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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

POTUS Saves Puppy

This is the first in a three-part series on Abortion. I will be joined by Lisa Brinks, Wake Up Conservatives! on the left column. Lisa will be writing Part II.

Part I - The Issue of Abortion in Bizarro World

A newborn puppy is found abandoned on the street in Hollywood, an obvious attempt of somebody to get rid of it. A passerby sees the puppy moving the blanket in which it was wrapped, and decides to take a look.

People begin to gather around, until finally there are quite a few onlookers, including celebrities and paparazzi. Finally one male onlooker says, "Let's kill it to put it out of its misery. Obviously the mother didn't want it".

PETA, the ASPCA, Ellen, Rosie, Whoopi, "Liberated women" from all over America, and finally the ACLU all come to the aid of the puppy, attacking the man for wanting to kill an innocent puppy. "How could you do something so cruel, and to something so helpless?", they yell. Feeling threatened, the man runs for his life.

Just then the presidential limo pulls up, and president Obama gets out. He inquires about all the commotion. Obama seizes the opportunity for the "bigger picture", and begins to opine.

"It's a tragedy what has been done to this puppy. [cheers] The idea that its mother would abandon it, in a sense aborting its right to a happy life is uh, a tragedy. But we can't blame the mother. [cheers] No. [cheers] Listen to me now. She was forced to this terrible choice, because of eight years of the failed Bush administration policies. [cheers] No, it's not her fault.

Well this puppy will have a chance at life. Because I am a beacon to America and the world, and I will provide a ray of hope and change for this puppy. [cheers] So I will adopt this puppy, and he will be the new White House pet."

There is worldwide media hysteria and the headlines the next day read, "POTUS Saves Puppy". People around the world rejoice. The Messiah has shown his grace to the puppy. What a lucky puppy it is.

Asked what he would name the puppy, Obama replies " response to America's commitment to poverty, I am naming the presidential pet 'FeedUs'".

The media is abuzz, and begins to explain to the public how magnanimous Obama was in adopting the puppy, but now he has transcended sainthood, and gone directly to god status by bringing attention to the issue of world hunger.

The next day papers around the world read, "POTUS Saves Fetus".

Such is Bizarro World, where the leader of our country would rather save a puppy, than save a human baby. Let's recall Obama's comments on a child surviving an attempted abortion: "Why should she [the woman] be burdened with it [the baby]?"

Welcome to Bizarro World, aka ObamaNation!

That's my rant!

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Vince Conard said...

Thank you, Kevin! I'm at once honored and humbled that you deemed my rant worthy of The Black Sphere, my friend. Keep pimp slappin' the libs and I'll keep supportin' the cause. God bless your endeavors, KJ!

Anonymous said...

Oh no Kevin, you can't compare a puppy to a baby--it's a "blob" or a "zygote", whereas the poor little puppy is already born! /end sarcasm

I really wish Bush and other Pro-Abstinence Sex-Ed pushed the real deal: sex should be between people able enough to handle the consequences of the action, meaning: the financial, emotional, and social consequences of pregnancy, and the ever present STDs, HIV, & AIDS. Conservatives just let Liberals hijack their programs and put their own spin on it, thereby putting the nail in its coffin.

Conservative Black Woman said...

You are right Kevin this is yet another example of the absurdity of the liberal mind (hey that would make a good blog title)

Anonymous said...

Abortion stuff breaks my heart
This makes me cry. As a former nurse, this hurts my heart!
We are letting people kill their babies and the Muslims are reproducing like rabbits.. not good

Kevin, I really enjoy the way you write. I am not a good writer but you write things I think about and really feel!
I am so glad I found your blog

Wake Up Conservatives said...

As you would say, hat tip to you, Kevin!

Anonymous said...

Great Blog Kevin, I am so tired of Blacks especially being hoodwinked by these elitist, condescending liberals who think they know who is best for everyone. All their ideas fail but yet we keep going back for more. When will it end. As it is 60% percent of Blacks don't make it out of the womb, but the liberals won't be pleased until we are extinct. It is great to see a young, Black man standing up for what is right. It gives me hope. God bless you and keep it up.


P.S. I am going to add you to my blogroll, do me a favor and add me to yours.

Pacaderm said...

So poignant...

Anonymous said...

Sorry I was tired last night when I wrote my remarks, it should read:

they know what is best for everyone.

Not: they know who is best for everyone.

Though sometimes they think they do know who is best for everyone as well. LOL

Scott Schafer said...

Disclaimer: I'm one of those libs that you're attempting to parody.

But you have it all wrong. A puppy is not a fetus, and a fetus is not a child. While abortion is in fact a tragedy to be avoided, life presents us with tragic choices. Should a woman who's been raped be forced to carry her rapist's child to term? What if the baby will be born brain-dead, or with a fatal disease like AIDS?

Let's look at it from the other direction. The Vatican has spread its message of anti-birth control and anti-abortion to the world. The result is overpopulation (which threatens to destroy our only life support system), which can only be controlled through starvation, war and disease. Is this kindness?

In my world, caring for people (and animals) that are already born and living their lives sometimes means ending unwanted pregnancies.

Finally, the question isn't whether abortion is good or bad. It's whether women should have it as an option, or whether, in the worlds of blacknright, it should be decided by those who "know who is best for everyone".

Go Obama.

Anonymous said...

