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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Oprah the Fat Fraud!

Part II of a Two-Part series on the unveiling of Oprah Winfrey

DISCLAIMER - Based on a comment, I want to be clear that this article is not about "fat people".  Most of my family is fat and I adore them.  This post is more about the idea that Oprah caused people to become consumed with weight and not being happy, and I declare for this and other reasons she is a fraud...who happens to be fat...again!  So don't bash me as a "Fatish" on Facist for the challenged:  READ ON The Black Sphere

Breaking news: Oprah is fat…again. She was on CNN today discussing her "battle with the bulge", saying that she did all she could do recently to "cover up" her fatness. Hey Oprah, "The cover-up didn't work. Everybody knew!"

She said that the realization occurred to her when she had to get on stage with Tina Turner and Cher…ooo, that Cher is a little one. Oprah said that she dreaded it.

Further, she said that getting ready for her photo shoots for her magazine "O" were embarrassing, as her staff tried to "cover up" her weight gain. This brings up another point, which is Oprah is more of a product of affirmative action than I originally thought.

How would "O" be produced, back in the 60s? Without Adobe Photoshop Oprah couldn't produce a single edition of "O". And I am not just talking about her "battle with the bulge".

She is a product of better bras, makeup, fake hair, fake nails, designer clothes, and a host of other techniques that marketers use to dupe the public, and yes, we men as well. Fact is, that the ego-centric "production" that is "O" could not happen without the magic of today's technology. "O" would be more aptly titled "O My God, I'm Fat, Unattractive, and a Liberal Fraud", maybe "Uh O!", when you consider the artist cleverness it takes to produce that rag from cover to finish.

So let's credit the Picasso's it takes to transform the "real" Oprah into what the public sees. Stated differently and perhaps more plainly: Oprah is "fugly". If you think Monet was the "master of light" and a great Renaissance artist, then you should consider the large crew of people it takes to beautify Oprah in that same context. These people are miracle workers in my very fact-based opinion. Talk about not having a blank canvas.

But if one were to visit this planet from another planet and see Oprah on her magazine cover, one might actually be duped into thinking that Oprah is an attractive woman. Imagine all the duplicitous information contained therein, when you consider the false advertisement on the cover?!

How does Ms. Winfrey afford all these artists, nutritionists, and others in her entourage? Because of her "battle with the bulge"!

Yes, Oprah has pimped weight loss better than Subway pitch man Jerrod, Richard Simmons, Susan Powter, and all the other "I once was fat, but…" crowd combined. Nobody has made more money off the subject of weight, than "Ofra".

Woman relate to the "fat girl gone thin", the way many men relate to "Girls Gone Wild". And Oprah sold herself like snake oil, because Oprah has never been "thin". Yes, I said it!

I know, she got down to size 6…once, dragging 60lbs of fat onto the stage on her show. But Oprah was still "fat in the head". She has never envisioned herself otherwise, which is why she works so hard to be relevant. She isn't happy with herself despite the fortune, the fame, and…the fantasies.

I wrote last on Oprah about her need to "feel good", and to create fantasies. It doesn't matter that they don't necessarily end up with the real Hollywood ending. She has a short-sighted view, regardless of whether it stands the test of time. Need examples?

  • Religion - Christianity doesn't need Jesus.

  • Politics – Obama, need I say more?

  • Weight - do as I do, though you can't afford it, and then when you get fat again, you will just be fat and broke.

Oprah is a fraud. And instead of suing McDonald's because the Big Mac meals are making you fat, I say sue Oprah. She made you believe it was possible. She has personal trainers, nutritionists, and other support staff around to steal donuts out of her pockets. And today we learned that after all the dieting, Oprah real problem has been (tragic music here)…a thyroid condition. She now proclaims, "I'm just fat, y'all , and it's because of depression and my thyroid."

Yes, the untrustworthy and dreaded thyroid. That gland must be saying, "Will y'all please stop using me as your excuse".

So what about the millions of American women and effeminate men who are fat because of Oprah? How about we chronicle America's fat index with the onset of the Oprah revolution, versus how fat America has become hence. I predict there is a direct correlation, worthy of a class-action lawsuit. Is there an attorney in the house?

