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Monday, December 08, 2008

Can Obama Tell the Truth?

In what should have been just a routine answer of "No", to a very basic question, we were treated to ObamaSpeak. [See Video Bar] Asked simply by Tom Brokaw in an interview on "Meet the Press", "Have you quit smoking?", here is what Barry "You know I'm lying because my lips are moving" Obama said:

"I have. Smiling broadly. "What I said was that there are times where I have fallen off the wagon."

Brokaw interrupted, "Wait a minute. That means you haven't stopped."

"Fair enough," Obama said. "What I would say is that I have done a terrific job under the circumstances of making myself much healthier. You will not see any violations of these rules in the White House."

Now typically, who cares whether the man smokes. Frankly I'm glad he does. But what I find incredulous is just his inability to speak the truth.

Here's the pattern. 

Step 1: Just lie! But don't say that you lied. 

Step 2: Compliment the questioner on catching you in a lie by saying, "fair enough". 

Step 3: Spin it.

"I have done a terrific job…much healthier" Blah blah blah. It's no wonder this guy believes he is capable of being president, because he can spin anything, including his lack of a resume or substance.

I just find it amazing, actually frustrating that this man can not admit wrong. While the rest of us recognize that we can indeed be wrong, I am willing to bet that America will never hear Obama admit to being wrong. 

Obama has run another red flag up the flag pole by his inability to just answer a question directly.

That's my rant!

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jackie d said...

I think that .. ah... you are..ah.. correct Kevin. The...ah.. short answer is ..ahh.. no he cannot...ah.. tell the truth.. ahh... oh yes another clue to someone who lies... they... ah stutter... not be cause they can't help it.. but because they are looking for their next trying to figure out what will sound the best or what they think the peson they are talking to wants to hear...and another note.. Can Tom Brokaw just retire already... did you hear him talking about keeping gas prices at 4.00 and gave some dumbass reason why it would be a good idea? The guy is as annoying as they come.. anyway that's my mini rant !!

Good call Kevin !

The Black Sphere said...

Jackie D, you are a jewel. And spot on mimicking Obama! You know when Obama is lying when he starts stuttering. And did you get that answer?! Wow! What a helluva way to lie. "I have done a tremendous job..." What a joke this guy is. We need to monitor every word this guy says, and hold him accountable.

Bookworm Girl said...

you know... after the elections i was disgusted. i did one or two more blogs about barry and i made a conscious decision to stop talking about him. i decided i will sit back and let sh*t [pardon my ebonics] hit the fan (cuz those of us with any smidgen of intelligence, abstaining from the kool-aid, know it will).

and then i come across this post and find i can't resist. barry is a lying liar who tells lies. nuf said.

i really like your blog. i'm not gonna say that anymore cuz it sounds like i'm sucking up. nice rant.

jackie d said...

One more thing... I guess if you watch him when he is reading the teleprompter.. not much stuttering going on there..AND...he will say. "let here here is what ".. when he is making something up.. and Bookworm girl.. you are right.. it will hit and then "they" will all be saying.. "I didn't vote for him.. I knew..." Blah blah.. so I am keeping my McCain / Palin sticker .. both of them.. on my truck.. this way .. "they" will know I didn't.... so I guess that was more than one more thing ! : -)

Matt said...

Do taxes create economic growth?
Is there such a thing as a free lunch?
Can a Democrat cut government programs?

If you said yes to any of those questions, you probably don't know that politicians always lie to you...especially Democrats.

SureHowDoYouKnow - Blogger said...

That non answer tells us a whole lot. Thank you for another great article.

Biased Girl said...

Well, Kevin when you say Truth it is important to use caution and show restraint until it is determined which definition you meant? Confused? So am I every time Obama is asked a question.

Great Rant!

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading this, Kevin!
I think BHO has not quit smoking. I read an article this summer (abc news?) that his plane smelled horrible and it was filthy... probably from cig smoke and that layer of stain all over everything.
I HATE smoking. It is a disgusting habit and a clear sign of weakness.

My dad smoked for 3o years. He quit one day when he read in time magazine (way back in the early 60's) that it might cause lung cancer. He threw the rest of his pack a day, and picked up tennis.
For the past 30+ years he is a superb tennis pro, won a couple of trophies and medals too. I am proud of my dad!

You can do ANYTHING you want to do,
and most times you also can decide on the price you want to pay.


The Black Sphere said...
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Anonymous said...

hamobu on 12/09/2008

I agree with the blog. Only thing more amazing than BS-ing ability of Barack Obama is the fact that media and most people never catch on. Obama would often times say something that is either a complete nonsense, or something painfully obvious.

But Obama is a true genius! I have to spend 15 minutes per paragraph of a Barack Obama interview with a red and green market to find the logical trap that this guy can think of in an instant.

Anonymous said...

peacelvr on 12/09/2008

I HOPE "journalists" will not CHANGE their questioning habits even though they don't want to expose anything negative regarding their messiah. If they pester Barack the way they did GWB we may actually get some information. Not holding my breath.

The Black Sphere said...
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Anonymous said...

yuejdesigner85 on 12/08/2008

A black guy writes bad stuff about another black guy, man, this is funny!!

Anonymous said...

Teribssn on 12/09/2008

BHO is fair game for criticism. The liberals have used Bush and any other republican for the last 8 years as punching bags! It's our turn! And I haven't always agreed with Bush his entire term.

Lillith2008 said...

BO is simply as my friend calls him...Oh Vomit. He opens his mouth and words come out yet he says nothing concrete. The sad part is black people are "drunk on the kool-aid" and simply DO NOT want to hear anything negative about The One!!

The Black Sphere said...

Now Lilith, it's SWEET kool-aid! Good news is that he is only giving fish, and not teaching fishing lessons. So they will be right where they started, and disenchanted. So then they won't vote, and we can elect conservatives. GA is a prime example of Black apathy, thus the conservative wins. Obama will be GREAT for keeping the knuckleheads home in the future. When their god fails them, they will come running.

Anonymous said...


BHO is fair game for criticism. The liberals have used Bush and any other republican for the last 8 years as punching bags! It's our turn! And I haven't always agreed with Bush his entire term

Anonymous said...


WHAT! We've used them as punching bags you say??? Look at what he last 8 years got us, I think they pretty much set themselves up for that.

Anonymous said...


Last time I checked Dubya was still the president, maybe most of you have missed the past couple weeks of the Bush PR department trying to paint a rosy picture of the complete and utter failure that is the Bush administration.

Let's wait until at least the transition period is over before you get your panties in a twist.

Obama at his WORSE will never come close to Bush's approval ratings and miserable attempt at leading a country.

Bush > Fail;
if (Obama <== Fail){
Obama < Bush;

Anonymous said...

Old, but good.

Deja vu all over again.

It sounds like Monica Lewinski may have been under the desk distracting him.

I mean affecting his concentration.

Or his delivery.

Never mind, I need a somke.