of "truth", paranoia, and nothing to back up her lies. Oh, there was an algorithm - that's how Confluence, another PUMA right-wing from blog, got left in the dust in the "Liberal" by Wonkette, a blog that actually has facts - not innuendo and conspiracy theories. Kevin, if you can pull your ...uh, face from UW's good nature, why don't you ask her about the never-ending Berg/COLB stories that she and other PUMA sites like to swap between each other to help sooth their damaged self-eseem after their pathetic defeats of late? Just asking...

Anonymous said...

Comrade, I just returned from Potato Fields and saw your post. I don't cover COLB stories. I don't do ongoing conspiracies unless they are really funny.

But I still don't know who Barack Obama is. And I don't like him. Maybe later I will change my mind. Is that all right with YOU, Comrade?

I saw the screen shot of how to vote. I also have the links to sites that hate me AND Kevin. Listen, there's not big bucks here so if this keeps your infants happy, whatever. I'm all set. Seriously.

Anonymous said...

Besides, it's kind of a trip down memory lane to Democratic Caucuses. lol.

The Black Sphere said...

UW08, I know you are being legit, so now worries, and no disrespect to Comrade. He is a faithful reader and has my back.

There are some shenanigans going on with ~synthesis. He has suddenly gained over 600 votes out of nowhere to take 2nd place. Since 2nd is the first loser as far as I'm concerned he can have it. But I do want to call him out publicly.

I visited his site, and he essentially has 0, as in nil, zilch, nada for comments, which is an indicator of web traffic.

Yeah ~synthesis, those votes are legit...Children of the ACORN, internet-style. If you can't win legit, then don't be some "proud" to have been nominated.

If it keeps up, I may have to blog about how worthless a weblog is, and call ~synthesis out on a routine basis. Yes, your traffic might go up, but your reputation will get a few lumps.

Sunny Smile said...

You're doing great Baby and I'm super proud of you !!! But.... what's going on with Synthesis ??? I checked fairly late in the morning and it was barely over 100 and now he's gained 600 votes in less than 12 hours. That's significantly better than Uppity and she has a WAY larger fan base. Something stinks in fishville !!! Love ya Baby !

Anonymous said...

Yes I know Kevin. I know where it's happening from. They picked a third blog because you are not acceptable. In fact, it was said, Don't vote for Sphere, that's like voting for Uppity. I can send you the stuff if you want. I don't think the Synthesis guy is part of it, he's just the beneficiary. Seriously. He probably doesn't even know what hit him. Seriously. It's Christmas forhim. They aren't votes FOR him. They are votes AGAINST us. I know how these people think. They can be very malicious.

You're a republican. I am a Disgusted moderate. We are what they hate. They want all to Follow. Even little stuff like this "contest" makes them obsessed. It's really kind of sick in some ways. A kind of obsession to wipe out what doesn't agree.

Comrade, I am not the enemy. I am the co target. You will watch my lead get tighter but not with Sphere. I would be feeling a lot better if it were Sphere. But he's Right and anything short of left of left cliff is hated by them. No kidding. These people truly hate. Capital H. I've been through the mill with these nutcases, including life threats.

Anonymous said...

Kevin check out the comment at Synthesis. They have told him he will be best blog. Told you.

Interestingly enough, I've never even been to wonkette and don't even know who the hell they are. But I don't like Barack Obama and that's all it takes.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kevin it appears Willie Wonkkets children are manipulating your poll results.

Anonymous said...

See my new post Kevin. You do whatever you want.

Grace C. said...


I was wondering why Synthesis gained a bazillion votes in an hour. At least mine are legit!

Sunny Smile said...

Babe, at this point the only votes not legit are synthesis and it sounds like he didn't even ask for it. Unbelievable !!! Now that it's been revealed, what next ??? Join voting forces and nail this election to one of the true and original top 2 ?!?! You both set the stage and I'm sure all us devote fans will follow your lead. xoxo

Anonymous said...

Hey don't ask me. I'm just a blogging broad. lol.

Seriously though, there IS a screen shot of instructions on how to cheat. I didn't post it because I don't want MORE nuts seeing it. I have no idea what's next other than to report them.

They have already been reported for what they did to the Best Liberal Blog. They did it first there. I knew we would be next and I knew they wouldn't pick Kevin because he's a Republican and they hate them almost as much as they hate PUMAs. SO they picked the other blog and that guy has to be scratching his head. This is probably more hits than he's gotten in a year.

The best thing to do is get people to complain to the weblog people en masse, I guess.

I'm sorry for all the trouble, folks. It's me they want. The funny thing is I never even HEARD of wonkette till yesterday. It's a dangerous thing now, to have a different opinion.

Anonymous said...

Go here.

agent_of_cha0s said...

Ha! Is it lonely at the center of the universe, Uppity? "It's me they want..." Take a good, hard look at your politics, allies, and PUMA's tactics of mis-information and ask again, why the hatred. If this was a simple case you not liking Obama, believe me, no one could care less, I have 10 blogs in draft mode ready to go to tear a new whole in his narrow behind, but I'm waiting on facts and future events as they develop. In light of what I've written about him in year, I have never been attacked by 'Obots'.

Playing the victim is not you, Uppity; being so tough and brave as you portray yourself on your blog (with your mighty moderator settings) is just plain bad acting.

Anonymous said...