And what about those nameless American who died from yo-yoing with Oprah every time she dieted, ballooned, then dieted again, and with different diets. How many people who will forever be nameless, faceless did she actually kill? Well one person I can recall is Luther Vandross.

Luther was a fat, happy, healthy R&B crooner, before going on Oprah. When he joined Oprah in her diet crusade, BAM…Luther lost weight, and shortly thereafter, we lost Luther. He can certainly be counted as a casualty of The Big O.

Here's the wrap:

I think at the onset perhaps Oprah did some good for women in America, particularly Black women. She made them feel empowered. But somewhere along the way, Oprah got off track, and I mean completely derailed.

Oprah built her empire on the hopes and dreams of others, promoting herself as the idol of American women, their conscience, their viewpoint, their physical embodiment. And in my opinion, she is one of America's biggest frauds… double entendre intended.

That's my rant!

© 2009 Kevin Jackson – The Black Sphere All Rights Reserved



Austenfan1 said...

Hi, Kevin

I enjoy your website, but I take exception to all the discussion of how fat Oprah is.
All of this emphasis on her weight has nothing to do with her self aggrandizement, her support of cheats-both cheats of writers and the (soon to be) Cheater in Chief Obama. Could you please stick with the commenatry about her views, because all this focus on weight does is suggest that women are supposed to be trim and attracartive,and reinforces the concept that heavy people are all lazy. Weight somees from a variety of reasons. I think Oprah as deep seating insecurities
for which she stands in need of prayer-if you believe in that sort of thing-not mocking.

And just for the record-I'm fat. I have a chronic illness which limits my mobility. That doesn't make me any less of an intelligent and interesting person than a person who is thin. I have people who love me even if I am fat.

Digital Publius said...

"Imagine all the duplicitous information contained therein, when you consider the false advertisement on the cover?!"

That is a stunning extrapolation. Brilliant!

"Religion - Christianity doesn't need Jesus."

Yet with all her new age wisdom and fortune, she can't shake her depression, whilst millions who embrace Christianity w/Jesus are transformed.

Kevin, you've done it again.

The Black Sphere said...

I am not "fat bashing", and in fat blame Oprah for making the emphasis on being slim versus being happy. If you don't understand that, then you don't get me.

Digital Publius said...

I think the point Kevin is making here is not that you have to be thin, but rather that Oprah's obsession with weight is symptomatic of her desire to remake the world according to a fantasy (like her magazine covers), that not she nor anyone else could bring into reality with any amount of self help, chanting, affirmation spouting gobbledy gook.

And her selling the idea to the American public, is leaving a destructive wake.

The Black Sphere said...

Digital - I like that you understand me, my man! Let's catch up SOON!

Austenfan1 said...

I can't stand Oprah's new-age Bs. I have a secure Christian faith, am happy with my life-aside from my illness-and am still fat. I will never be a size 6 or even size 10 again. I think Oprah never came to terms with the idea that God looks on the inside not the outward appearance and that is the fault of culture-not just her own hang-ups. Still the headline is what it is-and it emphasizes her weight.

Andre said...

I never really did listen nor did I ever watched Oprah. To me, watching her show was always like watching The View: Good for a laugh but don't really take seriously.

I do find it odd that this woman has the power to allow women all over the country to have the confidence in themselves but she is so insecure about herself.

What about all the other influential African American women who are overweight like Mo'Nique and Queen Latifah? How many times have you hear them bitchin' about their weight?

Again, I don't watch Oprah and probably never will. Unfortunately, ever crowd needs a following and Oprah is into the business of telling people what they want to hear.

Anonymous said...

Maybe she could "give" me her personal trainer and chef. I think I could make better use of them than she has!

uppitywoman08 said...

I think the worse thing about all of this is, so many people who wanted to lose weight may have believed in her and saw her as a champion, as in You Can Do It! These followers could feel very let down now.

I never watch her because I am not much for Talk shows but I do know she pimped "her way" to lose weight and be healthy quite a bit. Made some bucks off of it too in an exploitive way.

Now she's off the weight thing and has abandoned those followers who hung on her every word-- and she's onto telling people how to be spiritual.

