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Friday, November 14, 2008

The Fairness Doctrine?

So right now the Democrats are stealing the last unresolved Senate election, which is in Minnesota. So the focus is on Al Franken. Yes, Al Franken the comedian-turned-liberal activist, also the man who gave the world Stuart Smalley, an SNL self-help guru. The irony of Franken's character on SNL is he was really no help at all. "Art imitating life", don't you think. Oh and before I forget, Franken was the host of a failed liberal talk show, the airways these days being littered with them...failed liberal talks shows that is.

But those aren't the only failures in the liberal media world. Back in October of this year, the S&P slashed the NY Times rating to "junk". Tell us something we didn't know. But the NY Times is not alone in its junk label, as other mainstream media companies are suffering a similar fate, and it's only going to get worse. The irony is it will be self-inflicted.

If the Democrats get their way, they will pass what is known as The Fairness Doctrine. A Franken win in Minnesota would give the Democrats a super majority of 60 in the Senate (inmates running the asylum!), which would prevent filibustering of legislation by Republicans. Essentially with this super majority, the Democrats can pass whatever laws they choose, and they are locked and loaded on The Fairness Doctrine. Why?

Democrats are upset that 21% of Americans get their news from talk radio, and that area is dominated by Conservative talk shows. Translated: The Democrats can't exercise mind-control, when you listen to talk radio. So they believe that by imposing The Fairness Doctrine, they will balance the airwaves or better yet, kill Conservative talk shows.

They are convinced that if people are forced to hear the Liberal message, they will convert, despite the "trail of Liberal talk show host bones" I mentioned earlier. I want to drive this point home, so forgive me. But what we have here is documented failure for Liberal talk shows, and the Democrats want to force radio stations to provide equal time. That's like saying to Lexus, you MUST offer a Gremlin in your luxury car line, because we aren't selling enough Gremlins. No where else but Bizarro World, aka "the mind of a Liberal". Oh, and the idea of Whoopi Goldberg being a Gremlin, well think about it?!

Radio stations run shows like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, and so on, because those shows draw huge audiences. They don't run shows like Al Franken, Whoopi Goldberg, and that ilk, because they can't even get family to listen to their shows. It's really that simple, supply and demand.

If you had a very popular liberal who could draw an audience of 20 million listeners, there is not a radio station in the country that wouldn't syndicate the show. The problem is the liberal message is weak (and that's being nice!), thus nobody is listening…unless forced.

So what has "going Liberal" gotten the mainstream media? The lowest rated TV shows on cable and newspapers that should be in triage..."We have a bleeder!" And like I said earlier, it won't get any better for them. However, there is a safety net for Conservative talk shows: The internet.

All of the radio shows are streaming audio of their shows via the internet. Now the Liberals will try, but they will never control the world-wide web. Perhaps the biggest irony is the "inventor of the internet" is another Al. So we may have two "Als" to thank!

That's my rant!

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Anonymous said...

This is one of the best blog spots going. GREAT, GREAT content and some really funny lines.

Really glad to be one of your fellow conservatives.

The Black Sphere said...

Thanks Kelly B! We appreciate you! Be sure to link to us on Facebook (link is on the website)!

Natalie said...

Thanks! Melissa is my sister and she told me about your blog, and I couldn't stop reading it so I had to follow it! Keep it coming!

Matt said...


Great blog! You are doing an awesome job of spreading the conservative message. I think African Americans are vital to the conservative movement and regularly follow Walter Williams, Thomas Sowell, and yourself. This election just proves that we have to work harder. Thanks for what you do. You might also enjoy my blog - Conservative Economics

Let me know what you think. I added you to my friends list of links.

Endeavor said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I thoroughly enjoyed reading through the blog and found myself laughing quite a bit. After feeling like I must be from a different planet (this occurs when being the only conservative child growing up in a liberal family and state (MA))I am now enjoying the after effects. This is exactly what I needed.

The Black Sphere said...

Matt, I checked out your blog and left a comment...great job! Endeavor, thanks for your comment, and yes, I try to blend education with a hint of humor. I encourage you to reach back in my blog archives, as there are belly-laughs tucked in a few of them!

GOPGirl said...

Kevin, You should definately give serious consideration to hosting your own Blog Talk Radio Show, on specific daily verbal "rants" in addition to your written ones. Alternatively, it could gibe followers of this Blog a chance for some whitty conversation regarding each of your daily rants! Comments are fun, but I believe you could be a strong (and calming) voice on the internet to your fellow followers -

Giggle, now I feel a bit like a groupy! LOL - kidding, I am just a politics junky and your site is definate the best conservative site i have run accross! I cant stop reading!

Go Kevin Go - Rant On Brother!

Anonymous said...

Your blog is awesome.
I do not have a blog, but I have put you on my toolbar :-)

This election has made me feel like I am living in a country of dumb and dumber.