Look at your name. This is who you are. What you have done I wouldn't dream of doing. That's because I still believe in democracy, Comrade. Your mother must be so proud of you. You're right, I don't do victim well. I am all set with my life. I did it by having integrity. Try it. You are targeting people who would only be guilty of something if they lived in other countries you don't want to live in. Is this what you really want your world to be like? Because one day you will wake up and ask yourself What The Hell Was I thinking.

Because the only hate around her comes from people like you who enjoy maliciousness. Me? I don't like Barack Obama. I might change my mind. But you will delay that as long as possible. He is His Followers. A reflection. Now all you need to ask yourself is whether or not it's pretty.

Just some food for thought, Chaos.

Anonymous said...

Oh and I do want to tell you why I have moderators. My blog is a living room for disinfranchised democrats. I have people from some very amazing walks of life and I have some very simple folk who are sick of feeling threatened. Nobody gets called a cunt on my blog and for some, that's a huge break. By now, you know I have pretty good traffic. My readers never bother other bloggers and they have earned the right not to be bothered. Consider me their mother in a way.

As for my writing, there isn't a story I do that doesn't come complete with links and researh. But yes, I also editorialize. Consider it the other side of CNN news if you will. Editorializing is one of the oldest forms of print. God knows the NY Times lives on it. I also do satire and if you actually read some of my work you might find yourself laughing. My writing aside from that blog has served me very well.

I also do classical music on my blog. And dumb kitty shit. And sometimes I just cover something really stupid that's happening in the world. My blog isn't all about politics all the time. But it IS a place where the POWERLESS can take shots at the POWERFUL. It's when you take shots at the POWERLESS that you are no longer human. And that is why I provide relief. To have to explain it to anyone who doesn't care to be there is just plain counterproductive, if not silly. It is what it is and it has it's following.

And can I have a link to your writing, please? Anybody who has ten things on board waiting must be a very prolific writer with plenty of material to disseminate.

The Black Sphere said...

Chaos, I enjoy that you are reading me, and [wink] I like knowing that people like you are on my team. But let's not use my blog as that forum. Use your powers for GOOD! :-)

And leave Uppity alone, as I actually like what she is doing, though we may disagree on points.

We cool? Don't target me, brah! :-)

brotherkomrade said...

Kevin, gave you another vote today.

I teach a computer class to preteens in Harlem and we've been going over the subject of Technocracy and Voting. They took to it well. We looked at the Weblog awards as a great example of true democracy; study who your enemies are, who your allies are, and if you have no allies in a given election, then vote for a frienemy to at least take out the enemy. After the last week or so of reaseraching each nominee and their respective catagories the kids voted loud and proud. These were their picks:

rumproast - Best small blog
Pam's House Blend - best LGBT blog (we have a very enlightened class - I'm blessed)
Wonkette - Best liberal Blog
The Pajama Pundit - Best hidden Gem.

Don't get excited, Kevin I had one of YOURS in the class and he voted for you. To make him feel good, I told him I voted for you too.

Isn't Techocracy great? These will be out future voters! God Bless America, land that I love

The Black Sphere said...

brotherkomrade, you amaze me! I wouldn't have won it legit, so I am content being a finalist. And technocracy is great, and sounds like your kids took to it well. Great job.

truthsgold said...

Keven, great blog, great piece! You resonate my opinion of both "O"'s right down to the last crumb.

Keep up the good work!

The Black Sphere said...

Truthsgold - Thanks much. I haven't seen you comment, so appreciate the visit. I hope you come back like ACORN...early and often. And I will do my best to keep up the good work...

spot_the_dog said...

G'day, Kev - spot_the_dog, head of your friendly local Aussie "Acorn" Branch here ;-)

I've been voting for you, and my mate Ash is spruiking for you on this blog as well.

Best of luck, mate - and keep up the good work!

*Oh, and it don't really matter whether you win the Webbie this year anyway - Burge has authorised us to regift this award to anyone we find deserving, so you have already won!

The Black Sphere said...

Spot - This is why you are my DAWG! I hope to get Down Under this year, and we MUST meet up! I will provide details as appropriate. Tell me where you are located, as long as it is not Perth! :-)

spot_the_dog said...

" long as it is not Perth!"

And what's wrong with Perth?!? Just because we still roll up the sidewalks at 6pm every night and are generally considered to be stuck in the 1950's doesn't mean we don't have our charms! And I am near one of the most exciting beaches around :-P

Hey, if you and your friends don't have a favourite Australian blog to vote for yet, throw a vote or two to Zoe Brain for us?

Cheers mate.

The Black Sphere said...

Zoe Brain it is. I will vote shortly!

Shafeen Charania said...

Hi Kevin,

I'm the author of ~synthesis~, and only just saw this thread in your blog.

First congratulations on a great blog and great following!

Second, I was *not* aware of the efforts of others (random or otherwise) on my behalf until well after it happened. It's been an interesting experience to be the beneficiary of someone else's preferences, and then to be vilified for it:).

This has resulted in some exposure for my blog, so I can't say I'm upset about it. Know that I neither asked for it, nor provoked it. but, I'm also not apologizing for it.

All the best,


The Black Sphere said...

Shafeen - No problem on the shenanigans, as I know it was not your fault. Not wishing any bad luck on you, but I hope they get to the bottom of that, as the best blog should win, and I'm not saying that is mine.

I do thank you for the compliment on my blog, and wish you luck.