People follow this woman. She really should be a bit more responsible about it.

That's all.

Kate said...

I figured out many years ago, Oprah is a fraud. Sadly, so many women think she is the be-all of womanhood. Pfft! The Good Lord gives us battles, but body fat isn't a major one of 'em.

I love me cuz my Savior loves me. The outside is just a shell. Beauty is on the inside and I feel it's a whole lot more important to concentrate on that, than my physical appearance.

All this obsession with the bod has created serious health problems for the young. Yeah, eating healthier is a good idea, but obsession with being a size 0 is not!

The Black Sphere said...

GREAT comments, ladies! Admittedly I was an Oprah kool-aid drinker for a bit, though not a follower. It was really The Obama Syndrome that did it for me, and I started watch her with a more jaundiced eye. Regardless, I recognize her for what she is, which is a fraud.

Anonymous said...

Two words: YOU RULE! I can't believe how much you are "in my head!" I resonate with EVERYTHING you rant about-- especuially the FRAUD Nobama! Keep it up!! Funny, I was just lamenting yesterday, prior to reading your blog, about how much I detest Oprah and how out-of-touch she has become with the average American,and let's face it, reality in general. Thanks so much for your humor and insight. I read everyday (helps keep my sanity)! Bravo!

Divalocity said...

Oprah Winfrey is not the only woman with weight issues and she won’t be the last! We’ve all got them.

I don’t feel that she has to apologize to her supporters as if she has let them down or something, that's way to much of a responsibility and personal burden to bare.

I know she is about empowering the whole woman but some people just like to eat and the only way that they are going to keep the pounds off is that people set attainable and a more realistic approach to maintaining their weight and health.

Oprah must stop trying to be model thin and accept her physical make up. She must also stop thinking that she is the burden barer for all women, because she is only responsible to herself. She is but one of a voice of many women who have the personal responsibility to empower themselves.

I personally believe that Oprah is being attacked for her views in which any discerning adult should be able to think for themselves and not have others do so.

If she is a fraud then 99.9 percent of the American people are fraudulent. She can’t be more of a patron of survival through self-promotion than a lot of other people.

As of now we find ourselves reeling from the consequences of social and cultural excess. It’s time to take an honest look as to where a united people of this country can move forward to instead of tearing down one another.

Oprah has proven who she is by her actions, what are yours showing?

Rosemary said...

I never got into Oprah. TV is silly, she is just strange from the get-go.
bleh Hollywood plastic people

I did enjoy reading this Kevin!

The Black Sphere said...

Divalocity, I don't have a weight issue or some dysfunctional family upbringing to credit for my "lack of success". I am just an exec at a company who manages to find a few people to read my words. I have managed to get one of my sons into Wharton on a FULL ride, and love and care for the grandmother who raised me, and I place no one above her except God, and my significant other. I have the love of a host of friends and other family who tolerate me on a consistent basis, though we disagree on a lot of things. And I manage to remain an optimist despite the degradation of America. That's my trite story.

As for Oprah, I disagree, and believe wholeheartedly that she is one of the most disingenuous people on TV. She lacks credibility and for me it was the Obama pandering that completely showcased her ignorance.

Just one man's take...

machinepolitick said...

I have never liked Oprah. She makes me sick. She started out making money off of other people's misery, just like Springer, though arguably in a more subtle fashion. She touted herself as some sort of 'classy' humanitarian, then played on everyone's sympathy for her personal faults.
She almost redeemed herself helping out the downtrodden girls of Africa, but scandal ruined that. I want to believe that she genuinely cares, but she comes across as just another rich, vapid Liberal with their own best interests behind their every action.
I have no sympathy for lazy and dishonest people. I'm starting to suspect that she's setting herself up for some sort of handout from the Obama administration, on the grounds that she has no self-control and requires government intervention on her behalf. After all, she helped him get in office. The least he can do is adorn her with handicapped status so she can get some fringe benefits. Never mind she has more money than god.
The last thing I have to say in my anti-Oprah rant is this: She might have better self esteem if she used some of her fortune to help the truly unfortunate. After all, she put a socialist in office, though not single-handedly, it's time to start spreading some wealth around.
Sorry for the rant. I really can't stand her.