Scott Schafer,

Where do you personally stand on abortion? Is it okay to abort a baby who is about to be born, just because the mother decides that it will be too much of an inconvenience? What about at 7 or 8 months, when the baby could be delivered and survive? Should the taxpayers pay for abortions of irresponsible mothers? Should Americans give money to other countries to fund abortions? Should New-Yorkers dictate their opinion on what is legal to residents of Alabama? Why?

It's not a binary option: pro-life or pro-choice. There are so many issues here, and most people are not entirely for or against abortion, but somewhere in between.

Your president has voted for partial-birth abortions, for funding abortions with taxpayers' money, and thinks that a baby is a "punishment" - he said that he doesn't want his daughters to be "punished with a baby" if they "make a mistake". His position is far-far to the left of the mainstream opinion of the American public.

As for your cheering ("Go Obama") - yes, he can go somewhere, the further - the better.

Anonymous said...

Let's look at it from the other direction. The Vatican has spread its message of anti-birth control and anti-abortion to the world. The result is overpopulation (which threatens to destroy our only life support system), which can only be controlled through starvation, war and disease. Is this kindness?

That is the biggest crock of lies ever! How many countries are Catholic in this world compared to Protestant and other non-Christian religions? And you're not even taking in account the growing number of secular state societies.

The cry of "overpopulation" is simply one facet of the eugenics and social Darwinist standpoint because people are starving not because there are too many, but because resources are not evenly available!!

People aren't starving in Somalia because of overpopulation but because of a civil war ravaging their land and people in Haiti are starving because of corrupt dictators!! And sans abortion, the United States is near the top of the list for infanticide--"The United States ranked eleventh for infants under 1 year killed, and fourth for those killed from 1 through 14 years."

You are very brainwashed.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Ida. If we needed to we could fit the entire world in Texas! There wouldn't be a whole bunch of elbow room but we could do it! So the world is not overpopulated. Next, do you want to explain to me why the poorest countries have the smallest populations, while the richest have the largest populations? Obviously fewer people doesn't mean more wealth but less because there are fewer people to help create it in the first place.

Next, rape victims don't want abortion! In fact, most of them compare it to the rape itself! And what a lousy thing to do to a woman! Tell her her child is unwanted because the father is a lowdown rat! How many other children have lousy fathers, we don't go around aborting them! In fact, many women have said going through the pregnancy has had a healing effect on her and helped her recover from the rape faster.

As far as disease, what century are you from? I live in the 21st century and in this century there are medical marvels that can do wonders for a child, even a severely handicapped one. And if we are killing people with AIDS, then you better start taking out every gay man you find because they are 70% of the people with AIDS! Yes a child with AIDS is probably going to die sooner than most children but do you know something the rest of us don't because we all die. And that doesn't mean that child cannot do good while on the planet. There is a terminally ill boy who though only has a couple weeks to live is helping to feed the homeless. When is the last time you did that? So don't be talking about dying children like they are unworthy of our care and love. You are very heartless Scott!

The Black Sphere said...

From: Chip Robison
Environmental Project Manager

Date: November 27, 2008

Nice article! I am always amused by the outcry of liberals for an animal but nothing for an unborn child in the 2nd & 3rd timester.

Anonymous said...

I've saved animals before ever running for office. The more money he takes to give to selfish people, the less I have to be a saviour with.

By Mark Paquette Team Lead / Senior Network Engineer - Network Integration, Trader Network, EDS

SureHowDoYouKnow - Blogger said...

You nailed this one. They care about frogs, bugs and everything except the human.

Planned parenthood is their baby killing business that they fight for, more than any other cause.

One of the first things done by a pro-death President is making sure they start paying for and pushing more abortions all around the World.

Thank you for your writing. God Bless.

Biased Girl said...

Just one questions for the Proud Liberal...If a Fetus isn't a baby, what is it? I mean when a Woman who wants her child miscarries, she morns the loss of a child, not a ". You can't just decide that a Child has no value because you don't want it.

And since Libs are so fond of examples that include Incest and Rape for their view both of which combined are responsible for less than 5% of All abortions.

Here's an example for you...What about the 23 year old college student who puts her third abortion to a third guy on a credit card? Abortion is a symptom of her greater problem, but that is not addressed and at no time would she be denied charging a fourth?

So what would happen to her...No further counsling required, no follow up visits. The Woman continues to have unprotected sex and exposes herself to Numerous Sexually Transmitted Diseases, with symptoms that range from birth defects, infertility to actual death.

If during that first pregnancy, the woman had made another "Choice" perhaps her life would have turned out differently. "Choices" have consequences...

Why is it that you never hear this kind of an "example" from the Libs, when it is significantly more likely to happen than the rape/incest scenario?

The Black Sphere said...

Great points BiasedGirl! I like your rant. But surely don't expect a liberal to expose their own hypocrisy?

Anonymous said...

I am so glad I found this sight. I too feel that a baby is a baby from the time it is concieved. I have been ripped before when I said taht I explained abortion to my six year old by saying that when a prgnant woman does not want a baby they go to a doctor and the doctor kills the baby andd it is born dead. maybe this is simplistic and maybe it is too much for a six yearold to hear but I want themn to know these things without the suger coating that someone else might give them. and its no worse than some of the violence I see on childrens TV. I hae been told that I shoulnt call it a baby before it can be considrered viable. becausea children actually picture a real baby. my anwer to that is Why shouldnt they picture a real baby maybe if we all pictured a baby when we think of abortion then we miht begin to see the enormity of ending its life. anyway Im done ranting for now thanks