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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Historical Day?

The election of Barack Hussein Obama is supposed to represent a poignant moment in American history, Black history. And to the degree that the first Black man has actually been elected as president, it is historical. However that is about all the historic significance that Obama's election represents. That is, unless you are stuck in the mentality of circa 1950 America?

I don't have the statistics, but I believe that most Americans have believed for some time that a Black man could be elected president. With all the hoopla over Obama's election, you would think that this came out of nowhere. "Geez Billy Bob, just two years ago I owned three Negros and was about to buy my fourth. Then lookey here, one of 'em done got hisself elected president! For the first time in my gun-toting redneck adult life, I am proud to be American!"

What time warp are these people living in? This is exactly why Black people are going in reverse, because we love living, no, more like wallowing in the past, as long as it doesn't involve learning about our past.

I was born in 1963, and I can honestly say that I have never believed that a Black person could not be president. I felt that I could have been president, I just didn't want to be. Now I credit my grandparents for raising me with a strong sense of "self", despite their being Democrats. And I recall the Blacks who ran for the presidency, namely Shirley Chisholm, Julian Bond, Jesse Jackson, and Al Sharpton. I can honestly say that I have never felt that they had a chance, and neither should Obama for that matter. But it wasn't because they were Black. It was because their ideas are stupid and in fact counter to the culture of the real America. They were all socialists for the most part, as most Democrats are.

This is not some watershed moment in American history, it is just another first. Just like when Obama's dog, Harry takes a dump on the White House lawn, it will be the first Black dog to do so. And everything Obama does will be firsts, and frankly as insignificant as this really is when put in perspective.

Yet we have Jesse Jackson crying, no…sobbing as they announced that Obama was the 44th president. I say he was sobbing because he was out of a job! A product of The Obama Plan, a plan that will send many poverty pimps to the unemployment line. This is the ONLY good thing about The Obama Plan.

Or perhaps Jesse was crying, because as I said on my radio show, he was required to surrender his "race card". Or maybe it was the fact that he hadn't gotten a chance to "…cut [Obama's] 'pecans' off", as he was overheard commenting less than three months ago. Yes, Jesse had a lot of reasons to cry.

The real historical firsts are much more chilling. For example, I believe we have elected our first African president, which frankly is against the Constitution. But hey, the Constitution won't mean much over the next four years anyway, right? Our new African president says that it was just a bunch of White guys who got it wrong. I mean, look at all the amendments, like that stupid 14th one that outlawed slavery. See, they missed that.

I also believe that we have elected our first president who is completely unqualified for the job. No, I take that back. The distinction of being "the first completely unqualified president" goes to that womanizing hillbilly racist, Bill Clinton. No. Hold it, yet again! There is a first here, as we have elected our first Black, no African president who is completely qualified for the job! So Jesse, there is still the hope that you can be the first completely unqualified Black president. Stop crying, you baby!

Now here is a double first for Obama. He is the first president and first Black, no African president who actually hates America. And according to him, he plans to "remake" her. I guess America will no longer wear a gown and pinned up quaff, but she will now don a dashiki and have hair extensions? And there is rumor of a name change to "Ahmedika", pronounced "Ahk MED eKA".

Usually presidents have some sort of track record on which they segue into the presidency. Eisenhower for example was a four-star general, and he had a significant role in America winning WWII. And there are many other examples like this. However with Obama we have yet another first. Because Obama is the first Black, excusez-moi, African president who has absolutely no record of accomplishment, except graduating from college, and writing two fiction books: Dreams of My Father [Whom I Never Knew], and The Audacity of Hope [For Style Over Substance]. And there are still more firsts

Being a student of history, I can tell you that Obama is not our first racist president. We have had many racist Democrat presidents through history, because as you either knew already or hopefully learned through reading my blogs, the Democrats are the real racists in America. And the legacy of their racist policies continues today. So though Obama is not the first racist president, he is our first Black, no African, racist president.

So there you have it. Electing Obama as America's 44th president produced many significant firsts. Oh and by the way, Harry the Dog said that he is no longer to be called Harry, and his new name is "Harack", his true African name!

That's my rant!

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Anonymous said...

That was a great rant that voiced a lot of what I have been thinking/saying for the past week or so. I could have cared less about the color of Barack Obama's skin. I was way more concerned that he said nothing during 21 months of campaigning and that he stands for all things that will drive the Constitution into the crapper. He's a socialist and should not have been elected regardless of whether he is black, white or purple with polka dots! I really feel strongly that Obama was elected because of the color of his skin. So many blacks knew nothing about his policies or plans, but voted to make history. Well, history has been made. Woop-de-doo! Obama hates America and had no business running for this office which should be treated with so much more respect than this.

Hey, Michelle Obama: For the first time in my adult life, I am truely ashamed of my country for putting this nothing of a man into the White House.

The Black Sphere said...

Anon, I love what you said, and it is spot on! Thanks for reading the blog, AND FOR POSTING YOUR COMMENTS!

GOPGirl said...

You got it Kevin, why didn't you run for President? You are intelligent, well versed and not to be offensive in anyway, you are actually an African American...

Does any person with any degree of intelligence realize that he is not even actually "black" ? He pulled a race card that wasn't even his to pull !!! What about that he is partially white? Or Indonesian, or whatever ....

What has happened to America, I thought our country was smarter and stronger than all others...

How did Fighting for our Freedoms (which we all enjoy) our Constitution Rights become a bad thing... those of us conservatives will sadly be the only ones who can actually see what a bad choice the "American People" chose as the President of the United States...

Is anyone else as fearful as I am? Or am I, as the Deomcrat Blogs are inferring, a sore loser?

I think not, I just am smart enough, as most conservatives are to understand we elected an Empty Suit with NO Military Experience who hates America as our President ...