Anonymous said...


HAHAHAHA Another zinger. Thanks for the laughs Kevin.

Anonymous said...


Dugg for the word "marginalized". That has to be one of my favorites.

Anonymous said...


I watched Oprah once.My wife bet me that I could not watch one entire show.I did it just to prove her wrong.

Anonymous said...


I wonder if she'll ever have the integrity to admit that her pushing of Barack Obama was as bad as the "true story" books she highlighted.

Anonymous said...


I'm lucky not to have weight problems. I know it must be difficult to deal with. But if I did, I would just own up to the fact that I eat too much and I'm a lazy *****. We all have our little issues. ;)

Rosemary said...

I am wondering how long she will have to wait for her sleep over in the Lincoln Bedroom? will it be before or after Bill and Bernadine????

Conservative Black Woman said...

"Fact is, that the ego-centric "production" that is "O" could not happen without the magic of today's technology. "O" would be more aptly titled "O My God, I'm Fat, Unattractive, and a Liberal Fraud", maybe "Uh O!"

Kevin, you are one crazy dude!!! I haven't had a laugh this good since your "dog butt" quip. Really, you should have a spot on HBO to rival Bill Maher -- how about that for the fairness doctrine. Anyway, my friend you are the

Conservative Black Woman said...

@Digital Publius: "Yet with all her new age wisdom and fortune, she can't shake her depression, whilst millions who embrace Christianity w/Jesus are transformed."

How true...I wonder what Eckhart Toller and the "New Earthers" have to say about the fact that this new Gospel failed to transform Oprah. Great point!

The Black Sphere said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

J. Evan Franken-Smith Jan 7

All my prayers are tied up for the foreseeable future.

Anonymous said...

David Huntwork January 7

I pray that she will quickly fade into obscurity...

Anonymous said...

Vincent Andrew Conard January 7

I'm kinda' happy for her. She should embrace her fatness. I hope she starts lookin' more like that big giant pig faced Monique lady (what's her last name?) from "The Parkers." GO OBESE OPRAH!

The Black Sphere said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Rosemary Bolton January 7

Renee, do you think they have that SNL skit on youtube? I would love to see it. here is a funny Oooprahhh video from Comedy Central
and yes, she is fat, that is because she is allergic to exercise, poor thing. She also likes pie just like BHO. Maybe she should take up smoking like her beloved Messiah

Anonymous said...

Renee Parker at January 7

Have you ever seen that Sat. Night Live skit where they are inflating and deflating Oprah while she talks... It's one of my favs.... it's so close to the truth... guess it goes to show Money can't buy everything!!!

The Black Sphere said...

ConservativeBlackWoman - You know I love to make you laugh! That is my litmus test for a successful blog! :-)

Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden said...

01 07 09

What a scathing indictment of Oprah and her impact on the psyche of women. News flash: women have been consumed with their weight far before Oprah stepped onto the scene. And Marilyn Monroe (whom I think was beautiful) was a serious product of plastic surgery. She had dental work done, fake blonde hair, hair pieces, among the first breast augmentation in Hollwood, etc. Also, women have been using makeup and hair pieces since time immemorial. This is part of the feminine wiles that are used to ensnare men and trick them. Hehhehehe This was funny as all hell to me!

The Black Sphere said...

Mahndisa - My bad! And yes, we men fall for all that stuff...admitted knuckleheads.

Anonymous said...


Dugg by friends: bradysbeau
Shame on you. She has done a lot more good than harm and her weight is a source of great pain for her. Shame on you.

Laura said...

Laura Hazen:
Great rant, Kevin. I love how "O" blames her weight on her thyroid. I know many people (NOT rich ones) who take thyroid medication and were able to lose weight or have thyroid surgery. Why can't "O" do that? Also, I know a lot of non-obese people who suffer from depression. Has she even heard of anti-depressents? Is she too good to take medication? Can't afford it? It's disgraceful for someone who has so many resources to be depressed. Maybe she should simplify her life and try Christianity instead of her new age religion.

Anonymous said...

There are THREE "O's" in --


It's a software program that could have been written with her and her magazine in mind. I can't count the number of family and friends I've 'made skinny' in photos because they were just miserable with how the lens showed them.

