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Monday, November 10, 2008

Low-Cal Blog?

I have read a few Conservative blogs who are saying things like, "let's take a more civil tone and begin healing" or "let's give Obama a chance", or similar comments. These comments are in the spirit of another victim of a traumatic beatdown - The inimitable Rodney King, who tearfully said, "Why can't we all just git along?"

Well it was McCain who got a beatdown, not Conservativism [Read Election Day – Part III]. And McCain got a beatdown for running a bad campaign, and for wanting to have rules. Having rules in an election is like trying to negotiate with a mugger holding a gun on you.

"Listen Mugger, if you will put that gun down, and we agree to mutual discourse, I'm sure we can come to a reasonab…" BOOM!

Well Obama was the mugger, and McCain got jacked!

So I want to tell my readers this. Though I will not be any more mean-spirited than I normally am, I will not be backing off my mainly harsh rhetoric towards Liberals, nor will I play down my issues with Obama. That is not my role! Obama owes this nation answers, and we will likely never get them. So we are left to wonder the course of our future.

Well "hope" is not a strategy for me. I don't sail on a rudderless ship, and certainly not one captained by a madman. I plan on delivering the message, and not waiting for the message, like lambs to the slaughter. I can't guarantee that my voice will get heard, but it won't be because I wasn't shouting. And hopefully all of you will be instrumental in getting my voice heard, because I am trying to speak for us all.

I shine the light on the underbelly of issues. I don't try to deal with the obvious, but to illuminate the "unseen". I try to do this from a perspective that you may not have considered, and I also try to be humorous in my pursuit of enlightenment. And then there are times when I just punch Liberals right in the mouth, metaphorically speaking! My blog content changes as my mood changes, so you have to take the good with the bad, the funny with the droll, and so on. That's why it's a rant!

But if you are looking for a kinder, gentler blog, you've come to the wrong place. I do appreciate my fellow Conservative bloggers who have taken this vow of chastity. However as for me, if you can't take a kick in the crotch when I call you out, then you might want to either (1) find another blog to follow, or (2) wear a cup, dangit…WalMart: $6.93!

Trust me when I tell you that I take my shots like a man, and I'm not talking no quiche-eating, designer-jeans-wearing, pedicure-getting, Oxygen-channel-watching, light beer-drinking metrosexual either!

What I will promise is I will only "Ike" a Liberal when they need it. They just always seem to need it.

That's my rant!

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Anonymous said...

Go Kevin Go! GOPGirl Here - cant log in for some reason - BUT YOU ARE 100% correct -

I would love to just "deal with it", "believe in it" -- I CANT and I WONT - and I will get the message about the UNSEEN that you bring to light, to as many conservatives as I can!

We are not going to form a mob, we are joining together with you, using our brain to combat the common ignorance of this country which just elected a "CLEAN", likely, UN-AMERICAN PRESIDENT!!!

Your rants are informative and well founded and researched! Your rants are well articulated and accurate to the Conservative Beliefs -

They bring light where there was darkness...

BOTTOM LINE - how can we as Conservatives, just "deal with" the UNKNOWN or someone who goes against ALL OF THE CORE BELIEFS AND VALUES OF THE REPUBLICAN PARTY ???

Wake Up Conservatives said...

I couldn't agree with you more! We must not back down and Mr. Obama must give us answers! I will not roll over and take it, I will not stand idlely by while we become Europe or worse Cuba! We must unite and be the thorn in his side! Rant baby rant!

The Black Sphere said...

My blog ladies GET IT! Thanks for the comments. We will all keep the pressure on! And no 'soft' people for this blog!

Anonymous said...

I am so tired of the Republicans making nice with the enemy it was a factor that cost us the election. You can't be nice to your enemy.