People DO look bigger in a camera, because there's only one viewpoint instead of two, as with eyes, and that broadens the object being viewed. It's optics.

But Kevin, you're spot on.. she's hoodwinked America into believing fat is unhappy and skinny is happy, and she's still doing it TODAY, moaning about being fat as if it was the end of the world. To me, if you're wanting to weigh less, just go about your business and lose the weight and don't make such a big deal out of it. It's personal.

Unless you're Oprah, in which case its a public shamefest. Pointless timewaster far as I'm concerned.

Dave in TExas

Wake Up Conservatives said...

Muah! You are brilliant Kevin and you know this! LOL

I don't think this is a slam on fat people at all! People are just so sensitive about their weight. This is about Oprah being a fraud period. As a previous poster said, she was a more subtle Springer that the Left just fell in love with and promoted to be a Goddess for all women. What she did prove that ANYONE can make it in the greatest nation on God's green earth!

Keep it up, sir!

Anonymous said...

ROFL!! Totally on target depiction of Owful. I could never stand her. She is the female equivalent of Obama (funny how they're both known by the letter "O" isnt it?) egowise. I know a lot of people in "the industry" and have heard many comments and stories about her over the years. NO ONE can stand her. The people who have worked for her, or otherwise had to deal with her, the celebs and their staffs, never heard one complimentary thing about her.

This is what really disgusts me about her: a couple of years ago I had to start taking my Dad to the Dr all the time. I spent a lot of time in waiting rooms & glanced at her mags occasionally. Something struck me as odd & then I realized it was that SHE IS ON THE COVER EVERY MONTH!! How insanely egomanical is that? The world is full of beautiful people and beautiful sights, but Owful wants her mug & bod on every cover of her mag! Bizarre!

Anonymous said...


Dugg for the word "marginalized". That has to be one of my favorites.

Vince said...

Yep, Oprah is a hack! Another product of Chicago that I'm not very proud of.

I find it fascinating that she got rich off of white women, then turned her back on them when she decided to support The Messiah instead of Hillary.

Ah, well, as a fat Mexican myself, I am happy the way I am. Naturally, I could care less about what Oprah has to say.

Ben said...

I am SO glad to have discovered ya'll, Kevin. I enjoyed your column a lot, but will have to say (despite some darkly {no pun intended} hilarious comments on the weighty issue), you might be giving some the opportunity to attack your "mean-spiritedness" and avoid the blunt truth of your important assertions regarding "the bib o" (lower case intended!).

I LOVE what u told your grandfolks re. President Reagen. I have battled that same irrational reasoning with many of my black customers here in Alabama. I don't know a single black who didn't vote for Osama or a single white who did!

Also love your new title for o's mag...Uh-Oh!

Great column, bud.


deadenders said...

Kevin I miss the old Oprah. She'd get fat get it sucked out and bring it on stage with her. She should keep doing that,she could provide biodiesel for Obama's new limo.

The Black Sphere said...

@Deadenders - Bio-Diesel for Obama's limo. Priceless! Thanks Deadenders, and we are still voting for you.

The Black Sphere said...

@Ben - Glad you discovered us as well. I am traveling today and won't post again until Friday, but there's lots to talk about! Keep coming back!

The Black Sphere said...

@Vince - FTP

"I find it fascinating that she got rich off of white women, then turned her back on them when she decided to support The Messiah instead of Hillary."

You and me both, Bro. Thanks for the comments and the support!

The Black Sphere said...

@WakeUp - Hey Partner, muah right back at cha. I will hit you back on FB on doing the show Friday. Thanks for the comment!

The Black Sphere said...

@Laura - Spot on, as usual. Thanks for the comment!

@Dave - What up my Texas compadre! Loved your comment! The nerve of Oprah being on the cover of EVERY "Uh O"! Tyra Banks, maybe..."Ofra", NOT!

@bclarkj said...

Man, that "natural" photo is going to give me nightmares. I need an eye cleansing! EWWW!

Michael said...

all the people out there fighting the battle of the bulge should thank oprah.

here is this mega rich woman who can hire chefs and trainers to feed her and push her through her workouts and yet she can't stay thin.

to all those, lowly, "regular" people out there who have to make their own meals and motivate themselves to get the gym, I say it's a new day. rejoice! if you have lost weight and kept it off you are better than oprah!

If you have had a harder time with weight management, relax, it's obviously a very large struggle.

p.s. yes oprah is a fraud who has made billions off lies.

Don't Be a Slut said...

Ok - I'll be the one person on this post to stick up for Oprah. I love Oprah. I look up to Oprah. I empathize with Oprah. I watch her almost every day.

As for the rant about all the fakeness that makes up the cover of O, that's true of every women's magazine cover in America (as well as every ad and photo shoot in between).

Oprah's not responsible for America's fatness or America's obsession with fatness. She's a product of it -- and she just happens to be the the most glaringly visible example of what yo-yo dieting looks like.

P.S. I love Obaba almost as much as I love Oprah.

Peace and love from a California New Age liberal and reformed slut. :)

The Black Sphere said...

Welcome...uh..uh...Don'tBeA! You know I love your blog, so I won't jump you on mine! But I will tell you that there is no love her for ObamaNation. Unlike our liberal counterparts, we are at least cordial, unless you act silly, and you didn't! :-)

I do suggest you re-read my post on O, and get to the core of what I said.

2 Conservative Women said...

"O" would be more aptly titled "O My God, I'm Fat, Unattractive, and a Liberal Fraud", maybe "Uh O!", when you consider the artist cleverness it takes to produce that rag from cover to finish.

LMAO!! This rant is so dead on! When the big "news" came out last month that Orca had gained 40 pounds and was fat again, all the morning talk and news shows, and even the cable news shows, discussed it. As they displayed the new cover of her ragazine, with side by side pics of the formerly thin Orca and the presently fat Orca, they ridiculously proclaimed that Orca was so "brave" and honest.

I immediately predicted that her reason for doing this was because she would be launching yet another diet and exercise series once the new year rolled in, and that these clueless idiots were duped into giving her tons of free press. Sure enough, that's exactly what she did this past week (not that I would ever watch her show, but I read and heard about it).

Orca is a complete fraud, and that's how she was able to pimp the Obamessiah onto her sheeple that follow her. Why anyone would take diet and exercise advice from Orca and any of her "experts" is beyond me. Whatever she is doing, or they are advising her to do, is clearly NOT working. She's the ultimate yo yo dieter, and she's made a lot of money off that!

I LOVE your blog, and am so happy to have found it!


The Black Sphere said...

2ConservativeWomen you are Rough, capital R intended! I don't know if you caught where O said that she was up to 200lbs? Right, which thy?!!!

She is still disingenuous to herself and the knuckleheads that buy into her hypocrisy!

Though I am fit, and have been for most of my life due to career choice, I sympathize with those who follow the O's of the world, and feel compelled to "fit" something. Be yourself, and live healthy and happy. A little weight is OK, and a lot of weight is OK, as long as you're happy.

O is miserable, and a true fraud!

Glad you found me as well. I hope I can share more of UW08 good folks!

Toni said...

Hi Kevin. I'm a new reader and found you through FB. Oprah is someone who has bugged the heck out of me for many years. As far as I'm concerned she's the 2nd Material Girl and has done much damage to women in promoting materialism and keeping up with the 'Joneses' mentality. She is a destructive force for women today.

Anonymous said...

Kevin, you think you really have something to say, but you're just another "know it all" crackpot on the web. Find some real issues to critique like:

-Corporate/Privately owned "News" Channels
-Pharmaceutical TeeVee
-Large military/police force
-The evil of endocrinating children w/Superstition/Religion
-Big expensive Draconian Gov't building more prisons than Universities.
-Corporate/Privately owned prison system
-Highest incarceration rate for nonviolent crimes
-NWO control of food supply

The Black Sphere said...

@Anon - Sounds like you need your OWN blog, because slavery is over! I don't write for you, I write for ME! LOL. But thanks for leaving a turd at my place!

Kate said...

@Kevin I've been waiting all day for your slap down of anon, and I am not disappointed! Heh. Thanks! You've made day....again. :)